Cpl William Castillo

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell as William Castillo

Name: William Castillo
Callsign: N/A
AKA: Bill
Age: 28
Branch: Marines
Faction: Military
Organization: Marines
Department: Marines Department
Position: MP
Rank: Corporal
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Tauron
Actor: Colin Farrell

Biographical Information


William Castillo is a corporal in the Colonial Marine Corps. He currently serves aboard the Battlestar Genesis in the Military Police detachment. Prior to his reactivation on 68ACH, Castillo worked as a private security contractor and consultant for three years, with his most recent job working aboard the Hera. His military career, from 9y BCH to 3y BCH, was spent in MP companies entirely. Before his discharge, he served in CMC Military Police Company, Combat Logistics Regiment 312, Scorpio Shipyards.

This is not a tactical light. It's my eye-laser.


  • Firearms
  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Investigation
  • Interrogation
  • Protocol
  • Tactics
  • Making his brassard look goooood
I love me some PT!

Distinguishing Features

  • Tattoos: Castillo has six years of enlisted ink which are not visible when wearing a service uniform. On his right shoulder is the CMC MP insignia and motto with the date he completed his school; underneath is the phrase Tagged and Bagged with a stick number count at 83. On the left is the CNC insignia and motto and the date he graduated basic; underneath that are his duty stations: Assaultstar Iapetus and Scorpio Shipyards. Over his heart is a stylized version of the CMC mascot with sergeant chevrons smoking a cigar; above the mascot is the word Knuckle and below is the word Dragger.


  • Uniform Code of Military Justice.
  • Small arms fire.
  • Women that can kick his ass.
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