Carter Papers 4

Electronic journal of Major Reed Carter

Alright, Face Facts.

Zaharis is a junkie. Not going to be anything else. Was a junkie when I met him, is a junkie now. Is going to be a junkie till he dies. Pretty sure I'm more REMF in his eyes than even he knows. Protected rich Caprican boy who's so clean he squeaks when he walks. Fine, I can work with that. So getting him relaxed into the darkside educator role was easy enough to make me sure he hadn't thought through the future of what he was planning.

Back to work? Back to the job? Insanity. Be more direct to load a bullet into a clamshell, spin the cylander and try your luck. Rhea was willing to either let him chose his own path or let me take the role of the Hard Voice. I can do that, and to keep her from tearing herself apart, I will.

I mean, of course a junkie needs help when they're making a bad call. No one died this time, but the thought there's not going to be a next time is naive. If someone died because of this that was allowed, it'd destroy Rhea and Zaharis. And me.

I can't believe I'm in this position. I had less tetchy things to worry about when I had an experimental research station to command.

Enough frakking self justification. Time to pull the curtain, take a leak and start my frakking day. Shut up, Reed, on your feet.

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