Bro's Versus Ho's
Bros Versus Hos
Summary: Colonial Day and a pickup game of Pyramid occurs.
Date: 49 ACH
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Carina Park Carina - Central Square
49 ACH 6285 Souls

The main level of the Carina depicts a garden-like atmosphere with cobble-stoned walkways leading off to other areas. This ship is the pride of the Colony fleet. Set up as a training area and stadium for play-offs of the Colony Pyramid teams. - In the center square the colony flags fly with their Pyramid team labels.
Caprican Buccaneers, Picon Panthers, Aerelon Argonauts, Tauron Bulls, Aquarian Aces, Virgon Vultures, Sagittaron Hornets, Scorpia Stingers, Libris Daredevils, Gemenon Giants, Canceron Capitals and the Leonis Liberators. The flags surround a statue of the latest team who won. The C-Bucs Pyramid trophy stands proudly in the center.
Signs point down the cobblestone pathways to other places: Training, Housing, Hotel, Courts and Stadium.

Contents: Andi Hazzard Jocasta Lysander Micah Ramiro Sage
Wireless 582
Exits: [D] Docking Bay [GH] General Housing
[PH] Pyr Hotel [SA] Spires Avenue
[SC] Sport Courts [TA] Training Areas

Approaching from the sport courts, Lysander looks around for a few moments, before he makes his way further into the square, looking around for a few moments. Shaking his head as he looks around.

Alright, so, maybe Jocasta didn't have a whole heap of civilian clothes on board when the apocalypse came… that's why she's relegated to the usual olive off-duties that the Navy provides. Not that she seems to mind; at least she wears them well, right? She is, however, toting a little duffle bag over her shoulder as she steps into the Carina main hub.

"Marines?" Sage suddenly chuckles and her cheeks flush, "I've been told there are some pin-ups over there on that battlestar (ahem). I'll give you a signature on your C-bucs jersey, if you take them down for me." She spins the ball on the tip of her finger with a grin.

Soon enough, Hazzard finds himself a bench near the center square and settles down. The dufflebag is put down on the ground before him, as he leans down and opens it up, before he gets to work to find that special something.

Micah slings his bag off his shoulder as he sidles up to one of the food stalls. It looks like hot dogs are in the offing, or what passes for hot dogs these days.

Hazzard brings a black note book up from his dufflebag, along with a pen and then closes his bag once more. Taking a moment to look over the park, the people he curls his lips into a smile and opens up his memoirs. As he gaze goes past Ramiro, the man is given a nod of reckognition.

Lysander shakes his head again, as he looks around once more. He remains standing where he is at the moment, watching the people present through slightly narrowed eyes.

Andi rolls her head from side to side as she exits out of the training areas, a cuss muttered low on her breath. "Where is that mother frakker…" An arm crosses her chest, a hand resting on her opposing shoulder and fingers dig in to rub.

Ramiro catches Hazzard's eye off in the distance and nods upwards with a smile. Sniper team pride. He then looks back to Sage with a slightly tilted head. "Yeah, Marines. Sergeant Dane Ramiro, Scout Sniper Team Lead." He offers a hand to shake. "I'll tell you what, how about you and I play a pickup game sometime, same team or not I don't care, and I'll do my best to get those taken down." He pauses. "But if I win the match? I want a game used ball autographed. Fair?"

Food in hand, and duffle bag slung across the other shoulder, Micah ambles away from the food stand. He's in the process of wolfing down a mouthful of 'hot dog' when he spots a few more pyramid players having filtered into the park. Looks like the colonies are being represented fairly well, here, even if the Argonauts are curiously absent.

"You're on," Sage responds and holds the ball in her hand again, tossing it back and forth. She then looks over to where the other guy was making recognition and smiles, "Sniper team? Interesting vocation," she also catches Andi out of the corner of her eye. "Pixie Stix!" and whips the ball in her direction.

Curses, marines are accustomed to curses but then again most here is civilians and semi famous soo Hazzard looks up and arches an eyebrow. The pen that was writing down words of importance to himself, comes to a pause as he lets his attention roam free and away from the task at hand.

Jocasta conveniently comes to stand just in behind and to the left of Micah, though she recognizes him just as easily from the back as she would seeing his face. "Who let you out of your cage?" she asks casually, stepping up to put herself shoulder to shoulder with the Viper jock. Her gaze isn't on her colonial kinsman but rather the pick-up Pyramid games that seem to be afoot.

Walking in line, Ramiro is handed his hot dog and a cold glass of tea. He turns to move back to Sage's side to speak with her. He shrugs. "Yeah, scored high enough on rifle qualifications. Not a smoker, everything fell into place." Ramiro replies, looking to her. "It's not as loud and explosive as some of the other vocations, but it's got its charm. That and we're on rotation with the rest of the marine drops." He pauses. "So these pinups, any rumors as to names of who might have them?"

"I escaped," Micah explains to the lurking Jocasta. Then again, with his mouth full, it's hard to say whether that's really intelligible at all. Once he's finished chewing and swallowing, he turns slightly to cast his eyes up and down the woman's attire. "That all you've got?" Another large bite of hot dog, mustard licked off his fingers. He obviously has no qualms about stuffing his face in front of her.

Andi turns at the sound of a variation of her nickname, just in time to see a black and red ball zipping her way. "Oooh, hey." She grunts, more than says, as she makes a pocket out of her midsection, craddling the ball more than catching it. "What's up, Sageling? Haven't happened to see my foot warmer, have you?" Which is likely implied as Jarred, all this said as she trots over.

Lysander moves to get himself some of that food, shrugging a bit to himself. Muttering something under his breath, he looks around once more, frowning as he takes a few steps away from where most people are.

"It's Colonial Day," she replies, hanging a forearm upon the man's shoulder as if his sole purpose were to support her at a lean. "You're getting off light." She then pauses and makes the inevitable, "I' can't believe you're actually eating that." comment, even if, you know, it looks pretty tasty… regardless of whatever it might actually be made out of. Hot dogs were never a bastion of health in their original incarnation, anyways, right?

Hazzard furrows his eyebrows as he looks over the obvious professional Pyramid players with a whole lot of curiosity. Finaly he shrugs and looks over towards Jocasta and Micha, offering them both a little nod before he goes back to his writing.

"No, I can't keep up with how many pants he continues to lose after games," Sage gives Andi a winning smile. Not that she had anything to do with hiding them. Nossiree! Seeing Lysander she gives a wave, "Lice." Turning back to Ramiro, she intros, "This here is a real marine sniper. Dane Ramiro, Mr. Ramiro, this is Andi — she plays on a lousy team too," and then ducks with a laugh. "As for the pin-ups, no idea. It was probably Dr. Reighner's idea of a joke."

Jocasta's a sturdy girl, too. And Micah's no leaning post, but he does have a good thirty pounds on the raptor ECO. "Why not? It's pretty good, for spurious meat. You want some?" His attention's drawn, in typical male fashion, to the pair of female pyramid players for a moment, though one couldn't quite call it ogling.

Ramiro extends a hand to Andi to shake. "Yeah we came across eachother the other day but didn't really have the chance to officially meet." Ramiro beams a smile. "Please, call me Dane." He inserts, looking between Andi and Sage. "So you guys seem all suited up for a game, did you have something planned today or just showing your colors?" He grins. "Bet those colors shine the brightest over there by the C-Bucs trophy…"

Jocasta just so happens to look over at Hazzard when she nods and so the Marine is accorded an acknowledging smile and a moment of visual consideration before she gets back to the conversation she's having with Micah. "No, thanks. You can keep your mystery meat to yourself." Har! That was almost innuendo. She can't help but find her attention drawn to the same gaggle of girls that the Viper jock finds so fascinating and she wonders aloud, "So, where were all the Pyramid players hiding out again? We rescue any Argonauts?"

Andi slaps the ball from one palm to the other, the synthetic leather making an audible smacking sound. "I think Dane here was a meat shield for me the other day. Some where around when J-rod decided to steam roll a Colonel or somethin'. I'm looking to play, if we can round up enough pick up sticks. You play then, Dane-y boy?"

Sage makes a very child-like tongue sticking out at the trophy. "We lost that frakker by two lousy points! TWO!" And her fingers shoot up to display it as well. "They'll probably melt it down before long anyway," tries popping the ball out of Andi's hands, "I'm game. Show me the money, the cheers, the fame!"

Lysander looks up as he hears that, shaking his head a bit, but heading over in the direction of Sage and the rest there. "Shouldn't have missed those shots, then?" he comments lightly towards Sage, before he shakes his head. "You get cheers?" That said lightly too.

The smacking sound of the ball against skin, makes Hazzard raise his gaze once again. Unlike most other males here in the park he isnt to drawn to the female sensuality of Pyramid players. He furrows his eyebrows, and closes his notebook, setting the pen in its back.

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Dane replies, watching the trophy while he speaks with the two female Pyramid players. Having been taking bites of his food while talking with them, he finishes his hot dog and sets it into one of the trash bins. He sips his tea. "Yeah…I played back in school. We lost district by one point. Citadel Myrmidons back on Gemenon. I might've gone to training camp but instead I enlisted." He extends an arm to shake with Lysander. "Sergeant Dane Ramiro, Marines. Nice to meet you."

Micah's a little thick sometimes, but he's had some time to get used to Jocasta's innuendo. Another large bite is taken of the hot dog, nearly finishing it off. "Frak you, Jo," he mutters as he chews, attention already distracted elswhere from the pyramid players. "Haven't seen any, yet. We might have to get up there and represent home. Hope you've been practicing."

Andi juggles the ball a bit, but its slapped back out of her hands and to its rightful owner, "Well frak me, with Lice here we're four to a game." A foot is propped up on a nearby bench, launching Andi up onto its seat to elevate her head above those gathered near here. "Lookee here, we're gonna play a little game of Pyramid, and we need two more to round out our sets. If you don't cry like a little girl over a bit of pain, don't mind balls in your face, and can actually hit the back of a urinal you're pissing in, step the frak up."

Putting the notebook back into his dufflebag, Hazzard brings it back up over his shoulder as he rises from his seat to then make his way over to the hotdog stand. Coming closer to the others present there he nods his head once again. "Glad to see your alright, Jocasta..Had a thought to come and see you at sickbay, but decided against it.." he says as he looks towards Jocasta and Micah. "Germain." he then says in greeting to the male pilot.

The arm that had been occupying Micah's shoulder now sweeps around to cap the back of his head as Jocasta jostles him gently when she replies, "Not lately." She actually looks a little surprised when Hazzard steps up to say hello but she's not taken aback by it, even if her brows crease mildly in confusion. "I… uh, thanks." She must not remember that he was the one who helped her out of the ruined Raptor that one time.

And speaking of pyramid games. "Ah'll play." It's offered with a lazy grin from the leather and jeans-clad pilot, one hand lifting to draw Andi's attention. His hot dog's finished off then, minus a bit of garnish as Jocasta jostles the back of his head. "Sergeant," he greets Hazzard with a nod. He'd probably use his first name, if Micah knew it. "Congratulations on the promotion, by the way. Jo, you got the guts?" For the game, presumably.

Sage keeps the ball and then looks up to Andi with a chuckle, "That's how it is done boys and girls!" The ball is spun up again, "The marines think they are good!"

Lysander chuckles as he listens, looking at the rest of the people for a few moments, to see how they'll react.

Dane looks sidelong to Sage, a dark grin spreading across his face. "So military versus pros? If we don't do that then we're going to have one team with two pro players." He adds, sipping his tea as he starts to walk towards the courts. "I'm dyin to see if I can score over Sage here…thrill of my young life…"

Hazzard wrinkles his nose, and then looks back towards Micha. "Friends call me El-Tee…Or you can just call me Leroy…I'm off duty." he says with a smile on his lips before he looks towards Dane. "Aiming to get yourself injured, Dane?"

Sage heads off to the side, where there are a few bleachers set up. Reaching for a dark blue gym bag, she pulls it up and unzips it. Since she is wearing shorts, she brings out some knee guards, plus a wrap for one of them. Anyone having looked close up, would see scar along the outer edge anyway.

Melia comes bouncing up the escalator, not even waiting for it to deliver her. It would appear that someone is a little impatient to get to the celebrations. And she's moving faster than the escalator. Her eyes are wide and -clearly- happy as she takes in what's going on. Now comes the hard part - like a child at the carnival, she's trying to figure out where to go first.

Andi hitches her head at Micah, indicating he should join them then, if he's willing to nut up. She hops down off the bench with another roll of her head from side to side, as if loosening up her neck muscles. "Prolly the only thrill you'll get out of Sageling. Or score for that matter." A smirk and she's headed off to start up this pickup game of Pyramid.

Music is beginning to blast now down around where the dancing area is set up. The court set up for this, is off to the side of where the food is laid out. Hope no one misses the ball. Two short sets of bleachers are placed so people can sit and watch.

But, Jocasta is already shedding her jacket and heading toward the playing area, so, uh, that's probably a yes. It's not that she's trying to be rude so much as there's something to be said about venting out a little aggression through perfectly acceptable physical activity that doesn't come with the risk of getting chubby and being forced into marital bondage.

"Injured? Please…" Ramiro says as he steps over to the assembled lender equipment. Setting his drink down, he starts to put on some knee guards and one of the gloved arm protectors. He chuckles inwardly at Andi's comment. "Allright let's show these guys what we're made of." He looks to his teammates, Micah and Jocasta. Stepping near the neutral zone near the middle, he flashes a grin in Sage's direction. "Who says she's gonna score on me?"

Gaelan calmly rides up the Escalator. One of the few military in uniform the Marine steps off and takes a moment to look around. Finally heading towards the festivities he keeps an eye on the pyramid game starting to form while making his way to one of the fun tables of free food that tastes like fresh wood instead of cardboard.

"Nice t'meet you, Leroy." Micah's smile is genuine, if a touch crooked. He's prowling off after Jocasta then, jacket stripped off and tossed into a pile by the bleachers. Jeans aren't the best thing to play pyramid in, but that's what he's got so it'll have to do. Metal in face, however, has to come off. "Teams?" he asks, rolling his shoulders as he steps up to the others gathered for the game. Since, y'know, he wasn't privy to that discussion.

Watching the others head off to play Pyramid, Hazzard chuckles and buys himself a bottle of water from the stand and then makes his way over to the field to watch. He puts down his dufflebag and sips on his water as he looks over the players.

Lysander chuckles as he prepares for the game. Staying silent for now, as his expression turns a bit thoughtful. Some kind of preparation, it seems.

Sage snorts toward the military, but mainly to Ramiro, "This wasn't for ass, this was for a team ball signature." She pulls her knee guards on and then runs the same fabric along her lower arms. When she is done, she puts her gym bag back and begins heading to the court. "It's only fair that, we flip a cubit for this."

Annnnnd, she's off. While Mellie isn't precisely running, she's heading at a good clip toward the food. That much energy requires a relatively high intake of food. Her metabolism is high enough to power the ship all by itself. She barely misses running into Gaelan's back. There's so much to see that she nearly misses the solid brick wall of Marine right in front of her. There's bouncing, but not off his back. "Major!" she squeaks, grinning.

Andi doesn't bother with protective gear, but then again, she's young and stupid and guys dig scars. She's busy eyeing up the the non-pro players, her eyes filtering down to Micah's boots. "Oooh, this is going to hurt you so wicked, pretty boy." She lets Sage sort out teams by flipping cubits, she busies herself by bending over to tighten the laces of her shoes.

"Wait…what? Ass?" Ramiro blinks, shaking his head, he looks to Andi as he fishes a cubit out of his pocket. "I'm getting to play against pros. Been waiting for this my whole life…" He stands near the middle and looks around. "Allright, first three on heads are on the same team?" He pauses, flipping and then handing the coin off.

In reference to Sage's mention of the stakes, Jocasta almost immediately chimes in with a falsely disappointed: "Wait — it's not??" She then pretends to have second thoughts and turns around to stalk off the court… she gets all of about three paces away before turning back around. When she's once again within range, she amicably bounces her shoulders into both Micah and Ramiro in a friendly sort of 'good luck' gesture.

Gaelan blinks a few times and looks to Melia at her exclamation. Grinning to her he comments in his rasped voice, "Petty Officer, good to see you out and able to enjoy the festivities. How is your time at the clinic going?" Looking back to the table he scans the choices, reaching out like he is about to grab something, then pulls his hand back without taking anything.

Lysander shakes his head a bit as he listens. "It's always about glory," he mutters, mostly to himself. Shrugging a little bit.

Hazzard sips on his water as he stands there watching people prepare to play. "Remember to uphold the honor of the SST Dane." he says with a soft chuckle to his voice.

Sage makes a motion to the others. "I will be playing against the Sniper leader here. It's already set." She looks around a moment. Then back to Ramiro, "Those are your people. You can figure out who goes with who."

Micah lifts his hands when Andi speaks, grinning. "I can take a little pain. So long as we win." His gaze shunts sidelong when the coin's passed around to him, Jocasta's jostling nearly enough to make him lose it when it's flipped. "Someone keep 'er on a leash, she's a menace," is muttered after he tosses the coin to her and gives her shoulder a friendly shove.

Melia grins up at Gaelan, head tilting to the side a bit. "You're not eating," she asks, curiously. "Are you sick? There's food here, eat, eat!" It's the Gemenese version of Mangia, Mangia! She studies the spread then reaches out for, of all things, some fruit, glancing past the Marine toward the pyramid game. "Hmmm. Looks like Ramiro's getting ready to play. Think I should call for a doctor to make sure we've got one on standby?"

With the coin tosses abound, ironically, it ends up men vs. women. Doing some stretches, setting his wallet and other pocket items down next to Hazzard. "Keep an eye on these for me?" He asks, patting his fellow sniper on the shoulder. "Allright…ladies first for posession?" He offers, moving to cover Sage. He claps his hands. "Arrigh…let's get this on…."

Andi doesn't bother with the coin, being the last. She's just on whatever team still needs the third. She straightens away from her laces, stretching her right arm acrossed her body, then vice versa. "This a tea party or a frakking game?" Maybe she's still grumpy at not being able to find her steamroller this morning.

Hazzard watches the teams form, and then chuckles as Ramiro pats him on the shoulder. "Gods Dane, they'll rip you a new hole man." he says with an amused tone. It is then he hears the rasping tone of his Major and looks over his shoulder and nods his head. "Come to watch the SST leader take a beating Sir?"

Lysander moves to get into position now, as things seem to be starting soon. As he hears Andi's words, he shrugs a bit, "You guys actually know the difference?"

Gaelan glances over to the Pyramid game eyeing the players and shrugs lightly, "Well I highly doubt Sarge out there will admit to any pain. As long as they go easy on the arm that nearly got chopped off." Passing a glance back to Melia he grins, "Well I am sure the clinic will get busy later." Passing a glance up to Hazzard he smirks slightly and comments, "If he is a good Marine he will remind them just what we are made of."

Girls versus boys it is. Micah starts backstepping once the teams are decided, giving his neck and shoulders a bit of a roll to work out any stiffness. "Let's get this tea party started," he calls out to Ramiro with a grin.

It's now a battle of the sexes. Andi, Sage, and Jocasta lined up to face Ramiro, Lysander, and Micah. Probably in that order, too. The tattooed ex-Marine eyes up the opposing forces and seems confident enough to bark out, "We'll try not to sully your frills too much, lads."

"I'm sure he will Sir." Hazzard says before he looks back to the game at hand. "Todays game, is the Carina Femme Fatales against the Genesis Ramrods…" he looks over at the assembled crowd. "Betting takes place here..Cigarettes, booze name your vice..Odds, Fatales 1 Ramrods 2"

Sage sets the ball in the center and then goes to the corner she is opposite of Ramiro. This could get nasty. She bends just slightly, eyeing that ball and then the opponents.

The entryway to the hotel opens, allowing Jarred to make his way out of the hotel proper and into the park. A quick look around and he's easily spotting the gathering of people. A hand lifts upwards, coming to run through his hair before he's beginning to meander over in the general direction.

Following suit, Ramiro steps into the center and rubs his hand over the scar on his arm. Letting out a slow breath, he runs a hand through his hair and gets into position for the jump. "So…Sage…lost that championship by two point eh?" Trash talking…oh no.

Micah hunkers down a few inches. Not quite quarterback style, though he's certainly built like one. His eyes are on his fellow air wingmate opposite, and there's a wink given while they wait for toss-off.

Mellie looks over toward the game but seems to be a bit on the vertically challenged side. The bleachers, apparently, don't interest her at the moment. So, she does what any good, hyperactive officer would do and finds herself a bench (not a Marine) to scale. At least she stays away from the food. "He's got a glass jaw," she tells Gaelen, grinning impishly. "I used to watch him play back when he had hair on his head."

Lysander is in the right position now, looking over at the opponents, and then at his teammate, and the ball. Mostly on the ball, after all.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Agility versus Sage - Agility
<Roll1> Ramiro: Mediocre <Roll2> Sage: Superb
<Result> Sage WINS by 4.

"Yeah, but the guy was better looking, I lost balance," Sage grins and keeps herself setup. As soon as she sees the opening, she has shot out of her corner and snatches the ball up and away from the Marine. Quick little snot, isn't she?

Gaelan glances to Melina and just grins, "May have a glass jaw but the rest of him takes hits just fine." The start of the game catches his attention looking over the game briefly. Stepping around to the side of the bleachers he watches the game unfold as he folds his arms across his chest, a faint wince across his face emerges as the arms interlock.

Andi is going to do everything she can to get around 'Lice' and get open, she has a smaller size and therefore a touch of agility on her side. That and her little elbows are boney as hell as they 'accidently' go to jab the man as she tries to move around him.

Sprinting forward when Sage collects the ball, Micah's prime directive is to cover the pass. Which means he's getting up close and personal with his fellow Aerelonian, attempting to shadow her every dodge and weave.

Well, elbows jabbing can be ignored. And so Lysander moves to cover the possible pass in Andi's direction. If it comes, he'll take it. At least in theory, that is.

<Opposed Roll> Jocasta - Agility versus Micah - Agility
<Roll1> Jocasta: Mediocre <Roll2> Micah: Mediocre
<Result> DRAW!

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Sports versus Sage - Sports
<Roll1> Ramiro: Good <Roll2> Sage: Great
<Result> Sage WINS by 1.

Sage makes a point to land the side of her arm along Ramiro's ribs to get past him, which she manages and then notices Andi's open. The ball is passed to her teammate before someone barrels into her for it.

Cue the athletic grunting chorus. Jocasta and Micah do a fantastic job of not a whole bunch as their attempts at defense come to a literal push, neither gain nor losing any ground. Maybe this was just an excuse for the two of them to rub up against each other in public or something…

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Lysander - Sports
<Roll1> Andi: Superb <Roll2> Lysander: BeyondSuperb
<Result> Lysander WINS by 1.

Stretching his arms wide to try to pass-screen, Ramiro keeps a few steps ahead of Sage. Knees bent and watching her hips and arms for a tell of a move, he narrows his eyes and gets a stern look on his face. Concentrating for what comes next. A swat at the ball, he fails to strip it from her as she passes. He rushes forward towards the goal for a breakaway attempt.

Melia remains on her bench as Gaelen wanders off, head tilting as she watches the match - thus far - and nibbleso n her fruit. Apparently, she's watching Ramiro. As he misses the swat, she laughs and cheers, "That's it, Ramiro! Missing balls since high school!" Nope. She's definitely not a lady.

Reaching the bleachers, Jarred climbs up onto the them, finding an empty seat, which he's quickly claiming. There's a brief look to those around him and he offers each a nod before turning his attention back to the game. There's a soft chuckle when his eyes fall upon those on the court and he settles in to watch.

Andi may be small and fast, but Lysander apparently has arms like an octopus and just as she's reaching for the ball, its intercepted. "Frak. You put on deoderant today, Lice?" She rolls around him, now becoming defense instead of offense.

Hazzard glances over towards Melia and chuckles, before his attention is brought back to the game at hand. "Come on Dane..Never retreat, never surrender.."

Getting hold of that ball, Lysander looks around very quickly to see where his teammates are, before moving to send that ball over towards Micah, as quickly as possible. "Always," comes the quick comment in Andi's direction.

Micah isn't quite able to screen Jocasta properly, but the pass is getting sent to Andi anyway. There's a scuffle of boots as he darts away from the ECO, making himself open for a pass after the intercept.

Sage rounds the area behind Micah now as he and Jo do that dance on the court. With a quick dodge, she works on trying to grab that thing out of the air before Micah can snatch it.

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Sports versus Jocasta - Agility
<Roll1> Micah: BeyondSuperb <Roll2> Jocasta: Good
<Result> Micah WINS by 3.

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Sports versus Sage - Sports
<Roll1> Micah: Fair <Roll2> Sage: Great
<Result> Sage WINS by 2.

As Sage goes off to attack Micah, Ramiro is seemingly undefended. "PASS!" He calls out to Micah as he catches Lysander's pass. Near the goal, he sees Sage going for the ball as well. Two on one? That's unfair. It's tackle time. Rushing in, he goes for a waist tackle to Sage.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Sports versus Sage - Sports
<Roll1> Ramiro: Good <Roll2> Sage: Good
<Result> DRAW!

Gaelan shakes his head slightly as watches the movements then looks to Hazzard, "Looks like you need to teach him how to play Pyramid." Unfolding his arms one lingers around his chest as he rubs the side of his uniform. Clearing his throat he passes a glance to Melia then turns to head towards the food bench, lingering their a second he grabs a small piece of food then starts to head towards the General Housing area.

Five foot one and full of fun! Sage's intention is to get Micah off his feet, which she seems to do rather well. A spin at the waist when Ramiro barrels in. No joy for the Marine. Her body does a nice highlight against Micah's side.

<Trait Roll> Sage rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Reed enters from thr docking area, looking about in his dress greys. Perhaps he's not expecting a Sports drink commercial for a Colonial Day celebration. Maybe he wants to be certain he doesn't get pulped on the Pyramid courts by overdressing. either way, he moes toward the celebration.

Jocasta isn't quite capable of keeping up with the viper pilot when they aren't nose to nose, and so when he makes a break, Jo's got no choice but to just let him go. And she does. Perhaps this was strategically done, however, as Sage is right there to clip her ex's hip.

Zaharis is in plain off-duties, fresh from the Genesis and even showered. Hands in his pockets, the CMO heads towards the sounds of shouting, sport, and pain. He raises an eyebrow as he moves towards the crowd, trying to get a look at who's getting whomped.

Hazzard glances towards Gaelan and nods his head slowly. "I'll do my best to school him Sir." he says with a soft chuckle as he offers a quick salute. Naturally being off duty, the salute is more of a two finger wave then a proper salute. He then sips on his water and looks over towards Reed, and Zaharis, as they comes closer. "Majors..Care to place a bet? The Carina Femme Fatales against the Genesis Ramrods?"

Breakaway! Micah's in a perfect position to receive the pass after he loose deuces out of Jocasta's way, but he doesn't spot Sage in time. She shunts into his side with just enough force to jostle the ball in his hands, and force him to ditch it early rather than carry. Seeing Ramiro occupied, he pitches it back toward the undefended Lysander with a barked 'go!' to get his teammate's attention.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Lysander - Sports
<Roll1> Andi: Superb <Roll2> Lysander: Superb
<Result> DRAW!

Melia waves a hand at the game, shaking her head. "The women have it," she tells Hazzard. "The boys are too full of food and too slow." She hops off her bench and gathers herself a small plate of food before wandering off. Apparently she caught Gae's look - she heads in that direction, about 2 minutes behind him.

"That doesn't even sound remotely clean," Zaharis comments to Hazzard, giving the Marine a friendly nod. "Have to say, Genesis all the way." He still hasn't even figured out who exactly is on the court. Go him. Oh, there's people with a ball, awesome.

Andi isn't going to stay on the outskirts of the fray, of course. That would be /boring/. She's not going for the full force body check either, rather she's jostling around Lysander to try and see if the ball is going to get lodged free and if she can sneak in there and steal it for the women's team. But then its flying right over her head towards her counterpart, and she jumps for it just as Lysander reaches for it too.

Reed smiles as Hazzard greets them, and looks to the courts, nodding, "Indeed, Genesis for the full duration." No, he doesn't really expect professional players to beat the Genesis team, but he's representing the colors.

Sage bounces off Micah and frowns, "Daaa-ummm, they make them big over there," she lands back on her feet though, hoping Andi can get them out of this one. Still, she did get him to jostle a step or two. With a quick look for where Ramiro is at and then sees Andi miss the pass. "Frak, Pixie, don't let Lice get it!"

Lysander moves further towards where the fight for possession is now, glancing around carefully to see where the players not involved in that little incident, before he moves towards the ball as it's passed back for him. Unfortunately, there's that little matter of Andi moving for that ball too, and so he hurries the attempt to get the ball back under control.

"Clean..Sir, I'm a Marine..Ask Major Reed, I flourish in the wild and dirt." Hazzard says with a grin as he looks towards Zaharis. "Betting, I take cigarettes, booze, frak I take morphine for the SST if you can spare it as a bet." he says as he looks between the two Majors. "In good fun"

Still seated on the bleachers, Jarred gives a slight shake of his head as he continues to watch the game. When Andi fails to cleanly steal the ball, he's giving a grunt before calling out, "Come on, Andi! Whoop his ass!"

Already backing towards a goal, Ramiro is keeping Lysander in his peripheral vision. "Yeah Cmon Micah, you gonna take that from the pretty end-table?" Ramiro cat calls, making a note of Sage's height as he moves into prime position for his team's offensive attempt.

<Trait Roll> Micah rolls Sports-1 and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

INCOMING! While Micah's 'tethered' with possession of the ball, Jocasta's gonna do her best to make her lack of general athleticism count for something. Hey, she might not be able to throw worth a damn but she can sure as hell body check!

Reed grins as he watches the players, spreading his hands, "Sorry, Hazzard, nothing to bet, guess I'll just have to yell and cheer in general." He turns back to the game, watching with a chuckle.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Agility versus Lysander - Agility
<Roll1> Andi: Fair <Roll2> Lysander: Fair
<Result> DRAW!

<Opposed Roll> Jocasta - Strength versus Micah - Strength
<Roll1> Jocasta: Good <Roll2> Micah: Good
<Result> DRAW!

Zaharis snorts at Hazzard. "Didn't bring much either, Hazz, unless you're taking cigarette bets by the singles." He tilts his chin up, watching the ball go whizzing around. "Are they supposed to not-go-anywhere with that?"

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Lysander - Sports
<Roll1> Andi: Superb <Roll2> Lysander: Superb
<Result> DRAW!

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Lysander - Sports
<Roll1> Andi: BeyondSuperb** <Roll2> Lysander: BeyondSuperb*
<Result> Andi WINS by 1.

<Trait Roll> Andi rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Oh no he din'it! End table, pshaw. Sage lets Andi tackle Lysander and that ball. She sees Ramiro set himself up for this and is moving in with a duck under someone's elbow. It's a streak of blue and white as she leaves the court floor and leaps up. It's form! It's in the Air! It's keeping Ramiro from going for it!

Hazzard glances at Reed and keeps a wide smile on his lips. "So say we all.." he then looks towards Zaharis and nods. "Can't say I do, but drop by the triad games later on and I'll take your singles there.." he winks an eye and looks back towards the game. "Personally, I'd go with the Femme Fatales..I saved one of their players from a burning wreck a while back..Figured it will lead to fruit here and now."

<Opposed Roll> Sage - Sports versus Ramiro - Sports
<Roll1> Sage: Superb <Roll2> Ramiro: Terrible
<Result> Sage WINS by 6.

Andi locks metaphorical hilts with Lysander, and for a moment no amount of shouldering, pushing or pulling gives an inch towards one or the other. "We gonna play or are we….gonna….dance…" She hisses at Lice, the two engaged in that tug of war for another moment before Andi feels the ball slip from his fingers, and she gives a jubilent "HA!" She has her trophy and she's going to drive it home. With the wrestling match in the court, it leaves the goal free for Andi to sling the ball at it. Score!

Micah manages to loft off a decent, though by no means perfectly clean pass toward Lysander. And then he's summarily bulldozed by the steam train also known as Jocasta. A few extra pounds is likely all that keeps him on his feet, though his shoulder does plough into one of the boards. "If ah've told you once, ah've told you a hundred times," he mutters as he hunkers back down into a defensive posture, "I prefer being on top. Quit tryin' to take me down, when you aren't qualified." Smirk.

Lysander doesn't return any comment to that, growling a bit as the ball slips out of his hands, and he grimaces as he sees the ball being taken away. "No!"

Completely covered as Sage jumps up in front of him. Unable to see what's happening with Lysander and Andi, he tries to get around Sage's coverage but fails, slower than the Pyramid Elf. That's when he hears the goal get scored. "AArrrghh…" He grunts, rushing over to the goal to get the ball and move it into the neutral zone. Planting the ball down in the center, he sweats a little bit. "….allright let's answer this…" He looks from Micah to Lysander. He looks up to everyone getting into position. He suddenly starts to run towards Lysander for a floated hand-off, not stopping as he intends to tackle Andi.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Sports versus Sage - Sports
<Roll1> Ramiro: Mediocre <Roll2> Sage: Good
<Result> Sage WINS by 2.

Zaharis smirks at Hazz. "That's what you think." He looks back at the court in time to see that nasty move by Andi, wincing slightly. And then a nastier one by Sage. "Gods above. Good thing I /didn't/ bet."

Reed blinks as he watches. He doesn't know sports, but he knows when he sees someone slammed into with that much force, and he saw it there. his face twists into a painful grimace as he watches, nodding to Zaharis, "No kidding, ow."

Hazzard glances at Zaharis and chuckles. "Infact I do think, I'll accept your singles at the triad games..If I win, frak who knows." he looks back in time to see Micah and winces. "Nothing worse then a woman scorned…"

Jocasta is all over Micah like white on rice… pilots on booze… nukes on the colonies. Not that it's really doing her team a whole lot of good. Let's face it, Andi and Sage are doing all the heavy lifting.

Sage comes down as Andi makes the goal. Thumbs up to her teammate. Wiping her arm across her forehead when Ramiro centers it again. "Hope you shoot better than you score," she tells him and when the hand-off is given, she is right there ready to snatch it mid-pass. "Sorry Lice!" Bopbeebopping right on through.

Lysander frowns as he sees Sage's move, and runs straight for her, and attempt to tackle her and regain the ball now. All attention on that, for the moment.

Zaharis pulls out one of said cigarettes from the pack, keeping an eye on the game as he lights up. He exhales the smoke upwards, away from faces, and as he spots Ramiro going for a tackle he raises his hand to cup at his mouth. "COME ON, RAMIRO!"

Adele makes her way to the stadium, pausing once she reaches the entrance gates. Unclipping the handheld at her hip, she brings up and taps out a message.

Palms on thighs, Micah waits for play to begin again. He's focused and attentive, and seemingly not deterred by the goal. As Sage intercepts the ball, he attempts to deke around Jocasta and cover the pass aggressively.

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Sports versus Jocasta - Agility
<Roll1> Micah: Fair <Roll2> Jocasta: Terrible
<Result> Micah WINS by 3.

Andi has enough time to yell back up to the stands to Jarred, "Coulda used you here, Jay-Rod. Oh, frak." That seems to be her favorite word, and its aptly used with a chuck of laughter here as she sees Ramiro barreling towards her. All she can do is get low and brace for impact at this point.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Strength versus Andi - Strength
<Roll1> Ramiro: Mediocre <Roll2> Andi: Good
<Result> Andi WINS by 2.

<Opposed Roll> Lysander - Sports versus Sage - Sports
<Roll1> Lysander: Good <Roll2> Sage: Good
<Result> DRAW!

Micah makes getting one over on Jocasta look like child's play. He's clearly better at this game than she is, and so her only recourse is to retaliate by trying to take him down to the ground… even if he doesn't have the ball or look to be within scoring range.

Sage keeps moving as Lys decides to take her out. She quick dodges hopefully and sees if there is an opening out there somewhere. Turning, she sends the ball toward Andi now as Lys gets in her way and they decide to dance.

<Trait Roll> Sage rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Reed watches the game, shaking his head, moving off to where the food is displayed, looking it over before turning back to the game at some sound and moving to a seat to relax a little and watch.

Zaharis smirks as poor Ramiro doesn't make his charge. "NO, NOT LIKE THAT!" Helpful, isn't he? For realz. He unclips his handheld off his belt as something buzzes, glancing at the screen and then around the vicinity. A message is tapped back.

<Opposed Roll> Jocasta - Strength versus Micah - Strength
<Roll1> Jocasta: Good <Roll2> Micah: BeyondSuperb
<Result> Micah WINS by 3.

Lower center of gravity and Ramiro's forward assault results in something painful. With a grunt, Ramiro finds himself upended over Andi. Landing on his back, he grunts and pulls himself off of the floor in time to see Sage pass the ball towards Andi. Springing up, he intends to tackle Andi down to let the ball fly by them into the cage.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Strength versus Andi - Strength
<Roll1> Ramiro: Great <Roll2> Andi: Great
<Result> DRAW!

"Looks like the Air Wing is taking it out..Raptor against viper." Hazzard mutters as he watches the game go on. "For an Ace, she aint half bad." he adds as he watches the pass from Sage.

It looks like Jocasta and Micah are doing more tussling than pyramid playing, over there. Someone should get them a room. Barking a laugh as Jocasta attempts to take him down again, Micah deflects the shove off a shoulder and keeps on sprinting. "Ramiro!" he calls out as he tries to get in position to score off a pass.

Andi is already low, and Ramiro just further smooshes her into the ground with his second attempt. The ball goes sailing over her prone form, and Ramiro gets control over it. Not that she's just going to lay there and take it. Her leg shoots out to try and trip him up.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Agility versus Ramiro - Agility
<Roll1> Andi: Great <Roll2> Ramiro: Superb
<Result> Ramiro WINS by 1.

Adele glances at her handheld, reading a message displayed there, then clips it back onto her hip. Standing on her toes, she casts her gaze around the area and zones in on the one man in Dress Grays. Waving at Reed, she looks quickly off to his side and finds Zaharis, then moves in that direction.

Lysander hurries forward as well as he sees Ramiro's move, trying to get into a good position. Glancing back over his shoulder for a few moments, just in case.

Sensing Andi's incoming move, Ramiro takes the tall guy angle. Scooping the ball as it bounces off of the cage, he hops. Taller than Andi and Sage, he leaps and rockets a pass towards Micah. "GO GO!" He grunts, baseball throwing it at the pilot that's open.

Reed watches the game and the ball being desperately fought for, then glances over, noticing the wave, and lifts his hand to Adele to wave back, then smiles as she approaches, heading for Zaharis, as he looks back to the game.

Ambivalent feelings surge through the second member of the SST present for the pyramid games. True he cheers for the Fatales but then again, Ramiro is part of his own squad. "That's it Dane."

And here Sage is again, ducking and weaving. Big guys, little girl. That ball is rocketing, this could hurt. She leaps up into the air as it comes past and hopefully before Micah can grab.

Zaharis slides his handheld away as well, clip. Another wince as he watches this game progress. Dude, ouch. A hand lifts towards Adele, fingers motioning her over to this relatively-safe pocket of crowd (or so they pray). "Come on, Genesis! The frak did they teach you all in basic back there?"

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Sports versus Sage - Sports-1
<Roll1> Micah: Great <Roll2> Sage: Good
<Result> Micah WINS by 1.

Micah isn't the tallest kid, but he's got enough height to grab that pass out of the air. Sage's attempt at an intercept nearly catches him off guard. Nearly, but he's not going to be fooled by the same trick twice. It's tipped with his fingers, caught in his other hand, and with a hail mary that Jocasta isn't waiting to check him into the board again, he lobs it off at the goal.

<Trait Roll> Micah rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Andi needs a spatula to get herself back up off the ground, but she finally peels herself back up, and with the first few steps back into the fray, she's limping. She picks Lysander back out among the blur of limbs, and goes back to guarding her man. "C'mon, Greenhorn." She calls, cheering Jocasta on to get in there and get the ball out of the return shoot.

SMACK on her arm. Plink on her head and that ball just rolls right over Sage and into Micah's grip. Close! Still, she isn't out of this yet. Landing back on her feet again. The lobbing is seen and a chuckle emerges, "I got your number now," she half shakes a fist at Dane.

Standing there near Reed, Hazzard shakes his head slowly and looks over towards the banner for the Sagittaron Hornets and sighs softly. "Frak..She would have liked this.." he then looks back towards the game as a smack sounds, just a little louder then the others.

Adele goes to Zaharis' side, offering a grin of greeting to both he and Reed now that she's closer. Turning her attention to the field, she eyes the action with the expression of one who isn't entirely sure what's going on.

<Opposed Roll> Jocasta - Agility-1 versus Micah - Sports
<Roll1> Jocasta: Fair <Roll2> Micah: Mediocre
<Result> Jocasta WINS by 1.

"Great work!" Lysander calls out to Micah, before he sees Andi, "You managed to get off the ground again?" he remarks, a bit lightly. Going back on the guarding as well, now.

Reed watches the game, just smiling and taking in the action. He glances to Hazzard, then back to the game.. or brawl, perhaps, and smiles to Adele, nodding in greeting.

Oh, hey. Someone's actually cheering for her! This seems to be more than enough incentive for Jocasta to switch tactics and, instead of just throwing herself bodily at Micah around the arena, she actually puts in an effort at playing the game for something other than contact. When Micah gets the ball, she swings out an arm to try and snag his elbow in an attempt to make him drop it or otherwise interfere with his goal shot.

Ramiro steps over to his team, spreading his arms wide and beaming at Sage. "Got that pass right through you…what's up with that?" He grins, pumping a fist towards the bleachers, pointing towards where Reed, Zaharis, and Hazzard are. "GENESIS!" He calls out and offers a few fistbumps to his team, moving into position to guard Sage again. He runs a hand through his sweaty hair. He winks. "I dunno…was thinking I should get a number. Four sounds good and nice…" He starts to guard her, Jocasta's got the ball.

Better late than never, apparently, but Meris is most definitely late. Sneaky, like ninja, she eases her way to the back of the gathered crowds, all 6'5 and 240lbs of her blending in seamlessly… like a blind cobbler's thumb.

Sage brushes her hair back off her face along with the damp of sweat and reties her ponytail. Flushed cheeks and heavy breathing, this could be something naughty! Only, it's just a game of Pyramid. As the other side makes the goal, she smirks at Ramiro Her upper right arm having a nice red circle on it now. "Think you are ready for the big leagues, sniper shot?"

As the members of Team Genesis Rams score, Hazzard offers the universal good guy pose. A thumbs up is offered towards Ramiro as he screams out, along with a smile that bares his white teeth. He made his bets with the Fatales but the trash talk that diminishes his trade and his team leader earns a little frown.

Oh, hey. Someone's actually cheering for her! This seems to be more than enough incentive for Jocasta to switch tactics and, instead of just throwing herself bodily at Micah around the arena, she actually puts in an effort at playing the game for something other than contact. When Micah gets the ball, she swings out an arm to try and snag his elbow in an attempt to make him drop it or otherwise interfere with his goal shot…. but, too late. However, this sets her up nicely to receive the rebound and, sure enough, the ball bounces right into her outstretched hand. Oh frak.

Zaharis probably hasn't got much an idea of what's going on either. Shouting random things covers for that. He hooks his thumb lazily into the back beltloop of Adele's khakis as smirks as Micah makes a goal. "I think that was our team. Hell if I know."

Having been sitting there quietly, Jarred's been watching the game, giving the occassional shake of his head. There's a slight smirk as his male counterparts score and he's looking over towards the women, first Sage and then to Andi before he's looking back over towards Ramiro, "Alright Marine, whoop their ass. You can do it!"

There's no fist-pumping from the viper jock, though there is a little victory dance done as is appropriate. "Frakking nice pass, Dane," he acknowledges his teammate with a grin, and then a grunt as he and Jocasta both go for the rebound, and the ECO wins by a mile. Damn that woman. He then proceeds to get in her face and stymie her pass.

Reed lifts a fist in the air as Ramiro screams and points, then lowers his fist and looks over, blinking as Meris makes an appearance, He reaches over to nudge Hazzard and points out the massive moving tower of Marine. "Now, that's a marine to send in for reinforcements."

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Sports versus Jocasta - Agility
<Roll1> Micah: Fair <Roll2> Jocasta: Superb
<Result> Jocasta WINS by 3.

Sage weaves a little as she has herself setup to block the marine in front of her. Yeah, for the crowd it is a weaving butt! As soon as Jocasta has that ball in her hand, she is moving and looking for a spot she can get herself open enough to take the pass.

Hazzard glances at Reed as he nudges and then looks over towards Meris and smiles. "Hey Hughes…Come to watch the game huh?" he gives her a tap of his illusionary hat, before he looks back towards Reed. "If I could I would..she'd go in for the Femmes though..It is gender wars out there, Sir."

Or not. How about a whole lot of not? With Andi otherwise occupied, it's Sage that sends the ball toward. Without a clean path to make a goal of her own (and with no real skill to speak of in order to do so successfully), the Raptor co-pilot banks on the hope that the pro player can do better.

Adele leans into Zaharis' side, her eyes still on the game. "Our team?" she asks, cocking a brow. She squints onto the field, trying to discern familiar faces. After a moment, she gives up. "Who's who?"

Ramiro grins at Sage, lifting up the sleeve of his jersey over his right arm just a little to reveal his scar on his bicep. "Mine's better…" He says, dropping the sleeve. The scar looks like he was attacked by a circular saw. Moving quickly, he moves to cover not in front of but behind Sage. She's faster, but he's stronger. Preparing for an incoming pass, and noteably outside of the neutral zone, he suddenly steps one leg in front of her and nudges her side, trying to intercept.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Sports versus Sage - Sports
<Roll1> Ramiro: Mediocre <Roll2> Sage: Great
<Result> Sage WINS by 3.

Meris nods towards Hazzard, absently rolling her shoulders. "Yeah. Pyramid's real popular, huh?" she replies, frowning out at the court. "Who's winning, exactly?"

Hazzard glances back towards Meris. "The Carina Femme Fatales against the Genesis short, men versus women..and the girls are in the lead." he glances back towards the game. "Popular, well you may say that yes..It is -the- game after all."

Lysander frowns a bit as he sees the pass seem to go through, and heads a few steps in that direction, rather quickly. A few quick glances to keep an eye on Andi, though. Not forgetting anyone here.

"Well, /my/ team," Zaharis amends, smirking. He lifts his hand and points out Micah, Ramiro, and Lysander. "The flyboy, the one who think's he's a Caprica Buccaneer, and the…other guy I've never seen before." Hand moves to indicate Jocasta, Sage, and Andi. "They're playing the flygirl, the shorty, and the one that looks like an elf. Or I guess her name is Kerry, from her shirt."

Can that girl take a pass? Why yes she can. Sage slithers past the big marine and right into an open area. The ball comes sailing and she has it clipped like it shows in the books. Planting a foot, she does a half body twist and whips it toward the goal. "Four this, sniper shot!"

<Trait Roll> Sage rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Adele points at Lysander. "That one's actually a real player," she informs Zaharis. "I ran into him by the lake a while back." She regards the female team thoughtfully, then smirks. "Oh. Well I guess that's /my/ team then. Go team go!" Of course, she doesn't actually shout that. "Who's winning?"

Reed nods to Meris and Hazzard, "Quite so, very popular." He looks back to the game, smirking as he watches the action continue.

Andi dares a glance to the stands where Jarred is, gasp, cheering on the men now. Is that allowed? Tsk. She turns in time to see Sage's shot go a touch wide, banging into the backer board with a clang on the metal. Andi's going in to see if she can get the rebound, if Lysander doesn't smoosh her like a bug again.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Lysander - Sports
<Roll1> Andi: Great <Roll2> Lysander: Good
<Result> Andi WINS by 1.

Blame the boots and the jeans, or blame the fact that Jocasta just owned up her ex boyfriend because he was too busy celebrating his goal. Micah's not shaken off so easily, though. He's already sprinting for Sage when he sees that pass, and the imminent shot — and if luck is on his side he'll be able to grab the rebound from the bounced shot.

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Sports versus Andi - Sports
<Roll1> Micah: Great <Roll2> Andi: BeyondSuperb*
<Result> Andi WINS by 3.

Meris shrugs, still frowning at the game. "I never really got the hang of the rules. I played once and they sent me off for unnecessary roughness."

Not if Jocasta has anything to say about it. Once the ball's out her her hands, she's free to return to her previous tactic of shamelessly manhandling Micah for the crowd to see. With his back turned and his attention elsewhere, she tries to ram her shoulder into his kidney and help him greet the ground proper.

"Yours." Zaharis smirks at Adele, tugging on her beltloop. "Flyboy's the only one that's scored on ours…as I guess describes life on the Genesis pretty well too."

<Opposed Roll> Jocasta - Strength versus Micah - Strength
<Roll1> Jocasta: Great <Roll2> Micah: Fair
<Result> Jocasta WINS by 2.

Ramiro watches the dogpile form around the missed shot. Thusly, he turns to his military training on this one. They have muscle. Not far from the goal, he stomps over as Jocasta throws a shove at Micah and bobs through, throwing a hip-check in Andi's direction towards the cage. Going for strength rather than to try to strip the ball, all he has to do is tackle her to force her to pass.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Strength versus Andi - Strength
<Roll1> Ramiro: Good <Roll2> Andi: Fair
<Result> Ramiro WINS by 1.

Hazzard glances back at Meris and chuckles. "Yeah, they dont really play by Marine rules..It is a whole different ballgame when civilians are involved." he shakes his head slightly and goes back to watching the game.

Once the pass is off and Andi does her pixie magic, Sage is jumping and fist pumping in the air with a cheer….until Ramiro decides to go head on. Marine Back. Pyramid Player intent. Rushing forward as Ram knocks the ball out, she ducks down as the hip-check is done and scuttles for the ball. By just happening to push a knee into the back of his thigh on the way to the ground.

<Opposed Roll> Sage - Strength versus Ramiro - Strength
<Roll1> Sage: Mediocre <Roll2> Ramiro: Fair
<Result> Ramiro WINS by 1.

Meris watches the game some more, pondering, before finally coming up with her take on the rules. "So you just kill whoever has the ball, huh?"

"Fantastic," Adele intones cheerfully, slipping her arm around Zaharis' midsection as she resumes watching the field with renewed enthusiasm. "Girl power and so forth!" she calls out with growing exuberance.

Ow. That's common winced reaction from the crowd, and likely one that's going to come into play when Andi is clipped by Ramiro and his razor sharp hip bones. Someone give that man a hamburger, so next time, maybe she'll bounce off a bit of flab instead of an unyeilding Marine. She's slammed into the metal goal her shoulders taking the brunt of hit, but her head gets a fair smack too. Its as she's seeing stars that she feels the ball slip from her fingers which Sage or Jo can hopefully recover.

Hazzard glances at Meris. "Not quite..But they do tend to play a little more fair then we do..But death is not an option in pyramid."

Reed looks over from where he's sitting to look at Adele cheering for the power of estrogen. He smirks at her then glances at Hazzard and Meris, smile widening. Marines.

Ramiro winces, that hip check went a little harder than he wanted to. He feels a knee on the back of his thigh, turning and planting his feet to graze a shove in Sage's direction. Reaching down, he picks up the ball in one hand and does a back-handed pass towards Lysander. Leaning over, he reaches under Andi's arm and helps her up to her feet without another word.

Micah's probably not a good target for lobbing the ball right now. He's eating dirt, courtesy of Jocasta. Yes, the ECO managed to knock him to the ground finally, though he attempts to roll to his feet as quickly as can be managed, and return the favour.

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Strength versus Jocasta - Strength
<Roll1> Micah: Poor <Roll2> Jocasta: Mediocre
<Result> Jocasta WINS by 1.

Sage seriously needs to quit trying to take marines off their feet. She barely even budges him and lands on her butt on the court. A wince as Andi takes that fall. She's also on the ground, so Jo needs to try to get that ball now. "Go flygirl!"

There's a look around those seated around him and Jarred's giving the occassional nod before he's looking back over towards the court, watching Andi. There's a slight smirk as he watches her for a moment and then he's looking back towards the men on the court, "Come on. Take 'em out. Can't let them beat you."

Rhea slips into the park, in the company of a lanky, curly-haired 12-year-old boy. The Zimmer-Spawn. The pair of them scan about for a seat, spot the Zaharis-Adele-Reed triad, and in that direction.

"I don't know if I can keep watching this," Zaharis says, sounding pained as one brow lofts upwards. "I just don't know if I can be sentenced to walk the walk of sports-loss shame amidst so many other men." He spots Rhea in the crowd — or rather, he spots Reece's floppy hair — and lifts a hand their way.

HAHA! In your face! Literally. After her bone-crunchingly successful takedown of her ex-boyfriend, Jocasta adds insult to injury by rebuffing Micah's attempt to retaliate with a hand to the side of his face. She's got her eye on the ball and a mind to make Lysander wish he'd join the Navy instead of going all-pro. "Hi!" she exclaims, knocking into the Vulture abruptly.

Incoming pass? Shouldn't be that much of a problem, should it. Lysander starts moving a bit so that he can go to full speed as soon as the ball's safely in his hands. But then Jocasta comes around, and he tries his best to get out of the way. Preferrably with the ball in his care.

Reed looks over, smiling at the Zimmerpair makes the scene. He looks to Hazzard and Meris, "Excuse me." He says, rising to move around the back of the food area to come up on an approach of the focal point of the gathering of Majors, which is Zaharis and Adeles position.

<Opposed Roll> Lysander - Sports versus Jocasta - Agaility-1
<Roll1> Lysander: BeyondSuperb <Roll2> Jocasta:

<Opposed Roll> Lysander - Sports versus Jocasta - Agility-1
<Roll1> Lysander: Superb <Roll2> Jocasta: Mediocre
<Result> Lysander WINS by 4.

Andi is hauled bodily back to her feet by Ramiro, but it only take her a second to get blink back and right her brain. She's used to this kind of treatment, afterall, you learn to bounch back better than the ball they're playing with. The man she's supposed to guard is wide open, which is never good, but Jo seems on it. "Oh Hades, no." Time to interject herself into that equation. She hunkers down, driving forward to put an elbow in the small of Lysander's back.

Meris takes a deep breath, hollering over the crowd, "COME ON YOU GIRLS! KILL THEM!"

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Strength versus Lysander - Strength
<Roll1> Andi: Good <Roll2> Lysander: Great
<Result> Lysander WINS by 1.

Adele's grip tightens around Zaharis' middle and states, "Oh no. You're staying right here — look! You have support coming." She indicates Reece, waving and grinning at the boy and his mom. "And so do I. Hey, Rhea. Girls are winning!" Of course, they /were/ winning. Now, it looks like they're about to tie.

"Wench," Micah grunts at the face-shoving Jocasta, plowing a shoulder into her as he shunts past, for good measure. Then he's faking to the left, darting to the right as he attempts to get open for a pass if needed; and the rebound, if not.

Sage is off the ground now, damn those marines and their wily ways! Sprinting into a spot she can snatch and grab if she needs too, while keeping an eye on the jarheads.

Rhea waves back to Zaharis, once she's near him to wave properly. Reece waves as well. With his hand, not his floppy hair. "/Finally/," he mutters as the both of them take a seat near Zaharis and Adele. "They've been talking about having a game like this /forever/." He squints down at the field, trying to catch up with the action. And follow Pyramid babes in action. Rhea grins, as to the estrogen lead. Fleeting though it was. "Of course they are," she says firmly. As if that were the proper order of the universe.

Time for the fancy moves, it seems. Lysander spins around to get out of the way of those that wish to cause bodily harm(also known as opponents). Getting free, he takes a few fast steps forward, then releases the ball in a shot for the goal, rather forcefully.

<Trait Roll> Lysander rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Hazzard blinks and looks back towards Meris and chuckles. A slight shake of his head as he looks back towards the game, as he sips on his bottle of water. "Watch the Ace there, Hughes..she and Dane is tugging it out..If I didnt know better, I'd say Dane has her in his cross sight in more ways then just this game.."

Meris nods slowly. "You know men," she adds towards Hazzard solemnly. "They only want one thing."

Reed approaches the pair of majors and their respective Civilian escorts, smiling. "Pretty good game." He comments, taking a wild guess based putely on the amount of punishment being delivered. He then looks to the Zimmermans <Zimmermenn? Zimmeri?> "Happy Colonial Day."

"We'll give you that one," Sage tells the boys and then gives a kick to the ball toward Andi so she can take up the ball now. Moving to her spot, she adjusts the knee pads and lower arm ones. "Oh, nice scar, by the way. You shouldn't date those women with nails that long."

Lysander's fancy foot work utterly owns Jocasta's enthusiastic greeting strategy. She's forced to rethink her tactics and so goes back to square one — beating on Micah — until a better idea presents itself.

Watching Lysander shake off the defense after the pass, Ramiro hustles towards the neutral zone in time to see the throw from the Vulture, Lysander. The goal clangs as the ball hits home and ties the game. Pointing at Lysander and letting out a call of accomplishment, he moves to cover Sage again. "One more, one more!" He grins, holding up four fingers in Sage's direction as he prepares for the women's team's offensive push. Two pros to their one, Dane is dripping sweat. Now near Sage, ready to muscle a defense, he replies to her. "Cylons are a cheap date and my CO hooks me up regularly."

"FRAK." Andi cusses, as the ball clatters through the goal. Bending down to scoop the ball up, she's planted square in the safe zone in the middle of the playing field. She's leaning over the ball, palming it in one hand while it rests on the ground. Click click click. Andi's brain cycles through her options and people filter back to who they're supposed to be originally covering. Then, "Look alive, Greenhorn!" That's the only notice given before the ball is sailing Jocasta's way.

Jarheads? Micah ain't no lousy jarhead. "Frakkin' a," he hoots at his teammate, speech rapidly devolving into that quaint Aerelon gutter speak that everyone loves deciphering. With Andi taking the rebound pass, he's back to blocking Jocasta— and fending off the beatings. Which, it must be said, not many men do from the ex-Marine.

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Sports versus Jocasta - Agility
<Roll1> Micah: Superb <Roll2> Jocasta: Fair
<Result> Micah WINS by 3.

Lysander gets back into the defensive position now, unable to hold back a comment as he passes not far from Jocasta. "Hello to you too…" Moving to get into position for whoever might charge forward after this pass has come.

Interception! Jocasta isn't nimble enough to get her way around Micah and the ball goes sailing into his hands. Frak. Howver, she's in close quarters and that can only mean one thing. Another tackle. This time with purpose!

<Opposed Roll> Jocasta - Strength versus Micah - Strength
<Roll1> Jocasta: Mediocre <Roll2> Micah: Superb
<Result> Micah WINS by 4.

Hazzard glances back towards Meris and arches an eyebrow. "You ask me, Hughes, I'd say women want about the same thing men do..It is a myth that we only want one thing."

"I still have no idea what's going on, really. Except the general idea of, you know, scoring," Adele informs Rhea as the Zimmermenn come to join the group. "I feel like an imposter in this shirt." She tugs on her C-Bucs tee and grins between mother and son. "Maybe you can give me a crash course, Reece? Beyond the tidbits you've let slip about our sports-themed decor at home."

"I can see that," Sage smirks and then is on the move as the ball goes sailing right into Micah's hands and Jo looks to be doing an ass over appetite dance move. She works on blocking Ramiro from anything coming his way.

Lysander moves forward again as he sees that Micah gets hold of the ball, moving into position for a possible pass, trying to keep moving as much as he can to throw off anyone trying to block.

That person trying to block, of course, would be Andi, and she's back to guarding her man, doing ever thing she can to become an nuisance to his general being. "Funny, I thought you stats listed you as a man, Lice. Near as I can tell, we got as many balls as you do…"

Hello, clean intercept. Micah's taller than his raptor counterpart, which might account for something. He snatches the ball out of the air before Jocasta can get her greedy little hands on it, and anticipates the inevitable body slam that's coming close on its heels. And probably because he anticipates it, he's able to deflect it and rely (hopefully) on the woman's own weight to send her skidding into the dirt. He, meanwhile, attempts to dash a few paces and sling a pass off at Ramiro. "Go!" he barks out at the Marine.

Meris shakes her head at Hazzard. "Most women don't want women. Some do, but not most."

Over eight inches taller than Sage, Ramiro raises a hand high into the air. "OPEN!" He calls out to Micah. He grins and steps in towards Sage and braces a forarm over her shoulder to hold her down from jumping up into a pass. "Signed pyramid ball here I come…" He moves to catch it high and playfully knock Sage down in the process.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Strength versus Sage - Strength
<Roll1> Ramiro: Good <Roll2> Sage: Fair
<Result> Ramiro WINS by 1.

"Major Carter. Happy Colonial Day," Rhea greets Reed. On behalf of the Zimmeri. Reece waves but has absorbed himself in the Pyramid amazons. He cheers when the goal is scored, as much at watching the sport as for any other reason. He obligingly starts rattling to Adele about the finer points of Pyramid, mostly incomprehensively for someone who doesn't follow the sport. Lots of specific terms about positions and scoring strategy. Rhea listens with a broad grin.

As Micah manages to intercept the ball, Jarred's rising to his feet and giving a loud 'Whoop' of encouragement before yelling out, "That's right! Kerry never could pass properly!" A wicked grin plays across his lips and as he sits back down, he's looking over towards Andi, "Sorry! Can't help it. You know, battle of the sexes." Hey, maybe by trying to yell out to her, it'll distract her.

Zaharis pretends to whine at Adele. Though not really, cause he's kind of into this game now. "Damn. Making me root for flyboys, what the hell's the universe come to?" That's okay, he's also got Ramiro out there. "Get it, Marine! Come /on/!" That shouted just to rev the crowd right near him, he takes a drag off his cigarette and focuses on the three R's that have just shown up. Or rather, Rhea since Reece has now busied himself gabbing.

Thank the Gods that Jocasta possesses a sensational ass, else the rebuff that Micah dishes out might have nearly bruised her tailbone. She doesn't just fall on her ass — she goes flat on her back and nearly bounces her skull on the arena floor. OUCH! She's okay, though, or so the thumbs up she's throwing seems to suggest.

Hazzard arches an eyebrow as he glances at Meris. "Some men dont want women either…so I've heard." he chuckles and turns his attention back to the game. "But on the issue, Sex..See it takes two to dance Hughes..Men are just more honest about it most often..We are not as empathic, easier to read.." he runs a hand over his mouth and sighs. "Me..frak hughes..I dont know no more.." he seems to go a little emotional as he stands there watching the game. "I'd rather line up a good shot, watch a mark through my scope then do that dance these days."

Ok, so she's short. Sage is still quick. When that shout comes out for the pass, she is gonna be ready to jump. Jumping counts! Only before she can, he pulls a move on her and tries to hold her down while shoving into her. "Frak.." she yelps and misses, but tries to stay on her feet atleast.

<Opposed Roll> Sage - Agility versus Ramiro - Agility
<Roll1> Sage: Superb <Roll2> Ramiro: Great
<Result> Sage WINS by 1.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

Meris eyes Hazzard sidelong, nose wrinkled and wholly oblivious to any double meaning. "Well, a lot of guys don't like dancing, Sarge. I don't mind dancing, but I like dancing on my own better. Most guys are pretty short. I get backache."

Reed smiles to Rhea, inclining his head, then looks to Reece giving his Pyramid 101 class to Adele. He glances to Zaharis, and looks back to Rhea, then to himself, "Feel awfully overdressed now. Still, it's.." He looks over the people, smiling, "This feels good."

Andi doesn't have to look to the stands or Jarred to shoot the bird in his general direction, she knows better than to take her eyes off the game when its the last point and the ball is out of the safe zone. Hopefully woman and children weren't watching when she signaled for Jarred to go frak himself, which is likely what he'll be doing for quite some time for not cheering /for/ his girl, thank you very much. Gotta get the ball, gotta get the ball… she's moving forward as Ramiro takes his shot. A miss. Thank Hera. "Rebound!" Andi's going for it full force.

Jocasta's probably seen rougher than that, where Micah's concerned. Nevertheless, there's a shred of decency in the viper jock, and he looks back over his shoulder to make sure she's okay. Thumbs up. He grins, and then performs a flying leap at the boards in an attempt to snatch the rebound.

With everyone else diving in for the rebound, Lysander can't do any less, and launches himself for that ball, more or less head and arms first.

Ramiro catches the ball high and turns on his hip, grunting. He takes two powerful steps forward and launches the ball at the goal. It's going…it's going…it's BOUNCING OFF OF THE GOAL BACK TOWARDS THE NEUTRAL ZONE. The crowd that was holding its breath releases a groan in unison. Ramiro starts to laugh a little. "What the…" He turns to clothesline Andi across the waist, effectively tackling her.

Not to worry. The Raptor co-pilot will have her revenge. (Oh, yes. She will have her revenge.) Once she's back on her feet again, she bounding to catch up and make sure Micah's harried enough with her attempts to keep him covered that the ball doesn't come sailing their way.

Sage starts laughing, "Don't quit your day job, sniper-shot!" The player goes sprinting off now as Andi heads for the ball and she's damned if the boys will get it again.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Strength versus Andi - Strength
<Roll1> Ramiro: Fair <Roll2> Andi: Mediocre
<Result> Ramiro WINS by 1.

Adele's eyes sort of glaze over as Reece overloads her with pyramid information. But hey, she asked. She makes sure to nod at appropriate times. "Oh, look!" she exclaims, as Ramiro misses, pointing at Andi. "Hopefully she'll get the rebound." She goes quiet for a moment, then sucks in a breath. "Rebound!" she hollars. To no apparent avail.

<Opposed Roll> Jocasta - Agility-1 versus Micah - Sports
<Roll1> Jocasta: Poor <Roll2> Micah: Good
<Result> Micah WINS by 3.

There are moments when you can get deep and meaningful and then there are moments when your talking to a Machine Gunner. Hazzard looks towards Meris once again and just blinks. "Lance Corporal..The Horizontal in Sierra Echo X-ray..You know?"

Jarred can't help but chuckle as Andi flips him off. Bringing his hands to rest in his lap, his eyes shift between those on the court before finally resettling on Andi, "Come on, Beautiful. Whoop those Military Men. Make 'em kiss the pavement." Damage control, apparently.

Meris stares at Hazzard before it clicks, and she makes a brief crude gesture to verify. "You mean frakking? Yeah, sure, frakking's a lot of fun," she admits simply.

"UGH!" Reece Zimmermann joins in the groaning when Ramiro misses. "He was /so/ close. But I guess it's cool he's even doing this good. That's Andrea Kerry he's up against. She plays for the Stingers. Or used to." He's unsure of the Pyramid league situation in the post-apocalyptic new-normal. Rhea nods up at Reed, returning his smile, though her attention is mainly on the game. "Does feel good," she agrees. "Chance for people to relax. I think we all needed that."

Zaharis smirks at bit at Adele's yelling. He's start to glaze over at the game, period, this crowd getting to him a bit. He steps back to crush the cigarette out under his foot, rolling his shoulders.

Andi is stopped by Ramiro's outstretched arm, but it doesn't quite fall her. Her breath releases in an oof as she tries to roll around him and get back in the dire last moments of the game. Control of the ball could mean anything now, and Andi's trying to break away.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Agility versus Ramiro - Agility
<Roll1> Andi: BeyondSuperb <Roll2> Ramiro: Good
<Result> Andi WINS by 3.

Hazzard just blinks as he looks at Meris, but he keeps a wide smile lingering on his lips. "I love you are very special to me." he finaly says and looks back towards the game. Men rarely wins arguments against women, due to ill-logic, but this time he just can't find any. "Soo you agree, that women generally wishes to frak as often as men do?"

Reed smiles as he looks around again, before settling on Zaharis for a moment, tilting his head silently before looking to the game once more.

Lysander gets to his feet again quickly as he didn't get that ball, and sprints into a better position for any incoming pass. Glancing around to make sure where everyone else is.

Bobweave, Bobdodge. Sage is incoming, Lys is waiting and now it is time for her to do something. Eyes on Micah, she is already moving to intercept any pass he may toss.

"Uh…. thanks, Sarge," Meris replies with a bemused smile. "I just think we should probably stay professional. I don't like you that way. Sorry, mate." Shrugging again, she then thinks on the query, finally responding, "I think men like to frak more but women like to frak longer. I mean with some guys? You're barely kissing and he's done."

Adele tucks an escaped lock of hair back behind her ear, quite obviously trying to look interested in what's going on in the game. But her next question contradicts this image. "How long do these matches last?"

It's like a half split, except Micah's got no wingman coming in for the gun employment on the pass. Almost as soon as the ball is caught, it's lobbed off again; this time for Lysander as he makes a quick one-two play before Jocasta can reach him. Yes, he probably could've gone for the goal, but just call him a team player.

<Opposed Roll> Sage - Sports versus Micah - Sports
<Roll1> Sage: Great <Roll2> Micah: Superb
<Result> Micah WINS by 1.

Andi out of his grasp, Jocasta and Andi heading towards Lysander, Ramiro watches the pass lobbed towards Lysander. Completely open, he starts to charge towards where Lysander is. "Lob it up!" He calls out, preparing for a sort-of alley-oop over the much shorter ladies team. They're attention on Lysander and not on him, he moves into position to score.

Everyone on the playing field seems to have worked themselves into a sexy state of sweaty and Jocasta's no exception. Her dual undershirts are soaked a slightly darker shade of gray around her neck and her dogtags jingle every time she tries to make a break or a jaunt; maybe that's how Micah managed to avoid her last time. Either that, or he got hip to her one-point strategy. Either way, he manages to get rid of the ball before she can get there.

"Stuff like this can go on /awhile/. They're tied, so it might go OT," Reece Zimmermann says to Adele. Grinning broadly. Eyes fixed on the game.

Hazzard suddenly laughs softly and shakes his head as he looks back towards Meris and brings his hand up to his face to point fingers towards his eyes. "Stay on target Hughes.." he says with an amused tone. "You break my heart, but I'll survive.." he looks back towards the game. "Man that flyboy is doing well." he murmurs and glances back towards Meris. "Well if it is any consolation..Dean is a sniper..He is used to take days to get things for that final shot..It may speak in his favour, that he is not an impatient man." he pauses. "Since you a woman, soo consolation for your gender..not you as in you."

Ruh Roh. This doesn't look good for the women. Jarred gives his head a quick shake and then he's motioning towards Ramiro, "Come on Andi! Take him out at the knee's! Make him kiss that court and regret that he stepped on it."

Meris holds a hand up briefly towards Hazzard, to excuse herself as she bawls towards the court, "TAKE THE LITTLE BASTARD DOWN, GIRLS!"

Sage doesn't quite make it. Damn it all. Her fingertips barely touch it as the ball is lobbed to Lysander. "Pixie!" A yell for help if there ever was one.

Zaharis continues to smirk at the game. He glances at his watch and to the others nearby, tilting his head away from the crowd. "I'm going to let my ears rest for a minute. I'm getting old."

From somewhere in the crowd, a vaguely leprechaun-esque man hops up and hollars, "Looks like you could stand to lose a layer, Ensign!" He promptly ducks back down.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Lysander - Sports
<Roll1> Andi: Great <Roll2> Lysander: BeyondSuperb
<Result> Lysander WINS by 2.

"Oh, uh, great," Adele replies to Reece, before casting a pained glance around at her three adult friends.

Andi is no help, she too makes a jump for the ball, but Lysander is just that much taller, and again, arms like an octopus. Her jump leaves her in a crouched position, her gaze focusing back on Ramiro as he calls that he's open. Oh this is going to end badly. Thankfully, only two players wagered against each other for a game ball autograph and not that the girls'll be on towel duty for the next week.

No love on the intercept, it seems. Micah's just freakishly on top of his game today. Speaking of sweaty clothes, his t-shirt is fairly plastered to him by this point, dark hair matting damply to his skull. Lower lip pressed between his teeth, he hunkers down again and keeps half an eye on Jocasta.

Lysander nods a bit as he hears Ramiro's words. When he gets the ball, he waits a few moments, waiting for any possible inbound opponents, then lobs a pass for the Marine. "Make it count," he calls out.

That didn't work. Back into play, Sage is doing a run for it, full bore. "Oh no you don't!"

Rhea gets a laugh out of Adele's pained grimace. She's following the game well enough, albeit not as avidly as her Pyramid freak spawn.

Ramiro takes his three steps…towards Sage. Planting his foot down and raising his arm high for the shot, he prepares to hold an arm out and push Sage down before his shot. "Micah on rebound!" He calls out, aiming for the goal near the pilot. Eyes on the goal, he takes a deep breath and shoves at Sage, angling to throw.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Strength versus Sage - Strength
<Roll1> Ramiro: Mediocre <Roll2> Sage: Good
<Result> Sage WINS by 2.

You know, technically, that lascivious suggestion of an Ensign on the field to lose a layer could have been for either Jocasta or Micah. The Raptor flyer nudges Micah with her elbow and then gestures tot he crowd, "Well, what are you waiting for? They want to see some skin, mate."

Reed looks to Zaharis once more, watching him leave before looking back to Rhea at her laugh, and then looks back to the game, smiling.

Sage leaps. She flies. Spider Monkey to the rescue. All 109lbs tackle into Ramiro and his ball. *DULLTHUD!* They get nastier as the game gets closer. The sweat probably helps for sticking about how. Fly to flypaper.

Meris lets out a whistle. "Yeah! Nice shot! Now again in the belly! Wind the frakking bastard!" she encourages, perhaps still not entirely au fait with the rules of the game. "One down, two to go, eh!"

Hazzard just shakes his head in an amused fashion towards Meris and takes a moment to sip on his water and study the game. The talk about Sierra Echo X-ray suddenly reminds him that there are infact some nice looking women on the field, especially as one of them stands in the way for his own squad leader. "Ouch." he chuckles softly. "Not the physical activity he may have envisioned..but still."

"Sorry, love, I don't get naked on the first date." Micah's eyes are on the ball, mostly, though he does briefly take Jocasta into his sights. "Or the second, or the third, or.. well, let's just say ah'm not gettin' naked for you, aye?" Grinning, he pulls away from her and endeavours to make himself open for either a pass or a rebound from the Marine.

Adele watches Zaharis go, narrowing her eyes at his back. "He can't take the heat," she explains, pointing out onto the field while Ramiro gets plowed. Her interest is slightly revived.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Micah rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Jocasta rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).
<Trait Roll> Andi rolls Agility and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb* (8).
<Trait Roll> Lysander rolls Agility and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).

There's a collective "OOH!" from the crowd as Dane is turned into a castle door beaten by a battering ram. His stomach meeting a knee, he's thrown back with Sage atop him. Hitting the pavement with a loud grunt, he ball flies backwards into the grating. Quickly snapping his hand back to try to find it blindly and failing, he grabs the side of Sage's jersey. Through the pain, he shoves her away from where the ball went.

The Family Zimmermann winces as Ramiro goes down. Though it seems to increase their interest in the game. They are not a tender-hearted clan. "OUCH!" Reece gasps, leaning forward to get a better view of the ensuing dogpile. Rhea leans forward as well, interested to see who comes out with the ball.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Strength-1 versus Sage - Strength
<Roll1> Ramiro: Poor <Roll2> Sage: Fair
<Result> Sage WINS by 2.

DOGPILE! With the ball loose on the court, the game suddenly degenerates into a bunch of people diving for it and crashing into one another. Talk about crowd pleasing moments! The suspense! Jocasta falls short in her dive, not getting nearly as far as, say, anyone else with half a clue as to how to properly play the game.

Have you ever seen starved dogs go after a milkbone before? That might be akin to what's happening now on the court as four players scramble over each other to regain control of the ball. Four go in, only one comes out. And Andi'll be damned if she's going to waste the opportunity and that perfectly pretty black eye she's going to be sporting in the morning, so she's taking a shot from her half-assed angled position.

Lysander dives for the ball as well, growling to himself as he barely misses it. Getting to his feet and seeing that shot go off, he hurries back towards wherever a possible rebound might be… rebounding.

Sweaty body, meet more sweaty bodies. Spotting the loose ball, Micah makes a play for it that ends fruitlessly.. because everyone else decides to make a play for it, too. Using his height to his advantage, he palms the boards and jumps when Andi shoots, attempting to snatch the ball enroute to the goal.

<Trait Roll> Lysander rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Micah rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Reed grins as the game seems to be reaching a choke point of skill, energy and sweaty bodies. He grins widely, as he watches, taking it in.

Sage manages to keep her jersey on! The boy is lacking strength now and she is stuck, but soon crawling off him. Her eyes dart around to see who got the ball. As the crowd goes wild in the stands now, about drowning out the dancing music. Scrambling to get herself up again.

There's a laughing cheer at the dogpile and when the ball goes wild and Andi picks it up, Jarred's getting to his feet and clapping loudly, "Nice one, Andi! That's the Stinger way!" When she takes a shot and it rebounds, he winces slightly, head giving a quick shake, "Owch! Get that ball and put this game to an end, beautiful!"

Ramiro peels himself off of the floor with a grunt. He's not injured, but he definitely felt that hit. Coughing and wiping the sweat out of his eyes, he runs after Sage for an attempt to get the ball.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Sage rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Great (5).

"Go team!" Adele says again, this time loudly, less sardonic, and pointed towards the field. It's still a pretty generic term, so it's doubtless she's fully aware of what could happen at this point - but she's got a general idea. "Score a point!" Ah, all-encompassing sports terms.

Meris whistles in approval, reading the shirt and noting aside to Hazzard, "Hey, that Gi-onis is pretty good, huh? She keeps making Sergeant Ramiro look pretty stupid."

Reece Zimmermann looks mildly pained at Adele's generic sports-isms. He sighs. She has so much to learn.

Hazzard glances back towards Meris and sighs softly. For a moment the whole, 'I have been telling you about her for quite some time now' look flashes over his face but then he just smiles and nods. "Yeah..She is pretty decent for a professional Pyramid player.."

With the ball now in Sage's possession, Jocasta's job has now become acting as an insurance policy in order to make certain that Micah doesn't maneuver for the intercept and that the professional Pyramid player might be able to head safely into the center for a shot. Cue the standard grappling to proceed as per usual.

"And she's pretty," Meris points out pragmatically.

Sage grabs the ball up, oh yeah, there is a sudden two-step dance right there. The head is seen and she aims for it, not even waiting for them to get theirselves together at this point. Fun is fun, but winning is winning. "You won't be strutting with my jersey this week!" A wild grin and it flies from her hand.

<Trait Roll> Sage rolls Sports and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).

Reed smirks to Reece, standing by the group of women who are watching the game. He chuckles, watching Sages shot.

Lysander frowns as he sees the ball's in an opponent's grasp, and starts an attempt to throw himself for that ball, but unfortunately, he's a little bit too far away for it. "Noooo…."

Andi is back on her feet, sprinting around the Jocasta/Micah tangle. There's a sportsmanshiply pat on the flygirl's shoulder before she's off again now that Sage has out-sprinted Ramiro in getting the pick up from her slighly off kiltered shot. "Ho's before bro's!" Is called over the din, trying to get open to help the womanly cause and then it sinks into the goal with a beautiful arc. A whoop and a holler and Andi is jumping in the air, pumping her fist.

The ball sails into the goal and Ramiro stops chasing after Sage. Letting out a quick sigh, he leans over to catch his breath. Sweating, he stops near Sage to catch his breath. "Nice…shot…" He manages, leaning up to run a hand through his damp hair. He extends a hand to people around him. "Good game…good game…"

Micah is close enough for the rebound, but not for the intercept this time. Tearing away from Jocasta when he realises Sage is going for the shot, he gets there in time to see it whisk through the goal. And what does Micah do when he's frustrated? Why, he puts his fist through things. Thankfully it's a wooden baseboard, and not a steel bulkhead. "Frak," he mutters, sucking on a knuckle. "Nice playin' out there, boys," is conceded to a few moments later. A finger is leveled at Jocasta. "I am not doin' your laundry." You know, before she even bothers to suggest it.

Adele's brows lift as Sage scores. "Wait. Did we win?!" she asks, glancing between the three near her.

Reed nods to Adele, "You won." He looks to Reece. "Girls won, Reece. Sad day to be a guy."

Rising from the bleachers, Jarred's hopping down to the ground and then over towards the court, where he's settling his eyes over on Sage, "Hey Gionis!" A hand lifts, waving slightly before falling back to his side, "Nice to see that you still got it." Then, it's over towards Andi, to whom he gives a grin, "You looked like you had one hell of a grudge out there."

It's beeeooootiful. Sage watches that thing sail like it had wings and right into the goal. She leaps into the air as the crowd cheers and chants. "Yes!" Sweaty and tired, she looks toward Ramiro and holds her hand out to his. "Great game, you guys aren't half bad." Then her finger points, "You," toward Andi and Jocasta. "Fantastic." Turning her head to Jarred, "I never lost it!"

"She is not half bad." Hazzard mutters as he stands there with Meris, being all Marine like and talking about sex and women. "Man, I hate to be correct..Win for the Fatales…." he adds before he reaches over and punches Maris on the arm. "She ask her out."

Adele claps her hands together enthusiastically. "Time to rub it in," she says with a wicked grin, jerking her head towards the exit. "Anyone want to come with me to the house? I could cook dinner." She flashes a grin at Reece.

Wait — they won?! Jocasta is quick to untangle herself from Micah and throws up the victory arms as if she'd known all along that's how things were going to sort out. Of course, they might have had the edge with a 2:1 professional player ratio but, surely any Pyramid team that suffers Jocasta's shenanigans in the name of athleticism deserves a victory if she hasn't broken anyone's anything by the time to clock runs out… right?

Lysander grimaces a bit as he gets to his feet again now. "Good game, all of you," he offers, with a bit of a nod and a half-smile. Because deep inside, he hates losing, no matter what he's playing.

Rhea beams, raising a hand to high-five Adele. "We won! Girl power!" Reece watches the display with a shake of his head. "Yeah, Reed. It's real tragic," he agrees laconically. He doesn't look too bummed about it, though. He enjoyed the game. Though mention of Adele cooking makes him look downcast.

Andi settles down, laughter and exhaustion on her features, as well as a reddening around her eye from when she caught an errant limb in the dogpile. She drags the back of her arm over her forehead, wincing the good wince of a pyramid game well played. Which is exactly what she's telling the other players as they congregate in their end game knot. She's patting shoulders, patting butts, even throwing a hug in there or three. As Jarred picks her out, she's turning towards him and slugging him in the shoulder with a last ounce of energy. "Learned from the best."

Reed smiles to Reece, and tilts his head, moving to the young man and looking to him, then to the celebrating Adele and Rhea, "How about somewhere else? Won't make the winner cook, after all."

"Good game, good game," it's repeated a few times as Micah pulls away from the goal stand and does the obligatory handshake or backslap of his teammates and opponents. "Beautiful goal," he even thinks to add when he passes Sage, keeping her hand for a moment longer and winking before he ambles off. Time to get out of sweaty clothing!

"Who ask her huh?" Meris queries, eyeing her arm where he knuckled it.

Jarred offers a soft 'Umpfh' as Andi slugs him in the shoulder and then he's lifting a hand upwards to claim hers before laughing, "Frakkin right you did." A shift of his attention towards Sage and he's giving her a quick grin, "Well, good to see! Looking forward to showing you how much better the Stinger's players are, though." Finally, he picks Ramiro out and as he goes to speak, he pauses. There's a grunt, followed by a shrug and he calls out, "Hey, Marine! Nice playing!"

"Thanks," Once she gets her hug, butt pat and the like, she returns Micah's shake. Sage tells Micah and then she is heading for her gymbag. Towel and water. But that doesn't stop fans rolling into the area and wanting something signed.

"Crab Shack?" Adele suggests with an arch of her brows. "Or, there's a bar called Spotlights at the hotel. I'd have to change clothes, though. I imagine they wouldn't complain about fatigues, but they probably wouldn't like my t-shirt." She scratches at the back of her neck. "

"-You- Hughes..If you think she is pretty. " Hazzard states as he glances back towards Meris and then towards the pyramid players once again. "Who knows, she may take more then kissing before she is done like men are." he chuckles and then fixes his gaze upon Ramiro. "Good game Dean!"

"Yeah, somewhere else is good," Reece agrees firmly with Reed. He seems amenable to Crab Shack or bar. Rhea shrugs. "We can just hit the Crab Shack. I'm not in the mood for anything too fancy."

Andi slings her arms around Jarred's neck, virtually hanging there. "Take me home and hose me off?" She asks, dealing with fans as they come, but she doesn't look to intent on sticking around for that side of things.

It takes a few moments of that 'dealing with fans' thing, but not too long afterwards, Lysander heads off towards whatever hole below a rock that he calls home.

Shaking Andi and Sage's hand, Ramiro stands up straight and pulls off his C-bucs jersey. Wiping the sweat off of his face with it, he groans and looks around. "Where's the lockers?" He blinks, shaking his head a little bit. He'll have more than a few bruises in the morning.

"Okay. I'll text Jesse," Adele informs them, pulling out her handheld to do just that. "We'll see if he's man enough to show up despite crushing defeat."

Ah, the aftergame meet-and-greet. Jocasta rubs shoulders with the professional players but as the fans pour in, she ends up being relegated to just another (sweaty) face in the crowd.

Reed nods to Reece, and looks to Adele, "Sounds interesting." He nods, looking to Rhea, "Guess their team won, they get to choose." He smirks at Reece, then looks to Rhea and Adele, "Great. Let's head there."

Not Sage, she eats it up like it is air to breathe. Kids and adults alike, she is signing anything from a paper plate to some guys cast. Which is probably why the pin-ups are present.

Meris grunts, shoving Hazzard hard with her elbow. "Yeah, how about you ask her, Sarge? I'll clear you a path."

Slipping an arm around Andi's waist as she hangs off of him, Jarred gives a soft snicker before motioning off in the direction of the hotel, "Come on, then. I'll take ya out of here and I'll even buy you a drink and I think I've got a cigar kicking around. Probably has your name on it."

Ramiro raises a hand in a wave to Hazzard as he makes his way through a round of high fives and well wishers as he heads towards the bleachers. Grabbing his wallet and his effects, he looks to Hazzard. Is he calling him Dean? Ramiro blinks and slaps the fellow sniper on the shoulder and then wades back in towards the crowd. Eyeballing the sports courts, there's probably a place to shower and change there, he gives Andi a playful shove. "You guys are brutal out there…you okay? I didn't mean to check you that hard."

Micah hesitates a moment like he might pester one of the professional players for an autograph, or a few pointers on his game. But as the fans filter in, his inherent dislike of crowds of people overrules the notion. Prowling away, he fetches his jacket and his bag from the bleachers, and even mutters over his shoulder at Jocasta, "You weren't bad out there."

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