Summary: Regas has a nice chat with a few people under his command.
Date: 88 ACH - 2/9/2009
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11

88 ACH 23817 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.


You hear shouting: Enter

Chione comes in from Corridor 11E.

Chione has arrived.

The Commander is just hanging up the comm as the marine lets Chione into his office/quarters. A glance is give to the young woman. "Ensign."

At the call from inside, Chione twists and pulls, opening the hatch before stepping inside. The door is then closed, before she steps forward, at attention. "Reporting as ordered, Sir," she offers in her best professional tone. It's steady … for now.

Regas returns the salute and indicates the chair, "Take a seat, Ensign Dike." He too then sits down and slides some papers out of the way. "I'd like to hear you side of things about what happened on the Destiny."

Slowly an eyebrow arches upwards. 'Take a seat' is ever so ominous, after all. "Yes, Sir," replies Chione, letting her blue eyes flick towards the offered chair. The woman moves towards it, warily, despite the practiced grathat the Captain oce, before sliding into it, and returning her attention to the Commander. Adjusting her jacket, Chione then sits upright as a pole, as if the back of the seat was not there. "Very well, Sir. At the point of Condition One sounding, I was unaware of any other Officer who was not inebriated by having partaken of no less than four drinks than myself. I was unaware of Ensign Sloane's presence aboard the Destiny. Therefore, I asked Mr. Luma if he had a Wireless, since the I knew the Lieutenants would want information, and Specialist Cato was there as well. No call was actually placed, Sir."

A breath is taken, then Chione continues. "When the Captain announced we were no longer with the fleet, I considered for a moment, then decided to show Lieutenant Bayless to the bridge. It seemed like she wished to speak to Captain Salizar as it was, and since none of us were in uniform, I decided that it would lend some creedence to her identity if I was with her. It was meant as a gesture of good will, Sir. An offer of assistance, if he needed us only. On the next morning, when I heard about the Captain locking the military personel of the bridge, I did take it upon myself to broach the Captain, knowing full well that the Lieutenants Bayless and McKenzie had no way of contacting Captain Salizar, in an effort of smoothing over ruffled relations. Per the Captain's request, I then organized the civilians in activities to keep them occupied, rather than being upset at the military. Then, working with Lieutenant McKenzie, since she was the first of the ranking officers that found me, I was able to find areas for the Military to work away from the civilian eyes to keep them busy, Sir."

Regas listens and watches. Mostly, he just watches the Ensign before him. "You felt that a Lieutenant couldn't reach the Captain of the ship without your help." It's a statement, rather than a question. "As I told Lt. Bayless, her representation of the Genesis needed to be above board when on a civilian vessel. Lt. McKenzie represented the Hera. Which is Major Reed's responsibility, however…" and he pauses here, leaning back in his chair, "You stepped over two LT's, not just one. But, especially one that was highest ranking from the Genesis." He pulls a folder out of a drawer and drops it in front of her, "Your missives to the Captain of the Destiny. What you should have done, was follow military protocol, Ensign."

"With all due respect, Sir," notes Chione. "I sent one missive to the Captain, trying to smoothe relations, because the Captain would have ignored a missive from either Lieutenant McKenzie or Lieutenant Bayless in my estimation. The other missives, Sir, were sent at Lieutenant McKenzie's direct order."

"In your estimation." Regas just stops there, "But you don't know that for sure, would I be correct in assuming this?"

"I cannot read minds, no, Sir," says Chione, stiffly. "Am I to assume, then, Sir, that the Captain of the Destiny has filed a complaint against me, Sir?"

"I will grant you the point, that you were on that ship and knew the Captain," Regas responds, "However, once again, your protocol of military procedures is lacking. I'll expect you to brush up on that while your leave is removed for one week." He eyes her again, ignoring the question, "Tell me what you know about Ensign Leto and this 'altercation' she had with a civilian."

There is absolute stillness from Chione as the question is ignored, as the woman tries to keep her features calm and professional. "Ensign Leto is still dealing with the death of her former fiance. As such, she came to the party already inebriated. And then consumed a bit more alcohol. Her judgment was already impaired beyond it's limits. This civilian then took advantage of it, in an attempt to get laid, Sir. In the confusion, before I or Ensign Sloane, could properly secure Ensign Leto from this man, he whisked her away from the Club back to his berthings, I am assuming. As for what happened next, I know only rumors and have not talked to her since. When I do, I, personally, am going to try suggest she press charges. My knowledge of Colonial Law is weak, but she was clearly not in complete hold of her faculties, and thus, it does still constitute rape, Sir. As for the assault, whether it was during or afterwards is difficult to determine. As I said, I have not spoken to Ensign Leto, herself and know only rumor, which is hardly anything to substantiate any opinion on, Sir."

"Rape. That is a serious charge, I hope you realize." That seems like a new one on Regas, "I'll pass that onto the CAG." His eyes settle on the young Ensign once more, "The pilots have been banned from the Destiny. At this point, I'm not going to do the same for my CIC crew, but you will refrain from becoming so drunk you are unable to make it back to your ship, should you go there. For now, you are dismissed, Ensign."

"I am well aware of how serious the charge is, Sir," notes Chione with a nod. "And no, Sir. I do not enjoy being drunk in the least. If I am ever drunk, it is not of my own volition, I assure you, Sir." With the dismissal, Chione rises and gives another salute. "Thank you, Sir," is offered before she spins on her heel and moves for the exit.

Regas returns the quick salute as he stands up and nods, "Have a good day, Ensign."

Chione leaves for Corridor 11E [O].

Chione has left.

[Intercom] Pass the word. Specialist Drusus and LTJG Zephyr, report to the CO's quarters.

Someone is knocking at the door.

You hear shouting: Enter

Zephyr comes in from Corridor 11E.

Zephyr has arrived.

Drusus comes in from Corridor 11E.

Drusus has arrived.

The hatch to the CO's Quarters open with a dull clang as Zephyr and Drusus make their way into their Commander's room.

The Commander is still standing as the CIC Ensign just left, although there might still be some fabric on the floor from that butt chewing. When the Marine guard lets the other two in, he motions. "Sit down."

Zephyr nods in quick, crisp greeting to Regas. "Sir" he says, before he finds a seat nearby, and sits down as told so.

Drusus keeps to one side of the Jigger and back a pace and a half, keeping a suitably regulation stance until he's told to sit. Which he does. One leg crosses over the other and his hands fold neatly atop his topmost knee.

"Start explaining this mess you've ran into," Which mess, isn't given. The Command expects they are aware of what he is talking about. Unless, he just likes to catch people with their pants down, perse.

"Which mess would you be referring to sir?" asks the young Lieutenant calmly. "Losing Destiny, Reports of Ensign Dike taking some form of perhaps overboard initiative aboard the Destiny, or the possibly anomaly of a tracker aboard the Destiny?" he clarifies, listing the main 'messes' the Commander might be referring to. Zephyr's expression remains calm for the moment at the least.

Drusus had assumed the Commander meant the patterns in the energy discharge which knocked out DRADIS on Destiny, but— he glances sideways to Jigger, then back to the Commander, letting the brass hash it out before he gives any report. And the Commander can catch him with his pants down any day. Rawr.

"Well, that tells me half of what I need to know, make sure the Ensign understands military protocol, Lieutenant. She seems to be lacking and I'll leave it at your responsibility," Regas turns his gaze to Drusus now, "Possible anomaly."

Zephyr can only nod a little solemnly. "Aye sir, I'll speak to Ensign Dike." he answers, before he follows Regas' gaze onto Drusus.

Drusus takes a deep breath, "The Destiny was caught in what seemed to be a natural energy discharge from some source. It whited out DRADIS and I suspect was what caused the collision alerts to go off. When we were hit by a second discharge just moments later, I figured it was a little weird, two in a row, so I caught one twentieth of a degree of the DRADIS raw data and ran it through a couple of basic ciphers. I noticed a patterning in the energy discharge that wouldn't have been there if the energy discharge has been from a natural source. I couldn't recognize the signal. I don't -think- it was Colonial, but… I haven't been studying Colonial comm signals for that long. I showed it to Eltees McKenzie and Bayless, but they didn't have a clue either. I gave them each a copy on datarod so they could send it through proper channels on both Hera and Genesis. I also gave the Captain of the Destiny an encrypted copy for his crew, since he was kind enough to give me access to his bridge."

Regas nods, "How many others know about this anomaly?" His question is direct now, that it has been bounced around to people. "It seems Ensign Dike mentioned this also. Which tells me this is going around like a hot topic and not being kept under wraps."

"The first I heard of it was a report left at my station from Ensign Dike…" says the young Lieutenant, slightly shrugging his shoulders, "From what Cato says, a few too many people I think…" he muses, glancing back at Drusus.

"She was my direct superior present on Destiny," Drusus replies, "I took it to her first. She… was having issues, at the time, so she told me to take it to the two Eltees. I did. Those are the only people I've told about it before you, sir."

"From now on, Specialist Drusus, what goes on in your side of the world. Which happens to deal with Cryptography, stays in your world. We deal with alot of sensitive material on this ship. What you should have done was kept it under wraps until you could get back to me or the XO." Regas is not happy. "So from this point on, what you saw was nothing. A glitch. And you will both make sure that everyone understands that. If they have questions, tell them it is above their paygrade. Is that understood?"

Zephyr closes his eyes as he drops his chin into a slowed, crystal-clear nod. "Understood sir…" he says softly as he raises his head and looks to Drusus for a moment before his gaze turns back to Regas.

Drusus' brows both rise, "You want me to report directly to you, sir?" he asks, his tone one of confirmation. He'll do it, but— this isn't the Chain of Command he knows and loves. Or… knows and tolerates without making faces.

"When you are dealing with sensitive information, Specialist, I and the XO are your CoC, is that understood?" Regas lifts his gaze to Zephyr, "I want everything that was handed out, that others may have copies of on my desk in an hour."

"Understoor, sir," Drusus replies simply. "I'll send you the encryption codes I put on the datarod files I gave the Eltees." Assuming the datarods are going to get collected, too.

The young Lieutenant's brows furrow ever so slightly, but enough to be noticed. He takes his clipboard from next to the chair he sits on, unclips a few sheets of paper, and holds it out to Regas. "The request for the security tape from Destiny's Bridge…I haven't sent them yet" Zephyr's brows furrow deeper, something isn't sitting right.

Regas nods to both and takes the paper, "Nothing leaves CIC without mine or the XO's permission on any of this. If I catch wind of scuttlebutt on the ship, I'll hold both of you responsible and drop both of you in the brig. Dismissed."

Drusus accepts the dismissal and makes good use of the egress.

Drusus leaves for Corridor 11E [O].

Drusus has left.

Zephyr stands up slowly, and takes a few steps towards the hatch, but doesn't leave. Instead he lets Drusus leave first.

Regas watches the Specialist and then turns his gaze on the LTJG, "What is it, Lieutenant?" He asks rather sharply, since the man didn't leave.

"With all due respect, sir, you know as well as I do Cato did what he was trained to do. That and not knowing if and when they would be found, or return to us…" he starts, before pausing and sighing a little, "…even if I can help control what comes in and out of CIC sir, the fact that it happened on a civilian vessel will make it extremely hard. And again with all due respect, a gag order will be a delicate option to give to the captain of the Destiny…" he finishes. It seems the Jigger has managed to think things over a little.

"You leave the Captain of the Destiny to me." Regas frowns heavily now, "It was his ship, am I correct? If anyone needed to know there may have been something odd on his ship, I'd say it was the Captain. Instead it was passed on to two LT's and an Ensign, and the Gods knows whoelse, Lieutenant. Because everyone seems to know something long before we knew anything."

Zephyr nods. "I understand that sir. When I got the report from Ensign Dike, I did a quick re-check myself on our own systems. We didn't pick up anything, even looking at early diagnostics I didn't see anything out of the ordinary sir. I believe a copy of the diagnostics are on your desk too…" he says. The young man is still remaining calm, even with his Commander not-entirely-happy. "…I have an inkling as to what you're thinking sir. And I understand why you don't want this leaking out any further…" he sighs.

"Yes, I have it and a few more." The Commander watches his young Officer a moment, "Do you really? The impact is possibly more than you do, Lt. Just keep it under wraps and keep CIC in order, that is your best responsibility right now. You may take your leave."

The young Lieutenant manages a soft smile as he nods. "Aye sir, thank you." he says as he walks towards the hatch, opening it slowly. "Let us know if you need anything sir…" he mentions, before he disappears into the corridor.

Zephyr leaves for Corridor 11E [O].

Zephyr has left.

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