Lisa Edelstein
Lisa Edelstein as Corinne Olivia Zosimus

Name: Corinne Olivia Zosimus
Callsign: {$callsign}
Age: Not Telling
Branch: Civilian
Faction: Civilian
Organization: {$organization}
Department: {$department}
Position: Singer
Rank: {$rank}
Ship: Destiny
Homeworld: Scorpia
Actor: Lisa Edelstein


Corinne is the headlining lounge singer for the Destiny, and has been for several years now, but she won't tell you exactly how long. Though she possesses an enviable range, her singing is usually kept at a low alto, smoky and seductive to match her signature sultry moves on stage.


  • Singing
  • Stalking prey (like a cougarrrr)

Distinguishing Features

  • Indeterminate age

Biographical Information

The Early Years

Born to a working class family on Scorpia, Corinne always knew she was destined for bigger things. Her parents were loving and supportive, and it's not that she didn't appreciate all their efforts to scrape together cash for ballet and voice lessons; it's just that she knew she didn't belong on Scorpia. So, naturally, when she was old enough to, she left.

One of her first destinations was Tauron, where Corinne hoped to break into the independent film scene that was burgeoning there. She waited tables by night, stalked auditions by day, and was actually put into a few films. Though her roles were more or less inconsequential and the films were never critically acclaimed, Corinne experienced something on one of the sets that changed the course of her life forever.

She was to play a lounge singer in a couple scenes in a movie that was set upon a cruise liner. The director originally wanted her to simply lipsynch the lyrics, but after some convincing, Corinne was allowed to use her own voice. She captivated the audience of extras and lead actors, even though she was only supposed to be general background noise in the scene.

She had found her calling.

The Destiny

It's not as easy as it might seem, however, to claw your way to the top of a luxury cruise liner's bill. Corinne had to start at the very bottom; she began in a burlesque show, her act a combination of stripping and singing, then rapid shuffling off stage to make way for the next girl.

But she was nothing if not determined. The years went by, and Corinne's dedication never waned. She was a burlesque act, a magician's singing assistant, a performer in a cocktail theater club, and then the opening act for some of the Destiny's most famous lounge singers.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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