Summary: Nedra and Sergeant Kentbolten talk about their non-glossy motivations for being in the military.
Date: 119 ACH
Related Logs: None

Kentbolton played by the mysterious Shem.
Dunes DW-739 - Ground
119 ACH 23777 Souls

There seems to be nothing but sand and blowing sand for miles and miles. Dunes roll like silent waves across the landscape. Overhead, there only seems to be darkness or the storms that move through which show electrical.
At night, sounds echo across the area, even over the powerful winds. Sounds that don't seem too friendly and the ground shudders at time underfoot.

Two small tents have been erected around the landing area of the Vipers and Raptor, one a command and control, another a medic tent. Marines mill about in the periphery of the impromptu base, dressed in tan camouflage. Sergeant Kentbolten is standing outside the command tent, chewing on something, looking bored. He shoulders a rifle.

Nedra gives her damaged viper one more long look before turning around and going to join the others, she slambs herself down on the ground near the command tent figuring it would be the most useful place to station herself incase anything goes on or any imformation leaks.

The sergeant eyes Nedra's Viper and whistles, impressed. "Decided to decorate it on the way down, sir?"

Nedra slowly turns her cold eyes onto the Marine and at first glance one would assume it was a snarl until the corner lifted up slightly. "You should have seen the other guy." She says her voice calm, yet very, very tried. "Frakking, rocks." She mutters.

"That thing good to fly back?" The sergeant asks.

Nedra sighs softly and shrugs her shoulders. "We'll find out I guess if we ever get off this frakking rock." She gets up and moves around. "Know where any grub is, even water right now would be good."

Kentbolten reaches behind him and pulls forward a canteen. "Should've ate before, sir, we don't have that many MREs." He unshoulders it and tosses it toward her, sloshing inside.

Nedra grabs the canteen with a grateful nod and takes a few short sips. "Yeah, I eat before we came. As much as that frakking stuff as I could anywway."

"Things go our way, I hear the convicts have a bunch of food." Kentbolten nods westward as he watches Nedra drink.

Nedra eyes widen just a fraction. "And we're sat here why?" She almost demands, then remembers her cool. "Well, I guess its made this venture worth something."

Kentbolten answers, deadpan, "There's about four hundred of them." He sniffs, running a finger under his nose, and shoves whatever he's chewing to the other side of his mouth.

Nedra hmms softly. "I guess not then." She says, glancing around. "And all we brought was a Raptor full of Marines and two pilots. Way to go command."

"Hell, you're closer to command than I am, sir," Kentbolten comments good-naturedly.

Nedra shudders. "Don't even think it, I've just reenlisted because you guys needed pilots. I don't need any of that command shit on my shoulders." She goes to crouch down again, her eyes on her beat up Viper, then it glances to Ilans. "I'm amazed he even landed that thing."

The sergeant rubs his chin. "I'm amazed anybody landed." He looks from the Viper back to Nedra. "What, you aren't career, sir?"

Nedra looks back over at the Marine. "I was in the fleet a few years back, got kicked out when." She points her thumb over to Ilan's viper. "I got knocked up and told to get rid or out. I should have gotten rid, but I got out instead. Only just got back into the pilots seat." She snorts. "Military is better then watching my kid starve on a stinkin civie ship."

"No doubt, sir," Kentbolten answers agreeably. "I got in because I wanted to get out of my damn backwater hick of a town. They were going to pay for my college after I got done."

Nedra nods her head. "And now look, your stuck on a rock which is only slightly above going to collage…I went to the fleet academy, wasn't great but yeah. Sorry you missed out on it." She says and she even sounds like she means it.

Kentbolten shrugs. "I'm not too beat up about it, sir." He glances around, probably as a way to avoid eye contact. He jokes, "If I enlisted earlier, I would've been dead now, right? Better alive than dead."

Nedra nods her head slowly. "Aye Marine, better always. Now I'm going to get some kip I suggest when you get off guard you do the same. Wake me if anything comes up." She says and goes to settle down her head on her drawn up knees.

"Yes, sir," Kentbolten answers. "Hey, you gonna give me back my canteen?"

Nedra throws the canteen back at the marine. "Catch."

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