New Roleplay Log

  1. Create a new page using the RP Log template.
  2. Fill in all of the fields. See 'field info' below.
  3. List the log at the TOP of the Roleplay Logs page. The format is:

* [[[RP Log Name]]]

Field Info

Players are listed using the 'Logicon' text. This will automatically put a link to their wiki profile page and use their log icon, if available.

[[include LogIcon name=Styx]]
[[include LogIcon name=Harvey]]

You can use None or N/A for fields you have nothing for, but you can't omit fields.

Character names are case sensitive, which is why it's so important for everyone to use the same name for their wiki as is used on the game. If you're Styx on the game, your wiki profile must be Styx (not styx). Your icon would then have to be called Styx_icon.jpg.

If you are adding any related log links in the 'related' field, you must use the 'url link wizard' and not the 'page link wizard' button. The format is:

[url anchortext]


Log icons must be uploaded to the Log Icons page. They should be 125x125 pixels.

The name of the log icon must be in the form Character_icon.jpg — "Character" must exactly match the name of the character's wiki profile page, which should match your in-game name.

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