Coffee Or Gunpowder
Coffee Or Gunpowder
Summary: Just a slice of life in the Roosters Nest
Date: 77 ACH
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Roosters Nest (Obs Deck) Genesis - Deck 9

77 ACH 23817 Souls

The observation deck is at the fore of the ship. The viewport allows those who come here to relax and enjoy a little quiet time with opposite sex. When the ship is under Alert levels, the viewport has a steel shutter that automatically comes down over the viewport for protection of the glass. The seats here are single and double and set up like a theater. They are cushioned and some recline back for those quick naps.

-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----


There is a certain peace and serenity to the observation deck, getting lost in the vastness of the ocean of black and stars displayed on the viewports and conversations held between couples and groups of people. Currently, Ensign Chione Dike is alone, engrosed in a novel, and bravely attempting the Navy coffee as she sits legs curled up underneath her in front of the largest of the vistas, more engrossed in her reading than in the view. Absently the woman reaches up, brushing a strand of hair that has worked it's way out of her obsessively perfect military hairdo to fall down into her face before turning a page.

Off-duty. Zaharis doesn't even have his duty shirt with him as he walks onto the Observation deck, slowly and stiffly. He has a small book in his right hand rather than a work folder or anything bearing the Genesis symbol. At the long table with the various carafes, he stops to pour out some hot water into a cup, and then seems to search the table for what's left around here to turn that hot water into coffee or tea.

Chione has situated herself in front of the larger of the viewports, ravenously reading a novel of some sort. She draws her cup of liquid to her lips, then sputters and coughs. "Gah… cold!" is stammered out as the book is placed out, marking her page, before the woman unfolds her legs and rises. That draws a wince, as her legs balk at the work, it seems she's been there for some time, and Chione glances at her watch, checking the time before rolling her neck. Pursing her lips, the blond young Ensign turns to walk over to the table, where Zaharis has just situated his burned and disgusting looking half-uniformed self.

Pausing, Chione's eyes widen as she notes the extent of the damage, and her mouth works, sorting through a few comments, before throwing them all aside, as she walks forward and tries to find a place to dump out her now cold coffee. "Sir," she notes, looking around, spotting a dirty mug to pour her drink in before finding some hot water to refill hers. "If I'd known you were out of sickbay, I'd have brought you back some food from the Carina last night. Where did that coffee go? I let mine get cold during a particularly good portion of my book."

Karan strolls onto the observation deck with two things: a cup of coffee and a coil-ringed book tucked under one arm. He's in the process of unfastening the top two buttons of his duty uniform as he crosses to one of the viewports, and sends a quick smile the way of Major and Ensign. Seeing as they appear to be in conversation, he doesn't intrude however; though his eyes do sift over those burns for a moment or two before turning to the window.

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"Ahhh! Don't think your charm is going to get you an extra special desert, or the Caprican Chardonnay from Spotlights from my next visit to the Carina," offers Chione with a smile, a bright and cheerful lilt to her voice as she reaches for the tin, peering at it a moment, before sampling out a bit, then handing over the container to Zaharis. "But I might be convinced to bring you back something decent, none the less, Sir. It is good to see you out and about though. I had meant to have some soup delivered to you, when I happened to be in the Mess when someone came looking for pudding upon your request, but … truth be told, I was too shy. Yes, it's actually possible that I get shy." Blue eyes dart as she catches movement and her smile brights just a bit more. "Brother Karan, glorious day to you. Care for some coffee? Though, the Major thinks it might be gun powder, I'm about to test it. Join us?" … Okay, either she's drunk, or someone slipped something into her drink, or … she needs to be banned from caffeine.

Jax ambles in, which is to say he looks like he's lost and this just happened to be a door that was open. His hands are thrust deep into the pockets of his fatigues, face bent to the floor. He shuffles in and plops into the closed seat, head lulling back and eyes closed.

Zaharis picks up a teabag rather than the returned coffee container while Chione talks. The book, its cover unmarked, gets slid carefully under his right arm and he picks up the tea with care. "Very good to hear the Carina isn't in the same chronic gastric distress that we seem to be." He steps away from the table, taking the first seat that looks open. His hand wobbles a little bit, spilling a minor puddle of hot water onto the table as he sets it down.

Karan is just sipping his coffee when Chione addresses him. So the first part of her question, at least, is already answered. He lifts the mug to demonstrate. "Thank you, Ensign, but I'm not staying long. Thirty minute break." The arriving deck hand is spotted— or more accurately, his reflection in the viewport's glass— and studied for a moment or two while Zaharis is busy spilling his tea. There's a slight frown sullying the chaplain's features.

"Oh, they probably are, Sir," notes Chione, moving towards her own book before it miraculously sprouts legs and wanders off, "Civilians are just louder at complaining, Sir, which is both good and bad." Finding a spot to settler her drink, Chione pulls out a small piece of paper which she uses to mark her page in the novel, before snapping it closed, and tucking it under her arm. Glancing around, her lips pull back in a smile, but she subdues her good humor just a bit, for the sake of everyone else in the room. "I see, Brother Karan. I'm sure you are always welcome into conversation, so do not hesitate to join in," she offers warmly, before following the man's gaze to fall upon Jax momentarily.

Jax groans from his slumped position, dragging a grease stained hand down his face. "Mommy where am I?" He smirks, trying to crack open his gaze as he hears the voices around him in conversation. "I smell coffee…" Maybe that's why he teetered in here.

Zaharis glances towards Jax, briefly. The man's an unfamiliar face. He settles in his chair and rests the book on his right knee, brushing the pages open to the one that's dogeared. And then a different one as he realises that's the wrong spot. This book's been dogeared a hell of a lot.

Karan turns back to the viewport, eyes trained on a distant star cluster. Or seemingly so. Maybe he's just watching people reflected in the glass, still. His cup is held near his mouth and sipped from occasionally, steam clouding the viewport window for how close he's standing to it. Chione's offered a brief smile, but he stays put for now.

"So it's been said," notes Chione to the worn-out Specialist as she rounds the chairs where she had been camped out prior. A motion is given towards the table near the door. "In the tin. It might also be gunpowder, I have it on good authority, but either way it does the trick or it'll send you to sick bay." Blue eyes then dart back to Zaharis, considering intruding upon his reading, before she shakes her head to herself, leaving the CMO alone for the time being, instead gliding over towards Karan. "Mind an intrusion for a moment, Brother Karan?" she asks curiously, before finally taking a sip of the drink. Oh, her nose wrinkles, before she tilts her head back and forth a little. At least it's hot this time.

Jax mmms at the notion that coffee is only a brief shuffle away. "Aren't you a doll." He tells Chione, pushing with his heels to sit up further and finally open his eyes. Of course the doll is now occupying herself with Brother Karan. "Frak." He mutters, rubbing at his eyes with a calloused hand. "Sorry, sir." He mutters an apology for his language to the nearby Major.

A page rustles softly as Zaharis turns it. His dark eyes turn up from the book at the sound of Jax's apology, and he smirks as he then looks back down. "Yeah. I frakking hate it when people frakking swear in here. Geez."

Karan is in the midst of a sip of coffee when Chione approaches him, and he seems to swallow it a bit too quickly, resulting in a wince and a burned tongue. Damn it. "No." He tries not to grimace. "No, what's on your mind, Ensign?" The book he's been holding is set aside; the cover claims it to be a 'practical application of passive subirrigation hydroponics'.

Chione cannot help but glance at the title of the book, before looking at Karan with a smile. "Trying your hand at a garden, Brother Karan?" she asks, before smiling. "It was nothing serious, really. Rather inconsequential. Major Zaharis seemed intent on his book, and I didn't want to push my luck there, and I've been meaning to try and arrange another meeting with you, of course. But now my curiosity is piqued," she admits with a motion towards the book.

Jax gives a deep chuckle at Zaharis' response. "Yeah, yeah, I suppose you're right." He rolls his shoulders, muscles tight and something pops in his neck. "One of those days." He claps a hand on the back of the chair next to the CMO as he hauls himself back to his feet. "Maybe I'll see about waking up in time to enjoy the rest of it."

"Good luck with that." Zaharis tells Jax, and turns another page. As the man starts to leave, the CMO raises his attention from the text that he hadn't really been reading. He closes his book over his fingers and turns his attention to one of the viewports in silence. He's sitting in a chair while Jax gets to his feet nearby, and Chione and Karan are having a quiet conversation somewhere nearby.

Poor Chione. It's not the first time she's come to speak with the chaplain, and found him.. distracted-seeming. "Mmhmm," he murmurs absently, after she's spoken. Nod and smile. Wait, she's asking him for feedback. "Oh, yes. Any time you'd like, when I'm not delivering a service down at the chapel." His eyes shift from the viewport, to Ensign, to book. "I'm just brushing up on it. I have a little project, over on the Destiny.."

Chione arches an eyebrow upwards as she watches Karan as she stands across from the distracted chaplain, curious, but still smiling at him. She doesn't push the distracted subject, instead keeping things conversational as she nods, "All right, Brother Karan. And a little project, you say? Well, if there is anything I could do to be of service with said project, you would let me know, wouldn't you?" is asked. "I am willing to help," she states, as if uncertain the offer to help was entirely understood.

Greje picks her way over the threshold with a careful step, upper legs and back feeling of clay mixed with pain ever since she woke up this morning— must have overdone it at last night's game. She carries a plate from the mess and shuffles in to find a quiet place to ease herself down, wincing, into a seat.

There are suddenly quite a few people in here. Zaharis can see another shape moving around, a shadowed reflection from the viewport he's looking at. He closes his book all the way and pulls his right leg closer to the chair, standing up. His tea goes abandoned on the table. Noticing the new person is Greje he gives her a mild nod but starts past her chair towards the hatch without a word.

Jax flashes a glance to Chione and Karan once he's on his feet, a hand hooking on the back of his neck. Sore. The man just looks sore. Coffee cures all that ails. Even if its the instant stuff. He meanders over towards the tin that may or may not be gunpowder and fixes himself a cup. There's an occasional glance up, but his main focus is his java.

Greje pokes at a red, opaque, semi-gelatinous cube, then pops it into her mouth, chewing intrepidly and even swallowing before looking up (gah— neck!) and nodding with a friendly sort of smile for Jesse as he's on his way out.

Karan looks back up to Chione, and nods slightly. "If you've got an interest in getting your hands dirty, I could always use more help with the planting. I haven't decided yet if I'll incorporate any of this." The book's gathered up and flipped so the cover's facing her for a moment, before it's tucked under his arm. "If you'll excuse me, though." Because it's way too crowded in here, all of a sudden, for Jerome. He darts Greje a smile when he spots her, and then turns to make his escape.

Lifting a hand and looking at the back of it, particularly her nails, Chione laughs. "It's not like I've maintained and gone in for regular manicures, Brother Karan," laughs Chione. "So I don't think that will be a problem. Let me know when, mmm?" she says, before arching an eyebrow as the chaplain makes for his escape. "Good day to you, Brother Karan," she notes before shaking her head to herself.

And that is when she catches sight of Greje. Well, since she's spoken to one chaplain, she might as well go greet the other. "Sister Karthasi. I just heard about the Pyramid game last night. Sorry I missed it. Prior engagements. Mind if I have a seat. I have an idea, a little … proposal, so to speak, that has nothing to do with religion, if you'll hear me out."

"Of course, Ensign," Karan murmurs. "We can chat about it next time you drop by." A quick smile, and then he's gone.

Greje smiles warmly at the brother, then looks sort of surprised at Chione's approach. She finishes swallowing another algae cube as she listens, just bobbing her head permissively to the seat next to her. "As long as it doesn't involve running, jumping or throwing things," Greje replies. "I don't think I can do for another night of that."

Jax has his cup of coffee, and now he drifts past the brother on his way out, to go occupy some space near the viewport. There's a tightening in his jaw, as if the sight gives him no solace, only grief.

"To be honest, it's a bit of a selfish request," says Chione, glancing at her cup, before looking back up to Greje after sitting down. "And it'll be a few days, if not a week or so. I need to space out my leave requests. I … need to make friends here. So, I was going to talk to Wide Load, who's out on CAP right now, actually, and asking her to everyone she knows, and I was going to talk everyone I've been introduced to and just spread the word of a Girls Night Out over at one of the dance clubs on the Carina or the Destiny. Just some dancing, some friendly fun, there's safety in numbers. And if we decide on the club before hand, I can try to arrange for non-alcoholic drinks in advance for those who aren't imbibing liquor right now. And … it's a way to blow off steam. We go in as a group, we make sure we don't leave with any scoundrels and strangers, and just have a fun night out."

Jax stays near the viewport a bit longer, drinking his coffee and trying to clear the cobwebs from his head. When the cup is drained, the paper thing is crushed in one meaty paw and deposited in a refuse bin on the way out the door.

"Oh…" Greje begins, "… um. Hm." Yes, she's articulate. "That sounds like it would be a good time for all involved. What did you need me to do?" she wonders, looking ready enough to help. She glances briefly toward Jax, but her attention returns to Chione, a sort of puzzled look on her face as she tries to puzzle out her role in proceedings.

"Are you forbidden from partaking, Sister?" asks Chione, arching an eyebrow upwards? "I would like you to come, and then perhaps spread the word to other people you think would enjoy it. That is all. You were nice to me when I first arrived, I'd like to try to build a friendship here, if it's not entirely too late. At least an acquaintance," is said with a hint of laughter.

To say the priestling's surprised by the offer wouldn't be a stretch in the least. "… Ah! No, no, it wouldn't run contrary to my Annointings," she begins, "I've just… I just never used to go out to clubs or the like. I… Sure, I'll come, if my schedule lets," she agrees, growing a bit red-cheeked, awkwardness laying hold of her.

"There are just a few key things to remember, really. First, if you can't easily list the drinks you've had out loud, stop drinking. Secondly, do not accept a drink from anyone but the bartender or someone you trust completely. Never accept candy from strangers. And lastly, don't leave except with a predetermined buddy. Then you just go, dance to music, in the safe company of friends, and have fun," notes Chione with a warm smile. "Trust me, Sister. And if you want, I might even have a dress to borrow that might fit. We'll see." A glance to her watch and Chione frowns faintly. "I have to run this book back to the berthings before my shift, or I would stay longer. Invite some people you are comfortable with, Sister. You'll have more fun."

Greje smiles faintly, "Abuse the Lord Dionysus and he's likely to abuse you in return," she nods in agreement. "I'll tell people," she nods, "Thank you," she adds, with her meek little smile. It's sort of nice to have someone treat her like a normal person every once in a while. Even if her normal-person social skills are considerably atrophied.

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