Coffee Chat
Coffee Chat
Summary: Zephyr goes for coffee in the Hole, and has a quick chat to Arsen
Date: 81 ACH
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BATTLESTAR GENESIS MUSH - Monday, February 02, 2009, 10:07 PM

The Rabbit Hole (Gen. Lounge) Genesis - Deck 9
81 ACH 23817 Souls
This large lounge/recreation area is here for the personnel of the Genesis. As any place where Officers and enlisted seem to come together, there are places for each. The Officers areas are more lounge-like and the enlisted have a couple couches, tables and chairs. Various computer games are here as well, including some foosball, driving or flying, shooting, etc. Along one wall a long counter has been setup with snacks, drinks and a sink.
---------------------< Condition Three --- Public Area >----------------------


Zephyr is standing at the coffee maker getting himself a cup of coffee, his tunic unbuttoned at the top, undershirt and dog-tags showing. Obviously the officer is off duty. The lounge is abuzz with other officers and enlists, though mostly officers at the moment.

Arsen wanders into the lounge without much purpose it would appear. The gangly young ECO towers over most of the people about by at least a couple of inches in most case…so he's pretty hard to miss. Making his way over to the coffee maker as well, he offers a polite nod to Zephyr. "Lieutenant," he greets, waiting his turn patiently.

Zephyr looks over and up? as Arsen comes up next to him. He's tall alright, taller than Zephyr that's for sure. "Hello there…" he nods to Arsen, "…Ensign isn't it?" he asks politely with a smile, as his cup of coffee brews, taking it from the machine. He takes a step to one side, giving Arsen room to make his coffee, should he wish to.

Arsen nods his head to the other man, though he doesn't extend his hand. The guy just got his coffee, after all. There's a small smile on his face as he speaks. "Ensign Arsen Demetriou," he replies. "How is everything this morning?" Taking a cup for himself, he puts it under the brewing machine and punches the proper button(s).

"Nice to meet you Demetriou. Lieutenant Darian Zephyr, CIC" he nods back as he takes a sip of coffee, leaning on the counter. "Things are, alright. Considering…" he adds. "Yourself?"

You say, "Actually, Lieutenant, Junior Grade…"

Zephyr chuckles softly, taking another sip

Nodding, Arsen glances over to his brewing coffee behind spectacled eyes. Raising a dark brow for just a moment, he tries to peek inside the cup to make sure nothing's malfunctioning or anything. Seeming satisfied, he snaps his attention back to Zephyr and nods his head. "Yeah. Considering." Shaking his head he raises his brows a touch and lifts one hand to push over his dark hair. "Oh. I'm with Ares Squadron. Air Wing…err…obviously."

"Ares?" Zephyr asks, taking yet another sip. It's surprisingly good coffee today. Or maybe he's just thirsty. He takes another look at Arsen, "I take it you're an ECO?" he adds to his first question. The young Jig has yet to see a pilot who wears glasses. ECO's on the other hand, don't have the same restrictions and health standards to live up to. Even so, this young Ensign before him must be good at what he does, else he wouldn't be here.

"ECO," he echoes, giving a quick nod of his head. Arsen finally takes his own coffee from the machine and sips it. Apparently, he takes it black. "I specialize mainly in data encryption and electronic warfare. I mean…I guess I could have wound up in engineering or doing the scientist thing." After taking another sip of coffee, he once again lifts his shoulders in a light shrug. Yeah. He saw the guy's bit of surprise. Or he thought he did. Arsen just expects it these days. He probably is the only officer in the Air Wing that wears glasses.

Zephyr ahs softly. "Ever considered working in Tactical Mister Demetriou?" he asks with a smile, just a question. Taking his hand out of his pocket, he leans off the counter and motions towards the officer's lounge 'area' "Let's take a seat…" he says, as suddenly a decent group of enlisted come in, apparently heading for the coffee counter. They'd better get out of the way…

Arsen chuckles at that and gives a shake of his head. "I'd considered it," he replies, moving off towards the officers' area with coffee in hand. "I like being out there. I mean - I have no problem working with anyone. If tactical wants my input, I'm happy to help out." Taking another sip of his coffee, he moves closer to a seat and lowers himself into it. "I mean - everyone's got to do their part and everything."

Zephyr grins and nods as he finds a pair of free lounge couches and sits himself in one, with a grunt of relief as he leans back into it. "Indeed they do." he agrees with Arsen. "So how long you been flying?" he asks.

Arsen takes another sip of his coffee, his brows raising a bit as he looks at Zephyr over the brim. "Oh," he replies after swallowing. "I flew the other day when…" He just nods his head. "That was my first real mission. I fly with Wide Load."

Zephyr ahs. He nods slowly, solemnly even. "It's, good that you made it. First sortie too…" he says softly, taking a sip of his coffee and placing the cup on a nearby table-top.

Arsen nods his head in reply to Zephyr, staying quiet for just a moment or so. His brow furrows just a bit before he finally clears his throat and gives a wave of one hand. "I fly with a good pilot. It's no coincidence or anything."

Zephyr nods in return. "It happens. Best make the best of C3 while we can…"

Arsen lifts a hand to rub the bridge of his nose, pushing his glasses up and out of the way briefly. "I think everyone's trying to make the best of everything," he replies, nudging his glasses back into place finally.

Zephyr looks at his watch, then sits up and begins buttoning up his uniform. "Almost time for my shift…" he muses as he gets up from his seat. Chuckling to Arsen, "…no rest for the wicked eh!" he grins. The Jig is a friendly guy, likes to keep things upbeat if he can like.

Arsen smiles lopsidedly, taking another sip from his cup of coffee. "Nope," he returns, shaking his head. "I actually wonder when I have to fly the CAP. I'll check the schedule again. I was half asleep when I looked last." He gives a quick nod of his head to Zephyr. "Have a good one, Lieutenant."

Zephyr stops dead in his tracks when Arsen mentions 'flying CAP'. The young Jig slowly turns back to face the Ensign, a slightly mischevious grin on his face. "Always be prepared Demetriou. That's the best advice I can give you. You take care now." he says, raising his hand in a wave as he walks out of the lounge.

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