Lieutenant Joran Craven
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as Joran Craven
Name: Joran Craven
Callsign: none
AKA: C;Stitch;Craven
Age: 35
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Medical Department
Position: Coordinator & Lead Medic
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Picon
Actor: Daniel Craig

Biographical Information


Joran was born and raised on Picon, an only child, to a family that cared little for him. His father, a drunk, had little time for him and his mother, a recluse, even less. This left little joy and happiness in the early parts of his life, and it wasn't until grade school that he would truly begin to be happy. Finding a friend in a fellow classmate, Amalina D'Artanion, Joran began to spend more and more time with her and her family, eventually befriending her older brother, Berhow Taylor and her two sisters. The years flew by, with with Joran and Amalina attending the same high school and college and even taking the same courses within. It wasn't until Amalina lowered her course load, that they began to drift apart. Completing college ahead of her, he was accepted into the Navy as a Medic and began his postings to various ships. Recently arriving on the Genesis, he was pleasantly surprised to find both Amalina and Bershow stationed there.


* Grade 'A' Medic
* Has a love of music, history and literature
* Great with patients. Always able to make them laugh
* Qualified Doctor

Distinguishing Features

* Ice blue eyes
* Warm personality
* At times, rather blunt and forward


* Amalina D'Artanion - Close friend
* Jesse Zaharis - Mentor

Pre IC History


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  • Picon University of Medicine
  • Military Medic Training Program

Military Service

9 ACH: Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned as Coordinator and Lead Medic
26 ACH: Accompanies Marine Contingent to Lenois.

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Other Info

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  • Medicine
  • Conversation
  • Fun
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