Cleaning House
Cleaning House
Summary: Reed gives Zaharis a tour of the Hera's medical bay, and some swanky quarters.
Date: 61 ACH
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Medical Bay Hera - Deck 4
61 ACH 23817 Souls

This medical bay is outfitted in the style of 'Expensive Overkill' Obviously redesigned by a military doctor, this medical bay is small, with a total of four patient beds, but those beds have every possible convienance known to Colonial science. The cabinets and storage areas are filled and neatly organized, and the equipment present here makes medical personnel wonder if it was purchased just to have the best, most expensive things in here, and if someone went a little wild with an unlimited expense budget for a bay with only four beds.

Reed is in Medical, sitting on one of the beds, idily swinging his feet, toying with a carton of cigarettes, Zaharis' brand. Beside him sits a box of Scorpia Scout Cookies<tm> Caramel Chocolate

Zaharis has kind of a distracted air about him as he heads to the Hera, as though half his brain's CPU were currently occupied with prioritizing what he needs to think about today. Carrying the report that one of his minions sent back on the Hera's capacity and equipment, he heads into the bay looking for, presumably, Reed. And there he is. "Taking up modeling, Carter?"

Reed smirks, "Modeling?" He chuckles, "How do you mean?" He glances around the Med bay, and then back to Zaharis, "What's the diagnosis?"

Zaharis waves a hand at the bed Reed's sitting on. "Major in Repose." He glances at the items around Reed but doesn't quite seem to register them, instead then looking around as Reed asks. "Whoever put all this in knew their shit, at least. If I cut four beds out of the most expensive hospital on Caprica, I'd have this. She'll do very nicely…except for that capacity. Four beds?" He grimaces. "Perfect for peacetime, but we'll need to work on this for her to be able to handle any sort of triage. How big's her crew ultimately going to be?"

Reed nods, "Nominal crew of two hundred. Seems the medical bay was, indeed larger, twice this, but they sectioned it off to just this, and crammed this equipment in here, leaving four beds. You're right, it was a peacetime refit. Good news is the rest of the space was used for medical supply storage and not turned into a private dancing booth that takes cubit coins or anything stupid like that." He holds out the carton to Zaharis. "Here. I gave Rhea another carton like this so there's more on it's way."

"Oh, thanks. Getting low too, appreciate it." Zaharis turns the carton over in his hands, and his mind regain enough spare function to activate smiling muscles. He gestures back at the bay. "You good with letting us give the place a little makeover?"

Reed nods, "Oh, sure. the whole ships going to get a makeover. Problem is between the Nebulas bridge directly exposed to deep space and fourteen other ships, all needing work on them, Engineering's frakking backed up to the point of being frozen for the moment. I got two men for a couple hours to set up berthings, and the rest of the ship makeover will wait till Rhea can spare the men. You want to, you can draw up the medical specs you want and I'll have it on top of the list as soon as some engineers can get here."

"I'll see what I can do in-department. Not everything needs walls knocked down and the whole place re-wired," Zaharis reminds Reed, glancing around again.

Reed nods, pointing to an interior wall. "Well, behind that wall there is the rest of what was once Medical. Hera offloaded a lot of it's critical medical supplies to the other ships, but there's still some. Feel free to send over whomever to get things the way you like.

"I'm afraid to ask who's crewing this place," Zaharis says, looking back at Reed. "I assume the medical staff were civilians before. Have they been forcibly enlisted or do I need to scrape some personnel from off the Genesis?"

Reed looks at Zaharis, "I'm not forcibly enlisting anyone, Doctor. Heras crew is almost all former Military. Handpicked by Fulton. His second in Command, Groupman explained to me that the majority of them are reenlisting voluntarily. They're mostly in retraining, and paperwork, and a lot of them want to come back here. They'll be entering the manpower pool soon. From there, I'm going to the department heads to assign people. Putting off the manpower cost with the recent returning people. you can either put the people from the Hera back, or assign someone else."

"How many medical staff do you have?" Zaharis is sticking to relevant, starting to calculate in his head.

Reed says, "Five medics, one Doctor who mustered out as an Enlisted, got his MD, and signed on the Hera as Medical Chief. He's going to take longer in the enlistment, as he's in OCS now.""

A thoughtful grimace. Zaharis nods. "Alright, pass me his name. We'll play whatcha-need-whatcha-got between us."

Reed nods, "All in the crew manifest. It's updated and should be sent to the Genesis now. You can access it from here if you like."

"Alrighty." Zaharis taps the cigarette carton against his shoulder. "Don't worry about a thing. We got this."

Reed smirks, "Not worried at all. Just keep me in the loop on what you need and we'll juggle everything around till it's settled."

"You got it." Zaharis makes a soft popping sound with his lips. "I'm gonna go make some calls and then I'm gonna go smoke one of these bad boys."

Reed nods, "I'm not exactly sure what the Commander was implying yesterday about what I do about getting manpower," He shakes his head, "But I'm not about to start conscripting civilians to get this ship running properly. That's not my command style. I don't use a gun to ensure loyalty."

Zaharis doesn't look like he's about to offer an opinion. He doesn't even nod. "We'll keep you updated. Nothing's stopped us from running smooth so far. Not about to start now."

Reed takes the box from his side, handing it over, "Seems Fulton was a rich grandfather with a soft touch. We've got cases of these cookies. I figure there's a gestating Psyche in your department who might like these."

"Gestating." Zaharis repeats the term mildly, and holds out his hand. "Yes, I think Lieutenant Sloan…" Slight stress on her name. "…would well appreciate them. Want to scratch her out a note?"

Reed puts the box in his hand, "No, just let Lieutenant Sloan," Same stress, "Know I'm wishing her the best." He then pauses, "What's wrong?"

"I'm nic-fitting, what's it look like?" Zaharis smirks, tucking the box under his arm along with the carton. "I'm going to go take care of that. Coming or not?"

Reed nods, sliding off the table, "Sure, Want to go to my quarters? You can make your calls, smoke, and laugh at me about the accommodations I'm in now."

"You just want to show off." Zaharis replies, agreeably. They went through this routine once on the PAS too. "Willing to oblige, sure. Lead the way."
You begin following Reed.

Reed shrugs, "I didn't make any of this, it's not me showing off." He heads out.

Reed leaves for Hallway [O].
Reed has left.
You follow Reed.
You head towards Hallway.

Commanders Quarters Hera - Deck 3
61 ACH 23817 Souls

The 'Commanders Quarters' are in fact several rooms of the ship, modified into a large suite. A sunken pit group area dominates the larger area of the main room, with hidden away cabinets holding music system, video system, and full bar. The bedroom is immense and a collection of sheets made from the highest fabrics from all over the Colony Worlds are in a closet. The bathroom is luxurious, with a full marble tub and glassed shower area. In the deepest room of the suite is an office with large alloy safe, redwood desk and chair with integrated computer system.

Reed walks in, past the guard, and gestures, bowing his head, "Go on, have look and laugh."

Zaharis steps in behind Reed, having slid a cigarette behind his ear on the walk down. He steps to the edge of the pit but goes no further, a subtle air of uncomfortable in his posture as he looks around the lavish place. "Frakkin' hell."

Reed nods, "I know." He moves to a cabinet, and opens it, revealing a bar, which he snags an ashtray from, and walks back, handing it over. "I'm the CO of the most advanced porn theater in the fleet."

Zaharis hehs. He takes the ashtray but still seems stuck to his spot on the edge of the room, like he doesn't quite know what to do in a place like this. "Yeah…you know…you probably don't want cigarette smoke in here. Stuff stinks for hours, gets all in the furniture."

Reed snorts, "Smoke the frakking cigarette, doctor." He says, moving to a chair off to the side, "I'm getting rid of most of this crap soon as we get Engineers who are down on the lower priority end of things to do." He glares around at the suite. "This isn't me. What the frak am I going to do with a heated marble tub?"

Zaharis puts the ashtray down on the closest counter. The suite gets another idle glance around, and he still doesn't move. CMO's far out of his comfort zone. "Does it have one of those detachable shower head things?" He focuses his attention on talking. "Medical will take that off your hands, labs could use it."

Reed nods, "Yeah, it does, actually, I'll tag it for you." He points to a relatively normal chair and table setup he got from somewhere, "Have a frakking seat, think of it as a hotel room, not my perminant quarters." He points inwards, "The office, I like the office, I'm keeping that."

"Yeah, it's nice." Zaharis glances towards the office, then the table. Getting there requires crossing some of the room, which he does in an awkward kind of way. Made more awkward by the fact that he tries not to look awkward, and fails. He brings the ashtray, now parking it on the table, and doesn't quite sit yet. "Departments might have to have a bid war over whatever you're getting rid of. Already see ten more things I know we could use."

Reed nods, "Well, start tagging. Make a list and give it to me, you heard Regas, distribute as I see fit." He gestures to the chair, "Will you -please- sit down?" He sighs.

Zaharis obliges. He gives the chair he's by a look for a second and then pulls it out and sits, back straight. "Have a list done up of what you're actually parting with?"

Reed looks around, "Actually not yet." He looks at Zaharis, "You look like a cadet on review. Relax, for the gods sake. Most of this stuff I want to have replaced with normal military furnature. the cabinets inset in the walls, I'll likely keep, but have them replaced with book shelving. My Gemenese Anthropological digests and bar is gone though."

"Damn, I totally needed Gemenese Anthropological digests," Zaharis cracks drily. The normal smirk comes back and he does make a decent attempt to look more relaxed. He sets an arm on the table anyway, gingerly. "What about the video hookup?" He tips his chin that way.

Reed looks to the video connection, "I'll keep that, send you the one from ones of the crew apartments. There's also a Playcube-something or other in the ready room no one needs. I'm thinking there's a kid on the Carina who would like that."

"Thanks, we could use one for training." Zaharis marks that off in his head. You can almost see the list shining in his eyes. The mention of the playcube gets a nod. "He'll like that, yeah."

Reed nods, "Sure thing. The entire ship has setups that it doesn't need. Some it does. Frakking Arcade, I'm planning on converting to Pilot training area and firing range. they stuck the Viper and Raptor simulators in there, and sprinkled stand up video games in there."

"Arcade?" Zaharis chuckles, a dry sound. "Can't blame men for their diversions, I guess."

Reed nods, "But, really, she's a good ship. Under it all. Fine engines, bristling with weapons. Blank check to modify this thing." He shrugs, "Just need to streamline her out."

"No, I believe it," Zaharis assures Reed, again glancing around the place. "Decor's just that, decor. Assumed they hadn't skimped where it counts."

Reed nods, "Yeah, but the decor's freaking you out."

Zaharis smirks. "Well good thing I don't work in this room."

Reed nods, "So light up and relax, it should help." He looks around, then back to Zaharis, "Coffee?"

"I feel like if I breathe too hard I'll ruin something. How do people relax in a place like this?" Zaharis gives the room another cautious look. "Ah…coffee, sure. Why not."

Reed rises, "It's simple, they don't really put too much thought into it." He moves to a cabinet. "This is something else I'm keeping." He opens it, showing a prime coffee maker. "Force Feed coffee system." He sets a couple of mugs in the machine, "How do you want it?" He pushes the button and there's a whirring as in seconds the machine starts filling the mugs.

"Black's fine." Zaharis always leaves his coffee that way. He folds his arms on the table and then pulls them back off, resting forearms against the edge. Then he settles for folding them over his chest instead. "It does something else?"

Reed gestures as the machine shuts down, "Cocoa, and I've got creamers and sugars and crap." He takes the mugs and comes back to the table, sitting and sliding a mug of the deep black liquid to the Doctor, steam coming off the liquid, "There." He takes a sip of his mug, and thinks, "I feel pretty disconnected from Caprica right now. when I left to go to the PAS, this would have been the perfect quarters. Now, I can barely stand it, just thinking about who needs what."

"Oh." Zaharis doesn't change his 'black' order at the explanation. He can't help another cautious glances around, finding new details in the lavishness each time he does. His thumb idly scratches his arm just above the elbow. "This is…normal for Capricans?"

Reed shakes his head, "Well, no, this is lavish, but my family tended to enjoy this kind of thing when they went on vacation. Normally, it would be in a resort or something, not on a ship." He sips his coffee. This would be a resort kind of suite, like I was telling you about before? Of course then, when you walked into the room, you were of the mindset to accept it."

The gaping maw between their life experiences just got that much more tangible. Zaharis unfolds one arm to wrap his fingers around the mug handle. "Yeah, sounds like it was nice. Beach and all that?"

Reed nods, "Beaches, air and ground rentals of transports, all that, yes." He sits back in his chair, looking around, "Now, it's just so..excessive. Useless."

"It's not useless," Zaharis breathes out as he talks, glancing at some random item in the room. "Just not being used." He lifts the mug and has a sip, careful of the heat, and his head makes a slight shake after a second. "I couldn't do this."

Reed nods, "I'm through doing it. It's not me anymore. I want a list. If you see something Engineering doesn't need to pull, go for it." He gestures around, "I want this to be functional, not decorative."

"Be doing you a favour, right?" Zaharis cracks a faint grin, the first since he came in here. It fades and he sips his coffee, finally taking his cigarette from behind his ear. "Shit, we'll even take the picture frames. You can emergency splint with those."

Reed grins, "Absolutely. There's all kinds of things that I'm getting rid of. Welcome to them." He smirks, "You might have to get into a slapfight over them, but that's not my concern." He chuckles.

Zaharis smirks slightly. "I'll put defib paddles in holsters, I'm not afraid."

Reed grins, nodding, "Okay. Make with the list, fire it off to me." He shrugs, "We'll see about making it happen. You might want to look around the ship more, see what's there. Fairly obvious what's fluff and what's not."

"Sure thing." Zaharis takes another swallow of coffee and blows out a breath of air at the corner of his mouth. "Should get started in a few minutes. Never know when Regas is going to want to haul ass."

Reed nods, "I heard that." He smirks, "I think we're here at lest till the people on the surface are done with the water extraction."

Zaharis smirks. "Yeah, but might take me a while to pry a few things from some cold dead hands."

Reed chuckles, nodding, "Well, I'll leave prying things out of corpse hands to the professionals."

"Practice makes perfect," Zaharis says, with a dry flash of gallows humour.

Reed chuckles, then settles back, "Yeah, we're pretty much on our way to being set up here, just need to let things grind away."

Zaharis tucks his unsmoked cigarette back behind his ear. He finishes off the coffee, giving his watch a glance and getting to his feet. "Alright, I'm going to head back down." His shoulders relax a little as he gets ready to go. "I'll get that list to you tonight and deploy the vultures once you're good with the take."

Reed nods, rising, taking his mug, "Alright, I need to go and see if my Weapons officer is here yet."

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