But Is It Absorbent?
But Is It Absorbent?
Summary: Chione is prepping for her party and has a little talk with Eve
Date: 84 ACH
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Naval Officer Berthings Genesis - Deck 12

84 ACH 23817 Souls

Naval Officer berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two Officers and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.

----— < Condition Three — Duty Area > ----—-

The early shift is done, and Chione is standing in her uniform in front of her bunk, looking at two handing dresses; apparently trying to decide between the pair. Tapping a finger to her chin the young Ensign clicks her tongue and shakes her head. "Is it really so terrible of me for not wanting to wear this one because I have already worn it?" she asks of no one in particular, fingers brushing over a lovely little dress of yellow that fades to blue, before she turns and looks to a glacial blue piece as she now starts tapping her foot on the ground. "Nick did just give me this one. I should be nice and wear it, however," she notes to the air and no one in particular. Oh gods, the horrible decisions of a fashion diva!

Pushing open the hatch, Eve steps through, leaning on it heavily to close it again. She's already stripped off her duty shirt, the thing hanging from a hooked finger. No, Eve doesn't really have to worry about fashion. She has a few tried and true sets of civvies, and her uniforms. Neither of which are going to fit anymore, relatively soon. Already there's a little 'bump' like she's had too many doughnuts. Making her way in, a glance and a smile are thrown to Chione. "Hot date?"

Looking over her shoulder, Chione blinks. "Girls Night Out," she states, frowning. "Has no one told you?" Then Chione sighs. "What is with women on this ship. Do they not gossip with each other? HONESTLY!" she offers with a shake of her head, turning to smile at Eve. "I figured a few things: one - steam needed to be blown off," she states, ticking off things with her fingers. "Two, there is safety in numbers. And three, I desperately needed to make friends. Sooo… I've been trying to arrange a night where just the women get off ship, head to the Destiny, for a night of drinking, dancing and fun. And yes, I've arrange for non-alcoholics to be served as well. You are invited if you would like to come," she says. Then she turns back to the dresses, holding out the blue one. "Nicholas Luma, events manager for the Destiny, an old co-worker is helping me arrange this and gave me this dress, which is why I'm thinking about wearing it, I'm just partial to the other one, as well. But… I should keep up the fashion hound appearances and wear this one, none the less."

Eve gives a soft laugh, shaking her head. "Oh. I don't know about that. Usually in those situations I'm the shy quiet observer. And being a psychiatrist, everyone assumes I'm just sitting back and judging them." She edges towards her bunk and her locker, opening the latter to hang her shirt up for tomorrow. "For what its worth, the blue one is beautiful, and it would be a nice gesture to the man who gifted it, if you wore it."

"What? You mean people don't like being psychoanalyzed?" asks Chione, unable to keep the joke from her voice, holding the blue dress up to her before nodding. "You're right, I should wear this one. Mmmm, maybe I should come by sometime, make you the … let's see… eighth shrink I've been to," she offers with a wide grin. "They were ever the rage at one point in time on Caprica for unruly teenagers," she notes with a wink. "Don't worry, if you decide to come, I won't be afraid you're judging me. Unless you're going to tell me how bad my dancing is, then… we might have a problem," she laughs. "I've already agreed to sit in a corner with Gunnery Sergeant D'Artanian, or … Craven if she's going to change her last name, and play the old maid while the entertainment is on stage. Dancers are not my thing. I've seen plenty of male-divas strip and prance around stage to last a life-time. And those were just the models."

Eve dips her head, the shadows almost masking her faint frown. "Yes, well. Even if you don't partake of the entertainers…skills. Remember they're just doing their jobs and trying to make it by too. And if you want to come see me professionally, I am available when ever you'd like, though I'd take it as a personal kindness if you wouldn't demean my job. I'm just trying to make it by too." She lifts her head, the smile on her lips returning. "Besides. I don't know what in the dickens I'd wear. My jeans are already becoming uncomfortable. I can't imagine dancing in them too."

There is a pause, and Chione frowns as she looks at Eve. "It wasn't meant to demean your job, it was more meant to say that I'm pretty frakkin' messed up, and that I've been judged so many times I'm either used to it by now, or won't notice," she offers, pursing her lips. "Obviously, I need to work on my humor." Chione shakes her head and moves to locker, putting the yellow and blue dress away. "Well, there are two more dresses in here. Both are fairly loose fitting except around the chest. If you can wear them, you are more than welcome to them. The same goes for the shoes, but those you need to go digging for up top," she offers as she points. "And why not, go find Wide Load, I'll offer you her closet, what are cousins for, mmm? She's got wonderful taste, trust me. As for the dancers, well, I do have some singles, but I had planned on sharing them with the other girls, rather than giving out the tips myself."

Eve curves her hands over her stomach, "I'm the one they should be calling Wide Load. Thank you, I appreciate the offer to borrow some clothes. Maybe I will. But I haven't precisely talked to Micah about going out and doing an all girl thing with…dancers involved." Her brow knits together. Well, that would be an interesting conversation at least. 'Hey honey, how do you feel about strippers and your baby momma'?

A nod is given. "Oh, completely understood. Though, the fact that Cornbread was basically telling me I SHOULD be tipping kind of surprised me," she says with a shake of her head. Then Chione sits down to slide off her boots. "Of course, he then went out to say so long as it didn't involve cheating … with guys." Chione's blue eyes then sparkle brightly. "I just couldn't help myself with the obligatory 'So… it's okay with girls then, right?'" Sighing, Chione's smile turns soft, before she wrinkles her nose a bit, looking over at Eve. "Are you that comfortable with Micah, forgive me for prying. But… I just feel like I'm going to burst unless I talk to someone, and honestly, Kaly's still mourning Dion. When it's right … are things that comfortable?"

Eve leaves her boots on, but she flicks open the curtain to her bunk, stretching out on the mattress. She's been spending more nights over in Pilot country lately, but she still likes to come back here for naps and what not. At the question, she smiles, "Its not an intrusion, I like talking. Talking is good." She gives a delighted little sigh at being horizontal and off her feet. "There is nothing right about Micah and I, but some how we make it work. We're comfortable with each other at times, sure. But we still have a lot to learn about one another. I'm sorry, which one is Cornbread, again?" She's not terribly good with callsigns, despite shacking up with a Viper jock.

"Antonio Sloane, he's from Aquaria. Dark hair, skin darker than mine. Got hit on the head with a bottle on the Carina and brigged for getting in a fight with a civilian though the civilian started it because Leto wouldn't go back to the civilian's place for a little somethin' somethin'. He's the one that was on leave on the Carina and had all of his baggage blown up when the first attack happened," notes Chione, watching Eve for a moment, before smiling. "So, it's a good thing to be comfortable with each other. Excellent." Another pause is given, before the younger woman stands. "If you don't make it over, anything you want me to bring back? I might as well."

Eve ahs quietly. "Sloane. One letter away from being a relative." Because she's a Sloan, you see. "The two of you are seeing each other then?" No judgement in her voice, just curiousity. "And I think I'm set, thanks. Unless you happen to find a hidden stash of disposable diapers or a crate of baby bottles."

"I have connections…" drawls Chione before pausing, "But I don't think they're that good. However, if I start looking now," she continues with a laugh. "Yes, we're dating. Mmmm, I wonder if someone hasn't already created algae diapers," she posits curiously.

Eve reaches for a pillow, cramming it up underneath her ear and resting her head on it. "I know I'll have to get used to cloth diapers. But. Algae? I'm not too sure that's absorbent enough." She laughs softly at the idea, apparently suddenly getting the mental image of her son or daughter waddling around with kelp wrapped around their waist.

A smile is given Eve, as Chione then reaches for the dress, then into her locker again for a towel. "I'll be quiet now, looks like you are wanting a nap," she notes. "Thank you, for talking to me," is offered, before the towel is flung over her shoulder, and she starts to pad for the head.

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