Summary: The night before all Cylon hell breaks loose, there's a little levity in the Genesis' Rec Room.
Date: 2 ACH
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General Lounge Genesis - Deck 9
2 ACH 2235 Souls

This large lounge/recreation area is here for the personnel of the Genesis. As any place where Officers and enlisted seem to come together, there are places for each. The Officers areas are more lounge-like and the enlisted have a couple couches, tables and chairs. Various computer games are here as well, including some foosball, driving or flying, shooting, etc. Along one wall a long counter has been setup with snacks, drinks and a sink.

At this particular point in time, Craven and D are just making their way out of the stairwell and into the lounge. The medic's giving a soft chuckle at something, followed by a quick nod of his head, "Gods ya. Couple of weeks, I'll be laying you out in two hits .." There's a soft laugh and he's shaking his head, "Alright, maybe not. But still." A hand lifts upwards, fingers running through his hair quickly before he shakes his head again, "Reality necter. Nice. I'll have to remember that one, D."

Zaharis decided to vacate his small office for once, though it means he's just brought his work somewhere else. Armed with his laptop and some files in the crook of his arm, he pauses behind a group of Marines at the hatch to light up a cigarette before proceeding into the lounge and towards the coffee machines. Priorities, people.

It is D'Artanion's turn to laugh, the sound warm and relaxed, "No way, C. Not unless T's teaching you." Which, she realizes, is a possibility. For a moment she looks worried, though the look fades as Zaharis breezes by, "Evening, Doc." She follows him with her eyes until he reaches the coffee machine, then turns back to her companion, "Coffee? Or should we see if they've anything harder?" Priorities? Well, yes.

"Nah, T's not teaching me, D. I'm not ready for that beat down, yet. Frak, I can barely survive against you." Craven flashes a quick smile and as Zaharis moves into the lounge, he shifts his attention towards him and gives a quick nod of his head, "Hey there, Doc." Then, it's back over towards D and he's arching a brow, "Coffee? You're welcome to have one, though I'm certainly not. That's for when I drag my sorry ass out of bed and that's about it."

Zaharis shifts the folders in the crook of his left arm, glancing over his shoulder. Spotting the sources of the voices, he gives both of them a nod. "Sarge, PO. Nah, they've got this crazy regulation thing against the hard stuff while on condition two. Imagine that." He picks up the carafe and pours out a cup of blackness, which he leaves unsweetened.

D'Artanion smiles at Craven, "Whew. Good." But, then Zaharis speaks and bursts the pleasent notion that something harder could be acquired, "Oh, frak, I forgot. Thanks, Doc." Shaking her head, she tucks her hands into her pockets, "So, that means it's coffee, juice, milk or water?" A soft sigh, "Well. Pick your poison, Stitch. I'm going for coffee." Angling that way, she pauses until Zaharis has his mug in hand, then pours one for herself.

Rhea comes in from Corridor 9C.
Rhea has arrived.

When Zah speaks his peace, Craven scowls slightly and playfully lifts a finger to waggle it at him, "You just ruined my good mood, Doc. I will have my revenge." Teasing, no doubt. Shifting his attention over towards D, he offers a forced grumble before angling to follow her towards the coffee, "Well, that certainly limits the choices. Guess I'm going to have to go with coffee."

Zaharis smirks slightly, blowing a plume of smoke towards Craven. He sets the laptop down on a coffee table and sits on a handy couch, mug settled by his bag. "You guys just come from kicking each other's asses or something?"

Rhea makes her way into the general lounge. Hustling and still in her duty threads. So this is likely a break rather than proper downtime. She heads straight for the coffee pot, as she is wont to do.

D'Artanion's chuckle sparks toward laughter and she blows steam from her mug, "Nah. Though I kicked Craven's ass." Her gaze darts over toward the Petty Officer, then back. On the way her expression acquires a look of innocense that is entirely feigned. "I mean. I am sure that I don't know what you mean, Doc." Claiming a seat near Zaharis', D'Artanion takes a sip and winces a bit before trying again. Movement catches her eye and she looks up in time to see Rhea hot on Craven's heels. "Evening."

Once D's mug is poured, Craven repeats the process before settling the pot back down and turning to follow after D and plop himself down next to her and then reaching over to sock her in the shoulder, "She actually didn't kick my ass Doc." The mug is lifted to his lips and he blows softly over it, "Rather, she decided to try and re-arrange my facial features." He steals a glance over towards her and offers a quick smirk before looking back to the Doc, "Whatcha doing anyways, Doc? Decided a change of work venue was in order?" Rhea is noticed then and he turns towards her, giving a quick nod and a smile, "Captain."

Zaharis looks between the medics and their ass-kicking explanations and smirks, shaking his head as he unzips his bag and opens the small computer. "Leave him alone, Sarge…" The CMO's big browns flicker up to the Marine, making perfect puppy eyes as he pretends to choke up a little. "He's beautiful just the way he is." Fake tear wiped with his pinky, he looks back at the laptop as the login screen comes up, inputting his info. "I just wanted to stretch my legs." By sitting on a couch and working, good plan. "Hey, Captain Zim."

"Medics. Captain Zah," Rhea replies to the lot of them. She then ravages the coffee pot. A cup is filled to the brim, and she grabs a snack bar to go with it. She looks rather preoccupied but she's in time to catch a bit of the ass-kicking talk. Which provides a nice distraction. "Somebody injured?" she asks wryly. The question is mostly aimed at D'Artanion.

Doesn't it figure? D'Artanion is taking a sip from the coffee when Zaharis chimes in. She looks up, startled, then grins, "Yes, sir. No more rearranging the face." Tilting her head, she studies Craven for a longish while, then nods, "You do have a point, though. It'd be like messing up a statue or other artwork." The sip is reclaimed and she adds, "I'll go for the ribs next time. That do you, Doc?" Looking over at Rhea, she motions to the other nearby chair, "Nah. I was teaching Stitch here how to box." Her smile turns faintly edged, "Next time? I'll know to start with how to duck." Poor Craven is offered a wink and she leans over to nudge him with her shoulder.

And so, Craven takes to groaning softly before beginning to shake his head ever so slightly as he looks over towards Zah, "Oh gods, Doc." Then, he blinks slightly at D and another groan is offered, though he does flash a quick smile, "I'm going to get you, Blondie. Trust me on that. I will get you." A quick sip of the steaming coffee is taken and he looks over towards Rhea, chuckling softly, "As you can see, the only thing injured here is my pride."

"Rhea," Zaharis talks as he types, busily. "Did you marry Ephraim just so you could serve on the same ship as me one day and hock my place at the end of the alphabetical line? I know what you did there, and it hurts me deep inside." Tap tap tap, enter, and he glances at the medic pair over the top of the machine. "Ribs are good. No low blows, you can't do that to a guy and stay friends."

Rhea sinks into the chair, gulping down some coffee before wolfing at her protein bar. She's not lingering through this little break. She gives Craven a long look. Part pity, part amusement. Boxing with the Marines, was he? She shakes her head. "I was never much of a boxer. I can only fight dirty." Zaharis is winked at. "I'd think you'd be used to it. We Zimmermanns have been holding you back from the end of the line since Officer training. Wasn't your entire friendship with my husband based on standing in alphabetical order? And smoke breaks, of course."

D'Artanion snickers at Craven, "Keep on dreamin', Craven. You're Navy. I can't lose to you. It's in the unwritten code somewhere." She includes a wink to show that she is teasing. Mostly. As she sips her coffee she nodsd to Zaharis, "So noted. I'd not do that to anyone unless they were trying to kill me. Or my patient." Such grace, such flare… Such a Marine. As Rhea and Zaharis speak, she falls to listening, her smile going sort of gentle, "Nice to have old friends aboard. Kind of makes the place friendlier."

Craven visibly winces at the mention of low blows and he shifts his gaze back over towards D, waiting for her reply before giving a quick nod of his head, "Ugh. That's a good thing." Then, there's a smile that's full of mischief, "So, whatcha gonna tell your fellow Marines, when I finally lay you out on that mat? That you slipped and fell? Or that you were playing dead?" He shadows a wink and then falls quiet, listening as he takes a sip of his coffee. When the mug is lowered, there's a warmer smile this time, "Yea, it does."

"Nah." Zaharis is working again, talking as he sifts through files. "I had the instructors convinced the whole time that his name was actually Simmermanz. Lead Cap had a real unfortunate lisp, nobody knew the difference till paychecks started rolling." He pauses what he's doing to pick up his cigarette, scratching a hand through the front of his hair. He glances at the trio and gives them a slight smile.

"Rhea Simmermanz…" the Chief Engineer considers that. It does *not* meet with her approval. "He's lucky it didn't stick. I never would've agreed to take on that." She grins at D'Artanion, nodding. "It does at that. I inherited Jesse when I got married. Though I must say, you're a better deal than my in-laws."

D'Artanion winks at Craven, perhaps to once more reassure him that she has no intention of attempting a low blow. The wink is partially halted by a faint wince, "Simmermanz? That's just sad." Shaking her head at the doctor, she stifles a smirk, "Your unit must've been pretty gullible, Doc. How long did it take 'em to learn that you're a kidder?" She turns to Rhea, and her expression gentles a bit, "Awwww. I am sorry to hear that your in-laws are inferior. Although most are, I guess."

There's an arch of Craven's brow at the Doc's words and he begins to chuckle softly, "I'm with D on that one, Doc. Your unit had to be guillible." Another soft chuckle and he's taking a quick sip of his coffee before shifting his gaze over towards Rhea. Then, it's back to Zaharis and finally back to Rhea, "I'm sorry, Captain, that you had to inherit the Doctor." He shadows a look over towards the Doc, flashing a quick grin.

The only reponse Craven gets from Zaharis is a quiet but impolite belch. He smirks at D'artanion, scrolling down on his screen as he reaches for his coffee cup, then glances at Rhea. "You can't be serious. That bad?"

Rhea smirks at Zaharis. "You, we're keeping. And his dad's a good egg, even if the CPA stories get a little repetitive. Once you've heard one joke about the Colonial Tax Code, you've heard 'em all. His mother…" Her smirk deepends. "…we've reached an uneasy alliance since I produced a Heir to all things Zimmermann. But you're right, Sergeant. In-laws are rarely fun."

D'Artanion eyes Zaharis at the belch. Leaning his way slightly, she does not nudge him with her shoulder, though that is where the gesture is tending, "You'd'a made'a good Marine, Doc. Don't know where you went astray, but it must be a comfort to you that the potential is still there." Craven wins a snicker and she lifts her mug in a companionable gesture, though she speaks to Rhea, "It… took a while for my mother-in-law to come around." There is an edge to her tone, though it is only that and no more. "I won't say that we ever got to be friends, but things were kinda tending that way."

There's a soft chuckle at Zaharis' belch and then Craven is falling silent, listening to the conversation at hand while taking another small sip of his coffee. Lower the mug down, he rests it lightly atop his knee before he shifts his attention towards D. There's a comforting smile and a slight nod of his head, before he looks back between the others that are present.

Zaharis smirks at Rhea, but the conversation's turning and he floats along with no resistance. His dark eyes flicker towards D'artanion's left hand at the mention of an in-law, then go back to the computer screen. "You married too, Craven?"

Rhea laughs at the image of Zaharis-as-a-Marine. She laughs a lot. Even pointing. She looks like she wants to make some sarcastic remark to go with it, but she's laughing to hard to do it proper. She quiets when she catches the tone D'Artanion's voice, though, clearing her throat. Deeps breaths. She waits for Craven's answer with interest.

D'Artanion snickers at Rhea's laughter, her lashes lowering to mask her emotions. The time for tears is gone. Let laughter rule the day. Out of the corner of her eye she catches Zaharis' look. Leaning over she shakes her head, "I'm not married, Doc." Then, because it might bear clarifying, she adds in a softer tone, "Widowed." Clearing her throat, she sits up again and turns to Craven. This serves two purposes. The first is to refocus attention on him. The second? It gives her a moment to maintain her composure.

Zaharis' question causes a momentary pause in Craven and he's then chuckling softly before shaking his head, "No, not married. Never been. Probably won't be." He offers a quick smile to accompany the statement, though it begins to fade when D speaks. He turns his head and focuses his attention on her for a moment, a hand lifting to settle on her shoulder to offer a comforting squeeze before letting it drop back down.

From over the edge of Zaharis' screen surfaces a middle finger, aimed at Rhea. It submerges again, the clicky click of tapping keys following it for a few seconds. He's done before D'artanion speaks, his attention turning to her first. "Oh. Sorry to hear that, Sarge." It's brief, but at least sincere. He doesn't linger on it, looking over at Craven. "Permanent bachelor, huh? Don't say it too loud, Zimmerman might hear. And if she does she'll spend the next couple months hellbent on setting you up." Experience? Naaaaaaah.

Rhea's hands instinctively clasp as D'Artanion talks. Idly rotating her wedding ring on her finger. For a moment, she just looks intensely grateful. Though she carefully looks down at her hands, avoiding D'Artanion's eyes, until she gets that expression off her face. She rolls her eyes at Zaharis. And fingers right back at him. With a non-ringed one. "I'm not that bad, Petty Officer. Don't worry. You look like you can run your own life just fine. Jesse's practically family. I'm allowed to meddle."

D'Artanion flashes Zaharis a glance, "S'okay." The squeeze is appreciated and she leans just a hair toward Craven, "Thanks." Drawing in a slow breath, she looks over at Rhea and nods, letting the conversation flow away from one topic to another, "Speaking of meddling. Some of the guys have mentioned starting a pyramid team. I don't know them well enough yet to know how rough it'll be. But, if it isn't too bad, would Reece be interested in playing, do you think?" Some of the guys? Marines, for the most part.

A soft laugh this time is offered in response to Zaharis and Craven gives a quick nod of his head, "Noted." To Rhea, he offers a grin, as well as another nod of his head, "Didn't figure you were, Captain." He makes a motion towards D as she leans in a hair, "I've got Blondie, here, and her brother who can do more then enough meddling." A shadowed glance towards D and he's giving her a quick grin before another arch of his brow is offered, "Pyramid team? Now, that'd be something I'd like to watch."

Zaharis smirks at the thought of Reece and a bunch of Marines playing pyramid. He doens't comment immediately, but he does turn that whole smirking face towards Rhea.

Rhea chuckles, beaming at the idea. "Reece would love to. He played forward on his school team on Picon, but he was one of the taller kids there. I *hope* it'll be awhile before he tops the Marines. He can play flanker. Display the Zimmermann speed." She smirks right back at Zaharis. "What? *I'm* sure as hades not going to try and play."

D'Artanion winks at Craven, "And you love it, no lie." She nods, "Oh, you should play, Stitch. It'd be good for you. Cardio and all that." She nods as though it's settled. "Taylor won't, though. He said he's not fast enough anymore. Which is too bad." Turning to Reece, she grins, "Good. I'll claim him for my team. I don't know when practices'll start, but I'll send word when I hear. And, you could play. Both you and Doc. It's just for fun." At least at the moment.

Craven near scoffs at the mention of him playing Pyramid and he shakes his head rather quickly, "Me playing Pyramid? Come on, D. You know that I'm not all that good at sports. Not to mention, I'm not entirely sure I'd want to be playing against a bunch of Marines. That just screams pain." There's another quick grin and and he's chuckling softly now, "Though, I'll consider it."

"Why not?" Zaharis gives Rhea a lopsided grin. "Afraid you'd end up as the ball?" He picks up the cigarette that's nearly smouldered down to ash in the tray, getting a last drag off it before stubbing it out completely. To D'art he says, "No, don't worry about me. I'm shit at pyramid. Only good I'd do in a game would be that I could patch my own busted self up. Have you asked the chap? Way she mowed you all down on the basketball court, she seems like she'd roll."

"Thanks," Rhea says simply to D'Artanion. It clearly means a great deal that the medic is willing to include her spawn in the game. As for Zaharis, she just sticks her tongue out at him. Before finishing her coffee. Her snack bar is long polished off. "The chaplain's a demon. Speaking of demons, I should be headed back to my shop. The Pandora and the Vipers brought back more toys for me to analyze." For once, she sounds more pensive than excited about digging into work.

D'Artanion lifts her hands in a gesture of surrender, "Fine, Stitch. Think it over and lemme know." He is whispered a faintly encouraging smile before she nods to Zaharis, "Oh, yeah! That is a sweet idea. I'll see if Greje wants to play. With her skills she could take forward easily." Her smile gentles a bit and she nods to Rhea, "No problem. He's a good kid and is right at that age where he needs to be distracted by something physical. Before he gets too distracted by the possibility of something physical." A brow is lifted and she finishes her coffee, "Something wrong?" It seems momentous and strange for the Chief Engineer not to be thrilled by new toys. As though Taylor had suddenly decided that he would become a gunner.

A quick nod and a smile are offered towards D before Craven lifts the mug back up to his lips, draining the last of the coffee from within before lowering the empty mug back down to his knee. Then, he's simply falling quiet as he shifts his gaze from D, over to Rhea, his brow arched as he waits for the response.

At the Marine's question to the ChEng, Zaharis glances up at the condition two lights around them, then back at D'artanion. A brow makes a slight raise, as though that says it all. He taps a few keys on the computer and the screen goes dark, letting him close it. "Probably ought to get back, myself."

Rhea lets out a "Heh" at the idea of her son getting distracted by physical things. "Reece's a little young for me to have to worry about that yet," she says. So blissful and confident in her denial. As for the last question, she just shrugs as she stands. "I hope not. Later, Doctor Z. Keep him honest, medics." That said, she offers the lot of them a little wave and heads back to her lair.

D'Artanion is aware of the lights but you can't get information without asking. When the question is not answered, D'Artanion does not persue it. "Luck with it, Cap." The cup is pushed away and she lifts a hand to partially stifle a yawn, "Sorry, Craven. Looks like you may be the one to hold the fort. Gotta head in and get some bunk time. See you all later."

Offering a soft chuckle, Craven nods his head towards Rhea, "Will do." Then, it's over towards Zaharis and he lifts a hand to wave towards him, "Catch ya later, Doc. Don't work to hard." And finally, over towards D and he's offering a soft chuckle, "Alright, go get your rest, Marine. I think I shall go check out Sickbay, see what's going on up there."

Zaharis pulls the strap of the laptop bag up over his shoulder. Looks like a train's headed to Sickbay. All aboard!

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