SSG D'Artanion
Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer as Amalina Madeline D'Artanion
Name: Amalina Madeline D'Artanion
Callsign: None
Age: 35
Branch: Marines
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Marines
Position: Combat Medic
Rank: Gunnery Sgt
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Picon
Actor: Michelle Pfeiffer

Biographical Information


Amalina was born and raised on Picon. Her father is Commander Samuel Taylor, a well-respected CO of a Cruiser in the Colonial Fleet. She has an older brother, an older sister and one younger sister. She never discusses her mother, though that is not terribly unusual as she does not speak of her family very often. After attending college, she entered medical school. It looked as though she would graduate with honors when something happened that caused her to quietly leave school and join the Marines. She has served as combat medic on several ships over the course of her career. Her quick efficiency and knowledge allowed her to rise in rank fairly quickly. While on shore leave on Picon, Amalina met and fell in love with Armand D'Artanion. They were married a year later and her daughter, Evelyn, was born a year later. Unfortunately, wedded bliss was not to be. Just two weeks after receiving her orders to report to a secret posting, Armand and Evelyn were both killed in a car accident. Although the entire area was burned, neither of the bodies were found. This delayed Amalina's arrival on the Genesis slightly.


* Crack medic with battle experience.
* Can hold her own either at hand-to-hand or with a gun.
* Occasionally, she will entertain the wounded with music or song. She's good, too.
* (Other stuff will appear without warning, so check back from time to time.)

Yes, she will help keep you alive on the front lines and; if you are lucky, she'll even be nice about it.

Distinguishing Features

* Rapier wit
* Sparkling dark blue eyes
* Warm personality
* Somewhat irreverant

Pre IC History


Amalina's father is Commander Samuel Taylor, a well-respected CO of a Cruiser in the Colonial Fleet. Known for his tactical expertise and heroic actions as a 'Weps' Officer during the first war, the man has considerable sway and has done a stint teaching at the Naval War College at Picon Fleet Headquarters. The Staff Sergeant's mother is a mystery. She doesn't talk about her much, but its no surprise considering she doesn't talk about her father much either. She has an older brother, whom she is amazingly fond of. She also has two sisters, one older and the other younger. She is not particularly close to her sisters, though they do write from time to time.


Amalina was one of those gifted children who love school and thrive in that environment. She sailed through High School with straight A's, then did the same with College. As such, she was able to enter Medical School at the relatively early age of 23. While it looked initially as though she would continue through medical school and into private practice, she met and fell in love with a man that her father and mother did not entirely approve of. In an effort to get her to focus again, her father insisted that she begin paying for her own schooling. In her second year, Amalina had to reduce her class load to part time in order to get a job to pay tuition. Just before starting her final year, however, she left school and signed up with the Marines as a Combat Medic. She has been working through their distance learning program to finish and should be able to get the paper in a semester.

Military Service


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Other Info

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  • Tiger
  • Conversation
  • Off Duty Silliness
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