ChEng Visits CIC - RARE
ChEng Visits CIC - RARE
Summary: A rare sight as Rhea comes up to CIC and has a quick word with Zephyr on Diagnostics
Date: 87 ACH
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BATTLESTAR GENESIS MUSH - Monday, February 09, 2009, 11:52 AM

Genesis CIC Genesis - Deck 11
87 ACH 23817 Souls

The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Genesis. This CIC is designed in a triangular formation, with one point pointing directly forward, while the other two point port and starboard. The forward point of the CIC triangle is where the tactical consoles are set up. Dead center, a large, clear display panel is suspended from the ceiling, green gridlines showing a map of nearby space. Under this, a large table is set, providing more tactical displays, a wireless handset, and a large, DRADIS console.
Both port and starboard other watch stations are set, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose - helm, weapons control, communications, navigation, damage control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls.

----------------------< Condition Three --- Duty Area >-----------------------
Contents: Zephyr CIC Terminal 1117

Exits: [A] Corridor

The Destiny having returned, Genesis is back to Condition Three, and CIC seems a little more relaxed. Zephyr is at his Tactical Station, hard at work as usual. Does the young officer ever have a break?

Rhea enters CIC. The ChEng is not a usual sight up in the nerve-center of the ship. She's usually lurks in the engine room. But she's here today, armed with a clipboard and purposeful air. She spots Zephyr at the tactical station and angles toward him. "Lieutenant." The greeting is crisp.

Zephyr's head jerks up from his station as the ChEng comes up towards him. Definitely a rare sight, something must be up. "Major Zimmermann" comes the equally crisp reply accompanied by a dip of the chin. "How can I help you?"

Rhea acknowledges Zephyr's salute briskly and gives him a quick "As you were." Getting the protocol stuff out of the way with minimal fuss. She hands him the clipboard. "I want a diagnostic run on the DRADIS system. Shouldn't take more than a few hours, and you can keep the DRADIS running while it's ongoing, though it may slow some computer functionality. You can wait until the Dark Thirty shift if you need to, but I'd like it done soon. Given the frak-up with the Destiny, a double-check of functionality on all the ships seems prudent."

"Aye Sir." the Lieutenant smiles as he sorts out a few papers to one side. Zephyr then reaches down into some sort of compartment at his station, and flicks through a few files before pulling out a paper-clipped manila-folder.

"Here you go Sir. I'm pretty sure I sent a runner down with copies. These are the first diagnostics we ran when we first lost Destiny" he explains, "I've already ordered a new diagnostic to be run, I believe it still is…" Zephyr is one who likes to take initiative. The Lieutenant calls over a PO and speaks to him quickly. The PO nods and replies. Zephyr turns back to Rhea. "They estimate another 2 hours Major. Will that be fine?"

Rhea grins broadly. "That'll be excellent, Lieutenant. I should have known you lot up here were ahead of me on this. Well done. I honestly don't expect to find any problems on Genny but, better safe than frakked, as they say."

Zephyr nods with soft smile. "Aye sir, everything still points to the problem being on Destiny's end tho —" He gets interrupted as a Specialist comes over and hands him a paper. The officer skims through it, and dismisses the Specialist with orders to make a copy. Zephyr holds out the paper to Rhea. "Navigation diagnostic. All green on our end. DRADIS diagnostic is still running. I ordered a whole batch pretty much the moment Condition went Green." he grins, making a quick note on his own clipboard.

Rhea nods to Zephyr on that. "Don't doubt it is an internal Destiny problem that caused it. Forgive my paranoia, Lieutenant, but it never hurts to check. And any system could use a good flushing now and then. The DRADIS is the most finicky bitch of a system on any ship." She takes the paper, giving it a quick look-over, a satisfied grin coming to her face. "If every ship in the Fleet had one of you, Lieutenant, half these frak-ups'd never happen. Good show."

"It's the training Major" Zephyr smiles, "We just happen to have military discipline ingrained through all those years of Academy. Most nav-techs on civilian ships aren't military-trained. And sometimes it's just the pilots who do both jobs too." he explains. The Specialist comes back with a copy, and the young Lieutenant puts it into an already prepared, empty folder. "We're lucky we have a whole team of people to work on everything at once. So checking and rechecking should be second nature anyway…"

Rhea nods to that. "I sometimes forget how lucky we are. Anyhow. I won't keep you. I've got what I came for, and then some. Thank-you, Lieutenant Zephyr. Carry on." With that, she turns to head out of CIC. Back to her lair.

Zephyr dips his chin again as Rhea leaves. "Aye sir. Always here to help. Have a good day Major" he says, as she walks out, and he returns to his own work. Papers. Ship inventories, supplies, air wing reports, deck reports. Paper and more Paper. Oh frak, better check on paper supplies.

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