Cake or Ass
Cake or Ass
Summary: Cake or Ass, really. Eli and Meris get to talking in the gym and make a deal. It is her birthday (Eli's) and s/he didn't get any cake so this deal is very very important. Some background behind Eli's current facination with men. Also, Micah, Meris and Snatch start talking about things and it all fades out as logs do when people idle out.
Date: 60 ACH
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Gymnasium Genesis - Deck 9
60 ACH 23817 Souls
Workout areas are abundant here along with benches and water dispensers. Running machines, rowing machines and lifting. There is a place for sparring with lockers that hold the equipment. Off this area, there is an athletics court and a pool.
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Contents: Eli Meris Wireless 442

Exits: [AC] Athletics Court [O] Corridor
[P] Pool

Meris is, unusually for her, today not lifting anything or throwing anything. Instead, she's settled onto a treadmill, and is pounding out the miles at a slow jog.

Eli slips into the gym, towel over her head and she's in her sweats looking grim as she heads towards the weights, grumbling under her breath.

Meris lifts her chin in greeting. "G'day, sarge," she calls over, not breaking her stride. She's not going fast, but then, that's not the aim. "Everything cool with you, huh?"

Eli pauses to glance over towards Meris, grunting softly and working on straddling a weight bench and leaning forward a bit to adjust herself, huffing. "Yeah uh, well ya know. It is my birthday so um. Just dealing with that right now."

"Oh yeah?" Meris queries, raising an eyebrow. She grins over at the wo/man, adding, "Many happy returns, huh? I'd have got a cake, if I knew. And if there were heaps around."

Eli hesitates before just shaking her head quickly. "Heh. Usually I'd go chill out with the fam, take my gi-just take somebody out somewhere nice, have a really good night and heading back home." She frowns. "But it's been a few years since that. So thanks though."

"You got some shore leave, yeah?" Meris queries, the thumping of her feet on the treadmill almost therapeutic in its steady, rhythmical sound. "I heard there's heaps of pretty girls on the Destiny, mate, all dying to meet a nice fit bloke like you, huh?"

Eli has to rise from the bench to start sliding weights on the bar, eyebrows raising as she nods slowly. "Yeah, I got some shore leave just, ya know, I don't really take it as much as I should. Haven't even been on the Destiny yet really, out of Uniform that is." Then she pauses, clearing her throat. "Besides, I'm supposed to keep it in my pants til I get all this MaA shi-stuff settled or whatever."

Meris grins, shrugging one shoulder. "Well, hey, you just don't go around telling everyone, huh? Besides, it's good for morale to get some."

Eli just grunts and shrugs her shoulders. "I like that philosophy." A pause and then she just asks 'delicately'. "So uh, how's your morale then?"

Meris shakes her head, rolling her eyes. "Oh, don't ask, mate. Don't ask. I reckon I'm starting to grow frakking cobwebs down there or something. It's not exactly easy to meet blokes when they just look at your size and instantly think dyke."

Eli just blurts out with a frown. "Dude…you so don't even have a butch swagger or the lipstick kinda…" She trails off and shakes her head. "I guess some guys can just be stupid." She shrugs and checks her weights before leaning against the bar for a moment. "Have you uh, tried though? Meeting, um blokes? On the Carina or something?"

Meris steps the treadmill up a notch. "Yeah, well. Not exactly, mate, nah. I'm not real good with all that kind of stuff. We just need a real good party where I can find some guy who's heaps drunk who isn't going to get all emotional and stuff about it."

Eli just watches Meris speed up, looking her over with a critical eye, shrugging her shoulders some and thumbing the side of her nose. "So like uh, dude. Don't talk like that, we'll go off ship some time, find some dudes or something." Now she just looks thoughtful, too thoughtful.

Meris laughs, shaking her head. "Hey, it's not exactly a big problem. I want sex, guys want sex, where's the issue? I don't want a bloke of my own and a family and all that stuff until I get home again. It'd just get in the way."

Eli just smirks and nods slowly, looking thoughtful. "What do you look for in a guy then? Cuz damn if there aren't alot of those running around. Even if it is even for a night of fun, you've got to have like…a type?"

Meris shrugs amiably, wincing a little and rubbing at her shoulder with one hand. "Oh, you know, mate. Just a regular kind of bloke. Not some kind of sappy guy or anything. For the love of all the gods above, not a frakking poet or an artist or that kind of thing. Guys with long hair and pale skin just don't do it for me. If I wanted to frak a dead guy I'd go to the frakking morgue."

Eli doesn't have a notebook or she'd be scribbling something down, brow furrowing as she looks thoughtful. "Civie or military dude? Some girls uh, they like the whole uniform thing, but at the end of the day you'll both be naked." Give her a second as she just /stares/ at Meris, some mental picture making her brain break before she just shudders and shakes it off. "Or maybe still clothed…err or you might lingerie, I don't uh, know about that kinda stuff me…so err." She scratches the back of her head.

"Whatever," Meris replies easily. "I'm not that picky. You find me someone to dust off the cobwebs, mate, and I'll frakking well find you that cake. Deal?"

Cake? Cake? Eli perks and just stares at Meris for a few moments. "I'll leave out the whole…cobwebs thing but uh, I'll find you somebody to get your dust on with. You get me a cake."
Snatch comes in from Corridor 9D.

Meris laughs aloud, nodding once and stepping the treadmill up another notch. "Sure, mate, no worries. There's got to be some here somewhere for a special guy's birthday."
Micah comes in from Corridor 9D.

Eli is leaning against a weight bench bar, towel draped over her head and she is indeed, in sweats as she talks to Meris, humming thoughtfully, and coughing so she just doesn't ya know, grin and go 'eeeeee' or anything like that.

Snatch creeps into the gymnasium, wrapped in a terry robe to cover her swimsuit and, unlike other times she's bolted around the ship in a swimsuit or less without a blush, she actually seems a little weirded out about it today, hugging the terrycloth around her.

Meris considers, feet thumping down as she runs. "I just need to find a baker. And a heap of stuff to make it. Eggs and flour and stuff, isn't it?"

Eli just nods slowly, narrowing her eyes. "That's up to you, you find the cake, I find the ass." She thumbs the side of her nose, starting to head towards the exit slowing to a stop and just staring at Snatch for a few moments. "Ahh…" Oh wait. Wrong ass. She continues on her way. Mission.

Cake and ass. Sounds like a choice moment for Micah to wander into the gym, which he does. He's toting a gym bag and dressed in fatigues, and making a beeline for the lockers to change.

Snatch looks up and catches Eli's stare, which she returns with a friendly sort of grin and fusses with the belt of her robe a little bit. "Hi…" she drawls a simple sort of greeting. "Wan' come in th' swimmin' hole?" she wonders.

"There's a lot more ass on this ship than there is cake, mate," Meris calls back goodnaturedly, finally slowing the treadmill back down to little over a walk, to cool down.

Eli juts looks down to her/himself and then back up to Snatch, opening her mouth and shutting it before offering sheepishly, tugging that towel down from her head. "Um, sorry err…I didn't bring anything to swim in or anything, but rain check definitely?" Insert charming little grin and duck of head here before she eyes Micah and then smirks at Meris. "For now!"

Micah finishes shoving his bag, followed back his jacket, inside the locker and bangs it shut. It's the weight machines he seems to be headed for at the moment, with a grin flashed at Eli as he passes her. At least he refrains from making an off-colour comment about not needing something to swim in.

Snatch seems dutifully charmed by the charming grin, looking right pleased by the respose, "Ou-ais," she replies in a casual sort of affirmative, then trundles off toward the pool, herself.

Meris slows her treadmill to a halt, stepping off and stretching her arms over her head. Rolling her shoulders, she wrinkles her nose a little, then leans up against the treadmill in order to continue her cool down with a variety of stretches. "What does he mean 'for now'?" she queries of Micah. "What, are we all going to suddenly go around ass-less?"

Eli thumbs the side of her nose just shrugging at Micah with a quirk of an eyebrow before watching Snatch with narrowed eyes, biting her bottom lip and then just chuckling to herself before she continues to make her way out, is that a little swagger, maybe, she's not uh back on Virgon though so just a teeny one. After all, she's got her emotionless rep to maintain.

None of that treadmill garbage for Micah, it seems. He sits himself down at the free weights bench, and spends a moment easing up some tension in his shoulders when the marine addresses him. "Maybe she's just plannin' on baking the mother of all cakes," is the pilot's confused-looking suggestion.

Snatch turns her head back halfway to the pool to peek at Eli as he's leaving, and then she smiles more broadly at Micah, "Han!" she calls to him.

Meris thumbs her chest. "I'm getting the cake. He's getting the ass."

Micah looks up when he hears a familiar voice, and spots a certain snipe he must not have noticed there before. Since when did this turn into social hour aboard the battlestar? There's a quick grin for the young woman, a chuckle for Meris. "You might have some competition for that, if it's chocolate. Ah've got a soft spot, for chocolate cake. With sprinkles." He's practically salivating.

Captain Nikos wanders into the gym with a duffle slung over her shoulder, a towel over that, a water bottle in one hand, wearing sweats. Her dark curls are pulled up into a loose tail. She heads for the mat, and the punching bags beyond. She crosses the room, tosses her bag to the floor, and crouches to unzip and rifle through the contents.

Snatch diverts her course from the pool and goes to join up with Micah by the weights. She pokes at some of the free weights as if not entirely sure what they were for, and then looks up. "Cake, ou-ais? Laik fer a party?" she wonders.

Micah rolls one of the weights into his hand, and begins doing slow repetitions. Eight or ten apiece. He's no bulging mass of manly muscle, but he's got a lean strength in spades. Fender's spotted in between sets, though it's Mopsus he addresses. "If it's a good party, aye."

Meris laughs, shaking her head. "Is it your birthday, mate? No birthday, no cake." She shrugs again, then rubs at her shoulder, rolling her eyes.

Addie pulls a set of wraps from her bag, and takes a seat on the mat to concentrate on those. She uses the adhesive free wraps which are less bulky than gloves. A folded section goes over the knuckles, then the strip is wrapped around hand, wrist, and between fingers to form a tight, lightly padded knuckles with all the benefits of tape without the sticky.

Snatch gets the notion from Micah on the free weights, and picks one, and then another, slightly smaller. She hefts the big one to her shoulder as if just planning on toting it around the gym, and sort of plays with the other one in a vague imitation of what Micah's doing. "Birthday, ou-ais? Who fer?"

"It might be," Micah mutters, sliding a sideways look in Meris' direction. Then it's another set of ten on each side, Mopsus watched cautiously for a moment like she might decide to lob one of those at someone's head. Possibly his. "Frak, ah'm not bein' serious." He laughs a little. "I just had a birthday, a few months ago. When's yours?" After the next set of repetitions, he's starting to breathe a little hard, and seems to decide it's time for a break.

One hand, then the other. Wrap, wrap, wrap. She shoves the water bottle and towel into the duffle, then rises to go see about the punching bag that looks like it could use some love. A minimum of stretching is completed before hand. The bag is treated lightly, to a little foreplay. Jab, jab.

Meris nods towards the exit, squatting down on her haunches to stretch the hamstrings. "The sheriff's," she explains succinctly. "Mine's heaps away yet. So you guys should be extra nice to him today, huh?"

Snatch's eyes light up, and, once her arm gets tired, she tucks the other weight up onto her other shoulder. "Han! Sharrf's," she muses, "He'ns fair nice." She draws her brows together, then tips her head, pacing about with her weights, "Than sharrf… he'ns lookin' out fer an waahf, y'reckon?" she wonders.

"Captain! Fender, sir." That's from Micah, to get the gold leader's attention. Apparently he can't quite decide what to call her today. Meris's observation merely receives a glance and a 'hunh' in reply. Which may or may not indicate he's concocting something in that head of his. "Might be. Why dontcha ask 'er?" is replied evenly to Snatch. Nope, he doesn't really miss a beat with that one. He is though, starting to get up.

Addie's pace with the bag abuse increases, and it's not long before she's kicking its ass. Literally, if it had an ass, it would be kicked. Caprican Four Limb Boxing is dangerous. Just as a shoe smacks hard into the side of the bag, her attention is caught with her name. Two of her names. And a sir. Ok, that has to be one of her pilots. Addie feeds the bag a left hook, then replies, "Yep." Just that. Innocent bag, meet right fist. BAM. Maybe it made a crack about her mother.

Meris helpfully points out, "He kinda said he wasn't looking for girls right now, mate. Not while he's the Sheriff and all that shit."

Snatch says, "Han, ou-ais," Snatch replies, nodding her head, "Ah reckon than's ain't a bad call, bein' tasked with all on 'at. He'ns ain't got tahm fer a waahf 'r brats 'r none on 'at," she seems to think it quite reasonable. Some tune in her head, evidently, her pacing slowly morphs into a dance, a sort of scattered patter of feet on mat."

"Han, ou-ais," Snatch replies, nodding her head, "Ah reckon than's ain't a bad call, bein' tasked with all on 'at. He'ns ain't got tahm fer a waahf 'r brats 'r none on 'at," she seems to think it quite reasonable. Some tune in her head, evidently, her pacing slowly morphs into a dance, a sort of scattered patter of feet on mat.

"You ever hear of lettin' a girl down easy?" Micah retorts to the 'helpful' marine, bemusedly. His towel is fetched, and scraped through his hair and over the back of his neck as he watches Snatch.. dance? Maybe? "Probably smart," he murmurs as he ambles off toward the mats. There's a backwards glance aimed at the snipe before Addie's addressed. "Borrow some tape, Nikos?"

"Mate, I just say things as I see them," Meris assures Micah, giving herself a shake all over before picking up her towel from where it's hanging over the edge of the treadmill. "No point beating about the bush, huh?"

Sweaty Captains beating the crap out of punching bags make for distracted listeners. Still, Addie is probably listening to what Micah's trying to get her attention for. "Don't think I have any tape." The bag eats an elbow. "Check the bag." She grunts, and slams a knee into the lightly swinging opponent. Ohnoes, Micah. THE BAG. The duffle bag is still open nearby, depths mysterious and filled with gods know what.

Micah seems hesitant. He might find a feminine hygiene product in there. Or racy underwear. She might just be THAT CRUEL to him. He kicks at it lightly once, before settling down to rifle through. Just in case, y'know, there's something dangerous in there. "You mind a partner?"

Snatch pat-pats over and jumps onto a treadmill, "Ou-ais," she replies to Meris, "Bes' ken out them facts aforehand." She elbows a control and takes her shouldered handweights on a light run.

"I don't." Addison replies. She's over at the punching bag yonder beating its ass and sweating lightly. Micah's nearby rifling through her gym bag. There are some other folks around, on treadmill or weights (as per their poses!), or in NPC capacity. Inside the duffle are: tampons, a small first aid kit, a change of clothes, a swimsuit, a water bottle, a closed journal, a set of pens, and what looks like half a roll of tape. Yep. half a roll. It's in the pocket. There are also some more traditional gloves than the hand wraps Addie is currently using. "How's your pain threshold?"

Meris glances to Snatch, pointing out, "You might want to warm up some, mate? Pulling a muscle sucks heaps. Throws your training right off, too."

Fade Out

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