Changing of the Guard
Changing of the Guard.
Summary: Hazzard is promoted, Ramiro and Gaelan talk.
Date: 72 ACH
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[Intercom] Pass the word. Sergeant Hazzard to the Marine Offices. Sergeant Hazzard to the Marine Offices.

The Marine Offices are empty, save for the Desk Sergeant near the door. Looking a bit like a fish out of water is Ensign Ramiro at a desk with his name plate on it. The desk is clinically prepared with few signs of personal effect. Looking into a computer on his desktop, Ramiro appears to be waiting.

It takes some time, before Sergeant Hazzard makes his way through the hatch after a quick knock on the outside. The cane is still used to easy his limp, but most of the bruising and cuts in his face seems to have healed. He looks towards the Desk Sergeant with an arched eyebrow, awaiting to know why he is summoned on his off duty hours.

Ramiro turns his head to the Sergeant and offers him a nod. Standing, the Desk Sergeant motions Hazzard in Ramiro's direction. Looking to the cane, Ramiro tilts his head a little bit. "For such a small ship you're a hard man to track down, Hazzard. How are you healing up?"

"Heard you made Ensign, the Majors staff..Congratulations." Hazzard keep his voice neutral and somewhat tired as he nods his head slowly, not moving into attention, just yet at least. "I'm getting there, sir.."

Ramiro smiles. "Yeah, they're mustanging me into S3, which means I'm going to be very, very busy man coming up. Lots of changes in my path." He replies. "Well I know you're off duty so I'll keep this short. You may or may not have anticipated this but being an S3 now means that I'm no longer able to command a sniper squad." He pulls a small box out, containing the squad leader pin for the SST team. "Congratulations, Sergeant, I know the team will be in expert hands."

Hazzard glances down towards the box held out as he arches an eyebrow before he looks towards Ramiro. In his eyes there is questioning of the reason, or the order it self. A week ago, he may have voiced them, but a week ago the man before him were his squad leader, friend and fellow SST member. Now the man holding out the box is a POG and not one to talk to, so Hazzard simply nods his head as he reaches out to accept the box. "Sir."

The look in Hazzard's eyes doesn't go unnoticed. Handing the box over, Ramiro watches Hazzard closely for a long moment from behind his desk. He then lifts en eyebrow slowly and nods. "You're the man for the job, Sergeant. Out in the field you were my go-to. You know the field, you know the job, and especially after how we worked together on Virgon you've shown good initiative. Again, congratulations." Since Hazzard hasn't requested to speak freely, Ramiro opens his desk drawer. "You have something on your mind, Sergeant?"

Hazzard shakes his head as he stuffs the box into a pocket of his pants, he nods his head slowly as he is getting complimented and then finaly he offers a slight shake of his head. "No, sir."

Ramiro watches Hazzard for a few moments more and then simply nods. "Very well then." He pulls out another box from his desk. Stepping from around his desk towards Hazzard, he looks to the man. "I have a favor to transfer…" He extends a hand to shake. "Commander Regas asked me to shake your hand for him, extend that you're doing a damned fine job." Ramiro smiles. "Of course, the handshake is from myself as well, along with assuming command of the SST squad, you are also being promoted to Staff Sergeant. They felt it appropriate that I hand you your new rank insignia."

Hazzard glances at the offered hand, before he accepts it to give a good firm shake. "Thank you, sir." he manages to keep his tone neutral still, giving away no emotions such as joy, happiness or annoyance to the new station he is put in. He takes his hand back, and nods his head before he awaits to see if he is given leave to return to what ever he was doing.

Ramiro shakes Hazzard's hand firmly and then takes a step back. Handing Hazzard his new box containing his rank insignia, Ramiro offers a salute to the new Staff Sergeant. Face devoid of expression Ramiro drops the salute when it is returned and moves back to his chair. "As you were, Staff Sergeant, you are dismissed."

Hazzard moves up into attention, salutes and then puts his cane back to the ground as he nods his head. "See you around Dane.." he offers a little smile. "Thank you sir." he finishes with as he turns to head back out.

Ramiro looks up and offers Hazzard a nod and a smile. Normally it would be considered wrong to be referred to on a first name basis, but Dane lets it go. He can't deny that he made good friends during his tenure as an elisted, and he still has a long way to go. Having already saluted, rewarded, and promoted the new Staff Sergeant, he rests down in his chair in front of a large number of books that have been prepared for him. Without another word to Hazzard, he lets him make his exit.

Gaelan steps into the Marine Office, face buried into a file in his hand that he is looking over. Glancing up only briefly as he steps over the hatch he looks to Hazzard and nods, "Sergeant." Not much stopping in the stride of the Major as he heads towards his desk area looking back to the file in his hand.

"Major." Hazzard adds in greeting as he makes his way, limping, through the hatch out into the corridor.

Looking up at the sound of Major Gaelan's scratchy, raspy voice. Ramiro watches the exchange before pulling out a small clipboard and doing a final check on all of his books. He hasn't taken his leave yet and still needs to do his investigation, but he's taking a moment to be sure that he's ready when his major push at OCS begins.

Gaelan drops the file on his desk and walks back out and over to the S3's desk. Pulling out the chair in front of his desk he sits down in it and leans back, folding his hands in his lap. Looking to the Ensign he calmly comments, "I am guessing you took care of the Sergeant?"

"Yes sir that is exactly what that just was." Ramiro replies, setting down the clipboard. Locking his computer, he folds his arms and looks to Gaelan from across the desk. "I've also coordinated with Lieutenant Shem and Sergeant Browne to start the investigation."

Gaelan nods slowly as he listens, glancing over his shoulder briefly to the hatch and then back to Ramiro. "Excellent. I am going to assume that he is also my new SST Squad Leader as well?" Leaning forward slightly he taps the S3's desk and adds, "Ensign, I highly recommend you take your leave as soon as possible. You are about to get much busier than you ever thought was possible. I also have a concern about you and Private Lex and the marriage request. Will this affect your ability to be impartial with her as an enlisted personnel?"

"I assure you that it won't. She nor I have any desire to show favoritism and we've been seeing eachother quite a while. I'm commanded her in the field accordingly, despite the dangers." Ramiro replies, looking to Major Gaelan. "Before I had the conversation about it with her, I thought long and hard. Being as how I'm going to be providing the initial approvals on battle plans, safety of every troop is my concern going in. I won't blur the lines." He pauses. "What of the investigation then, sir? I can't rightly continue the investigation while being on leave? I'd also like to know if our request is being denied, because if leave won't be provided then I'd like to have the ceremony take place during said leave."

Gaelan shakes his head slowly, "I never said it was denied. I just need to be sure my office can remain objective in their decisions is all. What about the investigation? I think you are a competent enough marine that you can decide yourself if leave is necessary or not. I have cleared it, but as with war any decision can be modified down the road." Shifting slightly in the chair he slowly stands up and grins to the S3, "Remember Ensign, you are now part of my command structure and that means you are not only a marine, but now you are responsible for making these marines the best possible. Bottom to top."

Ramiro smiles back. "Well the order to begin the investigation was given the same day that I was about to take my leave. Naturally I assumed that it superceded the leave order." Ramiro motions to his desk. "I've got alot on my plate but not too much that I know I can't handle. MOUT training, training schedules, investigation, OCS preparation, marriage." Ramiro replies. "I understand the higher standard and I'll live up to it, but I guess it all comes down to whether or not I'm granted this leave before or after the investigation." He pauses. "I've also learned that due to personnel relocation there aren't going to be any married officer berthings available."

Gaelan nods as he stands in front of his desk, "That is correct. There needs to be a level of separation between officers and enlisted and having her leaving your quarters will create a perception of favoritism. It's an unfortunate fact of life of these type arrangements." Grinning to the man he adds, "And here you probably thought all us officer types just shot the shit in the offices and thought up ways to make your lives more difficult. The investigation is not going to be solved overnight, so I would recommend you get a briefing and make an assessment on your level of involvement. Who knows maybe the leave will be the ideal situation for you to process the best decision for the men."

"So no chance of my wife and I sharing a bunk? It's doable, damn these times, right? Without a married berthing it would either be myself staying in the enlisted berthings or vice versa, either way is…difficult." Ramiro says with a shrug, he's not going to fight the decision, but the understandable level of disappointment is evident. Pausing, he lets out a sigh and looks over the books on his desk. "My level of involvement has already been decided. Lieutenant Shem's put me in charge of interviewing possible witnesses and forming a report based on the findings. I'll coordinate with him based on a timetable." He pauses. "Today I'm drafting up a revised training schedule and am going to begin my interviews. S2 needs the intel. After that I'll take my leave."

Gaelan smiles simply to the Ensign, "Marriage is about compromises and being a marine leader is about making tough decisions. As an officer you will not be allowed to stay in the enlisted berthings either. So I recommend that you two get in very good relations with some of the personnel who have hotels and places to stay on the civilian side of things. Keep in mind Ensign, your priority is operations and training not intelligence. That is the Lieutenant's job, so don't let him take advantage of outranking you. I need promoted you based on those skills and that's obviously where I need your expertise focused."

"I'll speak with the Lieutenant after my initial interviews then. After all, your orders to take leave supercede his, but I will definitely do my part to help out the process. As for Nico and I, we'll adapt accordingly." Ramiro replies, nodding stoically. He lets the marriage issue drop, after that. "Is there anything else you need, sir?" He asks.

Gaelan shakes his head, "Not at the moment. I want everyone working together but we don't need to lose sight of our own personal goals and the priorities of the Corps and the Fleet. My office door is always open to you Ensign, if you need anything just let me know." Turning to head back to his desk he pauses and looks back to the Ensign, "Oh by the way Ensign. Congratulations to both you and Private Lex."

Ramiro activates his computer system again, looking to Gaelan. A smile cracks his face at one side, practically a smirk. "Thank you sir, I'm a lucky man. Consider this a neverending pending request for a married officer's quarters, though." He chuckles, turning to his screen. "I'll be sending you a revised training schedule that focuses less on rubber ammo usage and more on formations within the hour for your approval."

Gaelan nods as he watches the Ensign, "Duly noted. As for the training focus I think tactics is more important, since we know our people can shoot we need to make sure they can stay alive. Also, I want the Navy involved on how to conduct themselves in a boarding scenario. I walked up on a group of pilots who couldn't find their asses with both hands and someone giving them a navigational map. Safeties were off, they were aiming at each other…. it was just horrible to witness." Grinning to the Ensign he adds, "I am sure you will enjoy ordering the Navy around a little anyway."

"Actually, in passing I've come to know a few of the pilots, I get the immediate feeling that the training would go quite smoothly." Ramiro replies with a smile, holding back whatever annoyance he has at the concept of being forced to marry only to continue the relationship the same way that him and Lex were before. "I'll run them through the MOUT. Pistols and flashlights, what they're going to have in any situation no less. It'll do them some good." He starts to type quietly. "Who should I forward the Navy training request to, yourself and then you'll pass it on, or the CAG?"

Gaelan shakes his head slowly, "Nope. You send it straight to the CAG and just copy me on it. You got promoted on your ability to seize control of the situations and execute them successfully without being noted as taking over the operation. That's a good quality to have Ensign. Training is your niche of the world and security of this fleet is the entire corps niche in the world. So when you need to run training operations, you run them. If there is a conflict, you will be notified double-time. Trust me."

Ramiro simply smiles, nodding quietly. "Something tells me that the CAG and the squadron leaders will be more than happy to submit to this request. This will also get me a chance to line up a few of those interviews." Ramiro says, loading up his typing program.

Gaelan nods quickly, "I knew it wouldn't be a problem." With that he turns and heads to his desk and settles into it.

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