Damage Levels

This is some information on how to handle combat and other trauma damage in game (usually gotten through the combat code). Other injuries that are RP'd out just for the fun of it can follow a similar system, just estimate your damage level based on this.

For all rolls mentioned here, a doctor/medic can spend one luck point to increase their successes by one. This can be only be done once per patient.

There are four levels of damage:

* Graze (0 boxes)

* Light (1 box)

* Moderate (2 boxes)

* Serious (3 boxes)

Staff usually has no problem letting you RP being -more- hurt than the system said you were. If you really want to take a Moderate wound and give yourself a punctured lung, we don't care. But taking -less- damage requires the expenditure of a luck point.

Damage Examples

Here are some examples of what the damage means in different types of combat. Bear in mind these are just examples, and you can be creative (within reason) to describe your character's wounds.


Just a scratch.

* Unarmed - A bruise you'd barely feel.

* Firearms - A tiny cut where the bullet grazed you.

* Space - Chipped the paint on the ship.


Minor damage. Generally can be ignored.

* Unarmed - A minor bruise (like a black eye) or small cut (split lip/bloody nose).

* Firearms - A typical Hollywood "flesh wound" that doesn't hit anything important.

* Space - Took a chunk out of the hull but didn't hit anything important.


Moderate damage. Can't be ignored but won't kill you.

* Unarmed - A sprain or bad bruise (eye swollen shut, bruised ribs, sprained wrist, etc).

* Firearms - A deep gunshot wound that affects your ability to use the limb/body part.

* Space - Damage to controls or other surfaces that affect the ship's performance.


Serious damage. Can't be ignored, has long recovery times, and (for anything but unarmed) might kill you if not treated

* Unarmed - Fracture (nose, ribs, wrist, etc.) or just a really bad sprain/bruise.

* Firearms - Internal bleeding, broken bones, or other serious injuries.

* Space - Serious structural damage or components badly non-functioning.


Unarmed combat damage usually won't require formal medical attention unless it's Serious. Even then, it will probably be just a quick check in sickbay and maybe an X-Ray or a few stitches.

Gunshot wounds require a stop in sickbay to be cleaned out (removing cloth and bits of debris, plus the bullet if it's still in there) and stitched up. For Graze and Light, you won't need to stay in the hospital more than a few hours unless it's a head wound (at least a night for observation). For a Moderate wound, there is usually a stay in sickbay at the PC doctor's discretion. For a Serious wound, bank on 2-3 days in the hospital at absolute minimum. If you RP being really badly hurt (internal bleeding, collapsed lung, shattered bones, stuff like that) you could spend several weeks in the hospital at GM discretion.


How long it takes to heal depends on the exact injury suffered, but here are some general guidelines.

Graze = 2-3 days

  • Doesn't need any medicine rolls and you won't be confined to Sickbay. You might RP a checkup and getting a bandage.

Light = 5-7 days

  • Doesn't need rolls, no confinement. Again this is down to RP. You'll probably be required by your CO to report to sickbay to be checked out. Sickbay will give out ice packs, do stitches, etc, but no amount of medicine will affect your overall healing time.

Moderate = 1 week for extremities (arms/legs) or 2 weeks for vital (chest/head/abdomen) + rehab time

  • Moderate damage will require a roll of medicine or surgery, depending on the wound. Medicine and surgery can affect the initial healing time only.
With medicine roll of Healing time is reduced to
Superb + Staff discretion
Great 2 days extremity, 5 days vital
Good 5 days extremity, 1 week vital
Fair No change for extremity, 1.5 weeks vital
Mediocre No change
Poor No change
Botch Potential additional damage, please contact staff

Rehab time will still apply, no matter how good the medicine roll was. Time will be set on case-by-case basis. A PC doctor may not confine you to Sickbay this entire time, but while healing you will not be allowed on duty at all.

Serious = GM run only

  • Serious damage requires a roll of medicine or surgery, and will be GM'd on case-by-case basis to determine healing time and rehab time. Doctors, please +request to have a roll done.

Bear in mind that broken bones usually take 6-8 weeks to heal, so even if you only took a Moderate wound, if you say that you cracked some ribs you have to adjust your healing times accordingly.

The healing times give an indication of how long you'll have to spend in rehab/physical therapy after the primary injury is healed. You can function fairly normally during this time, but the rehab is necessary to regain lost strength and mobility.

While healing, military characters would be restricted to "light duty" - which basically means desk duty with no strenuous physical activity. In most cases, they can return to normal duty while doing rehab.

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