Genesis Theme

Battlestar Genesis is based on the NEW Battlestar Galactica television drama, airing on SciFi and SkyOne. Having watched the new show and being familiar with the BSG universe is recommended, but not required to play this game. If you are not familiar with the show, you may want to check out the more general Battlestar Wiki ( or maybe even download the episodes from iTunes (

The MUSH is on a 1-1 timeline, which means that every day that passes in the real world passes in-game as well. You can see the current date in every room desc - ACH or BCH = Before and After Cylon Holocaust


The only absolute source of canon for Genesis is:

  • The show itself. Staff does have the right to tweak a few things that may work with the theme better.

Also a note about Battlestar Wiki. Although they usually put sources in, some of the sources are from outside the show (interviews, supplementary material, etc.) and sometimes they have different interpretations about certain things that happened on the show.


This is a very brief rundown of major IC events. For a detailed timeline, see the Timeline page on the wiki. All dates are given in BCH and ACH, which are "Before Cylon Holocaust and After Cylon Holocaust". Predate: 6 years BCH: William Adama leads an aborted covert intelligence mission aboard Valkyrie. Daniel Novacek is shot down and captured by the Cylons. Adama and Tigh are subsequently assigned to Galactica. Later, Adama will feel as if he were the one responsible for the war due to the aborted mission and capture of Novacek.

5 years BCH: Support Station building begins. Three Colonies - Picon, Aerelon and Sagittaron involved. Some unknown Caprica investors provide the capital. This is highly classified as Level 5 Top Secret Military. By Year 3 BCH - Battlestar Genesis, arrives to keep 'watch on the area'. They carry 122 Naval and Civilian contractors for the support station, and their families. With their contingent of Marines and Navy, only around 1500, when the Battlestar can hold 1800-2000, they take up guarding the station that is being built. Their CAP of Vipers, do patrols as normal. By Year One BCH - The station is almost completely built. Supply ships arrive throughout the years as normal, six months before the attacks a livestock ship arrives with supplies, but the FTL is out and the cooler generators are in badly need of repair.

Upon signing up for the Station — which is Three FTL jumps from the Colonies — Military and Contractors learn a little here and there on why the Station was built, although most is still kept quiet by upper levels. The system has natural mining resources due to heavy asteriod presence, with a small spotter station on the fringe of the system with DRADIS relay bouys set throughout to aid navigation within the belt. Trying to navigate through the asteroids without this is a nightmare. The main force consists of only one Battlestar, Valkyrie Class, and a few military support ships. A number of other military forces, such as a planetside base more dedicated to terraforming.

From the six month point to forty-five days before the attacks, life is pretty normal. Most military are doing 2 years if they aren't in for life, and they are wanting to rotate back out and go home. Nothing at the time is on rationing, the station and the battlestar are well stocked, even if there has been some minor shipping problems. Some Contractors do their six month stint and return home, replaced by someone else. At times, the work can be boring and tedious like any other job. CAPs are run as normal. Marines do their shifts on the Genesis or the planet below. Engineers and Scientists continue to test, find and work on plants, rocks, minerals in the Terraforming project of the planet.

Star Systems in the Genesis Universe

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