Cutting Your Teeth
Cutting Your Teeth
Summary: Castillo reports to Reed to discuss security aboard the Hera.
Date: 71 ACH
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Hera - Deck 2 - CIC

Reed is in CIC, the hum of quiet, efficent activity floating around the room. Reed himself is standing at the Command console, signing off on something handed to him by an ensign.

Castillo enters the CIC of the Hera, a place that is not altogether unfamiliar to the MP. He hovers briefly at the hatch, scanning the crew for major pins, then walking towards the officer he believes is Major Carter. The equipment on his belt bounces against his legs with a muffle thud, and in lieu of a pistol, a taser gun hangs in its place. When he reaches Reed, Castillo snaps to attention and holds a salute, "Major Carter, sir?"

Reed looks at Castillo, handing the clipboard off to the Ensign. He watches the man for half a second, then returns salute, "What can I do for you, Corporal.." He gestures to Castillo, his tone trailing off as an indication for the man to supply his name, as Reed hasn't met the man before.

"Corporal Castillo, sir," the MP answers, lowering the salute. "The MAA has assigned me to monitor the cataloguing and securing of the Hera's munitions and firearms. Permission to come aboard, sir?"

Reed nods, "Ah, Castillo." He says, nodding, "Of course." He turns his head to the side, "Dreavers." A man at the Comms station looks up, "Sir." Reed replies, "You have the Conn." He then looks to Castillo, moving to the door, "With me, Corporal. Let's get you what you came for."

"Thank you, sir," Castillo replies. He tosses a glance over at the comm station, then turns to follow the major. When they walk, the corporal takes the junior spot behind the officer.

Reed moves out to the hall. "We're still waiting on Engineering to do some cosmetic refits of the Hera. They've been busy lately doing critical refits and repairs on the other ships, so unfortunately, we still look more like a yacht than a military vessel."
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"Yes, sir," Castillo agrees. "I was aboard the Hera when she joined up with the fleet," he remarks. His tone indicates he has a certain amount of familiarity with the vessel.

Reed nods, as he walks, "I see, then you're familiar with her layout." He smiles, "Good. As for the weapons, I'm planning on two centers of weapons storage. One in the future target range, and one in the future holding area. We have the weapons stored in an arms locker now in the range, but we'll have to get Engineering to rebuild the holding facility." He opens the stairwell hatch and moves out. "I've spoken to the Sheriff and S2, and we're going to have primarily Naval security on the Hera to ease up manpower on the MPs."

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Castillo continues to follow Reed as they make their way through the ship. His eyes flit about as he looks for things that might have changed. "Yes, sir," he says. Sure, he's already been briefed as such, but the corporal knows better than to play smarter and say things like 'I've already been briefed'. "If I may ask, sir, what is your plan for securing the munitions for the ships's weaponry?"

Reed seems to be hitting the high points more as a 'Previously, on Training Ship Hera' Rather than a full briefing. He moves down the stairs, and it seems that Engineering hasn't done too much at all to the ship yet, being busy getting the FTLs on the other ships back online and repairing the Genesis from the recent Cylon attack. He responds to the Corporal as he moves towards the Deck 4 hatch. "Keeping the munitions of the actual ship weapons under naval guard, and storing the hand munitions with that ammo stockpile. Some of the ammunition will be kept in the lockers, naturally." Using the same area for bullets as they do for the missiles and cannon rounds, and the like. He moves to Deck 4

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"Understood, sir," Castillo says. "With your permission, sir, I'd like to evaluate your security teams. Ensure that they're following proper security procedures and that they know how to handle themselves in the event the Hera is boarded."

Reed nods, firmly, "Absolutely, Corporal." He says strongly. "Any and all assistance you can provide in the organization and training of the security personnel will be greatly appreciated." He points to a hatch. "Holding facilities will be in there, more as a stopgap measure for transferral to Genesis than as a proper Brig. Right now it's.." He narrows his eyes, "Ice cream making station or something, I don't know, but it's going to be redone." He moves to the Arcade. "This is our only accessible arms locker in here at the moment, and I can show you what I'm planning."

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"Thank you, sir," Castillo replies. The MP reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pencil and a small notepad. He begins making a few notes, perhaps a diagram as they move into the arcade. "Has either the MAA or the S2 provided you with the proper equipment for detaining prisoners until they can be transferred, sir?"

Reed shakes his head, "No, nothing of the like. We've only had a few meetings where we've discussed it. I was considering all such supplies would be kept in the holding area, which isn't up yet. We can store it now, but it's not going to be that useful till we have the holding facility." He looks around the arcade. "Ignore most of this, We're partitioning the room off, one area to have the simulators in it, and the rest of these games pulled out and a range set up there." He moves to an arms locker in the back of the room, THIS looks new. He enters a code and opens it. "The main bulk of the weapons are down in munitions storage. But this is stocked." He looks to Castillo, "Say what you like about Fulton, he knew how to buy the good stuff, from liquor to weaponry."

Castillo nods as he continues to make notes. He offers no verbal opinions on the equipment, or about Fulton. A hasty sketch of the arcade is drawn on his notepad with the future additions indicated. "Is the locker tied into the CIC yet, sir?" he asks.

Reed nods, "Indeed it is. We've got a connective line to CIC, and as soon as the refit happens, we're putting the cameras back in proper." He recloses the locker, and checks the lock seal on it, then turns to Castillo, "Anything else?" He asks, letting the Corporal go over the points he wants.

"Just one thing, sir," Castillo says and starts tucking away the notepad and pencil. "Whom is the point of contact for your security teams, or would you prefer that I coordinate any activities directly with you, sir?"

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Reed nods, "At the moment, you'll coordinate with myself, or my aide, Ensign Pepper Peters. I don't have an XO at the moment, but you'll find Peters to be efficient. Also if you need to speak with someone and no one's immediately available, my Weapons officer Lieutenant McKenzie, or my Comms officer, Lieutenant Dreavers, whom you saw earlier."

"Yes, sir," Castillo says. "Thank you for your time. I'll stay out from under your crews feet as best I can, sir." With that he comes to attention and snaps a salute to the Major.

Reed returns salute to Castillo, "At ease, Corporal." He says, standing with the Corporal, next to the recently installed arms locker in this room, the games off, rather quiet in here at the moment. "I want it clear, the Naval security force is here, to ease the strain on the MPs, not to do their job. Naval people will be backup, but authority of detainment will rest with the MPs. Any PT or other orginization of the security forces on the Hera will be quite welcome."

The sound of a jaunty whistle coming from the hall precedes McKenzie's entry into the Arcade. The melody might be familiar to some, but not all. It shares a relationship to Jethro Tull's "Skating Away" that is known as 'identity'. On entering, the woman's gait is a bouncing sort of shuffle that hints at smokey dance halls with liquid jazz served up musically as well as in glasses. When her turn brings the others into view, the whistle stops mid-tone, the shuffle ceases and the woman goes into 'paused' mode. Although this lasts for a little under an instant, it is enough time to gather the general gist of the conversation. The shuffle turns into a stride and the Lieutenant walks over to the two men, "Hey, Major. Who'se the new kid?"

The salute is lowered, and the corporal's eye twitches slightly. He'd jump the gun and offered a salute before he was officially dismissed. It'd be one of those things he'd have to get back into the swing of again. "Of course, sir," Castillo says to Reed. "This ship is your command and as such, I don't want to overstep my boundaries, either. It's my intent to afford you the same respect to your command as I give to Commander Regas." When the Lieutenant arrives, he does not break his attention from the Major and give it to the subordinate officer.

Reed nods to Castillo, "I wasn't expecting much else, Corporal. I understand you're just off your reenlistment and reorientation back in the Corps." He looks to McKenzie. "Corporal Castillo from the Genesis. He's here to go over our security situation." He gestures between McKenzie and Castillo, indicating her to finish the introductions.

McKenzie nods, taking advantage of the man's focus on the Major to give him an appraising glance. When addressed, she steps forward and offers the man a hand, "Good to meetcha, Corporal. I'm Lieutenant McKenzie, Weapons Officer here. Welcome to the team." Turning just a hair toward Reed, she stage whispers, "Is this still an off duty area, sir? Or am I giving us a bad rep with the Marine here?"

"Yes, sir," Castillo replies to Reed. His attention is diverted to the Lieutenant when the introductions are made. "Thank you, sir," he says in a business-like tone. The MP's grips McKenzie's in a firm, brief shake, then returns quickly to his side.

Reed shakes his head to McKenzie, "No, it's fine, enjoy it while you can. We're not going to have the Arcade much longer." He turns to the wireless and flips a switch, taking the handset.

[Intercom] Pass the Word. Ensign Peters to the Arcade.

McKenzie's shake is also firm, confident and brief. Nodding to Reed, she looks faintly relieved, "Good. Wouldn't want to give 'im the wrong impression." Turning a bit to glance over the machines, she nods slowly, "Drag. This was a great place to unwind. Y' know? Train eye-hand coordination… That sort of thing." Looking back, she tucks her hands into her pockets and tilts her head at the Marine, "Y'ever play, Corp? Alien Invasion kicked my ass when I was a kid. Not… so much anymore." Her grin is faintly wolfish and entirely pleased.

"I've spent some time in here, sir," Castillo answers and gives the room a look over. "I'm sure that command will find this stuff a new home. Maybe on the Carina?" He looks to Reed and says, "Forgive me for speaking out of turn, sir." Then back to McKenzie, "I think you may find the shooting range a much more valuable addition to the Hera, sir."

Reed turns from the wireless and turns back as the wireless buzzes, and he takes the handset, "Arcade, Actual." He listens, "Copy." He racks the handset, and turns back, "Peters is occupied on Genesis at the moment, so I want you to send her a message and meet with her about the organization of the security forces on the Hera. She has a list of personnel on the force. Take care of the details with her, and see me directly if there's any problems with what needs to happen." He nods to what Castillo says, "We'll find places for the games. I'm sure there's a lot of people who would be happy to have them. "And quite so. I believe the range will be more important of an addition for many reasons."

McKenzie nods, though her gaze almost lovingly carresses some of the consoles, "Yeah… No doubt. I'll have to come down and shoot a lot of shit. I'm not as good with the small guns. Give me a true weapons system any day. Something that takes an active mind to use. Y'know?" Looking back, she half laughs, "Nothin' wrong with the wee guns, mind. I'm just not used to them. Anything that can be lifted by a human? That's too small." A wink and she turns to Reed, "Oh? Far out. Means I'll have to run down to the Carina from time to time, though. Might be good for me to look around and see what's where anyway."

"Aye aye, sir," Castillo acknowledges. The MP allows a half smile to crack on his lips as he listens to McKenzie. "Actually sir, I prefer using a weapon that lets you reach out and touch someone personally," he replies. If he was more familiar with the officers, he might have risked making a pantomime gesture of a pistol or rifle shot.

Reed smiles slightly, and nods, "Heavy ship weapons are important. I am a firm believer in their use, though, I also know that when the Centurions are swarming, it can come down to your aim with your sidearm." He puts a hand to his stomach briefly, "And sometimes that alone saves your life." He drops his hand and smiles, "Alright, I believe we have everything covered at the moment, Yes, Corporal?" He says, finish the business, then let things progress from there.

McKenzie nods, her expression torn between laughter and seriousness, "Yeah… yeah. I know. I'll work on it, promise. Just… I like watching the enemy explode at a distance, before they have a chance to hurt those I care about. Dig?" She does not show the same restraing, her hands lifting to pantomime a ship breaking into myriad little pieces that shimmer in the blackness of space. "Besides, the light show's fun, that way." Winking at Reed, she notes his gesture and the laughter is gone in an instant. One hand reaches out to almost touch the man's arm, then doesn't.

Castillo nods his head to Reed, "Affirmative, sir." He notes the interaction between the two officers, but says nothing in either his expression or posture. "Permission to be dismissed, sir?" he asks and comes to attention.

Reed nods to McKenzie, then looks to Castillo, lifting salute, "Granted, Corporal, dismissed." He then drops salute. adding after, "Good to meet you."

McKenzie turns a bit as Castillo begs off further conversation. Or whatever. She nods once, "Welcome to the team, Corp." Stepping back a little, she unblocks the quickest route to escape, "Maybe I can get you to give me some pointers on using the little guns sometime?" Her hands tuck back into her pockets and she glances over at the arcade's machines once more.

The MP exhanges salutes with Reed. "Thank you, sir." He turns to McKenzie and offers her a polite nod of his head. "Of course, sir. We'll be happy to have you aboard the Genesis until the Hera's firing range is completed. I will be able to conduct instruction in close quarter combat techniques here, though, assuming Major Carter has no objections." Then with a gesture out the hatch he says, "I'll be down at the munitions depot if I am needed, sirs."

Reed nods to Castillo, "Alright, Corporal, we'll see how everything works out."

McKenzie blinks twice, "Uh. Close quarters combat?" The woman sidles a glance to Reed, and there is faint panic in her gaze, "Right… Haven't done that at all since basic." Her expression might be comical, if it wasn't so intensly disturbed. Lifting a hand, she waves distractedly, "Later, Corp." Her attention focuses on Reed, "You want me to learn that stuff, sir?"

Castillo offers one final nod, then turns crisply to depart out the hatch.

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