Summary: More talking about the Carina plan. Consensus is finally reached.
Date: 49 ACH
Related Logs: Directives, etc.

Executive Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 12
48 ACH 6285 Souls

The XO's quarters are nice, although not as large as the CO's quarters. A desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are here along with anything else the XO may need for their living conditions.

Fotilas is seated on the corner of his desk with his tunic unbuttoned at the top. Off-duty enough. There's a tall pitcher of icewater sitting on the table in front of the small couch and chairs. The man looks rested enough, but not nearly as much as he should be. Certainly better off than the last time Zaharis saw him in the CMO's office. Seeing the four of them move in, Fotilas motions to the seating. "Make yourselves comfortable. I'm not looking for anything official. Rather, I wanted to try and reapproach a certain matter that I'm sure it doesn't take difficulty to guess at." He motions to the last in to close the door behind them. "And first, I wanted to apologize for the rather heated words exchanged with you Major Altair." He nods to the man. "That was unprofessional." He's doing his best to keep a measure of relaxation to his posture and tone.

Reed is the last one in, Duty uniform, gun, no cane, He closes the door. Must have caught him from CIC, or doing something duty related. He looks to Fotilas as the man starts and looks for a seat.

Zaharis is likewise in fatigues. His manner's a little reserved today, though it seems to have nothing to do with the room. He nods to Fotilas and the rest and finds somewhere to sit.

Rhea has entered and completed any proper military protocol foo that needs completing. She's seated in front of the XO's desk now, in her blues, all of professionalism. She even brought a clipboard. And a pen with which to take notes. She poured a glass of water for herself before the shebang started and it sits on the desk in front of her, where she can sip at her lesiure. Reed is given a nod as he enters, though her attention remains on the XO.

Fots nods to Salin's apology, even allowing a touch of a smile. "Help yourselves to water or I have some whiskey if someone might prefer?" he offers nonchalantly. "But I've called you all here because I wanted to address some things. And no, I'm not here to make demands. My intention is not to railroad you or all the hard work you all are putting into this project. Nor do I want to tell you how to do things. My only intention with this is to help you all. I know I wasn't clear with Major Altair and I'm pretty sure my stress levels and tire effected what I ran by Major Zaharis." Fotilas rises off the desk and opens his arms a touch. "So, I'll make myself available to you for questions. Anything. No accusations or such, but rather I'd like to hear your concerns about what Command thinks and address them as best I can, as well."

Reed moves to sit and leans back in his chair, making sure he doesn't impact his sidearm against the chair and shoot anyone. Not the best way to start off a peacemaking meeting. He looks to Fotilas, then to the other Majors, brows lifted, for the moment, quiet. He's the newcomer to this all.

Zaharis is not in helpful mode either, just for the moment. He rolls his pen between his fingers, silent for the time being and just watching the others.

"Here's my main concern, first off," Rhea says, since the boys are being quiet. "Which, I think, would be helpful for everyone to keep in perspective. There is no plague of babies. No one is going to magically snape their fingers and produce half a Fleet of pregnant women tomorrow. As I understand this whole mess was sparked by one incident. Unless there's something in the water I'm unaware of?" Her brows arch. She continues. "Anyway. I can't see this affecting more personnel than you can count on one hand, at any given time. It's a concern. Probably best there are measures put into place for it now. But it'll always been on a fairly small-scale."

Fotilas raises his brow as some of them are quiet, but his attention falls directly to Rhea. He doesn't interrupt or otherwise move to. Once she finishes, the man nods. "You are absolutely correct. There is no sudden influx of pregnant members of this fleet. And actually, I don't expect one either. Nor do I expect Regas to think that way." He glances to them. "I suspect this was a failure of communication on my part to stress something." Fotilas allows a small smirk, his tone staying relaxed and calm. This is what he was looking for. "My primary concern is planning for a.. and I hate to use the term.. but a 'worst case scenario.' I don't think we'll suddenly be down an eigth of our crew for this. But you are correct - it was sparked by one officer and I suspect you all know to whom I am referring?"

Rhea arches her brows some more. "Maybe we do. Maybe we don't. Either way, I don't see any need to gossip about a fellow officer's personnel business. We're speaking in broad terms, aren't we, gentleman?"

And so, the lawyer and famed superhero, JAGMan, has been quietly listening to the conversation at hand. Subtle nods of his head indicate he's listening and paying attention and when Fotilas poses a question, he's finally about to speak, but is beaten to it by Rhea. There's a quick nod of his head in her direction and then he's falling quiet again.

"Agreed it had basis. The details and names involved aren't important, only the precedents that command wishes to set," Zaharis comments from his seat, talking quietly.

"I have no intention of speaking about her. Though I will have a request in regards to her, which I will touch on towards the end." Fotilas is in agreement there.

Reed nods, "Ensign, Specialist, Major, Lieutenant, doesn't matter. It's sparked. A rule was made, and handed down. Many of the crew has a problem with it. The department heads represent their people. Working on the solution, and an acceptable result in the end is the focus now."

Salin listens and nods his head.

Rhea nods a notch to Reed. "Right. We were planning on bringing the other department heads up to speed on what we were cooking, Colonel. See if they wanted to add their input. I've already volunteered to bring the matter to Major Rue. She and Gaelan run the most front-line units here. They should give their two cubits." She keeps the 'why' commentary strictly based on Rue's job. Her extremely bland expression almost dares the male officers around her to suggest any other reasons the CAG might be concerned with these matters.

Zaharis doesn't seem to feel the need to input anything here. Whatever he might say is being covered, or at least if he disagrees he's not being particularly vocal today. He listens.

"Right, Carter. We're talking about every member of this crew. I don't think there are very few members of this military who did not object to it." Fotilas words come dryly, his displeasure with the order plain. But he looks back to Rhea once more. "Excellent. That's what I was hoping to hear. I appreciate it." He stops there, though. No point in reinforcing whats already been said. But the man looks as if he's waiting for more.

Reed looks around, and nods, "So, therefore, as the XO, I assume you've got Commands thoughts on the order. I'll assume that you've tried hashing this out with the CO and in so doing, you have the rationale for the order. Which makes you a direct source of information about how to go about finding a solution that's acceptable." He says, looking to Fotilas.

Salin continues to listen, bobbing his head in agreement to what's said. For once, he apparently has nothing to add.

Zaharis has nothing to add immediately either, what a shock. He seems to be waiting to hear something he hasn't heard before.

Rhea listens as well, for Fotilas' thoughts on commands thoughts. She takes notes. Jot, jot, jot.

"I do have Regas' thoughts on the order as we discussed it, which led to my issuance to it publicly. I cannot speak for Regas completely, but I can probably give you a good insight as to what is being considered. Like I said, I don't want to sit here and preach. I want to work with you to give something to the Commander that will be doable." Fotilas moves back a step and leans against his desk. He looks to the others. "Considering everything, nobody has any questions? Things to bounce off me? Nothing?"

"I think we're curious to hear what you have to say, Colonel," Zaharis says, finally. Even with a slight smile. "From your own mouth, that is."

Reed looks to Zaharis, then Fotilas, "I'll admit to curiosity on your thoughts, Colonel. I came into this late, I haven't been going around with you about it, so this is still relatively fresh for my part."

Rhea nods to Jesse. "Doctor Zaharis told us you had some specific concerns with some of the ideas we were bouncing around. We hashed some of those out, I think, but we'll never know until we hear from you, after all. And my fellow majors are quite astute. What *are* your thoughts on all this, sir?"

Fotilas looks a little surprised by the questions. "I'm sorry, you're going to have to be more clear. My thoughts on what, specifically? Especially in regards to what Major Zaharis said.. This is a pretty broad topic and I don't want to waste your time by talking about something that doesn't warrant discussion." The man geninely doesn't seem to know what they want to know about. "I just have a few questions for you all and that's it from my end. But they can wait."

Zaharis looks a little confused, himself. He clicks the pen with his thumb, glancing at the other three and then back to Fotilas. "Perhaps I'm misunderstanding why we're here, sir. Your thoughts on the plans and ideas that have been forming, from your position of knowing what command will likely think of all this." Which he's heard. Sort of. But probably didn't say too clearly in the last meeting.

Reed looks to Zaharis and nods, looking then to Fotilas, seems pretty clear from the chair he's in.

"I think you've heard most of what we've discussed on this topic, sir," Rhea says, with another little nod. "Maybe not in the clearest form. Nothing's set in stone, and I suspect some of us might've been a little less than…elegant about the way we stated things. But I would like to get to your questions now. Best hash those out before we go any further."

"I have ideas, but from what I understand you all have a workable plan in progress. Specifically, you all want to drain the lake and build a structure on-site to support a nursery and possibly a hospital or something approaching that?" Fotilas looks between them and settles once more on Rhea. "Actually, no. I don't. The discussion between Major Altair and I was less than fruitful about conveying what you all wanted to accomplish. I heard a rough outline that didn't go very far for a few reasons."

"I'll let the other give the details and the objective, and detail my own part once they have" Zaharis looks towards the others. "As they're involved with broader aspects than I am."

Reed looks between the others, considering for a moment. He looks down towards Salin, brows lifted slightly. Save us, JAGman, Save us.

"The idea of draining the lake appeals to me, anyhow," Rhea says. "Waste of water, as it is now. Maybe we can integrate all that into the regular reclamated supply. Logistically, it's just a matter of getting some techs down there to siphon it. Dirty grunt work but not too complicated. We got quite a bit of scrap metal from the Persius, so I suspect we can rig up some walls. Or use what's there now. The Carina isn't over-crowded, to my knowledge. I'd like to set up something we could use as a day care center. Some kind of school facility, too, for the older children. A one- or two-room set-up should do it. There aren't many of them. I suspect we could pull most of the volunteers we'd need from the civilian population. Again, our population is small. Wouldn't take many hands to do what needs doing."

JAGSignal Activated; Check. JAGMan Present; Check. JAGSuit On; Check. Salin lifts himself from his seated position, bringing his hands to an at ease position behind his back. His gaze flits between those present and he's giving a nod of his head to each, before finally focusing his attention on Fotilas, "Major Zimmermann has been nice enough to touch on the draining of the lake and the rough outline of the situation, and I'll expand on the installation, rather then the draining of the lake." There's a pause, long enough for that to register, before he's continuing, "On the topic of a School and Daycare. This would be outside the auspice of the military installation there. Unfortunately, with the destruction of the colonies, our education system for those children within the fleet has come to a grinding halt. The creation of Lake Town would enable us to erect a proper school, in the hopes of bringing the education system back to the forefront. We don't know how long we're going to be out here and while I agree we are at war, we can not afford to neglect the eduction of our children. They will, after all, replace us one day. The daycare falls along the same lines and could very well be contained within the school. The purpose? To look after those children who's parents have to work." There's a pause, another moment to register and he's continuing again, "In terms of the installation, I fear during our last conversation that I may not have made clear the size of it. We're not looking for a full-scale garrison as called for by Colonial Regulations. But rather, a small installation. This would serve to accomadate any number of functions." Hands unclasp and he's motioning towards Rhea, "Her engineers are responsible for work aboard the Carina and this would give an office in which they could work from, while there." His hand moves to motion towards Zaharis, "The Carina's Medical Facilities fall under Major Zaharis' care. As such, Medics, Doctors & Nurses frequent there. This would also give them an office to work from." The hand falls away, coming to rest behind his back with the other, "On top of that, while pregnancy is not rampaging throughout the ship, it is occuring. Eventually, these enlisted or officers will need to be relegated to light duty effects for a period of time, dictated by their attending physician. This would, at that stage, give them a location in which they could work from. Plus, it opens it for any other staff to make use of, depending on the needs of Command. For example, the Military Police and Marines will be taking rotational shifts aboard the Carina until a Civilian Police Force is put in effect. At the moment, they have no where to base from. As you can see, there are several valid and useful reasons that justify the creation of a satelitte installation." Another pause and he's offering a slight smile as he appears to be done. For the moment.

Fotilas crosses his arms and listens to Rhea discuss the outline of building the structure. Once she's done, the man nods. "Excellent. Damned good plan. About how long would it take to get the water out and into circulation? And what are we looking at for construction time as to the school and nursery area?" He looks to the others. "And does anyone here know of any civilian school teachers or infant care specialists within the fleet? The only teacher I'm aware of is an Engineering professor." Its not a cynical question, but a general inquiry. There's gotta be at least one or two. As Salin stands, though, Fotilas turns his attention to the man. Again, no interruptions from him. An 'ahh' strikes his face at the mention of the garrison and its explanation. Only at the end does he speak. "Well Major Altair, I also suspect that there is a legal guaruntee of education someplace on the books. But not only that, I'm with you one hundred and ten percent. I'll fight Regas tooth and nail if he denies any of that. As to the 'installion', I'll save my questions until you are done? As it appears you might have more to say on that." Again he looks to the others. "And if it needs to be said, you all have permission to speak freely. I don't want my rank to silence anyone about this subject. We're talking about our children and future."

"We would need to recruit for the personnel, I believe," Zaharis glances at Salin for confirmation. "We wouldn't be able to do so before the project was actually approved. And being as this isn't going to just appear with a snap of fingers, we have the time to conduct a personnel search for the schools."

Reed considers, then shrugs, "I'm not sure about professional skilled teachers, but it is something to look for." He looks thoughtful for a moment, then looks to Fotilas, then Salin.

Rhea makes a soft "Hmph" sound when Salin mentions the 'grinding halt' of the education system. She is aware, and likely more displeased with it than JAGMan. She nods, as to the garrison. "I certainly wasn't. I figured it'd be more of a satellite office, when we were kicking the idea around. We've already got personnel on the Carina, with the MPs now, and my people have to do some maintenance rotations there. It'd make things easier if they had even a small office to work out of. Would kill a lot of birds with one stone. Or rabbits, if we want to be cute about the metaphor." She smirks, sipping some water. As to Fots' questions she replies, "I don't have a firm ETA on either, sir. All this hasn't been properly approved yet. But I can work up an estimate. I don't expect the water work would take more than a few days. The construction would be a longer-term project, but I've got some former PAS engineers who're about the best structural hands in the Fleet, so I expect they could knock it out without much fuss." She nods in short agreement with Zaharis, as to recruiting.

Salin gives a nod of his head towards Rhea, Reed and then Zaharis before looking back towards Fotilas, "Recruiting is going to play a big part in this, obviously. Now, you mentioned 'legal guarentee'. Unfortunately, we are under no legal obligation to provide a school system, so long as the necessary resources are in place for parents to educate their children, whether it's through instructional videos, tapes or books. I'd hope we'd avoid going that route, since we all agree that our children literally are our future." There's another smile and then he's continuing, "Now, that's the bulk of the plan. There are a few other additions that I believe need to be made, but I can't speak on. Such as an additional to the emergency clinic on the Carina, which Jesse can touch upon." Another pause and his hands unclasp, "The final matter of this is that there are several legal, moral and ethical obligations that need to be considered. Some of which we will have no choice but to follow and abide by, while the rest we would not be, though it be sound to do so. I won't bore you with the finer details of each, for at this particular point in time, they are not necessary. It's mentioned merely to bring it to the forefront of the mind, to consider while thinking through this." Seat reclaimed.

"I'm not sure about how difficult it would be to recruit, but it might do us good to get something thrown together for an education system…" This was directed towards Zaharis and Regas. But Rhea's words bring him back to her once more. "Okay, start working it up. Have an estimation done for both at least to present to Regas because he'll want to know that right off the bat. So far, this is entirely workable so I can't see a good reason for waiting for approval. But as far as the structure goes.." He looks back to Zaharis and Reed. "I don't think we can wait for a longer-term project to be completed for schooling. Seeing as how, between the both of you, you have better experience with child welfare and formal education on ships, who would you reccomend to look into recruiting? I don't need answers now - but have it for Regas also." When Salin continues, he looks back to the Major and inclines his head a touch as the man speaks. "If there's no legal guarentee, that's fine. But if we're taking the reigns for education.." He shakes his head. "We're going to need someone to make sure these kids are accounted for with education." He chews on that mentally for a moment before addressing the rest. But there is a glance to Zaharis at Salin's verbal nudge. "I assume, Major Altair, that you are speaking directly to pulling pregnant women from the line? If that is the case, I am flexible. But like you're saying.. let's hold on that for the moment and hit one thing at a time."

Reed simply shrugs, "I have a recommendation. Someone with not only some skill in teaching, but someone who not only has close contact with the Civilian populace of the Carina, but someone Regas will instantly respect. Approaching this person still has to be done and the like, but I think the first candidate for the recruitment and organization of an education system be Dr. Adele Pike."

Rhea shrugs, as to recruiting. "We'll go about it the same way we're plucking engineers and medics and pilots from the civvies. Go over the rosters, send out a general call, and try to scare up some qualified personnel. It won't be a military position. At least, I don't think it should be. So it won't be as difficult as slotting in a new officer over here." To Reed, she nods. "She'd be a good one to ask. My own son's staying in her care right now, and his brain hasn't atrophied yet."

Zaharis is quiet, listening further as they talk. He hmms quietly. "Dr. Reighner just put in a request for Dr. Pike to function as a civilian contractor about the Genesis. I think you will need to decide what capacity, exactly, you want her in…you don't want to stretch someone too thin."

"I'll defer to my colleages suggestion of Dr. Pike and I certainly have no objections to that." Salin gives another quick nod of his head, but his brow arches upwards at Zaharis's comment. For the moment, his thought is tabled and he's looking back to Fotilas. "I agree with the Doctor. Establishing an education system and helping to maintain it will be quite the endeavour. And if Dr. Pike assumes a contractors roll aboard the Genesis, it may reduce her available time for this particular project. Plus, as Major Zimmermann has stated, I don't think we want the Military having a direct control over the education system. Getting it started and ensuring there is a building in place, is fine, but we don't want to be seen as creating a system simply to draft people from. And you would assume correct, Colonel. But, as I said, that's a detail to be worked out later and isn't fluent. It will also require the input of Major Zaharis to assist in clarifying."

Reed looks at Zaharis, surprise clear and sharp on his features, he seems to consider a moment, then smiles, "I think we can put the choice to her, and see what she says, on the matter." He considers, and nods, in the final analysis, he doesn't seem that dissuaded about Adele and the education system.

Fotilas nods to Reed, Salin and Rhea. "Agreed there. I don't want children educated by the military. That reeks of fascism. As to the suggestion of Doctor Pike, I'll trust your judgment. I don't know her but if Rhea trusts the Doctor with her son then I can't see a reason why she would be a poor choice." To Zaharis, he snaps his fingers. "That's where I know the name from. Sorry, Major. I should have known that off the bat. But to be honest, in my opinion, I think education takes importance at the moment. Are we in agreement, there?" He looks to the others for comment. "But with her being a civilian, I can't and won't order her to do anything for us." He then settles on Salin once more. "I won't have the conversation without Majors Zimmermann or Zaharis present. Period." He glances to the other two.

"Or well, I shouldn't say 'just'," Zaharis says to Reed, thoughtfully. "It was a little while ago." He seems to pause a second, and exhales. "She may make the choice to tackle the education system considering some…recent developments. But I agree it should be put to her."

Rhea shrugs to Zaharis. "Up to her if she wants to have any part in it or not, of course. Though I do think she'd be worth asking. As for who should undertake this 'endeavor.' You've put a lot of energy into a setting up a civilian legal system, Salin. I'm not saying it's not important, but I'd like to think we need schools as much as jails. This falls under something your civilian liaison office should at least have a hand in, I think. The civvies can be left to the day-to-day of it, but they'd need help getting it up and running." Her brows arch at Zaharis as to his 'recent developments.'

Reed just nods in agreement to Zaharis and the recent developments. "We'll see what she says." He reiterates, then looks at Salin, and Fotilas.

There's a nod towards Fotilas and then Salin is turning his attention towards Rhea, "I concur, Rhea. In fact, I'd like to think that the schools are a more important asset, then a detention center. And I was waiting for someone to mention where this fell under. I have no problem with my office assisting." There's a pause, his attention turning towards Fotilas, "But the Colonel and Commander will need to authorize it. There are those amongst us who have complained already about the time I've spent on the Carina establishing the Civilian Legal System. So future projects that will require myself or my staff to venture over, will need to go through Command."

Zaharis elaborates no more on what he said, his face neutral. He just nods to what's being said. "The plans for expanding the Carina's medical capabilities are almost done. The draft is in the hands of my sub-heads, who are submitting their critiques by tomorrow. They've given some good feedback so far and I want to be sure and refine the proposal adequately."

"But Altair," Fotilas begins, crossing his arms across his chest. "Actually, this goes to all of you." He clears his throat. "This not-garrison. Satellite office. Whatever you want to call it.. You're talking about pulling military personnel to staff this? Create additional office space on a civilian vessel for military matters. How does that bode legally? Can we actually do that? Its one thing to build the structure but we're talking about having a permanent military presence on board the Carina." He nods his head once as if to impart some serious consideration to the question. "But you all are saying that this will help in duties." He sighs, mulling it over. "I won't say I'm sold on the idea of losing personnel to the Carina, however I won't put my foot down against it. You all are Department Heads and know what you need. Have hard figures of what billets will require it and numbers of personnel." He then darkens his expression. "Officers are complaining about setting up civilian law enforcement?" Not amused. "You're right that approval needs to go through us about a project like that - but its outside our immediate purview of this discussion."

Rhea snorts, nodding firmly at the 'more important' asset. Well, *she* didn't say it. She got the JAG to say it for her. "So go through them, Major Altair. I see one command sort right here." She smiles at Fotilas. "If Salin needs a hand with any aspect of it, I'll lend him one. Gods knows I'm no expert on how to run a school. But I want to get it done. I'm good at getting things done." She doesn't put in anything as to the garrison just yet.

"The clinic is already supported by military personnel," Zaharis replies. "It will continue to be as it expands, though we've had almost all the Carina's medical personnel come out of the woodwork to participate, and that has made this do-able. Unfortunately we have no choice but to assist with manpower; training competent medical personnel takes years at best." He glances at Salin. "And I'm not a schoolteacher either. I can give what experience I have, just remember it's not directly relevant." He smirks.

Reed watches the discussion going back and forth, listening carefully, and for the moment doesn't add anything.

Quickly looks around and points to Reed, Fotilas and Zaharis, "Make a note. Major Rhea Zimmermann has volunteered to assist with the Civilian Liasion Office. You are all now bound as my witnesses." There's a quick nod and he's giving a little smile before looking back towards Fotilas, "It's a grey area, Colonel. Legally, since the Carina is now under our protection, we have ability to create a structure to support our personnel." A hand lifts and he's giving a little wave, "Not in so many terms and it was voiced to get Command's permission for JAG to handle this particular venue, regardless of the approval to go ahead and construct facilities. Establishing an eduction system will require my personnel as well as those that volunteer to help .." He pauses long enough to look to Rhea and smile again, before returning his attention to Fotilas, "to be on board the Carina from time to time." He's taking a breath and then waving again, "Alright, I'm done talking for now. Unless there are questions."

Fotilas listens to Zaharis and nods a few times. "Really? Huh. I wasn't aware everyone was volunteering for the clinic. Well again, you know I don't like losing our manpower to the Carina. I'm stingy like that. But its something that I'm getting we don't really have a choice on. What kind of expansions are you planning, out of curiosity?" But looking back to Salin, his blank expression sits for a few moments. "Well I'd like to speak with the Captain of the Carina before we go emplacing our people on his ship for good. Again, this is not a military dictatorship. We can impose where we need to but this is something he should be in on if its approved. And as far as going Major Altair, you're all dismissed at your leisure. But having hashed out what we have, I'm satisfied for now. Though I'll stick around for floggings and honest discussions if anyone wants. No rank involved."

Rhea's eyes narrow as the fact that she's volunteered dawns on her. She snorts. Not that she takes it back. "We're kidding ourselves if we think the Carina is a civilian island. The doctor hit on it. Our personnel are already pitching in over there. Though I agree we shouldn't make any attempt to run the ship. Get the civilian captain's permission, if that'll make you all feel better about it." She sounds confident permission will be granted, the relative power situation being what it is. But it's nice to ask. She finishes her water, shaking her head. "None from me, sir. See? We can be productive. It's entirely possible."

Reed looks at Salin, then Rhea, smiling a little, and settles back in his chair. "Indeed, okay, this was good." He nods, "Progress, I like it." He looks at the time and unbuttons his duty collar, flapping it a little then lets it hang.

"The Persius has a good deal of equipment that the Genesis doesn't need," Zaharis explains to Fotilas. "Their medical bay was as well-equipped as ours. And while we can use some of their supplies, we can't use it all. The expansions for the clinic are to make it more self-sufficient with regards to diagnostics and long-term care. Right now they can barely handle anything bigger than a sprained ankle, and we need to change that." He gives the others a slight nod and scratches a hand through his hair. "Well. And that didn't even require alcohol."

There's a nod towards Fotilas and Salin is giving a soft chuckle, "I've been working with the Captain of the Carina since the inception of the Civilian Liasion posting, Colonel. Establishing a small garrison won't be an issue. I can assure you of that." There's a pause and he's shaking his head, "Don't think I have anything to hash out, any longer."

"Yep. It will make me feel better. Regas may not see it that way but I don't want to alienate the civilians from us. The best way to do that will be to start taking from them what little they have left." Fotilas nods to Rhea, then chuckles to her and Reed. The man finally letting himself relax a bit. "Wonderful, isn't it? I just think we've all been under stress since everything started with the directive." He shakes his head and then looks to Zaharis. "Impressive. Yeah, it sounds good. I sure won't stand in anyone's way on it." But to the Doc's last suggestion, the man smirks. A rarity for him in this office. He steps to his locker as Salin speaks. "Glad to hear it. I'd at least like some semblance of real cooperation with the civilians. It might be idealistic to think its a civvie island, but I'd prefer to at least dream on it." He unbuttons the rest of his tunic and lets it hang as well. A bottle of retrieved from his locker. Fresh and unopened. Its handed it to Rhea. "Knock yourselves out with it. Got plenty more." There's a nod towards the glasses on the table.

Rhea smirks, opens, and pours. Might as well have cap before she goes. "The whole mess struck some bells that I think were counterproductive for the whole crew, sir. Whatever Commander Regas, in his wisdom, might've been thinking. But something useful might come out of it, so I'm for that." She drinks to it, in fact. "Forgive me if I don't try and drink you under the table tonight, Colonel. The CMO and I have some business to settle up." She grins at Zaharis. Cryptically.

Reed nods, "Well, godsdamnit." He rises, and moves to the glasses taking one, "I'm finally cleared for alcohol." He looks to Rhea, and holds out the glass, "I am so ready."

Zaharis gives Rhea a questioning look but he stands up. He glances at the bottle and then at Fotilas for a few seconds, somewhat pensive. As the glasses are handed out he picks one up, lifting his chin to Rhea. "At least a toast to next step taken, sure."

There's a soft laugh and Salin gives a slight shake of his head, "I'll pass on the drink. But, don't stop on my account."

Fotilas settles back to sitting on the corner of his desk. He nods slowly to Rhea. "Yeah, it did. It was damaging, to say the least." He shakes his head, watching the woman pour. "I know a lot of people blame it on me and that's how I intended it. But I couldn't stand by and watch Regas issue illegal orders quietly. And the problem I was stuck with was that if I went straight to Major Altair here, I'd lose the confidence of Regas - which I need. I also wanted to avoid JAG having to go to the officer in question and question her on it and avoid that. So?" He shrugs. "I take the hit. I couldn't sell my soul and watch him do it." But he finally looks back to them, tired of it all. "But yes, as long as something good is coming from it. And at the very minimum, discussion of setting up an education system is something we should have done inside the first few days."

"Bottoms up, Major Carter," Rhea says, grinning broadly as she pours Reed a glass. More are filled for Zaharis and Fotilas. And Salin, if silent JAGMan will come out of his inner JAGCave to imbibe. She nods to Fotilas, as to the education bit. "I'll drink to that as well." And so she does.

Reed smiles as he gets some liquor, and lifts a toast before drinking a healthy amount of it, then exhales with some burn. "Ooooh, that's good." He looks to Fotilas and doesn't comment.

Zaharis lifts his glass, about to sip, when his handheld beeps. Figures. He glances at the screen and reaches over, handing the glass to Rhea. "Toast for me, would you? Someone wants to talk to me…we'll chat afterwards." His manner slides back into a little more reserved. "Would you all excuse me?"

When a glass is filled for himself, Salin stands and moves over to claim it, lifting it upwards in a toast before bringing it to his lips, draining the liquid and then setting the glass down, "Excellent. Thank you."

Fotilas just watches them toast. The man is sans glass and alcohol - probably by choice. There's a nod to Zaharis as he moves out. "Thanks for the input, Major Zaharis."

Reed looks to Zaharis, and nods, "See you later, Doctor." He says with a nod, then looks to Rhea, "Well," He says addressing the others in general, "Colonial Day tomorrow, and I understand there's a gathering on the Carina."

Rhea gets a smile out of Reed's drinking. Though she finishes hers without comment. "I'll pop in on you in a bit, Jesse. Now, I should leave you all to it. I'm going to dig through my things, see if I can find some of the Spawn's old report cards. Maybe I'll learn something about the finer points of education."

Zaharis slips out.

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