Confession is Good for the Soul
Confession is Good for the Soul
Summary: Regas and Fotilas speak to the CAG and the CMO. They both need a drink.
Date: 42 ACH - 12/24/08
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 12

42 ACH 6285 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Contents: Regas Wireless 1300

Exits: [O] Corridor


Rue comes in from Corridor 12E.

Fotilas comes in from Corridor 12E.

Regas is seated on a chair in his room. He actually has his jacket undone as he looks to be taking some quiet time. The book open in his lap as a light hooked to it as he reads.

Rue steps in and knocks lightly on the nearest bulkhead before stepping forward. She stops and slips into an at attention stance, a large manila envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL under one arm. "Sir."

Fotilas is not far behind Rue. He's in his off-duty garb as this is nearing his bedtime. The man seems subdued, just like the CO. When he stops outside the hatch, the man eyes the blonde before looking to Regas. "Sir..?" He motions as if he's requesting to enter as well.

Regas finishes the passage before unhooking the light and laying it aside. The front of the book shows to be some book that was written about the first cylon war. Looking up now, he motions, "Come in and take a seat," his eyes do go to the confidential envelope.

"I appreciate you both meeting with me on short notice. Obviously, I wouldn't bother you with something trivial this late in the evening," Rue says, stepping forward and handing the manila envelope to Regas. "I recently discovered I have a medical condition that will effect how I do my duty." She looks aside to Fotilas, offering the man a nod before settling into a seat near the CO. "I'm pregnant. Almost into the second trimester."

The XO follows Rue with a nod and moves to sit on some of tht comfy furniture the CO is given. His eyes do their best to stay away from the envelope as well. But the answers aren't long is coming. His brow rises with her admission of the condition but his face drops at her mention of being pregnant. "I'd say that's pretty serious," he deadpans. The man leans back into the chair. His eyes flicker to Regas, waiting.

Regas takes the envelope as he straightens in his chair. His eyes are on it when that little gem is dropped. Fingers pause on the clasp and then they move again as he slowly unwinds the string. He doesn't say anything or look up, but simply pulls the papers out of the envelope and begins to go through them. Noting the medical information in silence.

Rue watches Regas silently as he opens up the envelope and starts going through the forms. She glances aside at the XO and nods, expression kept carefully neutral. "I consider my duty my life. The ifs of whether that could have been different are inconsequential. But what this comes down to is, do I keep it. Or don't I."

Fotilas' eyes fall back on Rue as she speaks to him. There's a long sigh from the man as he lifts a hand, fingers settling across his chin and lips in a fan. They drum across, his eyes regarding her in the way an officer assesses another. "I think I'd like to hear why we can and should keep you in the CAG position if you are with child." Its not an angry request, but the tone of his voice matches his mood: Even and curious.

"Given of course that you won't be able to fly. I'm not entirely sure being pregnant will effect a lot of other duties unless Doctor's orders dictate otherwise."

Regas' dark eyes raise now as he still holds the paper in his hand. The steady look lands on the CAG. It doesn't seem like he is going to help her answer that question. After a moment, he rises up and lays the envelope and the information on his desk as he begins to button up his jacket now. It is done in very precise movements. "Who is the lucky father?"

"He's dead, sir," is Rue's answer, which isn't probably the full answer that's being looked for. "Yes. The revoking of my flight status is right up there. Along with the fact that I'd be a single parent. That we're in the middle of a war and that humanity is attempting just to survive at the moment." She pauses, then adds, "I'm the best pilot you have. I'm also the seniormost officer with flight experience and the tactical knowledge to back it up. And, if I keep the child, how different is it from granting medical leave to a CAG who had broken their arm or needed some other sort of treatment that laid them up for a while? If you feel that I'm not doing my job effectively at any time, you can order me out. It's as simple as that. You are my Command and I'm your CAG. That's as simple as it is."

The XO's eyes glance to Regs for only a moment. That answer doesn't seem to concern him so much as Rue doing her duty. Those dark eyes settle on her own as she speaks. "I imagine you'd be out of flight for a good amount of time. Considerably longer than a broken arm… what? Six to eight months? And the loss of our best pilot.. Major Rue I won't pretend you're blind to how much of a hit that is against us as a fighting vessel." But that's his only quibble. He can't make her unpregnant. Nor would he ask her to be any other way. An officer is an officer. "I won't argue with you anyplace else, Major." The hand drops from his face, letting his fingers come to rest on the arm of the chair. "If we leave you in-place as CAG, who would you have leading your pilots into combat, Rue? Captain Nikos?"

"Dead." Regas catches onto that one like a dog with a bone, "I see. Unmarried and pregnant. A senior Officer, what kind of signal is that going to send to your pilots?" His own voice is as even as it can be at the moment. "Your ability to do your job, is not in question here." They both seem to be rounding out questions here at her.

Rue nods at Fotilas and answers with this: "If I didn't think that Captain Nikos was capable of stepping into my position if I were incapacitated, she wouldn't have made Gold Squadron Leader." Then she turns her head to regard Regas. "I am the living breathing example of what my pilots should be like. I know this. Back when Screamer mentored me on the same flight deck I'm the CAG over now, he drilled that into me. But, I don't think it's a negative signal to send. In fact, I'd argue the opposite. Life continues. We will survive. There will be human life after the war, if we all stick together. I always try to emphasize unity and hope when speaking with my pilots. I have to. We have an altogether dangerous job."

Fotilas regards Regas' question with an inquesitive look as well. His eyes settle back on the CAG with her answer for him. He seems satisfied with it, settling back into his chair. Her comments strike him and his brow rises. "Interesting perspective, Major. So you're saying that by continuing to do you duty, minus flight status obviously, you're showing your pilots will and determination. Fighting spirit and hope for the future, eh?" Another long sigh leaves him. He doesn't look to Regas this time. No, his eyes stay focused on the CAG.

It seems the Commander has a different opinion, "I disagree. We ration out items so this doesn't happen to our female pilots. So they don't get pulled off the line. That my own CAG can't figure out what causes pregnancy, is a great disappointment," he reaches to the papers and slides them back inside. "You always were stubborn as hell and that hasn't changed. If you keep this baby, then you'll find him or her a father. If you are seeing someone at this time, it would be best to choose someone you are able to get along with." He drops the envelope back on the desk with a finality to it all.

"That is what I am hoping for. But all of us know that isn't always how things pan out. If the Cylons hadn't happened, I'd be considering a return to Leonis right now. Maybe even retirement. A house. A child. A marriage." Rue's jaw tenses a little at the last one and she goes quiet, before her eyes make their way to Regas again. "With respect, sir. I know exactly how contraceptives work. But I'm human and the world was ending at the time." Biting her lip, she lowers her gaze and says, with just a slight bit of humor in her voice, "Are you volunteering, sir?" She looks back up. "I'm not seeing anyone as yet. But yes, I wasn't planning on raising a child alone."

Fotilas stares at Regas. Did he just order Rue to find a husband? Wow. And that insult. "Sir, did you just.. That leaves a few dozen full Lieutenants, Captains, Majors or one of us, Commander." He's trying to wrap his brain around what he just heard the CO say to Rue. He shakes his head and looks back to Rue, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees now. "Yeah, I imagine we'd be in different places right now. But it would seem that the Gods have a different idea for you and the rest of this vessel. And you said you're almost three months.. when do you plan to come off the line and when will you tell your pilots?" The XO's tone stays neutral and relaxed.

Regas sits down at his desk and pulls out some paperwork, "For the time being you will be shifted to the LSO position. I'm sure the doctors can agree that is not harmful work. You can sit and tell people to launch, if you have to be off your feet for a time. You will also be able to coordinate from that area." A pen is pulled from its holder on the desk and he begins writing across the temporary transfer paper. The pen stops in mid-scratch as she bounces the ball back in his court. He doesn't answer either one. The bastard. Moving his pen to the bottom of the paper, he signs off on it and then flips it around, "You'll need to sign here, Major."

"Whatever you think is best, sir," Rue states, reaching over to take the pen from Regas and scrawl her name on the line. "I will not be a liability to this command." She glances Fotilas' way, after signing, and sets down the pen. "It'd be as soon as medical said so. And given how far I am along, it'd be soon."

It takes a moment for the CO's words to register in the mind of the Colonel. He looks at Rue still before turning to stare at Regas. He blinks a few times, just stunned again. After Rue addresses him, he looks back to her, face masking once more. "Major, you are not a liability to this command. Period. But as far as your flight status goes, fine." Even if Regas did just transfer her. He'll wait to see if Regas wants to say anything else.

"You are being too polite, when you throw that boot back in berthings, make sure it doesn't break anything," Regas states and lays the paper over to an outbox that is picked up in the mornings. He rises up then and glances to Fotilas. "You will still retain your CAG status as well, but the extra duties will need to be picked up. As Captain Nikos moves into a position to take on more, she'll need someone to be shifted as Lead. They dont' need to be promoted, so find someone who can handle it."

"I'd follow the two of you into the sun," Rue says matter-of-factly, a smile on her face, "If you told me it had to be done. I'll make my pick within the week, after a sit down with Captain Nikos." Pause. "And sir. Sirs. I just want… I wanted to say that I appreciate all you both have done for me. For understanding. And for seeing past the stubborness."

The XO remains blank to Regas' remarks. But the man stands with the CO, despite him being in his off-duties. "Best of luck, Major. Its not a problem from my end, either." He's keeping it short for her. He needs to get out of here and go punch a bunch of things.. but that's hidden nicely below the surface.

Regas finds something awfully amusing about the CAG's attitude right now, "Let's hope it doesn't come down to that. I don't need the tan." His hand comes up with her envelope, "Get out of here before I change my mind. The CMO is next on our list before we get to sleep tonight."

"Aye aye sir," Rue says, saluting Regas and then Fotilas. "Good night." She takes the envelope back from the Commander, then turns on her heel and heads out of the quarters.

Fotilas returns the salute lazily considering he's in his duds. The man watches Rue in silence on her exit. Once Rue's out the door, he looks to Regas. "Major Zaharis? I wasn't aware we had to see him. What's going on?"

Regas also salutes and then just rubs along the edge of his eyebrow and slowly releases the air in his lungs. Glancing to his XO, he mutters half a comment, "I don't suppose you want…no," he ends with answering his own question. "I have no idea, I can't wait, it's the witching hour."

Rue leaves for Corridor 12E [O].

Regas is behind his desk, in uniform, and the XO is nearby in off duties. He probably has his cylon jumper nighties laying on his bunk waiting. "I'm wondering if I should wait on that drink till after this meeting."

Zaharis got sent up by whatever Ensign was manning the Regas-Radar. Wearing his blues, he stands outside in silence for a minute before tapping the bell. Buzzer. Whatever's out there.

The XO is standing nearby with his hands in his pockets, shaking his head to Regas' musings. "Oh I'm wondering the saaame thing." This coming from Fotilas, who doesn't drink. At the buzzer, the man just looks to the hatch but says nothing.

Regas shouts an Enter and the guard on duty is nice enough to even open the door for the CMO. A slight nod and a grunt follows the XO's words.

Zaharis walks in to grunting. Good times. "Sirs." He lets the hatch close once he's through. "My apologies if I caught you both off-duty."

"Well its been an exciting night so far, Major." Fotilas seems a mix of shell-shocked and amused. But he just shakes his head. "But no, its not an interruption." He doesn't move to sit yet.

"We're never off duty, perse," Regas waves a hand for the CMO to take the seat just vacated by the CAG, so it is probably still warm. He then sits down behind his desk, "How can we help you tonight, Major Zaharis?" A glance going to his XO and then back to Zaharis.

Zaharis gives Regas a wry smile and nods to both, sitting down. Though he's not quite fidgety there's something a little on-edge about him, in the tension of his shoulders. He glances at the standing Fotilas and then back to Regas. "Uh, well." He clears his throat quietly and takes a breath. Rubicon has been crossed. "Sirs, I came to inform you of…an infraction. On my part."

The XO doesn't make any outward reaction to the news except for a raised brow. He just eyes the CMO for a minute.

Regas knew he should have pulled out that liquor. Leaning slightly, he rests his elbow on the chair arm and waits, watching the CMO also. It's those commandy stares again to the person in the chair.

Zaharis' mouth has gone dry. He pauses to let out some breath he'd forgotten he was holding, looks directly at Regas, and starts. "Two days after the PAS incident I wrote myself a order for baxadrin, a prescription amphetamine. Within a very short time I had developed a dependency on it and also began taking seronol - a barbiturate - for the crashes. About four days after that started I was so tolerant of both that I increased the dosage on my own." He rubs his fingertips together. "When we were inventorying the Persius I removed some of their stock without recording the original numbers. Two days ago I realised the extent of my dependency and its negative impact, and took two days of leave to the Carina, where I went through detox. I just returned today and am now clean. The extra medication I had obtained has been returned to inventory." 'Hard to say' doesn't begin to describe this.

Yeah, that drink would have been warranted. For sure. Fotilas stares at Zaharis while the man speaks. "Lords Doc.." he says, sighing and finally looking away when the Major finishes. His eyes glance to Regas for a moment, reserving judgement until Regas makes his first play. This time. That's a lot for one night.

Regas reaches down into the bottom drawer of his desk and brings out the bottle of Leonis Rye Whiskey he has kept there for awhile. The bottle is sat on the desk and the caramel color gleams almost gold in the light. A shot glass follows and he closes the drawer. He twists the lid off and pours the shot glass half full, sliding it with one finger over toward the XO. Holding the cap in his hand, his lips purse into a deep frown, "Has another medical doctor looked at you yet?"

"No, sir. I've only been back from leave for a few hours." Zaharis clears his throat, trying to keep his voice from sounding as thick as his throat feels.

The XO reaches for the shot and sips it back carefully. He doesn't even make a face. The eel is probably killing his tastebuds. He sets the glass back down and nods a 'thanks' to Regas before sitting down into a chair. "Okay.." Fingers pinch the bridge of his nose for a moment. "Major, do you believe that two days of detox are enough for you? Is there a reason we need to worry about you relapsing when you go on duty tomorrow?"

Regas picks the glass up and pours some more into it, he then recaps the bottle and lets the shot sit this time, "I'll need you to run this past a qualified doctor and have the report sent to us. You'll then register yourself for a psyche eval. You'll turn your keys over to your XO. I also want the eval report. Until that is done, consider yourself AIQ'd." He doesn't even ask questions.

Zaharis is about to answer Fotilas but then Regas speaks. The CO's answer seems to be what he was expecting, and he swallows and nods. "Yes, sir." Though as not to be ignoring the XO he turns his eyes to Fotilas. "I will detail everything to the evaluating physician, sir."

Given the night already, this was about what Fotilas ws expecting from Regas. The XO just dips his head to the CMO and leans back in the chair as the Commander doles it out. He remains in silence, fingers pressed to the bridge of his nose.

Regas eyes the drink, but he doesn't take it. "While you are there, you can write up a report to me on what you would do to punish your own for this kind of an infraction." He then takes the drink and sets it down, "Dismissed."

"Yes, sir." Zaharis rises stiffly, giving the bottom of his jacket a straightening tug. He raises proper salute and waits for it to be returned before he turns to go, briefly rubbing his hands together to get rid of the nervous clamminess.

Zaharis leaves for Corridor 12E [O].

The XO just waits for Jesse to leave and shut the hatch before he says another word. "Well that was fun. Anything else? Like maybe Major Zimmermann is actually a cylon or something." The hand finally falls from his face and he looks to Regas.

Regas sets the bottle back into his drawer and slams it shut. A half a glare goes to Fotilas, "If they are making fem bots, I'm going to pull my hair out." He rises up, "I think I've had enough for one night. If we're lucky, the marines will show up and say they killed their CO and then I can really go ballistic."

Fotilas rises as well. "Yeah well, at least that would make sense too, given the junk we've been seeing." The hands get shoved into his pockets and he looks to Regas once more. "Alright, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep. See you in a few hours, Commander." He heads for the hatch.

"Keep the sniffling down so I can get some sleep, Colonel," he tells his XO and then starts to unbutton his uniform jacket. Making sure the guard outside the door keeps people out of their hallway unless it is an attack.

Fotilas leaves for Corridor 12E [O].

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