Commander Log

20 ACH - Personal Log

I write these things down, because someday they may be found should we not make it. I don't fully believe that the Cylons have killed everyone. We survived, others may have also. We know the Galactica went somewhere after Ragnor Anchorage, but there are no clues as to where.

I can't leave the Colonies. Not like this. It is born and bred in me to protect them. I am unable to run. If I run, what does that tell those who serve under me? I need to try, even if I go down in some future history books of the last one who tried to make a stand.

A last stand?

I am unable to live with that either. There are so few souls to protect that are under my command. So many eyes on the Genesis and who commands her. I will not take Civilians into battle and I have given those under me the option of backing out. None have. It doesn't mean they like what I do, but it does mean they still have something to fight for. And, really, that is all we have. Some Hope.

Dina nor Amy has been found among the few ships here. I didn't expect it, although I know my family would have battled to the last person. In my own selfishness, I need to see for myself. I'm trying not to abuse my Command as others want to find their families too. Part of me wants to know and part of me doesn't want to face that possibility.

I can only hope that Raine got them out. That they are alive somewhere.

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