Craven's Journal - Page 1

Craven's Journal - 20 ACH

So, I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but Sickbay's been a rather busy place and I just havn't had time to write. Must say, this posting to the Genesis was more then I expected. Then again, I didn't really know what to expect when I was asked to transfer to a secret assignment.

Finally took my commission and re-cert'd as a Doctor. Thankfully, Doc let's me still work with the medics, tasking me as the Lead Medic. It's a good thing and it keeps be fairly busy, work wise. I enjoy it, even if it does make a few things a little more difficult.

The crew's I work with are great. Doc, that'd be Major Jesse Zaharis, is a great guy and easy to work with, providing you're doing your job and doing it right. Can't complain about him in the 'least and couldn't ask for a better CO.

Thad, one of the Surgeons, seems like a good guy. Havn't gotten to know him as much as I'd like, but we'll get that fixed up. Gonna be calling him 'Chef' it seems, since he apparently knows how to cook and cook well. Waiting for him to scrounge up things to make, before we offically give him that name.

Gotta say, I was a touch surprised to run into Blondie and Tiger on the Genesis. Grew up with those two .. considered their 'rents to be mine. I mean, I spent more time there then I did at my place and their 'rents at least cared.

But frak, Tiger got huge. He's always been big, but man, I can see why people say he can move a Viper all by himself, simply pulling it around. Was nice to see him though .. gotta get him to take me down to the gym and teach me how to box. Never was good at that hand to hand stuff .. hopefully he can help fix that. Just gotta find time to drag him away from his duties as Deck Chief.

And Blondie? Man, It's really good to see her. We were always close in a way. Same schools. Same interests. Same activities. She's just like I remember, 'cept she's gotten more beautiful. Dunno how she ended up in the Marines though, but frak, she does a good job from what I've seen. And she stuck true to her schooling and joined as a Combat Medic. Fleet's loss and Marine's gain, there. She's been taking the time to get me up to par on sidearms and some combat tactics. Tedious, with me. Hope she's got patience. Never was a good student when it came to combat.

I've been pulling through. Trying not to think of the colonies. Need to keep my mind focused on the tasks at hand and not get distracted. Thankfully, I've got Blondie to lean on. As well as the Doc. Both are there and willing to listen. Think, one of these days, I'll let it all out on paper. Get what I need to say, out. Maybe then, I'll start to feel a little more alive.

Trying to get myself on the mission to Leonis. Marines could use a Doctor there, since no one can begin to imagine what to expect. Just hope that Doc is able to convience Major Gaelan the value of taking a trained Doctor and Trauma Medic along for the ride.

Anyways, should get back to my duties. After that, it's off to the Carina. Talking Blondie out for a couple of drinks and some food. A celebration for her promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, as well as a few other things. Frak, I always knew she'd go far in anything she's done. She's made me proud. Real proud.

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