Crossing Lines
Crossing Lines
Summary: Regas calls Pepper and Zaharis in over some rumours from Sickbay, and gets more than he probably expected.
Date: 64 ACH
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11
64 ACH 23817 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.

Thirty on the dot. Okay, well. More like thirty-three. Zaharis presses on the chime outside Regas' hatch, straightening his collar up.

Pepper was there at 29, uniform perfect, hair pulled back. She didn't have time to take the little bit of makeup off, though. She's waiting, currently, pad of paper and pen in hand.

Regas hasn't said a word and when the CMO arrives, he gives the shout to come in. Once they are both there, he remains standing behind his desk. "First off, the CMO is here for one reason." And he glances to Pepper, "To let me know if this rumor I hear, has been…blown out of proportion." She may know what rumor has reached his ears.

Zaharis doesn't look surprised. At all. His chin lifts, and he does look like he might have something to contribute. But he lets Pepper address this first as she will, staying standing with his hands behind his back.

Pepper stands at the proper attention as Regas speaks. Instead of saying something, however, she simply lifts her chin slightly and looks over to Zaharis, giving him a slightly apologetic smile.

Regas nods a moment and his attention goes toward Zaharis, "Doctor Zaharis, you seem like you have something to say here. Which is good, I hope it will clear all this up and I won't have to take some seltzer later."

Zaharis talks easily, "Sir, in the interest of preserving protocol in Sickbay, I spoke to Major Altair myself. He confirmed that this is indeed being blown far out of proportion. Given his position and his detailed understanding of how things work and don't work in my bay, I trust his word."

Pepper is very, very quiet as she looks between the two men. The flush of mortification is kept down to a very dull roar. She says absolutely nothing.

Regas looks down at the piece of paper. He actually wrote it down. "So, what you are saying then, doctor, is my Aide didn't spend hours in a private room with Major Altair, nor lay in the bed with him?" Oh, he hasn't missed the flush on Pepper's cheeks either. It's all Guilt to him.

Zaharis raises an eyebrow slightly. No, the CMO's not entirely pleased with being asked this. "She observed visiting hours, sir. How long she stayed within those hours isn't my business. To my understanding she did nothing more than sit on the edge of his bed. Both the Major and the Ensign were fully aware of what jostling Major Altair's injuries would have done. All due respect, these are two intelligent adults. If something is suspected to have happened in Sickbay to jeopardise someone's recovery, it's handled by myself and my staff."

Pepper remains quiet, eyes forward, studying a point somewhere over the Commander's left shoulder. She says absolutely nothing. In fact, she's barely breathing.

"Yes, well. A private room is for short visits, not long-term. The Ensign is not wed to the Major, nor is she his daughter, sister, cousin or any other family member." Regas' eyes are directly on the silent Pepper now. "Thank you, Dr. Zaharis, I'm sorry your outing was disturbed." He doesn't dismiss Pepper though.

The other brow now raises. Zaharis may have been dismissed, but oops, line just got crossed. "Commander, visiting hours were set according to the Major's condition. I approved them. Are you calling into question our ability to tend to our patients, sir?"

There's only a slight tic in Pepper's jaw. If the grinding of her teeth is audible, Zaharis is the only one close enough to hear it. Her expression, however, remains serene and placid.

"Ensign, you rarely have nothing to say. Why don't you speak up, so the Doctor knows exactly what happened in his room and with his patient." Regas watches the set jaw. "Since he seems to think my Aide has some kind of actual — propriety."

"The question was to you, sir, as to whether or not you are stating that my staff is incapable of setting visiting hours correctly." Zaharis replies. "I am your CMO, not the Ensign's finishing school director."'

"With all due respect, Commander," Pepper finally says quietly. "I have already been tried and convicted. Colonial law does not permit statements in defense after conviction, not until the appeals stage." Her voice is incredibly low, but even. "If you would like, I would be happy to retrieve the visitor's log for the Major for that evening. I believe Ensign Maru would be happy to testify to the appropriateness of what went on that evening. In addition, I would be happy to get you the file delivered to Major Zimmerman directly after the meeting with Major Altair. I don't have a recording of the conversation regarding the educational system on the Carina, but it was somewhat lengthy." Oh, it's clear there's so much more she wants to say. However, she keeps her attention on the wall behind Regas.

Regas turns his attention to Zaharis, he wasn't planning on getting into it with the CMO. But it is on! "I do when you have a private room. I could see it used when Major Carter was half dead and needed the quiet and rest. Major Altair needed none of that. He got into a tussle in the gym and instead of backing down, he let the Sheriff bust a few ribs, after going a few rounds with my Aide and another crew member. Even if you set visiting hours for 4 an evening, the private room should be short visits." Glancing back to Pepper, "Yes, well, Ensign. Your visiting hours are done. So is your working with Altair. If you can't find enough to do between CIC, the XO and myself, you can sit in your berth and read."

"None of our private rooms were in use at the time," Zaharis replies to Regas. Commander wants to be all up in his? He can meet that. "Major Altair was in a condition where he was cleared to keep working during his bedrest, and due to his work with legal I approved his use of a private room rather than have him talking about potentially sensitive matters in the middle of the recovery ward. Visiting hours for that room are set by patient condition, sir, and carefully reviewed. His were appropriate." The matter with Pepper isn't touched, that's her fight.

Pepper finally looks at Regas, eyes widening ever so slightly. Nope, no more hiding it behind serenity. She's pissed. "I'll be certain to keep that in mind, Commander," she says quietly. "Perhaps you'll be so kind as to consider removing your head from your ass? Had it been any other officer, or enlisted, in there with Major Altair, you'd not have thought twice about it. Do not even attempt to tell me that it's because I'm your Aide and therefore your representation. We were working. It was also on my own time." She's quiet for a moment, watching Regas, daring him to interrupt her. "Now, you have blown this situation out of proportion and made yourself look poorly in front of your CMO, a man you respect. If you cannot trust your own officers to behave with propriety and respect in one another's areas of the ship, then I request transfer to Hera, effective immediately. I frankly don't give a frak what billet. I will not have you intimating that Major Zaharis would allow something inappropriate to go on in HIS Sickbay, nor will I have you intimating that Major Altair would participate in something of that magnitude." Nothing is said about the part that seems to have hurt her the most, though.

"I can see how his potentially sensitive matters were handled in the case of Ensign Peters and Ensign Maru as her witness?" Somehow that almost amuses him, "Considering the rumor mill." Regas comments drily. "Thank you, Doctor, you are now dismissed." He turns back to Pepper, his jaw now set. She did not just tell him to remove his head from his ass. "Ensign you are crossing the line of insubordination. You would have done better to have kept your opinions to yourself. Consider yourself on AIQ. If I even hear you are turning it into a sob fest with the Officers, I'll have you brigged."

Zaharis arches a brow but he's said what he had to say. Sickbay will continue with regularly scheduled programming. Pepper's long speech makes lines appear on his forehead and around his mouth. "Yes, sir." He raises salute and turns on his heel, heading to the door with tension still in his back.

Pepper snaps back to attention, chin coming up, eyes focused on the point over Regas' shoulder. "Aye, Sir," is all she says. There's nothing else.

"Dismissed," Regas tells her and then sits down behind his desk.

Peters just looks at the Commander for a long moment, then turns and follows Zaharis out.

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