Ensign Cassia Drake
Romola Garai
Romola Garai as Cassia Drake
Name: Cassia Drake
Callsign: {$callsign}
AKA: Cassie, Cas
Age: 24
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Medical Department
Position: Nurse
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Romola Garai



  • An exceedingly warm bedside manner
  • Handy with a syringe
  • Attracting the worst sort of guys she could possibly get mixed up with
  • Massaging away your troubles

Distinguishing Features

  • Contagious smiles
  • Artfully mussed blonde hair
  • A certain naïveté
  • Incredibly feminine


Cassia has had a fairly normal upbringing—the youngest of three daughters born in an upper middle-class Caprican family. Her parents owned and operated a fairly successful restaurant in Caprica City, a venture which left them somewhat absent in their youngest daughters life, but not to any distressing extend. More often than not, the caretaking was left to her older sisters—Damalis, seven years her senior; and Ariadne, five.

Given the run of the house, it’s no surprise her sisters had a cadre of friends and boyfriends over at all times possible, though thankfully, theirs was a relatively mellow crowd. It was, most likely, in this environment that Cassia developed the traits that would come to define her in order to garner attention from the group. Generally avoiding the title of ‘bratty little sister’, Cas made an effort to get along with everyone—she was a model for the girls to fashion, a co-conspirator to help sneak the guys in or out, and a go-between during those tense moments amongst the sexes. If she was privy to a bit more delicate information than any eleven year old has a right to know, well, she kept that to herself.

By the time she was fifteen, with her sisters having moved on to college and the workforce, Cassia was more than ready to venture into the world of “serious” dating. Her tastes, unlike her sisters, ran along a seedier route. To say she fell only for the bad boys might be a bit of an overstatement, but they sure seemed to gravitate in her direction. She quickly became /that/ girl in high school, the one that never went without a boyfriend for more than a week, whose relationships never lasted more than four or five months, and who was never less than deeply, forever in love with every one of them while it lasted.

In college, at a loss for any other stand-out options and with the encouragement of her counselors, she enrolled in the Nursing program and took to it like a fish to water. Smart, sensitive and compassionate, Cassia was seen as something of an ideal nurse and graduated with high marks. Interesting job offers where plentiful, but distracted somewhat by a controlling fiancé, she spent her first year out of college working part-time in a local hospital to help “support” his art.

When that engagement went bust, Cassia decided a change in scenery might do some good to help break the cycle of disastrous relationships. Taking a job on the nursing staff for the cruise liner Destiny, life had slowed into a more leisurely and uneventful pace up until the Cylon attacks and subsequent Pegasus abandonment. In true Cassia fashion, she found a measure of comfort in the arms of various vacationers aboard the Destiny, some of which have developed a certain unhealthy attachment to the young nurse.

In an effort to get away from her more frightening male admirers, and in the hopes that it might prove safer than a civilian ship, Cassia has since transferred over to the Genesis and has quickly gone through the most basic training necessary in order to become an officer in the Colonial Fleet.



  • Soap operas
  • Pastries
  • Taking care of people
  • Being in love
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