Rules & Policies

Most MU* Policies are long, drawn out affairs. This should be fairly simple in retrospect.

1. ICA=ICC - Genesis is non-consent, but within a cooperative environment. Conflicts can be resolved through in-game dice or between players. However, if you want to run out and try to fight an entire regiment of Cylons or go snooping down into that cave alone, you may die. Be sure to realize any consequences that may transpire through foolish actions.

2. Player Killing - Everyone is on the same side here, there are no PC factions that will be warring against those on the MU*. If your PC goes insane and tries to run through the area shooting people, you can probably expect the Marines or some Security will take you down.

3. Plots - Staff on Genesis will be running plots, but if any Players want to run their own small plots, they can be authorized by Staff to do so. As long as nothing affects the outcome of the game for everyone and is not some global idea. No, you can't kill all the Cylons and 'Win the Game.'

4. MU* Rating and TS - Here on Genesis, we will be staying with a PG-13 rating, for Mature Audiences, like the show. TinySex will not be allowed in public areas and we would appreciate a 'fade to black' in any instance involving such. If you are looking for a MU* that involves Sex, you may wish to look elsewhere.

5. Harassment - The staff at Genesis will not allow the harassment of other players in an OOC manner. No OOC information will be given out or passed around to other players, unless said player has given prior consent. Players may not spam or cheat. Remember there is someone else on the otherside of the screen. Respect that they are human too.

6. Age - Internet laws protect those underage. There will be no one under Age 18 admitted to the MU* as there will be adult content, including sexual overtones, death and destruction, which is unsuitable for children. Please respect this law. We all abide by it in one way or another.

7. Staff and Rulings - Please abide by staff rulings. If there is a disagreement between Player and Staff, we can try to work on a solution. We are not here to hinder your RP, but to help it grow so everyone will enjoy working and playing together.

8. Idling - Please do not idle on the grid. Anyone caught idling, will be moved to the OOC rooms. Players moving through areas may think you are looking for RP and are idle, so they wait and wait. There are OOC rooms to idle if you need to be AFK 'Away from Keyboard'.

9. Alts and NPC's - You may have as many alts as you like, but remember, overloading your own ability to rp may happen. Limit yourself, if you feel you cannot keep up with the roleplay. Inactive PC's will be idle-nuked on a regular basis. We'd like you to use NPC's in your RP. You can set them up with your information, you can just pop them in when moving around the areas. NPC's created by Players will be the 'owner' of that Player.

10. Canon - Battlestar Genesis, will be taking place right before, during and after the Cylon attacks on the Colonies. There are a few things in the Series itself, that seemed to contradict as they went along. We'll strive to keep things as normal as possible, but Staff does have the right to change to fit Theme.

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