Marc Warren
Marc Warren as Alexander Coates
Name: Alexander Coates
Callsign: Marine!
AKA: Brutal
Age: 34
Branch: Marines
Faction: Military
Organization: None
Department: Marines Department
Position: Marine
Rank: Gunnery Sgt
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Canceron
Actor: Marc Warren


Apparently in his thirties and of fair skin; he looks to be athletic to a moderate attribution; more like a runner's build. He stands at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches; and weighs in at roughly 180lbs in apt proportion. He has the definition of muscle in both his torso and arms, as well as his legs; but not so much bulky in such. His eyes are of blue, brightly so; in a swirling mixture of azure and cobalt. His hair is dirty blonde and of short length; reaching only to his ears in length from the top, and left to shaggily stay. He has a strong jawline,as well as a semi-prominent chin and cheekbones; while maintaining a sleek facial build overall.

Coates is dressed in Marine fatigues minus the outer shirt. A dark brown tank top covers a gray sleeveless T-shirt, with a pair of silver hexagonal dogtags dangling from a chain around his neck. The T-shirt is tucked into a pair of light brown trousers, the legs of which are bloused into the top of black combat boots. A subdued black web belt is worn around the waist.


Early Life

Coates is a throw-back to the days of old discipline. Days when NCOs would meld soldiers not from doctrine, but instead by their own two fists. This is easily supplemented by the fact that Alexander is a sadistic bastard with a taste for a good fight. All together, as result of this personality, he hasn't often served in the proximity of civilians or as an officer. Not that he would care much for the resulting paperwork.

He was born upon the colony of Canceron, born a prisoner to a cruel planet by force of fate alone. His mother was a prisoner, in the literal sense, his father was a guard assigned to the particular facility. When she got pregnant, he lost his job, but gained a son; one that he wasn't so keen to raise. Alcoholism followed, and as did unemployment. The only article of furniture that wasn't pawned by the end was a piano of Coates' grandfather, which he taught himself to play.

Coates spent the majority of his youth away from home, rather than in it. Finding a safer time with the brutish population, than he did with his own father. He ran with a couple of street gangs in his later teen years, but found little interest in expressing loyalty to cowards as he left the year he was old enough to be charged as an adult if need be. He found employment at the same facility that his father had just worked at, meeting his mother in the connected women's prison for the first time since birth.

A year later, a riot erupted and one of the earliest casualties was Alexander's mother as the prison population ebbed and flowed into the separate departments. While most of the guards held back and waited for the Military to arrive and crack some skulls, Coates and a couple of others moved in and did some damage of their own before leading to the warden to safety. Coates was commended for his part, but also fired for his use of force in the matter while that portion of the story got buried.

The Marines

With little more options to choose from, given his skills, Alexander joined the marines. While in basic, he made more enemies than friends; but ultimately came out on top with his skills and discipline to his benefit. His first assignment was to be amongst two separate Battlestars in the role of a combat engineer before ending up back at Canceron to instruct at his own previous place of teaching. This was a short foray, however, as his ways of instruction were seen as overly brutal and he was sent away.

The following assignments that Coates experienced were as a plain clothes intelligence agent aboard several lesser scientific vessels of government interest. This would serve as punishment, until a few of years later when he was brought once again to the field. In service, he proved to be ruthless, and loyal without fault. He followed orders to the letter, no matter how questionable and was never again put near a civilian source at risk of bad PR.

Upon his promotion the Master Sgt, Alexander was sent to for advanced training, staying for transport upon a battlestar. When approached by a protestor who spat in his face while at port, Coates bashed the man into submission and was subsequently demoted and detained upon the Genesis until a decision could be made. That decision was that he could still be used, just not in /any/ proximity to the colonies. His options were to sign up for a distant service location, or dishonourable discharge; he chose the former and left for Genesis soon after, before the Cylon holocaust.

  • Sparring.
  • Music, specifically piano.
  • Brawling.
  • Stories related to Canceron.
  • Fighting
  • Hard liquor
  • Melees.
  • Improvement.


  • Loyal to No-One - Dropkick Murphys
  • No Remorse - Slayer & Teenage Riot
  • Very Ape - Nirvana
  • Kill Each Other/Live Forever - Scars on Broadway
  • Train to Miami - Steel Pole Bath Tub
  • Discipline - Nine Inch Nails
  • Warrior's Code - Dropkick Murphys

Visual Aspects

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