Colonel Agro
Colonel Agro
Summary: The Colonel goes on the warpath over prisoners.
Date: 11 ACH - 11/24/2008
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Sickbay Genesis - Deck 13

11 ACH 6735 Souls

The medical facility is large enough to hold a few dozen beds. Each bed is set with a curtain for privacy, a chair near the bed and any monitoring or medical aids needed. A nurses desk sits at the front near the hatch and a surgery area, Medical Officers area and supplies are on the far wall behind the desk. Nurses, doctors and medics man this area at any time day or night. Visiting hours are usually kept to the day and evening schedules, unless stated otherwise by medical staff.


Desusa is moving with a slight frown over his face. He steps in front of the nearest MP here and asks, "Staff Sergeant Gars, where is he?"

"No one is to have contact with the refugees? Then how are the doctors supposed to treat them or the other people who need to question them supposed to…" Eli just trails off and shakes her head, nose wrinkling as she nods firmly. "Got it, anything else the boss wanted to pass down? The doc hasn't cleared 'em yet, but as soon as he does I'm sure the steps will be taken to transport them safely." She's standing near the front of the area, by the desk. At Desusa's entrance, she stands up straighter and starts to salute before gesturing towards the recovery ward with a jerk of a thumb.

Desusa leaves for Recovery Ward [RW].

"Look, sergeant" Wulf says. "I only pass along what the boss tells me to pass along. Other than that, aint none of my business how he figures this to go down."

Regas is coming through the hatch. "Make a frakkin' hole," the Colonel growls to those standing near it. When they part like the waters of Moses he keeps walking. Straight toward where the MP's are guarding an area.

Eli nods easily enough to Wulf, still looking a bit uncertain…and her uncertain face looks like her normal face which looks like a blank androgynous slate as she stands at attention again when she notices Regas.

You hear shouting: "Desusa, get your arse back out here.

Wulf soon enough spots Regas and takes a step back to give the officer some room. "Sir" he says, offering the man a nod.

Desusa comes in from Recovery Ward.

Regas does shouting, toward the Recovery Ward that the Captain disappeared into. He's not very happy. You could say, he is /less/ than happy right now.

Eli does not flinch, does not cringe, just stands up even straighter - that invisible rod is shoved up there pretty good, a flicker of 'wtf' in her eyes but is she saying anything? Hells no.

Eve comes in from Psychiatry Office.

Wulf keeps his stone-carved face, despite the emotions on display by the ranking officer infront of him. Hands on his back, he stands at ease, eyes aimed at some distant horizon far beyond the confines of the sickbay.

Desusa fails to recognize the voice that call him out here, but it kept him from going to chew some ass, so, he is also in a piss-poor mood too. "Who the frakk…!" He spots Regas close to the MP detail here and his irritation settles somewhat, Colonel, sir." WTF is on his mind too. But…

The door to the psychiatry office swings open, Eve ready to admonish anyone who would shout in a healing environment. That is until, of course, she notes that that 'anyone' could very well be the Colonel. Colonels are allowed to yell any where they damn well please. Back into her hidey hole she goes.

Eve leaves for Psychiatry Office [PO].

IF he had one of Desusa's cigars about now, the end would be chewed off it as he stares down the MP's in front of the room they are guarding. Then his gaze shifts to the Captain. Well he is the closes Officer, now isn't he? "Who the frak let prisoners on my ship? Who the frak OK'd a raptor that had been floating out there, to land on /my/ ship? Does anyone on this frakkin' ship realize we are at war? Do we let everyone and their brother just waltz onto /my/ ship?"

Eli wooo boys in her head, staying quiet and alert.

"I believe the call was made by the CAG, sir" Wulf says, his face as rigid as ever, eyes burning holes in the hull at the far end of the sickbay.

Desusa stares blackly at the Colonel. 'WTF are you talking about homie?!?' "The CAG?!?" Asks raul to Wulf. Yeah. Let's all scream at Wulf now.

"Lance when I want your opinion, I'll ask you to shit it out on deck, is that understood?" Regas is not in the mood. But the look on Desusa's face also makes him pin a look again on Wulf. "I received the memo from the CAG. She also has a Deck Cheif and a LSO. Lucky for everyone on board this ship, their asses are mine right now."

"Sir, yes, sir!" Wulf says with a loud snap. "Understood and percieved 100 percent, sir!"

…well look at that, Eli puffs out her chest in a deep breath, working on staying quiet. And she's still flat chested, imagine that. She is also still looking straight ahead at the wall.

Desusa glares at Wulf for a few seconds. Nothing more he can do.

Regas snaps his attention back to Desusa, "You, on me." He then looks at the MP's. "What are your exact orders here and by whom?"

Desusa nods simpy to Regas and clasps his hands behind his back. Gars will have to wait, but this situation will only make his ass-chewing more juicy. Oh lookit, the Captain has his sidearms strapped over his waist. Perty gun, perty.

Wulf waits for his superior, in this case Sergeant Eli, to give the answer.

"My orders from last night, sir, were to stand guard over the refugees as they received medical care and to wait for clearance from the doctor before escorting them to the brig. I received orders sir from both the medical professionals who were in charge of the extraction and then after that the CAG. My orders from the Masters at Arms were to not allow people contact with the refugees and as soon as Major Zaharis signs off of it, to escort them into the brig and any further contact with them after that, to still be cleared by the Master at Arms should that become an issue at question, sir." Eli rattles off with that marine type barky precision, sometimes that gender neutral voice comes in handy. Still look straight ahead.

Regas frowns heavily right now, "As soon as they can hobble, they are out, is that understood? And they are off my frakking ship. Until this is cleared up more to my comfort. You put them back in that raptor and you get them to the Flattop. And someone better hope to frakkin' gods, we don't have spies and we don't have some godsdamned cylon listening device on it!" His voice raises, not giving a damn who is healing.

Wulf stands at ease, eyes ever locked on the far hull.

Desusa shakes his head in disgust with this whole situation. As if the CPT didn't have enough worries on his head.

"Sir yes sir." Eli replies sharply. "Permission to ask a question sir?"

Fotilas was just wandering by Sickbay on his way towards Gold Squad Berthings looking for a certain CAG.. But the sound of the CO yelling at someone? He steps past teh desk without so much as a greeting and stops by Regas. His face has become somewhat stoney, but a single brow is raised as he looks back and forth to everyone, settling on the Colonel.

Regas eyes the MP, "What is it, Sergeant?"

Desusa eyes too.

Wulf's eyes are not on Eli, but the wall.

"If a refugee resists, am I allowed to shoot them in the kneecap sir?" Eli asks, still with that blank expression.

Desusa steps in answers, "No. You shoot him/her in the head!" Growls Desusa.

Regas looms now. Colonel's love to loom. When Desusa answers, he lets it stand. Turning, he then makes his way and sees Fotilas, "Excellent, more asses to chew out. I've yet to get my quota for the week. You will start yours with the LSO and work your way down and find out when the CAG became Command and let this piece of crap on my ship."

Eli spontaneously orgasms right then and there - okay maybe not, but the world will never know. Her eyes light up though and she just replies. "Sir yes sir!" That just made her day then and there.

Farkas comes in from Corridor 13B.

Farkas makes his way into the sickbay. Hands like most often are kept behind his back, eyebrows slightly lowered in a constant frown as he pauses just inside the entry and looks around.

The XO doesn't bother getting into security business. "I'm going to assume this is in reference to the group brought in on the Raptor?" Fotilas offers, already knowing the answer. "I was on my way down to find the CAG when I heard the commotion in here. But I'll get on it, sir." Just as evenly if he'd been told to get a glass of water. That could be really good or bad. Tough to tell considering he hasn't been aboard that long.

Looking over, Wulf spots Farkas but says nothing. With so many high rankers around, he figures it is best to keep cool and keep quiet.

Eli also sees Farkas and the other people who enter, but she's standing at attention. Staring at the wall.

Regas simply grunts, it's good to grunt in rank. It makes everything more clear to those around him. Seeing Farkas enter, he draws his brows in, "Sheriff, I've just informed your MP's. Those people will be off my ship and out of sickbay ASAP. They will be transferred to the Flattop and stored there until we find out more about them. I'll be godsdamned if I allow them here."

Desusa files besides Regas and looks to Farkas. Once Regas says his part, he adds, "And Farkas, make sure your MP's are aware that there is a secuirty risk in this sickaby and that asking for permission to shoot /that/ risk makes you look like a pissant."

"Colonel, when you're finished here..? If I might have a word with you in private, sir?" The XO just nods to Regas, slowly stepping back so the CO might get a better sight picture on Farkas. He doesn't move off just yet, though.

Well there is certainly a huge number of officers in the room, and Farkas offers a slight nod in their direction. Once the formalities are done, he glances at Desusa and then looks towards Regas. "Sir..Without damning you..As soon as Doctor Zaharis sees fit to give them a bottle of water, I'll toss them in the brig..I have Officers whom has failed in their duties and two dead NCO's..Ontop of that, I have one of them to be a supposed criminal..I need to conduct an investigation, and..Pardon me for saying Sir, there is no safer place to tuck them then the high Security brigg."

OH No Desusa DIDN'T! Eli takes off her earrings and gets the vaseline and smears it on her cheeks and prepares to get swinging! - Only no, that doesn't happen. This happen at all, okay? Just the mental picture is probably happening in her head. Minus the earrings and the vaseline. And plus blunt instruments. But Eli is a very good marine, she just stands up a bit straighter. She has happy thoughts, she might get to shoooot somebody. It is just like shore leave! Lots of action. Just without sex! Or nudity! She might even get to /beat/ somebody. Oh happy happy joy joy.

Micah comes in from Psychiatry Office.

"And then they know every deck of our ship, don't they?" Regas would probably have smoke curling out his ears by now, if the area wasn't cooled down by AC. "We could just give them the guided tour, while we are at it." The Colonel leans back on his heels some. "I'm about to start to send down Airlocking orders, due to convicts taking up air and food, we need."

Fotilas lifts his brow and looks to Farkas. The pair this guy has.. And with the Colonel worked-up like this? Whew. He just watches Regas, but with the last of the mans remarks.. well.. They need to talk about that.

If Wulf could, he would have made a quiet exit… Too bad for him that he is surrounded by agitated superiors. He would be safer holding on to a detonating nuke.

Desusa shakes his head once more. Man!

Farkas furrows his eyebrows, as if he regreted something he just said but keeps his peace on the matter. He keeps his hands behind his back in his 'at ease' and simply nods his head towards Regas. "It is the duty of the Master at Arms, to safekeep any evidences concerning crimes commited." his voice as gruffy and well down right cruel sounding as he stands there. "But give the order, and I'll have them tossed out the airlock quicker then quick sir..But until you do, they are material witnesses and gods damnit, Evidence of a possible murder case of two NCO's of the Colonial armed forces, sir."

Micah ambles out of the psyche's office, and halts abruptly when he spots the gathering in sickbay; for once it isn't him frakking something up, though the Master Sergeant certainly seems in the thick of things. The pilot loiters for the time being, though keeps well back from everyone.

"No shit," Regas directs back to the Sheriff. "On my frakkin' boat!" His voice begins to thunder now, maybe he grabbed some of that Zeus Juice <tm>. "On top of who knows what the frak they brought on board with that raptor." The Colonel finger comes up now, doing a direct point at the Sheriff, "Get them off my ship. Do your investigation on the Flattop, is that understood?"

Wulf stands at ease, eyes almost done burning a hole in the far hull.

That spot on the wall is even more interesting. Eli focuses on that.

Oh noo, noone not even the CO of the ship will ruin what little fun good ol Farkas can have on this ship. He can't go beating up Pilots each and everyday and a murder investigation is just too good to pass up, unless something more amusing appears. "And shall I still await the Good doctor to give them a bill of health before I move them Sir?..It may take a good while before they are deemed fit..Sir." After all the CO is angered and may just give Farkas what he wants. On the flattop noone will hear those poor Navy boys scream.

Desusa keeps steady, eyeing the ward room on occacions.

"You'll wait till the CMO says so, which will be as soon as I tell him," Regas lowers his hand now. "Even if they have to hobble out of here," some humanitarian he is! "Desusa," he turns then, "See that the Flattop is ready and communicate with the Captain of the ship. Also Captain Gaelan." He then turns back to his XO, "We can talk now."

Desusa nods and salutes turning heal. Target locked in. The Recovery ward.

Desusa leaves for Recovery Ward [RW].

Fotilas politely waits until Regas is done with the MaA. When the Colonel motions to him, the XO makes a motion for the CO to lead the way. He would apparently prefer to speak in private. Probably Command-ey type stuff. "After you, Colonel?"

Wulf remains where he is, hands on his back, eyes aimed through his yellow shades at the far end of the sickbay.

A soft 'frak' can be heard from Farkas before he nods his head towards Regas and then looks towards Eli and Wulf. "You keep them fraking refugees on lock down..and make me look bad again, I'll give you both a do over that makes that fraking pilot look like a holliday!" he growls.

Regas leaves sickbay along with his XO. Most likely it isn't going to be a kaffe klatch.

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