Damage Control
Damage Control
Summary: Marines and Medical discuss both Genesis goings-on and a personal concern for Gaelan.
Date: 12 BCH (1 November 2008)
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Marine Offices Genesis - Deck 14
12 BCH 2235 Souls

This room serves as an all-purpose command post for the Genesis detachment of the Colonial Marines, and is manned round-the-clock by HQ staff. Drab desks, replete with office supplies, computer terminals, and headsets take up the majority of the space. White boards with hasty scribbles denoting the day's duty shifts dominate an entire wall. There's a small arms locker at the far corner of the room, furthest away from the hatch, blending into a row of filing cabinets. A wireless panel is close to the hatch, sitting below a draped Colonial Marines flag.

You head towards Marine Offices.

Desusa snickers first and then says, "This whole deal reeks, Peitr. We need to wrap this thing, quick-fast and in'a hurry." He closes the file folder and quips, "On the light side of news, my boys are teaching some of your boys new cadence calls. That outta wake-up the battlestar with a smirk in the morning." His hands lace behind his head and he's smiling all the while.

Zaharis heads on into the Marine Offices, holding a black folder with the Genesis emblem blazing across the front. One of those official things. Still wearing his white lab coat for it's particular ability to keep people away in wide berth, he comes up to the front desk to inquire with the desk sergeant about what brass is on duty.

Gaelan chuckles and is sitting at Desusa's desk with a piece of paper in his lap. The two just seem to be in a casual conversation and amazingly without any Marine Brew<tm> coffee in hand. The Captain looks to Desusa and adds, "Well the minute I saw you were in charge I knew it would be easy to integrate our Marines. I mean you did teach me a good portion of what I know now."

The marine on duty salutes and then points his hand to where the two Cappies are giggling.

Desusa nods to G's comment, "We think much alike, Pietr, but I am still prettier." They do goof-off. Holy Chimolee!

Zaharis thanks the sergeant, turning away before he's forced into that saluting thing. He heads over towards Desusa's desk, sliding his free hand into his lab coat pocket as he approaches the two. "Captains. I see the happy gas in the vents is paying off."

Gaelan glances over his shoulder and grins before motioning to an empty chair, "Well we do like to keep ourselves entertained Doc. Have a seat." Eyes slide down to the black folder and he hooks his thumb towards the file, "Well that looks ominous and entirely work related. What is it?" Doctors and Super Sekrit Ninja Clad Files can never be a good combination.

Desusa looks up to Zaharis and smirks, "Is that what's keeping me this merry?" He waves his hand to an empty chair at the smae time Gae does, "Yes, please." He then snaps his fingers to the nearest Private running around, "Caparzzo, get the CMO some coffee."

Zaharis slides into the offered seat, tossing the folder between the two. "Nothing too stressful, Caps. Thought you might want the final report on the Marine casualties off the Pandora, along with the last number on who's up for duty and when. Info is power and all that crap." He looks up as Caparzzo gets coffee, craning his neck. "Aha, the fabled Marine Country coffee. Is it brewed with gunpowder?"

Gaelan nods, "Only for the ones we really like." Looking to the file he lets it sit on the desk finally looking towards Zaharis, "Alright. Since the last time we talked I got interrupted by our new highly important Tactical Officer with leaves that got told how to use a comm system. Tell me what the frak happened to Stiger." Sliding his own paperwork up on the convenient desk of Desusa he shifts his attention to Zaharis.

Desusa chuckles somewhat and slaps his knee, "Our secret's out, godsdammit!" He then grabs the file and skimms thru the first part. He knows the bosy count. He focues on the 'soon to be running around' list. Gae question makes him glance back to the CMO. "He's not in the KIA list," he points out.

"Yeah he is." Zaharis replies to Desusa. He sips at the coffee, making a brief expression of utter bliss before he looks back between the two of them. "Stiger was dead when they found him. Severe burns over 70 percent of his body, couldn't recognise him on visual ID. We found his tags, ran his DNA, and that was that."

Gaelan nods slowly as he adds, "So it was just the explosions, no signs of foul play or anything like that." Eyes glance to Desusa then down to the paperwork before commenting, "I just want to be sure that Specialist you found is brought up on all correct charges." Finally looking up to Desusa he points towards him, "I need you to chase down the MPs and make sure they got his ass over here when we get done here. If not you and I are doing it personally."

Desusa ahhhs and looks back to the KIA page. "Yeap. There he is." He shakes his head and closes the file, "I got the unoffical list from my old logisitcs specialist. "Thanks for the clear-up, Captain." He then looks to Gae and nods once, "I'll get the JAG on the PAS on the line and see about the transfer." He stands up and grabs the wireless.

Zaharis frowns slightly as the Specialist is brought up, nodding slightly as he watches the two Marines. "We've been running his prints through the rest of the fleet database. Should have an answer back today, if not within the next half hour. Talk about shit-tastic luck the Pandora's been having with its personnel."

Gaelan nods to Zaharis, "You are telling me. Let us know what you get back, with all the panic in Command I can barely keep up with what systems are offline and what is online as part of their paranoid precautionary tactics." Shaking his head he glances to Desusa and comments, "Hopefully JAG has already cleared all the paperwork and it should just be on us to physically move him. I just don't need a shackled Marine walked through the Hangar Bay during a full deck and start raising questions about what is going on."

Desusa is on the phone, nodding to each word he hears coming out of the horn. "Yes, you do that, son." He hangs up the wirless and comes back to the desk, and leans with his plams over it, "JAG there, some Lieutenant Varges or Vargas, couldn't get the name rigth, is out of the office. The crewman clerk there, says the transfer in in the works, but we need to take OUR JAG there to finalize the deal." He looks over to Z and says, "Don't you just love bureaucracy, Chief?

"We've got our own backup of the Fleet ID databases," Zaharis tells Gaelan, after another good gulp of coffee. The CMO's not letting brew go to waste, here. "We keep one updated, just in case something frakked up happens." You know, like this. He looks over at Desusa and smirks. "Yeah, it's a picnic. I don't envy you guys. My department, something blows up and we deal with it then, ask for pardon later."

The timepeice on Desusa's wrist beeps and he looks at it briefly, "Well, gents, I need to check back into sickbay to change my bandages. By your leave, Captains." He give the two a two-fingered salute and walks out.

Desusa has left.

Gaelan nods to Desusa then looks over to Zaharis as he waits on the Captain to fully depart and asks, "So. I need to get up to see you here soon about my checkup, but I know you are still flooded with body parts. So when will be a good time? Or is it something we can discuss here?" Glancing to the Desk Sergeant he looks back and adds, "I can clear the office if necessary."

"The body parts are what I have a staff for," Zaharis replies, setting the mug down on the desk. He too glances at the Sergeant, then back at Gaelan. "I'll talk about it anywhere you're willing to talk about it. It's your records, Cap."

Gaelan stands up and walks to the door pointing to the Sergeant, "Sergeant. Go to the chow and get me a bite to eat." Looking around the office he points to the small staff that is still there and adds, "In fact take the entire office for chowbreak." Not really waiting for an answer he pushes the door shut and sits back down looking to Zaharis, "Just because I don't understand this stuff and frankly it's one of those things I worry about. So no need to waste a chance to talk about it."

Zaharis nods once, pulling his ankle up over his knee. "I know how things hang over your head, Cap. Put your mind at ease on one thing - nobody sees your medical records but my staff, and we're not at liberty to discuss any patient histories or otherwise with anyone without strict professional need to do so. I've read your history but I prefer giving people a chance to tell me about things themselves. So." He motions to Gaelan.

Gaelan nods as Zaharis explains the confidentiality stuff, "Well you know from my records that I had throat cancer. I was diagnosed during the Academy and had the surgery under the advisement of the Medical. Well it seems that the surgery hurt my vocal cords and now I have this fantastic rasped whisper of a voice. While I have gotten use to it. I don't like it. I don't understand this shit." He motions to the labcoat medical coat, "I know how to be a Marine and I don't want to lose that. That make sense, Doc?"

Zaharis nods twice. "Course it does. We're all up here trying to do our jobs, and for our jobs we need body and mind both working squeaky clean. From your record your chances of recurrence is pretty damn low, but we're going to keep two eyes on it. What I need you to do on your part between checkups is really be attuned to your own body, Cap. Sore throats, cough, pain when you swallow, ear pain, weight loss, any blood in your spit…don't ever feel like you're being too careful. You come see us immediately, and you can ask directly for me if you want."

Gaelan nods slowly, "Well I seem to be fine with it all. Just want to be sure because I don't understand it, nor do I want to learn the details on it. I just do what I am told when it comes to medical and it of course put me in the situation I am now." Shrugging slowly he adds, "So should I talk to this guy that Reed suggested? Reighner or something like that."

Zaharis nods to that. "Reighner's an oncologist. He specialises in cancers, and he can give you a more focused opinion than I can. Plus he's a great guy, won't give you any bullshit. Or take any." He grins faintly, though it then vanishes. "As a surgeon though, I'd like to do an exam for you down in Sickbay…I want to see exactly what they did to your vocal chords. That shouldn't have happened."

Gaelan nods slowly, "Well honestly I would like it fixed if it can be. Really a pain to try and yell at Marines in a combat situation when I can't get my voice above the gunfire." Reaching up he rubs his neck slowly and nods, "Schedule it. I will show up."

Zaharis looks unsurprised at Gaelan's request, and he nods. "I'm not going to feed you any optimistic promises without having seen the damage. But if there's anything I find we can do to improve it, we'll do it."

Gaelan nods and grins to Zaharis, "If I get an optimistic response out of a doctor then I have a reason to be skeptical. That's like sending a Marine in to do a diplomatic solution to a standoff." Standing up he goes to the door he glances back and adds, "If Reighner is an expert, I have no problems with him knowing. I trust you with my medical health Doc. I will keep you from getting shot, you keep me breathing."

Zaharis laughs at the comparison, but gives the Marine a firm nod. "Sounds like a deal to me, Cap." He picks up his mug and finishes off the coffee. "I'll put you in for tomorrow morning and buzz you up the official time once I get back down there. And I'll forward your file over to Reighner so he can get cracking where he needs to. If we're going to lose Marines, it won't be to shit like this. Not in my bay."

Gaelan nods as he pulls the door open, "Sounds like a deal to me Doc." Walking back to the seat he sits down again and glances out to the office staff slowly and even hestitantly starting to trickle back in. Looking back to Zaharis he inquires, "So. How is Sergeant D'artanion doing up in Sickbay?"

"Very well." Zaharis relaxes a bit in his seat. "Got her on supervised rounds with my doctors. Voluntary on her part of course; if she's too busy with her Marine stuff she just has to let me know. She's going to make a great doctor."

Gaelan nods slowly, "From what I keep hearing that seems to be the case. I am glad to hear that and even better that I got her in my ranks. She keeps a good personal responsibility to balance her duties so I have no fear in her overstepping her required duties with me." Leaning back in his chair he glances around a moment and just idly comments, "Doc, I think things are about to get really frakked up and quick. I am not up for the other shoe to drop after the Pandora incident."

Zaharis folds his arms loosely, regarding the Marine Captain across from him. "Frakked up how, exactly?" He raises an eyebrow. "I don't often have time to get the skinny besides what's going on with the crew medically, so. If there's something I should know, tell me."

Gaelan reaches over and taps some of the files on Desusa's desk as he comments, "An Assaultstar just doesn't randomnly decide to start exploding in the Distress vicinity of a Top Secret Military installation. Makes my trigger finger twitch a little too much is all. I got rogue people on a ship carrying top secret projects and now they are linked in with us. Something just doesn't add up is all." Sighing slowly he just nods, "Of course I am trained to be paranoid, so it may just be me."

Zaharis purses his lips. "You're trained to be paranoid for good reason. You guys find anything more about the woman you took down on the bridge?"

Gaelan motions to the paper under his hand, "Same boat as the Specialist you found. Some mystery person who snuck on board and was able to get away with it. I just want to know how they lasted that long on board without anyone noticing them." His hand closes into a fist and raps the pile of papers slowly, "Just don't feel like giving JAG more reasons than my orders to be working with my Marines."

Zaharis glances at the papers, then back at Gaelan. "Yeah, I know what you mean." Medical, of course, is no fan of lawyers either. His fingers lightly drum the desk top. "I don't like having to be paranoid myself but I'm starting to wonder if a quiet ID sweep of the Genesis might not be prudent."

Gaelan nods and adds, "Don't be surprised if my MPs make their way up to do just that." SLowly standing up he comments, "Well Doc, I need to go act all important for a few hours. I appreciate the talk. Keep your eyes open if anything doesn't feel right let me know." Pointing to the carafe of coffee he adds, "Feel free to get one to go."

Zaharis picks up his empty mug and raises it in toast as he stands up. "I'll do that. I'll see you tomorrow morning then." The CMO steps away from the desk, whistling softly as he goes to collect his take-away prize.

You head towards Corridor 14D.

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