Carter Papers 3

Major Carters Electronic Journal.

Released to Bedrest in Berthings. Medical AIQ. but without the ability to work. They came in with fresh clothes, and a small Morpha script. Tried to turn it down when they told me that it's because of my history of requesting the Morpha they feel they can trust me. Almost told them I never requested the stuff, when I realize that's what they meant. Took the frakking pills with me.

No Zaharis. No Rhea. They have other things to do, considering. They have to have more pressing things to do. Nurse carries my bag as I walk to the Berthings. No one in them. middle of a duty shift. everyones asleep or working. I choose a lower bunk and have my bag put away. Meals will come here, and I'm to exercize when I can. I can get up and down on my own now, but Lords of Kobol help me if I don't return to sickbay for checks and if anything even feels off.

Walking with a cane to take some pressure off my abdominals. Not expected to need it for long.

Settled into bunk, pulled out the computer, to write this. Looking around the Berthing.

I feel very small, very alone, very broken.

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