Checking the mail
Cheking the mail
Summary: Desusa and Eli chat while the latter checks emails.
Date: 72 ACH
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Locale: Marine Offices.

The hatch to the MO is opened and in comes Desusa. The major returns the salutes needed before moving down to his desk and opening his drawer, taking a cigar from it afterwards. "Here we go."

Eli is in the Marine offices for once, even though she's usually in the Security hub, setting a file on somebody’s list before she notices Desusa and raises a hand in a salute, clearing her throat and slipping a pen back in a pocket.

Desusa lights the cigar and squints as he looks at Eli, "Sergeant." The lighter is put down and Desusa takes his chair out to sit, "Haven't seen you around in a while. How's the brig holding out?" A finger moves to turn on his computer terminal.

Eli shrugs her shoulders some. "It's holding well, sir." She considers the question for a little longer. "Keeping people occupied sir, seems to keep them too busy to get into trouble."

Desusa nods to that, as he locks his cigar between his index and middle fingers, taking a puff. "Yes. Keeping occupied." repeats the major. "Even the pilots seem to have gotten their shit together," says Raul as he punches the letters in his keyboard. Casual conversation while he works is always a nice break from the norm.

Eli nods slowly, slipping that pen back from her pocket and toying with it with a lift of her shoulder, chuckling softly. "Surprising but true, very true." She's quiet for a few moments. "How have you been sir?"

"Strangely enough. Not too busy," replies the marine, as he frowns slightly at something he reads. "With the Pandora shut tighter than a virgin on prom night, there's very little for me to do now." He scratches the side of his skull and looks back to Eli as he smokes, "You guys have been keeping busier these days, or so I’ve heard."

Eli just has to chuckle softly at the virgin comparisons. "I'm sure things'll speed up for you soon, sir." Then she hesitates and nods slowly. "I've been trying to keep both my MPs and all the others I can…well /asking/ others when I can seeing as there are a lot of promotions that happen. Volunteering over on the Carina, wanna get some soldiers over there to spend time with the children who have lost their family and such after the duck thing works out smoothly."

Desusa lofts a brow at that, "Soldiers spending some time with children?" Des has to ask, because that picture is hard to put together in his mind.

Eli idly twirls that pen between her fingers. "Yeah. I mean, right now…lets face it sir, right now the civilians aren't that much with the trusting the military to have their best interests in mind." She shrugs. "Everybody has had or has lost family, if not children just…have an event where the soldiers /host/ something for the civie victims. Start changing the image so that if a marine goes 'everybody hit the deck' people don't stay standing up and going 'oh frak you, what are you doing NOW?!' It is more like 'these people have our best interest at heart' and they drop quickly."

Desusa looks at Eli for a few moments and nods once, returning to his computer. "You know, Browne, every time I go over to any of the civilian ships, I wear my casuals," a pause as he skips to his next email, "Hades, I don't even carry my gun when I do." He looks over to Eli once more and puffs a few times, "I think that a large gathering of milis and civilians at this point in time is a bad idea."

Eli rolls her eyes a bit and sighs softly. "The Duck project is going okay, sir, to be honest. I haven't actually started to work on the second project but the military people who have volunteered aren't exactly in their duty clothing, shoot I don't even carry my MP stuff when I go over there." She quirks an eyebrow. "With all due respect sir, if we keep military people and civilians separate at all times sir…won't we turn into a fractured society? And then more people will end up dead over stupid stuff sir?" She waves a hand vaguely. "Doesn't really matter sir, really, and I realize that sir. During war, I just always end up thinking folks should concentrate their negativity towards the enemy, not towards…ya know, the other people." She grimaces. "I'm sorry sir, I get a lot of time to think sir."

Desusa listens to Eli say her piece and gives her a small smile for it. "It's alright, Sergeant. I know what you want to accomplish, and you have my best wishes for it," he turns back to his computer and reads a few sentences before saying, "And don’t' get me wrong, I do enjoy my own dose of civilian life when hit the Carina, but…" a small sigh before he takes a few more puffs from his cigar, "It's just hard for me to see myself in any sort of civilian activity, when all I've know all my life is a military lifestyle."

Eli thumbs the side of her nose and lifts her shoulders again in a hint of a shrug as she listens and bobs her head. "Thank you sir." Then she sighs softly. "I wouldn't want to /be/ a civilian, sir, to be honest. I love being a marine, however I think it'll all work out, sir." She just nods slowly.

"It will," asserts Desusa, punching the 'next' tab on his screen to get read the next email. "Would I like to enlarge my piece? No," says the marine in a slightly comical tone. It's probably not one of /those/ emails, but whatever it was, it deserves a negative reply. The major leans back on his chair and lets his eyes take a break by closing them.

Eli double takes at Desusa, eyebrows shooting up as she just stares at Desusa for a few moments. Then she edges towards the door now. "I should get back to my office now, sir, it was good to talk to you."

Desusa still with closed eyes, nods to Eli and gives her a two-fingered salute, "Good hunting, Sergeant."

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