Colonel Carters Chicken
Colonel Carters Chicken
Summary: Regas and Salin sneak up on Reed
Date: 88 ACH
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CIC Hera - Deck 2
88 ACH 23817 Souls

The CIC of the Hera is remarkably, the one area that is closest to it's original military configuration. A lower area holds the lit situation table with DRADIS console lowered from the ceiling, while the raised rear stations hold access consoles to such stations as Engineering, Power Distribution, DRADIS Monitoring, Weapons Control. It is important to note that this civilian vessel is heavily armed with point defense cannons, long and short range missile batteries, advanced ECM suite, and heavy armor plating. While this ship has been heavily modified for comfort, it has in fact been upgraded in FTL efficency, weapons systems, and sublight engines.
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Salin comes in from Hallway.
Salin has arrived.

Reed is at the main Command console, leaning against it, writing on a clipboard as CIC hums smoothly. Reed is unaware of the horrors about to be visited on him by the upper brass.

Regas walks into the Hera CIC along with the XO. RAR. They look pretty commandy this afternoon. Besides, Regas has had to deal with a few problems already and a frown is etched on his face in permanent mode.

Unlike Regas, Salin doesn't let the frown echo upon his lips, but it's clear the XO isn't all the impressed. His posture is a little more rigid and firm and the small smile that normally took hold of his lips, is gone, leaving an almost blank expression.

Hera CIC has a smoothly running staff, and even one guy, who keeps an eye on the door. "Commander on Deck!" Is called and all rise in CIC, Reed straightening and snapping to attention. "Hup!" Reed says as all arms rise in salute. Synchronized. Maybe they do tricks too.

Regas returns the salutes and heads toward Reed, "Major Carter," his gaze directed on the Hera CO, then a glance over his shoulder to the XO. "Colonel Altair and I have some buisiness with you."

Salin doesn't return the salute, since it's intended more for the Commander then him. But, there is a subtle nod of his head towards those present, then towards Regas, before the man is finally bringing his gaze to rest on Reed.

Reed drops salute crisply, as the entire CIC lowers salute as one. They DO do tricks. Reed nods to Regas, "Aye sir. May I offer the Situation Room for this, sir?"

Regas shakes his head, "I don't think so, Major," he looks around, "This will do." Just in case he is pulling him off the bridge, this is the best way, right? A glance goes back to Salin, "XO, I believe this is your idea, so you can handle it."

There's a turn of his attention towards Regas and Salin is giving a quick nod before he's looking back to Reed. There's a step forward and he's slipping his hand into his pocket, only to withdraw a small box from within. It's opened to reveal two Colonel rank pins seated neatly within, "Major Reed Carter, the Commander concurs with my assesment that you have gone above and beyond the call of duty on several occassions. You have proven yourself to be a valuable asset to this Fleet and as such, it is our privilage to elevate you to the rank of Colonel." There's a pause and the faintest of smiles, "Please step forward."

Ohgods the hell of promotion. Reed blinks, and steps forward as CIC, evil bastards that they are, simply makes sure this is gotten on the internal cameras. Dreavers is SO going to sell this to McKenzie since she wasn't on duty when this happened. Reed moves forward, remaining at attention with the inevitable swallow that happens when the CO and XO sneak around with rank pins, putting them on people.

Regas steps back, his gaze going to the grinning CIC crew of the Hera. His hands tuck in behind his back as Salin gets all official and a smile does finally hit the Commander's lips at this point.

There's always a perverse pleasure when Command can spring things like this on people. Especially in front of their crew. And Salin isn't afraid to let that show, just a touch, fromthe smile on his lips. When Reed steps forward, he's setting the box aside after pulling the pins from within. "You're seemingly out of uniform, Colonel." Then, he's reaching up to unpin those pesky Major pins, only to replace them with the shiney new Colonel ones. With that done, there's a quick nod and a hand is extended to Reed, "Congratulations, Colonel Carter."

The ooooold out of uniform gag used when promoting. Yeah, Reed used the ooold 'list your decorations' gag on Ramiro once when giving him his second Bronze Cluster. He stands there as Salin changes his pins, then takes the extended hand, shaking it, "Thank you, Colonel." He then turns to Regas, "Thank you, sir." Customary handshake.

Regas does the customary handshake to Reed also, "They look good on you, which puts you in a situation now." He glances around the room to those here, noticing Pepper and McKenzie isn't on the bridge anywhere. Glancing back, his voice drops a little lower as the crew here look like the are returning to work anyway. "I've spoke to my people this morning. Keep a lid on things going around about the Destiny. Some are getting a little too big for their own pins, if you take my meaning."

With that done, Salin is magically hiding the Major pins and the box, before his hands slip behind his back. He's looking between Regas and Reed, giving a slight nod of his head, "And if you do hear of things, kindly smack them. I'll ensure that all the lawyers in the Fleet look the otherway when a complaint is filed." It's … hard to tell if he's joking or not.

Reed nods to Regas, and when they start speaking about the Destiny, he nods more, still smiling, though the smile leaves his eyes. He plays it as passing a few words of wisdom to the newly promoted Colonel, maybe the recipe for Colonel Carters Chicken. But he says, still smiling, though his tone is low, slick and quiet. "Ayesir. I recieved data from the Destiny systems, and passed it to Genesis Engineering." Salin actually saw that. "Haven't heard anything back, but my Weapons Officer is fine with just ensuring the data is properly analyzed." Other problems from the Destiny? Seems clear he hasn't heard.

"Right, those papers arrived and the buck has stopped there. You'll do well to let your weapons officer know that it is above her paygrade and she is no longer involved." Regas lets the new Colonel know. "We'll get a meeting soon and go over this, before it gets too out of hand, although it may have already gone that far. The old adage of Loose Lips sink Ships, still works, especially now."

Reed nods to Regas, "Aye sir. It's out of her hands. Not an issue." He straightens before CIC actually thinks there ARE recipes being exchanged there.

Regas straightens, "Excellent, then we will let you get back to work," he begins turning then, taking his leave off the bridge.

Reed nods, saluting to the back of the commander, and turning as the applause starts on CIC and he lifts his hands, "Alright, alright people." He says with a smile, "We can keep working now."

Regas leaves for Hallway [O].
Regas has left.

There's another nod and Salin is offering Regas a, "I'll catch up with you." Then, he's looking around CIC before returning his eyes back to Reed, "Congratz, Carter. Well deserved. And overdue, on a several accounts."

Reed turns back to Salin, "Well, thank you, I had just gotten used to calling you 'Sir.'" He grins. "And they put in my file I'm not a career oriented personality."

There's a very faint chuckle and Salin's shoulders lift slightly, "Well, I'm sure you'll make due without having to call me that." A quick grin and he's nodding again, "I think it has something to do with those smarts of yours. Makes you look good, from time to time and overshadows that lack of carerr orientation. I'll let you get back to what you were doing, but we'll have to make time for a drink in the near future. No way you're getting away with a promotion without having to suffer the rights of buying everyone else a drink."

Reed nods, "Absolutely." He blinks, looking off to the side, "Oh, I outrank Rhea now." He smirks evilly for a moment, "This could be fun."

There's a chuckle and Salin is shaking his head slightly, "If she doesn't like the idea of you as a Colonel, tell her it was Regas' idea. If she likes it, tell her it was mine." A pause, "Speaking of Rhea. How's things on that front? Seemed like she was a tad uncomfortable when I was around, yesterday."

Reed turns, moving to the side with Salin, "On that front? Between us? We're wonderful, actually. Might be you're her boss now and.. I don't know really." He stops, "Ohh, perhaps.."

There's a quick nod of Salin's head, but any question or comment is held off, shy of a slight lift of his hand and a quick smile, "Perhaps, what?"

Reed lowers his head, thinking, then looks to Salin, "Her and Zaharis' time in sickbay was.. hard on them. Those two people getting bedridden, it's not in their personalities to let others handle things for them." He scratches his neck, "I was in there with them as much as possible, doing everything from water bitch to regulating traffic."

There's a nod of his head again and Salin unclasps his hands, only to cross his arms over his chest, "Could be. I didn't make it down there and I know Jesse was disappointed. Smoothed that over though." A pause, "Suppose I should talk to her in person. See if there's something on her mind or if it's something that I did."

Reed nods, "Couldn't hurt." He thinks a moment then nods, "I might be wrong, but there's only one way to know for certain, and that's it."

"Alright. Just wanted to see if there was something on the personal front before I snagged her for a short meeting." Sal gives another quick nod, then he's turning slightly, "I'll leave you to your work. I need to head back and make sure that the Commander isn't throttling anyone else from Genny's CIC today. Congrats again, Carter. Well deserved."

Reed inclines his head, "Thank you. Good luck with protecting the CIC crew." He grins

Salin leaves for Hallway [O].
Salin has left.

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