Clearing the Marine Air
Clearing the Marine Air
Summary: So Shem and Gaelan go to have a talk and then Salin comes in, then Farkas finally shares his opinions to Marine Command.
Date: 38 ACH
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Marine Offices Genesis - Deck 14
38 ACH 6285 Souls

This room serves as an all-purpose command post for the Genesis detachment of the Colonial Marines, and is manned round-the-clock by HQ staff. Drab desks, replete with office supplies, computer terminals, and headsets take up the majority of the space. White boards with hasty scribbles denoting the day's duty shifts dominate an entire wall. There's a small arms locker at the far corner of the room, furthest away from the hatch, blending into a row of filing cabinets. A wireless panel is close to the hatch, sitting below a draped Colonial Marines flag.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Gaelan Shem Kill Board Whiteboard Wireless 1291

Exits: [O] Corridor

Shem is sitting at his desk, frowning at his computer screen. He taps irregularly with his forefingers.

Gaelan steps back into the Marine Offices, with a quick survey he notices the Lieutenant at his desk and immediately diverts his path towards his desk. Pulling back the guest chair he sits down in it and looks across the desk and comments in his rasped voice, "Lieutenant."

Shem looks up when Gaelan approaches. "Sir." He shuts down his computer and pulls out a folder from his drawer. "I've read your reply about Farkas. It should be pretty easy to administratively separate somebody, but it'll depend on if the sergeant wants to go. I don't know the regulations around demotions. I need to ask the lawyers about it."

Gaelan watches the Lieutenant a moment and nods, "I want to one thing clear. I think Farkas can be a damn fine MP, but he needs to start working the system correctly. We do not have the time or resources to be proving who's is bigger." Leaning back in the chair he glances to the folder then back up to Shem, "With that being said he is under your command, so this is entirely up to you. I have enough on my plate dealing with my attitude issues in the Alpha Squadron with Corporal Gars. I don't have the patience to be dealing with it in my MPs as well. If Sergeant Farkas wants to stay on board and maintain being an MP, I will look the other way on everything that has happened and give him a clean slate. His actions though from that point forward will be your responsibility."

Shem nods. He opens his folder. "Yes, sir, I understand." He exhales and runs a finger along his eyebrow. "The sergeant seems to be a very angry person. I, uhh, noticed that he used to be the master-at-arms. What's the real story around his demotion, sir?"

Gaelan shifts slightly and crosses his legs at the knee as he comments, "Sergeant Farkas originally boarded this vessel as a Master Sergeant and was transferred in as my Master at Arms. A much needed relief to get some order and assistance where it was needed. Originally talking to him he fit the mold of my perfect choice as the Sheriff, then the anger came out. So much that he decided to mouth off to anything that had a piece of brass attached to it like he was judge, jury and executioner." Pausing just a moment he finally adds, "So after he decided to mouth off to Major Carter, then Captain Altair and an endless list of others the complaints became to much for me to let it slide under the rug. I had to take action and it had to be noticeable. At that time requests were filed with JAG which resulted in him demoted from Master Sergeant to Sergeant, stripped of his Master at Arms status and pretty much where we are now."

"Alright," Shem answers. He nods and leans back. "I've noticed that too, sir. I'd refer him for a psychiatric evaluation, but…" He shrugs.

Gaelan nods slowly as he notes, "I think anyone can be guided with the right leadership, Lieutenant. What do you think about getting the Sergeant in here and asking him straight up with what he wants to do? He is highly opionated as is, I would be impressed if he learned to curb his tongue in an open discussion." Resting his hand on the arm of the chair he taps the arm of it gently, "And I think the Sergeant needs to know where him and I stand. Assumptions are never a good thing."

Shem nods. "Sounds reasonable, sir."

Someone is knocking at the door.

Gaelan glances towards the Desk Sergeant and quickly comments, "Get me Sergeant Farkas in here, Sergeant." The Desk Sergeant looks up and nods quickly before standing to head towards the wireless. Gaelan looks towards Shem and says, "You have the point on this, I will just be an observer and offer my opinion as you see fit. He is your man after all." Currently Gaelan and Shem are sitting at the Lieutenant's desk in a discussion.

Shem seems taken aback by Gaelan's reply. "Yes, sir. Do you want to do it here?"

After having knocked and been granted entry, the doorway to the Marine Offices is opened and Salin slips inside. Once within, the door is closed behind him and he's taking but a moment to look around. When his gaze falls upon both Shem and Gaelan, he's angling to move towards them, "Excellent. Both individuals that I need to speak with."

Gaelan glances up as the door opens. Noticing the Major entering he rises slightly from his seat, "Major Altair. Interesting to see you, please come and join us. We just were talking about our Sheriff situation." Motioning to an available chair near the Lieutenant's desk, "Have a seat."

Shem stands, tugging his left sleeve down reflexively, and salutes quickly. He retakes his seat.

There's a simple nod of his head towards Shem and then back over towards Gaelan before Salin moves to claim a seat. Bringing his hands to clasp in his lap, he lets his gaze shift between the two men, "At the moment, the Sheriff situation does not concern me." There's a pause and he's settling his gaze back on Gaelan, "I've just had the most interesting conversation with Commander Regas."

Gaelan leans back in the chair as he slides his leg back across the other at the knee, "I figured this conversation would happen. Especially after my passionate discussion with the Commander the other day." Looking towards Major Altair more directly, "So where would you like to start?"

Shem lifts his eyebrows. He seems none the wiser.

Salin leans forward ever so slightly, settling his arms on his knee's as he keeps his eyes focused on Gaelan for the moment. Then, he's looking over towards Shem and then back again, "The Commander would like to know why the Military Police never requested nor bothered to investigate the Raptor that Ms. Kyrios and the six other individuals arrived in. Rather, it's been sitting on his hanger deck, being cannabilized for parts and effectively removing any chance that any useful information will be found within it."

Gaelan watches the Major quietly a moment, "Well I am sure there are numerous reasons. The main one being the fact that we were concentrating on a treasonous group of Marines and conducting high level attack missions at the Commanders orders. I only have so many resources available to do everything, Major. When I have boots on the ground in combat, I don't have a strong rotation of sentries to free up my MPs for investigations. As for the parts being stripped off that Raptor, that's a discussion you need to have with the Engineers rebuilding the birds being shot up." Shifting slowy he doesn't break his gaze with the JAG officer as he adds, "As for the prisoners, there appears to be only one left which Lieutenant Shem filed a report about that investigation so now we are waiting on your office to assess the information provided."

"I'm sorry, sirs, there must've been some kind of misunderstanding," Shem answers, his eyebrows furrowed. "I have a forensics report from the Raptor that pretty much corroborates what the guards told me."

Salin shifts his attention towards Shem, his eyebrow lifting slightly, "Then it would appear that there was, especially if JAG and your Commander weren't aware of this particular piece of information. Please, Lieutenant, ensure that it is forwarded to my office, immediately." Then, his attention returns back to Gaelan and he's canting his head ever so slightly to the side, "I would suggest then, Major, that your MP's focus on more serious investigations and sideline the the minor ones. JAG will be dealing with Ms. Kryios and issuing her sentence later this afternoon, where she will be escorted back to the Carina. As for the prisoners, I am aware of how many are left. After all, I was the one who informed Lieutenant Shem that no charges would be necessary against the others." He's leaning back then, hands resettling in his lap, "Secondly, Major. Please do not tell the Commander that JAG is unavailable, especially since the day before you spoke to my partner and to the fact that you've not sent a memo our way, requesting to meet with us." He's beginning to rise then, hands moving to clasp behind his back as he looks between the two, "You'll both receive copies of the memo in regards to Ms. Kyrios, later this afternoon."

Gaelan passes a glance to Shem then back towards Salin, "With all due respects, Major do not tell me how to run my MPs or my Marines. They are focused on the more serious investigations but we tend to keep our hands full with maintaining /all/ the laws of the Fleet. Not just the ones we find convenient to acknowledge." As the Major rises, Gaelan does as well as he adds, "Last time I checked Major, you were assigned to the Battlestar Genesis and you have all but abandoned your posting here to work on the Carina. So in all essence your offices are not available to us as we need them. While I know your efforts are to help the civilians get established, we are at war and the military is the priority. As for my discussion with Captain Isabeau it was on a seperate matter than the ones at hand. I have an excellent Lieutenant who is handling the S2 duties with absolute accuracy based on his need to play catchup on all open investigations. If you have further concerns about our investigations, then I suggest the JAG issue a report requesting a status update of any of their open investigations." Folding his arms behind his back he watches the Major a moment, "Now if you don't mind Major, I have some matters I need to discuss with my Lieutenant."

Shem keeps quiet. He stands and shoots off another salute, although his expression toward Salin is negative.

Salin doesn't immediately turn, rather he simply settles his gaze intently on Gaelan, "Wrong, Major. JAG is tasked with not only Military Law, but Civilian Law. /That/ is our mandate and as such, it requires us to rotate between the Carina and the Genesis, and formly, the PAS." He's pausing slightly, hands clenching slightly behind his back, "And no, I will not request status updates, Major. JAG is here to ensure that the rules and regulations of the CCMJ as well as our laws are being followed. Your Police are here to enforce them. Active investigations of serious nature, such as murder, are outside your pervue of conviening authority. As such, remind your Police that JAG is required to be involvd. Otherwise, you risk compromising each and every investigation by failing to uphold the rights of the accused." Shem is entirely disregarded for the moment, "And choose your words carefully, Major, for you tred dangerously close to accusing me of desertion. And that's one route that you don't want to walk. For the record, since you seem to be unable to get your facts straight, I've spent two out of seven days in the office on the Carina. If you are unable to locate me, perhaps it is because you are simply not trying hard enough." He lifts a hand from behind his back, moving over towards the wireless, "Those are marvelous pieces of technology, Major. I hear they work quite well." Salin is then offering a slight nod to Gaelan, followed by another to Shem, before he's turning to walk out of the offices.

Gaelan eyes watch the Major as his brow stitches together, "I will keep that in mind when I am being shot at in a radio silence environment, Major. Best of luck in your paperwork." Gaelan doesn't move from the Lieutenants desk as he waits patiently on him to vacate.
Shem retakes his seat and looks off to the side. Awwwkward.

Salin leaves for Corridor 14D [O].
Salin has left.

Gaelan looking back to the Lieutenant he calmly comments, "You are doing an excellent job, Lieutenant. Now let's get a Sheriff and put these open matters to bed. I don't like having JAG in my office unless they are dropping off paperwork."

"Yes, /sir/," Shem answers. He shakes his head, premusably at what just happened, and gestures for the desk sergeant to continue the call.

[Intercom] Sergeant Farkas, please report to the marine offices. Sergeant Farkas to the marine offices.

Farkas comes in from Corridor 14D.
Farkas has arrived.

Gaelan is currently sitting at Lieutenant Shem's desk. The Desk Sergeant lingers next to the hatchway waiting on the requested party to arrive so they can be directed back to the desk. Gaelan looks over to Shem and comments, "Guess we need all the MPs we can get then."

Farkas does indeed arrive and with the aid of the Desk sergeant finds his way over towards the desk and moves up into attention. "Sergeant Farkas, as requested." he mutters in that growling, meanacing tone as always.

Shem nods slowly to Gaelan. "At ease, sergeant. Be seated." It's an unusual situation, since the major is also sitting in one of the guest chairs.

Gaelan looks up to the Sergeant and doesn't get up to move from the seat as he comments, "Sergeant Farkas." The nod is simple but a glance over to Lieutenant Shem is brief before the Major leans back folding his arms across his lap and lets Shem take the lead.

Farkas glares over towards the Lieutenant, before he moves to take a seat. Like before when in this room, he looks awfully uncomfortable in the chair. Refusing to lean back against it, sitting on the edge and places his hands upon his knees. Tense and ready to spring to action one may describe it as.

"Do you like being a military policeman, sergeant?" Shem asks levelly.

"I am a Marine, Lieutenant." Farkas mutters, keeping his gaze fixed on the wall beyond Gaelan.

Shem leans forward and arches an eyebrow. "That you are. Why don't you answer my question?"

Farkas glances over towards Shem. "I did, Lieutenant.."

Shem replies with a leading comment, "You must not, considering how often you mouth off to officers. Do you understand that the MP brassard does not make you their boss?"

Farkas remains silent, keeping his hands upon his knees and moving his gaze back towards the spot in the wall behind Gaelan.

Gaelan looks over to Farkas as he glances to the Lieutenant, "Sergeant, answer your commanding officer. We are trying to preserve your career and let you do what enjoy doing. So now is the time for you to speak freely. This is only a single opportunity to get a chance like this." Watching Farkas he continues to lean back in the guest chair of the desk.

Shem looks from Gaelan to Farkas.

Farkas stretches the corner of his mouth as he looks towards Gaelan but then glances over towards Shem.

Gaelan watches Farkas quietly, "Sergeant. It's very simple. You frakked up by not keeping your pants up around an Officer. That's done and over with. I am willing to overlook that whole matter. But I need to know what you want to do. Do you want to continue be a Marine and Military Police? Or do you want to live the last of your years as a civilian stationed on the Carina?"

Shem stays silent, eyeing Farkas.

Farkas arches an eyebrow as he looks back towards Gaelan, sheer contempt shines in the eyes of the aged Sergeant. "Depends, Sir."

Gaelan stitches his brow together as he looks to Farkas, "On what, Sergeant?" A brief glance slides to the Lieutenant then back to the Sergeant as he waits on the conditions.

Shem laces his fingers.

"On what you'd have me do." Farkas mutters as he remains stoic in his 'seat'

Gaelan sighs slowly, "And what do you want to do, Sergeant? That is what we are trying to identify in this conversation. Tell us what you want and then we can start to see if that is acceptable or provide a compromise."

"On this ship, what I wish to do is a Fantasy." Farkas states as he glances over towards Shem and then looks back towards Gaelan. "And I am not willing to speek freely, as it will certainly get me in further trouble."

Gaelan waves his hand towards the Sergeant, "Consider this conversation free from possible consequence. We obviously need to air some laundry out here and it amazes me that you can fire off your opinion to pretty much every Officer, except us."

"-You- are a Marine, Major..You earned your pins." Farkas mutters and glances over towards Shem and then back towards Gaelan. "But fine, I fraked up when I went to Salin..Or really, when Isabeau didnt have the wits to figure out the differance between facts and a threat and the XO was called in..But I am fraking glad not to be the Master at Arms on this ship..See, the XO steps over your whole department, ordering the JAG to do the MP's job. Which is what set me off and go after Salin..-You- ordered an investigation about me having sex with a Lieutenant, instead of setting the new Sheriff on course to sort out the fraking mess with that fraking murderer that runs around on this ship..True she is by the XO's orders, the JAG and Paper pushers trouble. But since you have rumours about fraternization it must have come from a source, lets say..Lieutenant Eve since she is the one I'm investigated to have had sex with..She is an Officer, her word should be fraking more worth then mine, but apparently you dont consider soo..I applaud you for that, but you could have fraking come and asked me and not sent you dogs after me, spending valuable time away from other more important matters." he takes a deep breath. "Nor can I serve under a Sheriff that suffers from delusions of being a Man not a woman, she doesnt realise she is neither, She is a fraking Marine..See my issues with this ship and how it is ran is the fact you all seem to think we are ok."

Gaelan nods slowly as his brow unstitches from the comments from Farkas. Listening carefully as the Sergeant unloads and comments, "Very valid points Sergeant. To address each one from my perspective. You need to understand that the XO jumped over us straight to the JAG because Command lost confidence in our MPs while you were the Sheriff and we had our issues in the past. Now these may be behind us, but the damage is done nonetheless so we need to rebuild that confidence level." The glance goes over towards Shem since it's obviously meant for him as well. Finally looking back to Farkas he continues in his rasped voice, "I ordered my S2 to investigate one of his men in charges of fraternization based off his findings. The Lieutenant consulted with JAG to determine the proper procedures and limitations of this type case. I still entrust that the S2 has made efforts to either prove or disprove these allegations against you. If you did sleep with an officer, you frakked up."

"Sergeant, I have enough information that says you did," Shem tells Farkas. "The major is giving you a chance to come back to the line. If you have problems with how this ship is run or with what somebody outside said, you follow your chain of command. It is your duty as a marine and an NCO. All of these problems that your mouth has caused embarrass this department and this command."

Farkas glances towards Shem and arches an eyebrow. "My mouth only opened up, cause the XO fraked up and proved unfit for command..I dont sit idly by and watch idiocy progress in my beloved Corp..I stand by my words and I know that I did frak up, and I am serving the punishment for it." he then looks back towards Gaelan. "It is amusing is it not, that the XO lost confidence in our department, before I had even done anything..more then investigate the theft of my coffee cup, and the brawl between late Gunnery Sergeant Cox, Private Mercer and Civialian De Reyes..An investigation which lead to the Marines finding Doss's accomplice in the Pandora incident.."

Gaelan watches Farkas calmly and nods slowly, "Sergeant as you know that is done and we done our best to correct these matters. There was a lot of tension and realignment that had to take place during the start of this frakked up situation. We were not ready to deal with the cards we got handed, but we are overcoming them and quickly. As for the XO's confidence in us, he still has it but we just have to be smarter than the Navy about these matters." Passing a glance to Lieutenant, "As for your current Sheriff, Marines are not allowed to take choice of their command structure." Looking back to Farkas, "You have been in the Corps long enough to know that. So either you adapt and overcome or you clean you frakkin' act up and prove to the Lieutenant that you deserve that Sheriff spot."

Shem frowns and leans back in his chair, watching Farkas levelly. It seems that what the sergeant says next will weigh heavily in the S2's decision-making process.

"Time will tell, Major." Farkas mutters as he sits there, leavin it at that for the moment.

Gaelan brow furrows and nods slowly as he leans back in his chair, "So it seems, Sergeant." Looking towards Shem he just nods towards him.
"Thank you, sergeant," Shem replies to Farkas, dryly. "You're dismissed."

Farkas rises up from his seat. "If I may be as bold and make an inquiry?"

Gaelan nods slowly, "Go ahead Sergeant. This is still the same conversation and the same conditions."

Shem looks up at Farkas expectantly.

"Do not call me again, til my punishment is over..I will perform the duties tasked to me by Sergeant Brown..Today, since I'm allowed to be frank..Has been utter rubbish Sir..Nothing new has come to light, more then angry looks from the Lieutenant..And more stupidity on this ship and I just may decide to do something I'll regret." Farkas mutters as he looks over towards Shem. "I'd love to see that evidence you've digged up though…at some point."

Gaelan watches Farkas calmly, "Well since you are being uncooperative in the Lieutenant's investigation then we are only forced to work with what limited evidence we have available to us. Your actions are to me a direct signal to how you would handle your own investigative team and personally it's not very promising. I figured you would want to clear your name, but I see that's not your priority." Glancing to Shem, "Do you have anything else for the Sergeant, Lieutenant?"

Shem shakes his head and replies, "No, sir."

"Sir..Why would I need to clear my name? I told you, all you had to do was to come and ask me..I'm already under punishment..Lieutenant Eve, I do not aim to besmirch her name and make her questionable in her task on this ship." he looks towards Shem. "I will gladly take the fall for any accusations, if it clears you to actually investigate something usefull, such as the murderer."

Gaelan nods to the Sergeant, "You're dismissed."

Shem doesn't say anything, just eyes Farkas.

Farkas lets out a soft sigh. "I forced myself upon her, she did object..Would have screamed if I had not silenced her..I enjoyed it too..Made me feel good to punish one of those disgusting paper pushers..Is that what you wish to hear, if soo, write it down..Make it the truth and drop the bloody investigation..Clear her name, she was under duress if she said anything else but what I just told you."

Gaelan nods slowly, "And we investigate every crime thoroughly. Large and small. You are still dismissed, Sergeant. Have a good afternoon."

Shem doesn't say anything.

Farkas offers a salute and turns to leave.

Farkas leaves for Corridor 14D [O].
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Gaelan eyes slide over to Shem, "I believe that explains why he is a Sergeant and not a Master Sergeant anymore."

Shem sighs and rubs his forehead vigorously. He shakes his head. "I want that man outta the MPs, sir. He's just about everything I'm not looking for in law enforcement. Doesn't get any of it."

Gaelan nods, "Then tell me your recommendation for him, Lieutenant. I agree though he does not need to be an MP. He is not beneficial to anyone in that capacity."

From Corridor 14D you hear shouting: YOU did WHAT?!

"He's no good as an NCO, sir," Shem replies. He glances at the hatch but doesn't make anything of it. "Maybe put him as a private first class in a combat squad." He pauses. "I'm pretty sure he's talking out of his ass about raping the lieutenant, sir, and if he is, I think the demotion and transfer can count in part as punishment for the fraternization. I'll make sure he's lying, of course."

Gaelan nods slowly, "I will start the paperwork then. Don't let the Lieutenant's name get slandered by him saying he raped her. That's completely inhumane and unnecessary. I do want it verified though, keep it quiet through."

Shem nods. "Yes, sir. You break the news to him or me, sir?"

Gaelan looks to Lieutenant, "He is your Sergeant at the moment. You get the glory this go around. I am guessing this will make our Sergeant Browne our full time Sheriff then?"

Shem answers honestly, "I don't know, sir, I'm still vetting candidates." He glances down at his desk. "Farkas said something about Browne having delusions of being a man, that's something I figure needs a looking at."

Gaelan nods, "Talk with Sergeant Browne about it. We need to get a permanent Sheriff in place then get the frakkin' JAG and command out of our hair. You have a tough group to get into alignment and you have my support. Just need to tell me what you need to get done, Lieutenant."

"Yes, sir," Shem replies, nodding his head once. "Just let me know when the transfer and demotion goes into effect so I can tell Farkas on time."

Gaelan nods as he stands, "Consider it done then. I will notify the squad to expect a new report shortly." Looking towards Shem, "Seems this was quite an interesting meeting after all. I will let you get back to your paperwork and regaining sanity."

Shem smiles wanly. "Thank you, sir."

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