Crowded Stairwells and Unexpected Reunions
Crowded Stairwells and Unexpected Reunions
Summary: Kalypso is reunited with an old friend while wandering the ship… and then gets introduced to the "real" Micah.
Date: 54 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Aft Stairwell, 54 ACH

These stairs are at the aft part of the ship, which is the backend for those not military savvy. They lead to various decks on the Genesis. A wireless is placed at landing levels, in case of emergencies.

Kalypso is making her way down the stairwell, attempting not to look as lost and overwhelmed as she feels. She's got the basics of where things are, but it's still a little confusing. She'll cut herself some slack though. She hasn't even been on the ship for a week yet. It's natural to get a little turned around. It's not like the Genesis is /small/ or anything.

Snatch flies down the stairs, most dangerously, on wet, bare feet, towel grabbed up around her, having partaken of her bi-monthly shower (or what passes for a shower, these days). She seems to have done so a number of decks from where she left her clothing, though.

Kalypso can hear those bare feet moving down the stairs behind her. With widened eyes and a twist to the side, she moves out of the path of the towel-clutching Snatch. Oh, yes they call her the streak… fastest thing on two… er… Kalypso lifts a hand to her hair, fingers splaying through it as she sees that hasty bee-line the other woman is making. "Hi again… bye again."

"Han, Kaly!" Snatch calls, jumping down a few more stairs and then grabbing the railing as she almost loses her footing in trying to pivot about, half-dropping her towel in the flail for the rail, but she rights herself and covers herself again, "Y'ns lookin' fer aught?"

"I was just trying to make my way to the Observation Deck," Kalypso says, hiding a wince as the other woman nearly wipes out. She's relieved that Snatch recovers her footing. "Nice ink," she comments, having caught a glimpse of the tattoo when the towel slipped.

"Ou-ais?" Snatch confirms, and points upward to the deck she'd just come from, "She'ns up thar, bun all way's down th' other side," she gestures fore, then blushes a little, though evidently not on account of her state of her undress, considering how readily she peels back her towel to let Castor to the light again, "Y'reckon?" she asks. "Ah lahk in… mahn sweetheart hat th' other…" Pollux, presumably— to stand by his twin's side with the other torch. "We'ns war gone git hitched whan Ah got home agin."

Tychon makes his way in, looking just a little damp himself, although more properly dressed. He has a duffle bag slung over his shoulder, and his expression is just a little bit… cross, for whatever particular reason. He hefts his bag as he makes it through the hatchway, then pauses rather abruptly when he finds a bunch of people in his way in the stairwell. "Ah, excuse me," he mutters at first, just making to go around in whatever fashion is most efficient.

"Yeah. Your sweetheart must've been a helluva guy. Maybe he made it out okay too," she says sincerely. Kalypso isn't so much the 'bitch' that Orion seems to think she is. Or maybe the woman is just developing a soft-spot for the Engineering Tech. Whatever the case, she nods to the towel-clad and bare-footed Mopsus Doe who is slightly lower than her on the stairwell. "Ah, thanks. I'll get my sense of direction about this place soon…" she says with a glance back upwards — just in time to see Tychon emerging from the hatch. Blink. Blink. Bi-colored eyes stare with recognition as she swivels her body. "I… yeah… sorry. I am kind of in the way here." She swallows, pressing herself back in attempt to make room. There's some hessitancy as the blonde speaks up again, uncertain to ask if the disgruntled-looking man is who she thinks he is, "Ty?"

Snatch draws her lips together at Kalypso's sincere statement, wrapping herself up again and pressing herself to the railing to let Tychon by, "Oh. Shore als," she waves off the expression of gratitude, "T'weren't nothin'," she adds before she steals away, a little more carefully but with similar speed.

Rycard is heading up from the hangardeck when he comes across the people. "Busy street" he says as he makes his way past with a smile.

Starting one way, pausing, and then shifting to go the other as everyone maneuvers about, Tychon begins to head past Kalypso, taking advantage of the space she makes, and shifting his duffle around a bit to narrow his profile. Cramped quarters and what not. He's squeezed by, and is just beginning to make his way down the steps when he catches his name. Still looking a bit annoyed, he glances back, as if expecting to have to deal with yet another problem heaped upon whatever has him bothered in the first place. "Yeah?" Looking back at Kalypso, he scrutinizes her a bit. "What is it, ensign? You're new to the ship, right?" Waiting for an answer, he continues to look her over, brow furrowing - although this time more in thought than pure annoyance. Of course, when Rycard comes through, there's going to be another scramble to make proper room, right? Tychon, at least, is slow in making a spot.

Kalypso is getting used to pressing herself back against the rail and out of the way now. Rycard is the third person to need passage, so the woman makes way even if Tychon doesn't. She hasn't a clue who she's letting past. Just another uniform as far as she knows. Besides, she's too busy looking at Tychon. Her lips lift upwards, rounding her cheeks and bringing dimples out. "Maybe it's the clothes. The last time you saw me I was wearing an off the shoulder black dress… or the hair. It used to be longer," she's trying to drop hints, but oh, she recognizes him for sure now.

RYCARD, and noone else, makes his way up the stairs. "Hey, anyone heard about that new ship out there? They say its full of nymphs or something" he says as he slows down while passing the others. "Looks like the Carina has some competition when it comes to shore-leave, huh."

Black dress? That's certainly a statement worthy of some memory searching, which appears to be what Tychon is up to if one tries to make sense of the somewhat confused expression now taking over his face. Better than the frowny look, anyway. Still, its bad when you forget a woman's name, right? And Tychon is not scoring well! "… Oh, sorry!" Abruptly, he notices yet another person moving through the crowded passage and shifts to make some room, looking momentarily apologetic. It's convenient because it gives the Lieutenant a moment to think, however, and has he looks back, he's come up with it. "Kaly!" We have a winner. "Wow, it's been a while." And then, a comment that reflects the oddity of their situation, the horror so vast that one cannot even recall how many they've lost, counting their associations by the few remaining, he murmurs, "I'm glad to see you made it through."

"Yeah, it has," Kalypso says. Reunions in stairwells and the woman skirts around the awkward pause that follows. "You look good, Ty." She tucks a stray strand of hair behind her ear, expression going somber. The reminder of their situation is, well, one that she hasn't really let herself come to complete terms with yet. She moistens her lips and nods, "Good to see you did too." And then the 'nymphs' comment from the approaching pilot. Kalypso wrinkles her nose and looks towards the man (That'd be Rycard). "There's more than one out there, and if you're referring to the Hera… do I /look/ like a nymph to you?" It's as good excuse as any to avoid somber topics like humanity's holding onto survival by a fingernail.

Rycard comes to a halt as Kalypso gives her response and shrugs his shoulders with a boyish smile. "Hey, I only heard there was some nymph-like women running around over there. Never said you were a nymph though… Unless you want me to that is" he adds with a wink.

Tychon wasn't paying the passing figure much mind, but takes a momentarily more thorough notice at his… well interesting comment. "Nymphs? I thought the Carina had the cheerleaders… what'd we find now, a flying model agency?" Sarcastic as the comment is, its hard to tell what interest the pilot might have in such things. At least in theory, most of them are supposed to be keeping busy with things like…. oh, keeping the fleet from getting blown up by cylons. Not that it would stop many of them, apparently. He gives Rycard a momentary, odd look, and then turns back, smiling a bit more genuinely, the chance meeting having apparently done good to alleviate whatever his previous mood might have been. "Thanks, you do too, though PT has a way of doing that. Course, the air wing here seems to slack on it." Frowny makes its re-appearance, an indication that his earlier mood likely had something to do with his fellow airmen. "You were serving with the Hera, then?"

Kalypso lifts an eyebrow up at Rycard, just sort of a 'watch it boy-o' kind of expression. Alright, so maybe Orion has a point and there -is- something a bitch hiding under the layers of Miss Congeniality. "I wouldn't exactly call what I was doing on the Hera as 'serving'," Kaly says to Tychon, "It's a civillian ship. Used to be a Viper training vessel. Turned into a rich kid playground. The Genesis will be my first assignment." Oh… one year after she should have been at her first assignment. "I blame my father." She clears her throat, "We should probably take our reunion to somewhere with a little more space. People might want to actually use the stairs."

"Well" Rycard says, and again shrugs his shoulders. "If its true about the ladies over there, I know where I'm heading on my next day off."

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Desusa passes along quietly, giving just a small nod to those he passes by.

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"If you find this magical paradise ship, pass the word along, hmm?" Tychon asks of Rycard, grinning a little bit before again turning his attention to Kalypso in full. "Yeah, you're right. Where you headed? I was just gonna grab a bit of time in the gym," he hefts his bag, "but I'm happy to tag along and catch up a little." Of course, her explanation leaves him a little confused looking too. "Tell me a bit more about it?"

"I was just going to go head up to the Observation Deck and stargaze for a while, not that I haven't had my fair share of that," Kalypso says. She looks at the duffle and then grins. "I could go grab my stuff and join you at the Gym. I haven't found my way there yet, I'm still getting my bearings around this place. I could use some Gym time myself." She cards fingers through her hair, "Dad thought the pilot thing was just a phase that I'd grow out of, so he…" She glances at Rycard and moistens her lips. She's comfortable telling Tychon, but not so much her fellow Raptor pilot. "Why don't I go grab my stuff and meet you back here and I'll tell you the rest of the story?" She turns to start back to where the Barracks are and pauses to toss a grin over her shoulder to Rycard. "Just a heads up Ensign? Most of those ladies and probably a few of the gentlemen too, on the Hera are looking for officers."

"I Knew It!" Rycard grins and points at Kalypso. "FInally a lucky brake!" As he heads off on his own, he almost seems to dance as he clibs the steps. "Hera, here I come, looking for the ladies and then some" he sings to himself as he moves along.

"Oh? Well, that doesn't sound half bad." Whatever earlier frustration now forgotten, Tychon seems fairly easy-going about things. But her reflection on the amount of time they all spend staring at space draws a grin, and soon he's nodding. "Why don't you tag along then, yeah," the Lieutenant readily agrees. When she pauses mid story, and makes her excuse to go get her stuff, he nods. "I'll hang out here." In the stairwell, right? Because its a great place to block traffic. Looking after her as she goes, Tychon eventually glances back to Rycard. And just shakes his head. How very, very strange.

Kalypso doesn't keep the Lt. waiting long. Just a short time after she exits the stairwell for the berthings, she's back and dressed in her sweats. That was a record-breaking changing. Her short locks are pulled back into a messy ponytail. "Lead the way."

That was, indeed, fast. There's also evidence to suggest, given the bag, that Tychon was just going to change there. In any event, the stairs will finally be used for their true purpose: "It's down on deck 9." If Rycard is still around acting weird, he gets a wave, and then its off to sweat.

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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 9, Gymnasium, 54 ACH

Workout areas are abundant here along with benches and water dispensers. Running machines, rowing machines and lifting. There is a place for sparring with lockers that hold the equipment. Off this area, there is an athletics court and a pool.

Kalypso is quiet until they get to the Gym. "Daddy didn't think I was serious about the military," she says continuing her earlier paused story, "Thought it was just a phase I was going through. I guess it was at first. I did sign up to piss him off, but then I realized I liked flying." She bends to tighten her shoelaces and start stretching. "He pulled a bunch of political strings… saw to it that my first assignment never went through. Next thing I know I'm spending the last year of my life on the Hera shooting asteroids… and the last fifty-some odd days wondering what the hell happened."

Once they get inside, Tychon veers off, heading over to an area with lockers and benches, sitting down on one of them as he goes through his own quick wardrobe change, tossing a few things inside, leaving his t-shirt but switching to sweat pants like she wears. As he's walking back, he's lifting his dog tags and tucking them inside his shirt - more to keep them from flying all over, no doubt. "Huh," is his answer as she reveals that bit of her life's story. It's not a surprised 'huh', to be sure - no doubt he's familiar enough with family meddling, the topic in general a common one for the rebellious young-ins of the former Caprica elite. "Well, I suppose it's hard to be mad at him now, right? If you'd have been on another ship, who knows. And no shortage of action here." Once he's rejoined her, he takes a speculative look around the room, as if pondering where to start his routine. "I was on the Battlestar Mercury - newer class than this one - but I got transfered to Genesis just a bit before the attack. Don't really know why - though Mercury was on the Armistice line so I'm also probably lucky. Was at Sagittaron before that, right out of the Academy."

Kalypso rolls her neck as she finishes her stretching and nods. "Hard to be mad for that. Harder to be mad since he probably didn't make it," she says, admitting the grim truth of the matter. "You know, that mention of the PT slacking earlier? We could just start setting a good example," she says with a smile, making her way towards one of the running machines. "I could've been on another ship… could've been land stationed… who knows. I do believe I survived for a reason. And hey, here we are together again. Sorry I never wrote when you went off to the Academy. I heard you'd graduated the year before I got there." She steps onto the machine and starts plugging in a program.

Micah enters the gym this evening dressed in regulation sweats, tank top and t-shirt, with a fatigue jacket thrown over top. Skirting the room, he ends up at the lockers, where his jacket's peeled off and tossed inside. There's a brief glance around to ascertain whether the weights are free, and a long pull of water taken as he does so.

"Eh most aren't that bad. We just have a lot of new pilots I think, ones who've never served on an active Battlestar before this?" Tychon smiles a bit, realizing she's likely to fall into that category as well. "Now they got no excuse, though. Can't really afford to slack." Following Kalypso, he veers off when she finds her machine, and takes the one next to it, presumably so they can keep chatting while they work out. Getting up on it, he likewise spends a few moments punching settings, before it starts - slowly at first, warm-up speed. "Reason?" There's nothing more to the question than that. "Yeah its weird, I don't know a lot of other Capricans here, let alone anyone I really knew." Thoughtful when she mentions graduation, he nods, "I think that's about right. I actually went into duty right afterward, which was odd I guess. So I lost contact with a lot of people back home."

Kalypso moves slowly into a warm-up jog. The movement of Micah over to the weights is noted in her peripheral vision, though all she does is pass the man a slight nod. She certainly does fall into that category, but she doesn't hold it against him. "Can't afford to slack off and let the new girl make them look bad," she says with a wink. Her feet slap down, propelling her forward as the belt moves beneath her. "We've all been giving more time for some reason. I can't say I was ever terribly religious back home, but I did think things happened for a reason. Bigger picture and all that." She makes a thoughtful sound, "I don't know a whole lot of anybody here. It's nice to see someone I know and knew from back home."

Micah catches, possibly, a fraction of that conversation. It's enough to have him tossing the water bottle back in his locker along with his bag, thumping it shut, and heading over to the exercise machines. The weights can, well, wait. "Heard you talkin' 'bout the PT," he murmurs as he comes to a halt in front of a treadmill next to Kalypso's. Certainly not afraid of intruding upon conversations, is Micah. He fiddles with the settings on the machine while speaking. "So who d'you think's slackin' off?"

Religion is not apparently something that Tychon is overly invested in, even now - her comment earns a sort of speculative, "Could be," and an accompanying shrug. As with the woman next to him, he begins to move as the belt beneath him picks up speed, feet just lifting and falling. When Micah arrives, and moreover, inserts himself, the response is fairly bland, nonchalant. "I'm sure you remember Epoch bitching about it earlier? If it's killing you that bad, it means you're not doing enough, not that you need a nice nap with a skin mag." That said, his attention falls squarely back to Kalypso, "So what did you do on the Hera, exactly? You said it was a training vessel first? Or was that before you ended up there."

"That was before I ended up there," Kalypso says as she keeps pace with the running machine's belt. "A long while before I ended up there. It's been a pleasure boat for a while now. Fancy little ships for rich kids to zip around in and blow up asteroids for kicks. The captain ran a nice clean ship, but it was for profit and most of the folks on it were about as deep as some of the other kids we used to sit with at those lovely parties back on Capirca. What'd I do there? I bided my time in my little prison and got my kicks flying a little red Cloudburster… til' we found those ships the Pegasus had stripped and abandoned." She reaches up to press a button on her running machine, bumping up the speed.

Micah smirks slightly at the Lieutenant, and moves off a few paces to begin a round of stretching. Shoulders rolled, upper body twisted from side to side. His towel and water bottle, and a roll of tape are ditched on the floor next to him for the time being.

Well. Evelyn's here. Which says enough. Likely she counts the few flights she had to climb down to get here as part of her exercise for the day. She glances to the clock on the wall as if a prisoner who makes little chalk lines on her cell. Twenty minutes until she's free again. There's a towel around her neck, a bottle of orange liquid in her hand, and a frown on her face.

"Ah… sounds awful. I joined up to get away from that kind of crap. But at least you got to fly." The way he emphasizes the latter point, it's clearly what matters more, and Tychon's own love of the profession evident. "Guess you get to play catch up now. You ready for it?" It's a serious question, and he doesn't add any unecessary levity or even try to inflate the challenging aspect of it. On his treadmill, the pace continues to climb, and he finds a nice running rhythm, even but brisk.

Finished stretching, or some modicum of it, Micah rounds back to the machine he was punching buttons on, and steps up. With the flick of a switch, he's off and jogging. And 'round about this time, spots a certain psyche wearing a towel and a frown. Grinning a little, he seems content to watch her for the time being, in fits and spurts while he exercises.

"And… it wasn't 'just a phase'," Kalypso says with a laugh. She pumps her arms with the motion of her feet, a steady running pace. It does keep her from being so long-winded in her talking. "I guess it is," she says, "And I guess I'd better be ready. No turning back now." Well, there is still a chance. She's only on probationary pilot status. But she's made up her mind.

Eve doesn't stretch. Stretching would mean getting down and having to get back up again. Instead, she lemmings her way to one of the treadmills, not really glancing up as she makes her progression towards the machines. Might have to make eye contact, and eye contact would mean shared glances, and then she'd think that all the opposing party is sizing up her body mass index, aka, the size of her butt. It's when she's nearly all the way there, that she dares a glance up. Huh. Micah. "Saint Germain." She greets quietly before she clambours onto one of the treadmills, punching a button to a nice brisk… crawl. Yeah. Working hard, or hardly working. You decide.

"Heh, I remember hearing about it from you when you first planned to go… you sounded excited. Too much for it just to be about dad." Pilot spirit, rawr! "Anyway, no doubt we'll need all the pilots we can get," he shakes his head, "need them for sure." At that juncture, Tychon reaches out and taps a button on the console, accelerating the program past part of the warm up segment - and naturally accelerating the belt beneath his feet right along with it. As it really starts to move, he does too, and his breathing falls into a regulated pattern. It makes it a little harder to chat, so he's silent for a bit, but he does cast the occasional glance and smile sidelong at his running partner, or a more curious look over at the other pair.

Micah's certainly got an appreciative eye on that 'body mass index' for a few notable moments. "Lef-tenant," he murmurs when she greets him, turning away to punch another button on his treadmill. Now he's running instead of jogging, shoes striking the belt with a rhythmic -thud- that doesn't seem inclined toward leaving him out of breath, any time soon. Aside, to Kalypso, "If you're not ready, you tell the CAG. Don't need anyone up there that's goin' to get their wingman or copilot or frakkin' cargo killed because of a lack of training."

Everyone's pushing buttons to go faster or on a greater incline. Eve keeps on a nice even keel of a steady, albeit slow, walk. Her bottle of orange drink is cracked open and she's taking a heavy swig before she's even worked up a sweat, though at pace she's going, she may never really actually perspire. She's quiet after Micah greets her, now just listening to the flight banter that flows over the top of her head. Looks like she plopped down in the middle of a stick jockey convention.

Kalypso grins, her eyes flicking to Tychon while she keeps her pace up. "Yeah. First thing I ever actually took seriously." She falls into silence as well, looking with her own curiosity at Micah and Eve, intermittently with smiling at Tychon. Nothing quite like working up a good swe—-she nearly misses a step at Micah's comment. Punching the speed down just a bit she looks over at Micah, a scowl drawing down her face. "I'm ready. And I've HAD training. I've no intention of going up there and frakking anyone over."

Things stay relatively quiet on Tychon's side, now that he has found his particular 'zone', the puffs of breath, the impact of his feet, and the hum of the machine taking the place of conversation in filling the void with noise. He's still paying Kalypso mind, apparently, nodding along when she expresses her seriousness, and even looking like he's going to break stride himself and pause to help her when she stumbles - which of course has him missing a step as well. He gets back under control after she does, however, and speaks up again only after they have, "I think you'll do ok. I trust the CAG not to put anyone up that shouldn't be, anyway."

Micah seems skeptical. But it's Micah's job to be skeptical. And an ass. "You look fresh out of flight school to me, mate." He punches the button again, increasing the slope so as to force him to work a little. His breath's coming a little more quickly, though he's hardly struggling for it; and THAT might have something to do with those cigarettes he smokes. "Besides, ah've heard you haven't touched a raptor in a year." He keeps his eyes on the treadmill's console. "'s what I hear." No comment on the CAG.

Oh, well. That's just not nice. And likely goes above and beyond Eve's definition of fun friendly ribbing. Her eyes are focused forward for the most part, except for a casual flick of a glance towards the console on Micah's machine. There is a beat or two, her feet thunking in a slow step on her machine. Then, ever so nonchalantly, she's reaching out to press the emergency stop button on his treadmill with a quick, "Ensign. Think fast." Slap of the button.

"You heard wrong, then," Kalypso says with a toss of her ponytail. Yeah… because… she totally touched one this morning! There's an angry sort of fire in her eyes now and she kicks her workout up to the peak of the pace she pre-programmed. She breaks into a flat-out run. Looks like her side of the conversations flying is over. She lifts a brow when Eve slaps Micah's stop button on his machine. Hah. Forgive her for the self-satisfied smile she makes as she looks straight ahead and runs on.

Although he's back in silent mode, Tychon grins at Kalypso's answers, and then turns his gaze straight ahead. The mill is going fast, and he's running to match. The breathing is the same, not having changed since he started in earnest - and although the somewhat exaggerated puffs out sounded a little overblown in the beginning, now one might wonder, as time drags on, that he's not breathing harder now. He keeps going.

And trying to make poor Micah faceplant, is nice? He barely has time to catch Kalypso's answer, when the woman on his other side — aka, the evil psychiatrist — is telling him to look sharp and hitting the emergency stop on his treadmill. "Frak!" He manages to stave off pitching head over toes over the machine, by clutching at the bar quickly. But only barely. Eve receives a withering look, and after a beat the machine's restarted. Thud thud thud. He, too, isn't struggling for breath.

Eve is smirking slightly, despite the withered look. Her eyes returning to the front to finish her oh so grueling work out. "And Ensign Maru said you have no sense of rythm." Is quipped quietly. The others might not be winded, but Evelyn's certainly starting to show signs that her little crawl is effecting her. But mainly, she just seems tired.

Kalypso is going to run on in silence for another fifteen minutes, do her cool down for five, and slip out. She may not have been in a Raptor in the last year, but she has kept in shape. A narrow-eyed nod at Micah — success, he keeps a tight hold on the asshole title! — and a warm smile for Eve, a smile and wink for Tychon and Kalypso is heading out. She doesn't have to say she'll see them around. No doubt that she will. The pilots especially.

Tychon, on the other hand, isn't here just to run. After taking not of the odd spectacle with Micah, he'll continue on the treadmill for a while longer, with a bit of a cool down, and then it's off to some of the weight stations. Kalypso gets a smile when she eventually leaves - the other two, who knows how long they'll be around.

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