Aerelon was primarily an agricultural world. It was considered to be the "food basket" of the Twelve Colonies. Despite this, Aerelon was ranked as one of the poorest members of the Colonies. Aerelon cities were small and unassuming, usually no higher than two stories. Aerelons never built what they didn't need, keeping their communities close and compact. This also showed in their daily lives as most Aerelons were born, grew old and died in the same hundred square miles of dirt, never leaving the towns of their birth. They woke each day in the same beds, worked each day in the same fields and ended each night in the same pubs, drinking the same ale. Most Aerelons have an easy time acclimating to the Military life. That, and the fact that a fair chunk of the marines and deck crew
grew up with dirty, farm-worn hands. The military was always the easiest way off the farmstead. Aerelons aren’t afraid of work and they also play a mean game of Triad. — From the BSG RPG Corebook

Aerilon Accent

In "Flesh and Bone", Baltar notes that Sharon Valerii speaks with a trace of an Aerilon accent. In the episode "Dirty Hands", Baltar displays his native Aerilon accent. It sounds somewhat raspy, and resembles the English regional accents from Yorkshire and Lancashire. Baltar being from Aerilon explains how he could pick up a faint trace of it in Valerii. However, in her case, the accent appears to be entirely fictional - Canadian actress Grace Park speaks Standard American English without a 'foreign' accent.

In "The Son Also Rises", Romo Lampkin speaks with an accent somewhat similar to Baltar's native Aerilon accent. The actor, Mark Sheppard, is Irish.

(Note: The accent of the corresponding 'Aeries' people in the Original Series sounds Irish, as heard in "The Long Patrol") From Languages of the Twelve Colonies

PCs from Aerelon

Political Differences

According to RDM:
I think that some of the Colonies have developed very different cultures and attitudes from one another and that it's rich ground for us. We alluded to some differences here and there, but mostly we talked about the "Federal" (for lack of a better word) governmental structures. We do know that there was a sizable opposition to the Colonial government. Leoben claimed to be an arms dealer supplying freedom fighters or terrorists, depending on your point of view, and Tom Zarek was the jailed leader of a sometimes violent opposition, so it stands to reason that there are a wide variety of views, some of which come into violent conflict with one another. It's also worth bearing in mind that one of the uses for which the Cylons were originally used by the Colonies was as soldiers in their wars against one another

Misc. Infomation

  • CIA : Colonial Intelligence Bureau. CIA = Colonial equivalent to the Central Intelligence Agency. Whereas the Colonial Investigation Bureau handles law enforcement, the CIA is more concerned with intelligence, including extremist groups such as those on Sagittaron.
  • CIB : The Colonial Investigation Bureau is the Colonial equivalent to the FBI. Investigates federal crimes and crimes crossing colonial jurisdiction boundaries.

You may find helpful. For more info, see: Twelve Colonies, where the brief descriptions of the colonies (above) were taken from.

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