Colonel's Log
The solemn sound of the Colonel's voice is heard over his personal log as he begins taping after inserting the Date.


Every military man ponders it, but with War, they expect it. I've handed down, not the impossible, but the imperative orders to my Officers. It is what we are trained to do and what we are expected to do, when the times of War come upon us. They need to prepare us for War. A War that Humanity itself has managed to inflict on everyone, by their own selfish means. We grew lazy. We wanted the popular instead of the unpopular. Perhaps, we should have listened to those voices of dissention more closely. We are not Gods. Yet, we created and that creation has turned on us again.

There is a long pause here and the sound of ice clinking along a glass as the man takes a drink.

And to what end. Our own destruction. Extermination of everything we have known. Yet, the voices inside us, demand our Egos to win out. We are not down, we are only out for a short time. This is still our strength, whether it may damn us all, only history will tell.

The Colonel's voice changes here, more to one of his Command as he fills in the basics for what lies ahead. 
Like he told his Officers at the meeting he called,  and the orders to have it done. 

The recorder is then clicked off and the silence is as loud as the feeling of trepidation.
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