Brigged Birthday Girl
Brigged Birthday Girl
Summary: Kalypso gets visitors while she sobers in the Brig.
Date: 74 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 14, Main Brig, 74 ACH

The Main Brig is for the enlisted personnel that are in lock-up. A guard and a desk is here along with three cells. Each cell has steel bars across the front. There is a single bunk, a toilet and a light above. Security camera's are also in place here and the guard rotates out every four hours.

This has been one hell of a birthday. That much can be said with certainty. Kalypso is still drunk too, but some of the edge is beginning to come off of it now that she's been sitting here in a cell worrying about Sloane. Poor guy had to be taken to Sick Bay for stitches. So, here sits the birthday girl, leaning her back against the wall of the cell while she sits on the bunk. Drunk. Barefoot. And wearing one hell of an evening dress. Humming 'happy birthday' under her breath.

At some point, in the midst of her post-party stupor, there will be some sounds outside the cell. The big, security hatch opening, footsteps, the guard talking, and another quasi familiar voice speaking back. It doesn't take Tychon a whole lot of cajoling to get the guard to let him in to see her, really: she's hardly a top security risk, and he can act like a proper, responsible officer-type when he cares to try. A bit of chatter, and then the footsteps come her way. Eventually, a friendly face appears at the edge of the cell, peering in through the bars. "Happy birthday." He's got something bundled under his arm. "You doing ok in there?"

Mis-matched eyes open and she raises her head off the wall to look bleerily in the direction of the voice. "Happy birthday," she says with a touch of irony in her tone. Her lips curve up with a parody of a smile. "I guess so… could be worse. I could be getting stitches," she says with a frown. Poor Sloane. She shifts, crossing her feet at the ankles. "How're you, Ty?"

"Oh, ok I guess. Got off CAP a little while ago, or I'd have come out with you guys." Then there'd be one more of them in the brig, in all likelihood. So maybe it's better he missed out. "Well, good thing you didn't get hurt, anyway. And I'm sure Cornbread will be fine. He's tough enough." Tychon finds some way to lean against the grate that isn't too uncomfortable, a hand resting on one of the crossbars. "I don't think I've seen you in a dress like that since that first ball on Caprica. Looks good." He gives her a bit of a cheeky smile.

Kalypso smiles and runs her fingers through her hair. The curl she put into it is starting to fall now, but it's obvious that it looked better earlier in the evening. "You missed a hell of a party," she says. Kind of. Mostly a pity party that Sloane managed to help keep her from stumbling into. "Kinda sorry that he intervened," she remarks. A part of her was probably looking to get into trouble, recklessly. "I hope he doesn't get in too much trouble," she says with a wince. Beyond the obvious of needing to see medical. "It was my fault," she says. She looks down at the dress and plucks at the skirt. "Yeah, it's been a while," she says, looking back at him and resting her hands in her lap, "Thanks."

Tychon snaps his fingers. "Hopefully I can make the next mission of debauchery." And then, trying to head off a bit of that guilt, he shakes his head. "Nah, he'll be fine, don't beat yourself up over it. Flyboy getting in a bit of a scrap off duty? Hardly the first time its happened in fleet history. If they locked us up every time it happened, you wouldn't have much of an air corps." A quick wave, dismissive. "He'll be out in the morning, I figure. Probably'll catch some from the Major, though." Not that a dressing down from the CAG is anything… unusual, nor restricted to drunk and disorderly. "Oh, hold on." He glances back over his shoulder, conspiratorily, and then unbundles the stuff he had beneath his arm, crouching at the front of the cell. There's a jacket, and oddly, something wrapped up in a napkin. He unwraps that next, producing a… well, looks it might have once been some kind of cupcake or muffin, although now its a bit beaten up. "Snagged one from the mess. Its still good, I think. And got a jacket for you, case you get cold like that."

"After the thing with the Kill Board, I'd fear any cross-encounter with the CAG," Kalypso says with a smile, "Hope Lieutenant Bayless isn't too pissed. I figure I'm going to have to answer to her. But that asshole came after us." She rubs a hand over her face. "Can't say this was how I imagined the day to end." As Tychon starts pulling out whatever he's got, she pushes herself up from her cot and bare feet pad across the cell. Evidence that she's still got a bit of alcohol to process out of her system shows in the wobble of her walk. "That's sweet," she says of the cupcake, but also adds, "I must have Damsel in Distress tattooed on me somewhere tonight. It is a little chilly in here. Not a whole lot of material in this dress."

The creaking of the heavy hatch sounds as yet another person enters the brig - alone, nodding to the guards. Dressed in her duty uniform, Chione Dike steps in, pats down her hair, tugs on her jacket, then marches hurriedly forward after swinging the hatch behind her partway, letting the marine on the other side pull it the rest of the way closed. Blue eyes dart towards the man outside of the cell, nodding stiffly, barely registering that he is a higher rank than herself, before her gaze is turned inside the cell. She moves up to the bars and just stares inside for a moment, one blink, two blinks, three blinks are given as she peers at Kalypso for a long moment in absolute silence.

Then Chione speaks, "Well, if you're going to get brigged, you might as well do it in style." Pursing her lips, then chewing on it, mentally searching for words, obviously failing and having to cut back some of what she wants to say, Chione finally also lets out, "Mind if I borrow that sometime?"

"I felt bad missing a friend's party, even if it did turn out a bit disastrously," Tychon answers simply, reaching to pass the crumpled dessert through the bars. The damsel comment brings a little laugh. "To be perfectly honest, I got back, and all anyone was talking about in Gold barracks was 'one of those hot raptor girls being locked up in a tiny dress'." Not that he hasn't seen her in a dress before. The lieutenant raises the jacket and shakes it out a little, "Figured I might as well bring this along." Threading it through the bars will be a little more of a challenge, especially when he keeps peering backward, as if fearing the guard will spot them and put the stops to it. What he spots, when he looks back, however, is Chione approaching. Blink, blink. "Heh, you're even popular when you're locked in a cell," he comments, offhandedly, referencing her popularity back in their better Caprica days.

Kalypso takes the jacket first, slipping her arms into it. It's a little large on her, but does help cover her up a bit. A little less exposed skin. "Thanks," she says, then accepting the dessert. "You didn't really miss much. I was just sitting in Spotlights, drinking the night away. It wasn't like I told anyone it was my birthday. Sloane just showed up by chance an' look what he got for it." She smiles as Chione walks up. "Hey, babe. Were your ears burnin' earlier?" Pause. "You know, I'm not really mad, I know I've kind of been avoiding you, but you're all the family I've got so…" she glances towards Tychon, and clears her throat. "Lieutenant Tychon Armedes, my cousin Ensign Chione Dike." Introduction made she starts unwrapping the cupcake. Food.

Chione purses her lips at Kalypso. "Frak it, Kaly, I was going to apologize first, and you outmaneuvered me again. Even had a bottle of wine and another present put on your bunk waiting for you because I got stuck with CIC duty tonight and missed your birthday, which everyone has already heard was eventful," notes Chione, before turning and nodding to Tychon with a smile. "A pleasure, Lieutenant," she offers, giving him a little more time, before turning back worriedly to her cousin. "With the Hera going operational, we've got fewer people up in CIC, and since I'm the glorified showgirl up there, I get a lot of rotations on the ass-end of things. I've been meaning to come visit you sooner, but figured you needed your space, as well," she notes. Chione then glances at the bars, reaching out to brush one with her fingers, eyeing it skeptically before leaning against it. "And why would my ears be burning, aside from the most wonderful things that the Air Wing is saying about me?" she asks in what could almost pass for a sincere tone … except for the sarcasm thick enough you could cut it with a sneeze.

"Oh?" Tychon's brow furrows up a bit. "Shoulda told me, I'd have gone out with you. Coulda traded my CAP off." Traded, or ordered some poor ensign to switch. Ah, the privileges of rank. It's all said rather plainly, however, in the simple tone of a mildly concerned friend. And then his attention shifts back to the newest visitor. "Pleasure's all mine." He glances sidelong at Kaly, and back. Good genes in that family. "Oh well, guess I can leave you two to your family business. Hope it all gets straightened out ok in the morning." And well, he would just move out, were it not for that Air Wing comment. Hrm? It brings a curious look. "Eh, what're we up to?" We? Clearly he's another one of the flyboy bunch. One that isn't quite as 'in' on the gossip.

"Because Sloane and I were talkin' about you earlier," Kalypso says, after swallowing the first bite of cupcake. It's gone another another bite. Manners… where have they gone? She licks icing off of her fingers and smiles. "I missed dinner cause of that schmuck that decided to follow us. And I didn't get to feed the damn ducks. AND he smashed my booze on Sloane's head." She's not sure which of these is worse. "Always was a little faster on the draw," Kalypso offers teasingly. She stumble steps back to her bench and sinks down on it. The cot creaks. "Wine. I think I'll save it for another day… doubt I'll feel like drinking when they finally let me outta here," she says, "But it's the thought that counts." She hugs the jacket Tychon brought around herself, bare legs swinging as they hang over the edge of the bunk. "Then you an' me might be sharing a cell," she says with a small smile, "I think me gettin' one Viper pilot arrested is bad enough. Thanks though, that means a lot." Kalypso shakes her head. "Chi, don't worry about it. Scala and St. Germaine are equal opportunity assholes. I don't think the rest of the Wing is talking bad about you. Hell, you've got Sloane tripping over himself."

Lifting her hands, Chione is waving them in front of her. "Sorry, that was a terribly bitter exaggeration on my part. I haven't hit it off well with just a few of the pilots." One hand is then taken from mid-air to be put covering the bridge of her nose as Chione hangs her head in shame. "Forget I said anything," as she motions towards Kalypso. "I came here to check in on Kalypso here, instead I disengaged the bitch-filter again, feel free to hit me upside the head when you're out of the brig, Kaly," groans Chione.

A peek of a blue eye is given towards Kalypso for a moment, "Can I renig on the hitting me upside the head comment?" she asks curiously, before breaking out in a smile. "You're still wasted, aren't you? Feeding ducks? You were going to feed ducks? I hope that Sloane at least broke his nose for the affront this man did to your booze," casually states Chione, still grinning, mind you.

"I can think of a few ways worse to spend a night," Tychon quips back without pause or reservation, his look offering what he doesn't bother saying, a simple 'don't mention it, what are friends for' kind of thing. Then, following a bit of the back and forth with Chione, he chimes in a bit. "Being a womanizing, arrogant, self-important jerk is practically a requirement on the psych-eval for the Viper training program. I wouldn't think twice about a little trouble with our boys." He offers his friend's cousin a broader smile. "And she's right. Its not like I'm talking about you behind your back, so it's clearly not all of us." Ignore the fact that he met her mere moments before! Logic has no place here. He hauls himself up from where he'd been crouched, using one of the bars to help.

Still wasted? Kalypso does her best at looking innocent as she leans her back against the wall again. Yeah, not working. "What ever gave you that idea?" she asks, smiling a little lopsidedly. "Was thinking of seeing if the ducks wanted some booze too," she smiles a little more, "It was Sloane's idea." She rubs a hand over her face, covering a yawn. "Frak, yeah, he hit him good and then I pelted him with a shoe. I think I'm going to try to sleep some of this off though. Not like I can actually enjoy a good buzz in here. Thanks for visiting you two… and the cupcake…" She draws the coat further around herself, snuggling in, not that one can really be comfortable in one of these cells. "…and the jacket… and company. Tell Sloane I'm sorry?"

"Lieutenant Armedes, will you do the honor of telling Cornbread, Wide Load is sorry? You'll probably see him before I do," notes Chione, tilting her head and watching Kalypso a moment, before shoving off of the bars with her shoulder. "I hope you aren't made to fly a CAP tomorrow with the hangover you're going to have, Kaly," she offers with a shake of her head, before glancing around, and turning back to Tychon. "It was a pleasure, Lieutenant, even if it was in the brig. And really, it's a requirement for the Viper training program, mmm? And … you fly a what again?" she asks with a smile and a friendly tease. A glance is given over her shoulder towards her cousin before she looks back at Tychon and takes a step away from the bars, "Keep an eye on her for me? She's the only family I've got."

"Anytime," Tychon reassures Kalypso, once again. Seeing that they're both then asking him to go check up on his fellow Viper-jock, he gives a nod. "Sure, might as well swing by and see how our squadron hero of the evening is bearing with his war-wounds." His less than serious manner seems to reinforce that this is far from an end-of-the-world scenario. Fixing on Chione a moment, he chuckles. "It isn't really, but if you consider the competition, the wash-out rates… it's not surprising you end up with a lot of serious alpha-types, a lot of sharp people… good people… with big chips on their, on our shoulders." He's not gonna make any pretense of excluding himself, and when she asks him what he flies, he just smiles back. "Alright Kaly, I'll leave you to your lovely temporary quarters. Feel better, and hopefully we'll all see you around bright and chipper tomorrow." One of those fun things about the military. One bad night doesn't necessarily excuse you from hell the next day. A last look her way, and he'll start out, answering Chione as he goes. "Yeah, I will." Whether the Ensign means it in the least or most serious way, Tychon seems to take it in the latter - he's been there blowing raiders off her six, after all.

"Mmmhmm," the woman in the cell responds back. There will be no sympathy for hangovers in the morning. Kalypso is already passed out by the time the two of them wander off. Zzzzz….

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