CIC stands for the Combat Information Center of a Colonial Military vessel. This is the command nexus of all functions of the ship. In a Battlestar, it is located deep within the 'Head' of the ship, several decks from the outer surface to prevent loss from enemy attacks. Other Colonial Military vessels have their CIC located in different areas, but all craft designed for frontline combat have their CIC located as far removed from the exterior of the ship as possible to prevent loss from enemy fire.

CICs vary widely (See Below) however, most commonly, they have the following stations.

  • Command and Control
  • Communications
  • Damage Control
  • Navigation
  • Helm
  • FTL
  • Tactical
  • Weapons Control
  • Engineering and Environment

There are as many designs CICS as there are Battlestars. Older Battlestars were designed with multiple deck structures, while as technology improved, newer Battlestars were designed with more modular technology, This improved structural resiliency while also allowing them to be redesigned in dry dock to a Commanding Officers wishes. It became a custom for when a new Commanding Officer takes command of a Battlestar, the first Dry Dock chance, they would have the CIC modified to reflect their command style. In many cases, the CO would opt to not have the CIC modified, either to honor the previous CO, or to prove the old Military axiom 'Work With What You've Got.' Even with the most modern technology, due to the incredibly complex nature and amount of controls involved in minute-to-minute running of a military craft, the redesign of a CIC is /only/ possible in a dry dock. outside of dry dock, it is simply not reliably possible to change the design of a CIC.

Above: Example of a CIC design, Construction default, Valkyrie class Battlestar.
Above: Example of a  finished CIC redesign. Battlestar Pegasus, Adml Cain commanding.
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