Carter Papers 2

Carter Papers 2

From Major Carters electronic journal.

A gun, a computer, and a pen.

That's all I have now. All the physical things, really, all I have in this life. No more station, no more.. anything, clothes, pictures, desk, chair, even the booze all gone. Fleet's struggling and my reflections are on the things I had, that are now gone. in a different dimension, as particles of matter reforming, traveling at near lightspeed, forming a new universe. Well, theoreticly.

But they saved that frakking parrot. The one thing I hated on that station and they saved it. Alright, Lords, which one of you is laughing at me?

But it's a good pen. It's a fine handheld computer, and it's an excellent gun too. Least I don't have crap stuff left.

I can work on restoring the fleet, getting more of what we need, but.. I can't get back my game saves. Or all my logs, and journal enteries. My-

Huh. well, the Commander was just in, I got something else. A Silver cluster medal.

Need to get a uniform to put it on.

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