Culture Shock
Culture Shock
Summary: Adele arrives on the PAS and encounters officers, adolescents and bar food. Poor woman.
Date: 21 BHC
Related Logs: Directly follows Boxing Tournament

Docking Bay Support Station PAS - Docking
21 BCH 2085 Souls

The docking area on the Support Station is large enough to handle four raptors. Fairly spacious, the area is elongated where the raptors are landing and then pulled down the center landing dock. Off the landing circles, a grated walkway stretches out on either side. From that point, the stairs go up to an open deck that handles the monitoring of shuttles or raptors arriving or leaving.

A bulkhead corridor stretches out from the landing areas toward center of the station and at that point, corridors branch off going in a circle to the inner parts of the station itself. A set of stairs also lead up to the decks above. Aft, a set of large, metal doors sit open for the repairing of shuttles if needed.

Contents: Adele Rhea RAPTOR_103 SHUTTLE_230 Wireless 1733
Exits: [D] Down [SR] Shuttle Repair
[SH] Shuttle Transfer [U] Up
Special: +lhelp - Local Help Available

There's a lot of foot-traffic through the docking bay right now, which is hardly unusual. The place is a waystation for civilians, military and all manner of folk going between ships. Rhea is one of them at the moment. She's just disembarked a shuttle, along with a skinny, curly-haired twelve-year-old boy who resembles her enough that it's an easy guess they're related. "That game was pretty cool," he chatters as they stroll through the bay. "Sucks how the vid feed cut out, though. It's lame having to just listen to plays on the wireless."

Adele has just arrived, herself. Except, it's like really -just arrived-. A large piece of luggage is at her feet: a sleek, expensive looking piece with the initials A.P. tastefully embroidered into the material. She is standing around, looking rather clueless indeed, her eyes shifting from corridor to corridor. Reaching into the small handbag that dangles from her wrist, she shuffles a few items around… looking for something. It becomes increasingly obvious that that something is not there. "Shoot," she mumbles beneath her breath. How prim.

Zaharis comes in from Passageway.
Zaharis has arrived.

"I thought the Buccaneers were going to pull it over the top when they went into overtime," Rhea says. The boy snorts, shaking his head in a knowing sort of way. "Pu-leeze, Mom. All they've got is Anders. The Panthers are /totally/ a tighter squad. Don't you know /anything/ about Pyramid?" He's about to expound more, but stops to stare at Adele. Gawking at the newb in an assessing sort of way. Rhea notices him staring, though her response to Adele is more polite. "Excuse me," she says, offering the woman a faint smile. "Are you…looking for something?"

Cora comes in from Passageway.
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"Oh," Adele starts, looking up from her increasingly frantic handbag search. "Hello," she replies after a beat, pursing her lips into a tight smile for both Rhea and the boy who is staring at her. "Yes, I'm looking for the contractors' quarters. One of the other passengers was nice enough to hand-draw me a map, but I think I've misplaced it." She looks terribly distressed by this, squeezing the handbag shut with a little more white in her knuckles than is likely necessary.

Zaharis rounds the corner towards the large docking bay, with Cora in tow. In his olive green fatigues rather than the formal blue officers' getup, a black strap runs diagonal across his chest, fastened to an equally black bag with the bright red medical cross and Genesis patch on it. Cora has an ice pack in hand and Zaharis has a nasty bruise forming on the right side of his jaw. Well, there -was- just a boxing match, you know.

Cora is pressing that ice pack to her back, and walks a little slowly as she follows Zaharis in. She's definitely /not/ in military garb but pretty bland civilian clothes - loose, comfortable pants and an athletic jacket with one of her hands shoved into a pocket. Despite the fact that she looks like she may be in a bit of pain, she also seems to be in fairly good spirits at the moment.

Rhea starts to answer but it's the boy who cuts in first. "Oh, that's easy. Contractors Quarters are on Deck Three. Just past the Rec Room. And the Laundry Room, but that's boring, so it's not as good a landmark. Just head up until you hit the stuff that stops looking official." He talks confidently, like he's got the place memorized. Rhea just grins, nodding. "That's about right. I take it you're a new contractor?" Neither of them have noticed Zaharis or Cora's arrival yet.

Adele listens to the boy, and actually takes out a pen and tiny notepad to scribble - no, neatly jot - down some notes. "Deck three, past the Recreation Room," she mumbles to herself, looking up from her pad to give the boy a grateful smile. The woman near him receives one too. "Thank you both. Might you know if there is somewhere nearby I might pick up something to eat?" She almost looks embarassed to have to ask this. Maybe this is why she's so thin.

Zaharis, luckily, doesn't have to be noticed first to make a nuisance of himself. As he steers Cora through the docking bay, he spots Rhea's familiar face easily enough. "Ah, hang on. Friend of mine," He tells the young contractor, before calling out. "Rhea!"

Cora shrugs a little bit - she doesn't seem to be any hurry! Turning to face Rhea, the boy, and Adele, she peers in their direction and grins. Politely so. She shuffles on closer.

The boy grins at the jotting, craning his neck up and offering a few corrections to Adele as she works on it. He looks extremely pleased with himself. "The new bar's good…I'm told," he answers in a grumbley sort of way, with a pointed look at Rhea. "Or there's the cafeteria. I guess. Hey, Doc!" His attention promptly flits off Adele to Zaharis and he jogs over to meet up with him. And his the woman he's steering. "You missed a great game. Picon won. Caprica sucked. What happened to you?" Again, attention flits. To Cora. He stares. Rhea sighs, "Reece, don't be rude. Hello, Jesse."

Adele places the notepad in the pocket of the jacket she wears - a jacket that is part of a pant suit. When Rhea with is hailed and the boy she was speaking with shifts his attention, so too does she. Her grey eyes scan over the two, a mild brand of concern turning her lips downward a fraction as she notes their injuries.

"Hey, you. Oh, this?" Zaharis rubs his bruised chin, replaying deadpan. "Went head to head with one of your mom's snipes. Don't ever try it with one of them, they fight dirty. Really, Picon won? Shoot. I owe you what, two cubits?" He gestures Reece towards the woman he's staring at. "Reece, this is…" His hand stops in the middle of the gesture, then repeats it. Name. Nope, forgot to ask. "…uh, this is a cryptographer. You should ask her what that is." Child sic'ed on Cora, he smiles at Rhea. "Hey. Was just headed down to the taproom, I think. Where were you off to?" His attention shifts to Adele, glancing at the pad in her hands and then at her face.

Cora squints. Kids? She's not good with them. The smile is very awkward indeed. "I'm Cora." She says, but no further. "I should get back. Nice to meet you all." Nodding vaguely to the people present in general - even though she wasn't actually introduced to anyone - she backs up toward the lift, ice pack in tow.

Rhea doesn't seem particularly concerned, though Cora's injuries appear to generate some sympahty. Zaharis, not so much. "You seriously took part in that thing?" she asks, obviously trying not to laugh. Reece doesn't try, getting an open "Ha!" out of Zaharis' bruise. "Oh, man! If I'd known you were going to fight I /so/ would've come. You /seriously/ got beat by an Engineer?" He laughs some more at Zaharis' expense. Rhea looks tempted to scold him for his skepticism. She can't help but grin and ask, "Which one? Somebody's clearly trying to suck up to me for a promotion." To Adele, so explains. "Don't worry. Just a friendly scuffle. Boxing's an old military tradition." She blinks when Cora starts to go, saying quickly, "It was nice to meet you, too. Briefly. I hope you didn't get too poor an opinion of the Navy from whatever the good doctor's been saying to you."

Adele looks just a little flustered. Over-stimulated, perhaps. Culture shock? Something of the sort - her bearing is one of privilege, and though she doesn't look as though she expects anyone to bow down to her and satisfy her every whim, she -does- look distinctly out of place. She's wearing a pant suit. And a pained expression to boot. "Oh, well. Boxing, of course," she replies with an unconvincing nod. "And I'm Adele Pike. I apologize for not introducing myself sooner." She says this to both Rhea and Zaharis, as well as the departing Cora. And again, she is terribly distressed by this breach in etiquette on her part.

Zaharis smirks at the boy. "Nah, I'm lying. It was an accident after the whole thing was over. I just wanted to make your mom feel superior for a minute. You should try that too, it'll get you -so- far." He looks at Cora as she bows out, quirking a brow. "You sure? I still owe you one." Then he looks back at Adele, seeming to assess her for a moment as he slides a thumb under the strap of his medical bag. "Ah…new contractor? Seem to be a lot of those. Haven't I heard your name? Pike…are you working with Reighner?"

Cora really has to go! She kinda nods but presses the button and woosh, she's gone!

"Rhea Zimmermann," says she, for her part, extending a hand for Adele to shake. Her own bearing is earthy and comfortable, and she seems to be trying to make Adele feel at ease. "I'm chief engineer over on the Genesis. That's my son, Reece. He's a local. The military brats are housed here. Kids and battlestars don't really mix, after all." While Reece seems curious enough about Adele, his main interest right now is on Zaharis. "Nice try, dude. You suck. Seriously, who kicked your ass?" He talks like he's busting a fellow twelve-year-old.

"Doctor Reighner?" Adele asks, eyes widening at the mention of the man. "Yes," she breathes, the first hint of enthusiasm she has displayed since arrival. "I'm a medical researcher from Caprica," she explains further, loosening up a bit now that she's actually talking about her occupation. "And it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Zimmermann. And Reece." Her smile is freer, but still guarded. She flits a glance to Zaharis.

"Gods, did your father teach you to talk like that?" Zaharis' voice gets dramatically loud, for Rhea's obvious benefit. "Because I sure didn't." Back to Reece, he smirks. "Seriously, shorty, it was accident. Only thing whipped me was the floor. It's what happens when you get old. Ask your dad." Seeds planted, he looks satisfied and glances back at Adele. "Though I recognised that. Reighner's a good man. Ask him about O'Keefe's anemia sometime - have you read that paper of his? Brilliant." His speech flows easily, no hint of self-consciousness about him at all. He unhooks his hand, extending it after Rhea's through with her. "Captain Jesse Zaharis. Chief Medical Officer over on the Genesis."

Adele did shake Rhea's hand. She's not a leave-you-hanging kind of woman!

Rhea releases Adele's hand after a quick but firm shake. Her grip might be surprisingly strong, given how small her hands are, and a callous or two from work is evident on her palms. Her only response to Zaharis' dramatics is a smirk. "Oh, you're with Reighner? I remember reading some of his articles in the Caprican Science Journal. Very impressive man. What sort of research do you specialize in?" Reece listens idly as the conversation turns to science-y things, though he does spare a snort and shake of his head to Zaharis. He's not buying it.

Adele's eyes positively glimmer as the topic shifts more directly to Reighner, and she nods with lessening stiffness. "Yes - YES," she answers Zaharis' question about the paper, shaking the man's hand as well. Her grip? Not so strong. Her palms? Smooth as a baby's butt. "It was incredible. I mean, that man is as thorough as I've ever seen, and his insights are utterly unmatched. I— oh." She flushes, realizing belatedly that Rhea has asked her a question as well. "I research preventatives. I couldn't turn down this offer - I've only been in aerospace medicine for a few years, but I'm learning so much."

"Wasn't it amazing?" Zaharis' geek switch is officially tripped. "I mean really, recombinant erythropoietin for hereditary spherocytosis? Who would have thought of that, it's insane. And a complete recalculation of the reticulocyte production index…about blew my mind." He remembers to let go of Adele's hand at that point, lucky her. "Ah, a preventative specialist. I can see why they'd want one up here." His tone seems to contain some sort of private joke but he doesn't elaborate. To Rhea he says, "Oh hey, how's the…pipe problem?"

Rhea shoots a grin at Zaharis. "Right up your alley. Anyhow. You mentioned wanting to get something to eat? Perhaps we should down you the Taproom. Jesse enjoys displaying his geekery there." Reece's eyebrows shoot up at this, eagerly. The bar! Rhea answers Zaharis last question with a pointed frown. "Should be cleared up tomorrow morning. I've got a crew dedicated to the Forward Head. As idiotic as the idea is. We'll shut the place down if we have to. I am tired of getting status reports on 'burping' pipes."

Adele looks like she could continue to discuss Reighner, a man she has yet to meet, at length. But this 'taproom' prospect is intriguing to her, or at least to her stomach. "If you don't mind my company, Ms. Zimmerman, Dr. Zaharis. I'd be honored." Really? Honored? To go to a bar? She bends down to retrieve her bag as the two talk pipes, though she does look up at the phrase 'burping pipes.' She's probably heard that before, as a doctor. Though in a different context.

"Oh please don't," Zaharis looks pained at Rhea. "Do you really want to give all those Marines -less- access to a shower?" He reshoulders his bag and tips a thumb towards the stairwell. "May as well. Don't let me order anything with garlic; I have to do a whole slew of physicals in an hour."

"They can nurse their rank - and their hang-overs - for a couple more hours without damaging themselves," Rhea says, pitilessly, to Zaharis. She starts to head bar-wards, Reece striding ahead, to show his station navigation skills. As she walks she adds to Adele, "And you can call me Rhea. Captain Zimmermann is bad enough. The Navy hasn't managed to force Ms. on me yet."

"Oh, sorry," Adele replies, again with the distress in her tone. "Rhea." She purses her lips into another tight smile, pulling the handle out of her suitcase and straightening once more. She tips it, readying it for some rolling action. "Thank you for having me. I'm famished." Even though she'll probably eat a salad with dressing on the side.

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You head towards Passageway.

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Adele comes in from Passageway.
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Zaharis comes in from Passageway.
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Taproom Support Station PAS - Deck 1
21 BCH 2085 Souls

This large, open area was once a secondary observation platform. It has been taken over by quasi official forces and made into a drinking establishment known as the Taproom. A bar running along the inner wall is stocked with bottles and a solar cell has been taken apart, giving the back of the wall a high mirror finish, reflecting the bottles and the rest of the room. The outer wall is transparent, and unless a Condition status requires the lowering of the shielding, the glow of the stars and TER-745 is visible through the windows. Several tables and chairs are about the area and hidden speakers play music from some player hidden away. At the bar is a menu set up for anyone to read. <+detail here/menu>

Contents: Adele Rhea Zaharis
Exits: [O] Out
Special: +detail - Details available

Zaharis pulls his bag off his shoulder as they enter the taproom, selecting a table without waiting to be shown to it. Dropping the bag he nevertheless waits for the two women to choose their seats first. "So preventative medicine, aerospace?" He raises an eyebrow at Adele. "I heard you had to go to Picon to study that. That's not a Picon accent you've got."

Reed comes in from Passageway.
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Zaharis pulls his bag off his shoulder as they enter the taproom, selecting a table without waiting to be shown to it. Dropping the bag he nevertheless waits for the two women to choose their seats first. "So preventative medicine, aerospace?" He raises an eyebrow at Adele. "I heard you had to go to Picon to study that. That's not a Picon accent you've got."

Reece hustles into the bar with an enthusiasm only an adolescent can show for such a place. He's not the only member of the young crowd in here. A civilian boy about his age and a slightly older girl are having chicken wings at a corner table, under the semi-watchful eye of their father. Reece stops when he sees them, giving his mother a sideways look. Rhea just nods, giving him permission to go. Which he does, sparing a quick, "Laternicetomeetyou" to Zaharis and Adele before running off.

Adele settles in, folding her hands neatly in her lap, her back straight and barely touching the chair that she sits upon. "No, I'm from Caprica. Caprica City General has a department, too - it's newer, and smaller. But it got me the exposure I needed, and my interest really took off after I received a contract with one of Caprica's naval bases." She dips a nod, perusing the menu with a look of vague distaste that she's attempting to conceal. "What is your specialty, Dr. Zaharis?" She watches Reece join the other adolescents out of the corner of her eye, then flicks her gaze back to Rhea. Does she approve of this?

Reed enters the Taproom, looking a bit more tired than at the end of the boxing tournament. Of course, it's not as if he actually fought or anything, as evidenced by the lack of protruding bone or arterial spray. He moves to the bar, nodding to the bartender and looks around as his drink is being made. Noticing the adolescents at the bar victimizing innocent chicken wings he smirks slightly, then tilts his head a bit at the group and smiles broader before looking around to the tables. His Captain Sense tingling, sensing others of his kind.

Rhea shakes her head a little as her boy races off but she doesn't seem too put out. She sits at the table Adele's chosen. Picking a chair that allows her to keep an eye on Reece. "I suppose we aren't cool. Tragic. You're from Caprica, then? I did my undergraduate work at the university in Delphi. Beautiful city, though I probably didn't enjoy it as I should have at the time."

"Funny how college tends to do that," Adele replies with a slow, thoughtful nod. "But yes, Delphi is gorgeous. I had an aunt there, who my parents would foist me off onto for a few weeks of the summer. She was always on the go, I think I know Delphi better than Caprica City, where I was raised. She took me everywhere." Her smile is wistful, but it fades quickly. She casts a glance at the approaching Reed, then asks Rhea, "Where are you from, if I may ask?"

Reed takes his glass, indeed approaching the table, still with a light smile on his face as he walks. Slowing before moving into the personal table space, he nods to Rhea, "Captain Zimmerman." He greets, looking to Adele and nodding politely.

"Sagittaron," Rhea answers. Straight-forwardly enough, but she says it flatly and without any sign of fondness. No tales of home from her. The sound of her name makes her look up, and she smiles at Reed. "Captain Carter. My son wanted to see your fine establishment. I'll make sure he doesn't break anything. This is one of your new contractors." She nods to Adele, though she leaves it up to the woman to introduce herself. Meanwhile, she tries to flag down a server. Those chicken wings look good.

Adele shifts slightly in her seat, emitting a diplomatic, "Oh," at Rhea's response. She too is eager to see a server, though her attention drifts to Reed when he arrives and Rhea speaks to him. "Dr. Adele Pike," she introduces herself, extending a slender hand.

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Reed takes Adeles offered hand, "Captain Reed Carter, I'm the.." He gestures over his head to indicate most likely the rest of the station above them, "CO. A pleasure, Doctor Pike." Releasing the hand with a smile, he looks to Rhea, "Oh it's fine. There's not enough open places for the kids, though we try to give them as much space as we can over here."

Rhea smirks dryly at Adele's reaction to her home-colony. She snorts out a short chuckle. "Some of the stories are exaggerated. A lot of them aren't. I left when I was eighteen to join the Fleet and never found a compelling reason to go back." She does manage to attract a server, and orders herself some chicken wings and a glass of water. To Reed, she smiles. "Join us, please. And I've been pretty happy with the facilities here. It's not like living on a colony but it's safe, he has some people his own age around and he can't get into *too* much trouble."

Adele gives Reed a prim smile, pulling her hand back once he releases it, and replacing it in her lap. "It is nice to meet you, Captain Carter," she returns, before ordering herself a glass of water and a salad. In a bar. To Rhea, she feigns confusion. "Oh, I haven't heard much about Sagittaron," she assures the woman pleasantly enough, though she seems a mite relieved when the conversation switches back to Rhea's son.

Reed smiles to Rhea, "Thank you." He accepts the offer and takes a chair, settling down. He looks between Adele and Rhea, two lines of conversation Sagittaron and Reece. Easy choice. "Well," He says, diving in. "I've met Reece, briefly, quite briefly. I believe he considers me Captain Number Forty Three he's met or somesuch." He grins, "He's a fine young man." He looks to the bar, watching the young people do what they do. Eat, and in large amounts.

Rhea chuckles in that wry way again at Adele's denial of Sagittaron knowledge. But it's certainly not a topic she wants to dwell on. She gets a warmer laugh out of Reed's Captain Number Forty Three bit. "Oh, I'm sure he can come up with something more creative than that. But thanks." She looks rather proud. "He still misses Picon, and his father, but he's doing well here. I think he's gotten used to moving." Not something she sounds entirely happy about.

Adele remains quiet, waiting for her meal. When she's finished, she quietly excuses herself - she hasn't even seen her quarters yet. So that way she goes!

Reed nods, "Occupational hazard of Navy life. Not perfect, but won't do great harm." He shrugs, "If you need anything.." He nods in Reeces direction, "Please let me know."

"Thanks," Rhea says simply, but it's clearly something she'll keep in mind. For her part, she enjoys her bar food, finishing it in short order and then herding her son out of the Taproom. School night, after all.

Reed smiles, saying his goodbyes and sipping his drink as the place starts to drain before he retires himself.

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