Chione Hemera Dike
Ensign Chione Dike
Laura Vandervoort
Laura Vandervoort as Chione Hemera Dike
Name: Chione Hemera Dike
Callsign: {$callsign}
AKA: chi
Age: 22
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Tactical Department
Position: CIC_Crew
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Laura Vandervoort



Chione was born to privilege, wealth and power - a dangerous combination in and off itself. Add in charm and good looks and you got Chione. Starving for attention from her busy socializing parents, Chione learned manipulation and politics in a manner of speaking early, doing all manner of 'tricks' to get her parents attention just short of destroying valuable family property. Followed by the media because of her family's high profile, after all, Bia Dike made no secret her desire to be a member of the Quorum or even Attorney General at some point in her law career, it came to no surprise that Chione turned the cameras to her advantage, modelling when she was younger before her mother finally made her buckle down and pass her college classes and graduate.

What DID surprise everyone was the fact that after her graduate from some college on Caprica that her parents likely had to make a substantial donation to to get her into in the 'family degree' of Political Science, she turned around and joined the military. Speculation was that she followed her close cousin in doing so, while others said she did this just to frak with her mother. Both might be right. But her mother had the last laugh, making certain that Chione never saw her commission upon graduation and ended up Cruise Director on the Cruise Ship Destiny

Chione wasted no time trying to sign up for the Colonial Navy again when the Genesis showed up, trying to reclaim her commission which her mother had so skilfully swiped away from her. And despite the news of the Cylon Holocaust, there is little doubt in Chione's mind that if someone survived Caprica, her mother was one of those. Therefore Chione is doing her best to make sure that if her mother finds her, she'll have one frak of a time taking away her commission again, or using it for Bia Dike's own political ends. This time the political chips are all going to be in Chione's hands.


  • Politics
  • Navigation
  • Ettiquette
  • Tactics
  • Snark

Distinguishing Features

Her Good Looks (which will be fleeting enough just as her youth)
Aristocratic Caprican Accent
Manicured Nails (As Jailhouse pointed out - the benefits of working on a cruise liner)

Family & Childhood

The Dike family is a political family, and political dynasty some might say. And while her mother was from the Leto business family, she fit well into the political beehive that was the Dike. More ambitious than even Chione's father, it is Bia Dike that made a name for herself among the colonies and it is Bia Dike that still overshadows Chione to this day and is thus a driving force in the young woman's life - for good or for ill.


A myriad of private tutors and private schools was Chione's life. Playing with modeling kept her busy during her formative years. By the time that Chione reached college, it required a sizeable donation by her family to keep the young woman in the chosen institution, because of the disinterest in grades Chione has shown previously. It wasn't until Chione's mother gave the young woman no chose, and on some threat or another that Chione managed to actually graduate with passable grades in the 'family' degree of Political Science. Chione had no interest in law, and on a lark decided to frak off her mother and followed her cousin into the Naval Academy.

Military Service

Uninterested in piloting, Chione was found to have some talent with her charm and with leadership to a degree, and graduated as a Communications officer. Working in concert with her brother Bia Dike made certain, however, that Chione never saw her commission and shipped the young woman off to work as the Cruise Directed aboard the Destiny in retaliation for Chione's defiance. Though it was Bia's intention all along to return Chione to her commision and use the young woman as a pawn for her own political schemes, the Cylon Apocolypes happened and ruined everyone's plans.


Kalypso 'Wide Load' Leto - Cousin
Antonio 'Cornbread' Sloane - Current Boyfriend
Nicholas Luma - Friend from the Cruise Liner Destiny

On The Grid


  • Control
  • Knowing Things
  • Cameras Pointed at Her
  • Fraking With Her Mother's Plans
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