Summary: In Engineering, Rhea and Leandros talk repair. Eli visits to check up on some precious property.
Date: 101 ACH
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================================= IC-Genesis =================================
Message: 13/25 Posted Author
Sec Hub Coffeepot Sun Feb 22 Leandros

The coffeemaker from the Marine Security Hub, sadly damaged in the basestar fight, goes missing. A note is left in its place, along with a sliver of its broken glass pot.

"Your coffee maker is alive. Make no attempt to call the police. Engineering will be in contact when sacrifice is required for its safe return.

Complaints may be directed to <Rhea's personal wireless number given here>."
================================= End Bulletin=================================

Main Engineering Genesis - Deck 8
101 ACH 23797 Souls

Main Engineering is staffed by the Chief Engineer and his or her crew. There are enough monitors, flashing lights, back-up generators, consoles and various other areas to man the battlestar and keep it in top form at all times. Storage areas, locked areas, pipes, machinery and tools are all around the area. The desk of the ChEng sits in an area where it is the quietest so work can be done.

Leandros is down in engineering now, at a computer console. Up on the large display, the Genesis' emblem shows as he works on connecting the department's digital video recorder to the tower underneath.

Rhea strides into the main engine room, dressed in coveralls, so it appears she's been on duty for awhile. Making the rounds. She stops at the duty board, to check the progress on the day's assignments, before heading back to her desk. The first thing she does is start going through her messages. A look of vague annoyance soon comes to the ChEng's face.

Leandros gets the video feed plugged in and settles his tall frame into a seat. He picks up the camera, sitting back as he starts rewinding footage. Up on the big screen, an image of the Battlestar's starboard hull blinks up, lines winding across the middle as the feed is backed up at high speed.

Rhea makes a short "Hrmph" sound, putting her messages aside. Apparently done with them. She looks up, and around, spotting Leandros at his computer. And she promptly heads in his direction. "Chief Leandros. You were damage assessment after our encounter with the basestar?"

Leandros looks up from the camera's small display, which mirrors the larger one overhead. He stands up as Rhea approaches, raising salute. "Aye, sir. Got the video right here, if you want to have a look."

Rhea acknowledges the salute and "As you were"s without any fuss. Doing away with the protocol stuff as quickly as possible. It interrupts the work. She slips around the computer terminal so she can eye the screen over Leandros' shoulder. She leans in, eyes narrowed. "Yes. Initial reports appeared fairly minor. Still, I don't like to trust something I haven't gotten an eyeball on. How'd it seem out there?"

Leandros sits back down again, stopping the rewind. "Pull up a chair." He motions to the screen with his finger. "She's not too bad, all in all. No major breaches, mostly scorch damage." He reaches up and indicates part of the screen as the footage rolls by. "Worst of it's here, looks like one of their raiders exploded a couple feet from the hull. See the starburst pattern?"

Rhea wheels over a chair from the neighboring terminal, plopping down in a good position to rubber-neck at the video. Her head tilts at the pattern on the screen. "Yeah. I see it. Think we can get by with spot repairs or is it going to require reinforcement? We can make use of some of the metal we're taking off the Pandora, but we're trying to conserve as we can."

"I doubt she'll need reinforcement," Leandros studies the screen a moment, his eyes narrowing. "Not seeing any buckling. Couple areas that could use a surface patch. Might be able to grab the pieces of the raider that lodged in there and melt them down, patch us with the enemy's metal."

Rhea cracks a faint grin at that, nodding. "I do enjoy a bit of irony in my welding. Let's do it. No reason not to make use of the raider hulls. There's frakking odd shit going on inside those things, but the skeleton is just standard metal. Get it melted. I'll get an EVA crew out there as soon as it's prepped, as we can do a quick spackle job. I may go space walking for it myself. Been too long since I've taken in the view."

"Have 'em start yanking," Leandros nods to Rhea. "We'll throw it into the furnace and I'll head out with the repair crew, myself. Be glad to have you along." The footage is still going, showing a much smaller scorch area aft now. "Odd shit, sir?"

"In the raiders' electrical systems. And their innards in general," Rhea replies. "Nothing you'll need to worry about if you're just yanking at their hulls. It's being researched." That's all she's inclined to say on the matter. "Your zero-gravity work qualifications current?"

Leandros knows the sound of CLASSIFIED when he hears it. He asks nothing more, just nods to her question. "Aye, sir. Got re-certified in orientation, I'm good to go."

Rhea nods shortly, as to the zero-gravity bit. "All right, then. You should be good to go." She seems to have grokked all she needs to grok from the video, but she lingers by Leandros' computer. "One more thing, Chief. Is there a reason I've got messages from Marines asking about their frakking coffee maker?"

Leandros shrugs. "You know Marines, Major. Don't understand repair priorities." He taps a button on the camera, fast forwarding a little as the feed shows undamaged battlestar. The video jumps suddenly to a wide view of the dark gas spires that loomed beyond the port hull, and the reddish stars twinkling inside.

Eli comes in from Corridor 8D.
Eli has arrived.

Rhea's brows arch at Leandros but she doesn't press. "Yeah. They can be bothersome that way." She asks no more of Marines, but her brow remains furrowed. Eyes still follow the video, narrowing against when Leandros gets to the bit with the gas spires. "That's quite a view…" She's back at one of the computer terminals with Leandros, looking over his shoulder as they watch vid footage of the hull damage sustained during the basestar encounter.

"Aye, sir." Leandros lets the video keep rolling. Out the raptor's viewport, the camera got an excellent few minutes' view of the spires, or at least what it could with the onboard zoom function. "Some concern she could mess with comm function if there's sufficient electrical activity on in there. Can't say without a full scan."

Eli looks very very very very crabby. Extremely crabby. Which means her/his face is expressionless as she treds lightly but moves with purpose into the engineering area, snapping off salutes where need be before adjusting 'Betty' the nightstick, scanning the area warily.

Engineering is buzzing along in its standard beehive-of-activity-like way. Any officers Eli passes acknowledge her salute, though it seems to puzzle them more than anything else. "CIC should be on top of any scans, but I can double-check with them to see what's being done about it up-top." She spots Eli scanning around, sighing. She stands. "Carry on, Leandros. I've got a visitor to attend to." She stands and slips out from behind the terminal, striding out to meet Eli. "Sheriff. Welcome to our shop."

Leandros hits a button on the camera, backing the feed up again to the view of the hull damage. Couple taps on the keyboard and a stopped image appears on a smaller console where he can run some measurement programs on it. "Aye, sir." He glances over his shoulder at the entering Marine, unconcerned, and folds his arms on the console as he studies the image of the outer scorching.

Eli pinches the bridge of her nose for a moment, taking a deep breath before looking back to Rhea. "Sir." Then over to Leandros thoughtfully and back to Rhea. "Ship shape shop and all that, sir, very glad to see it." A pause. "Everything secure down here sir?"

Rhea regards Eli though there's nothing particularly notable about her expression. "Secure as we ever are, Sheriff. Not much gets away from us down here. At least, we try." She winks good-naturedly. "You all right? Seem a bit perturbed, if I might say."

Leandros narrows his eyes at the console screen. He picks up a little device that resembles a pen, clicking it on. A red light beams from one end and he touches it to the screen, red dots appearing connected by lines. To the right side, mathematical calculations begin to appear in a list.

[Intercom] Attention! Set Condition Three throughout the fleet.

Eli nods slowly. "Annie seems to be missing and I haven't had a cup of coffee in…over 24 hours, sir. I'm very close to chewing on coffee grinds, sir. I'm sorry if I seem perturbed sir. I'm just trying to make sure nobody is missing important members of their departments."

Rhea makes an "Ah" sound. "Annie…? Oh. This is about the Marine coffee pot, then." Personification of machines doesn't take long for the ChEng to grok. She clears her throat. "Yes, I've gotten a couple of messages about that. As I understand it, Sergeant, the coffee maker in the Marine Hub was heavily damaged during our encounter with the basestar. I am under the impression it has been taken into the tender care of one of our technicians, who will endeavor to return it to you and yours in full working order."

Leandros finds it appropriate to whistle very softly all of a sudden. A quick little tune, nothing more. Doot doot, more lines and math on the screen.

Eli shrugs her shoulders. "It is a temporary moniker for the coffee pot sir." A pause. "Your technicians are top notch sir, I have no doubt we'll get her back in working if not better order." She bows her head for a few moments and closes her eyes before exhaling shakily. "If you guys need anything from the MPs sir, do not hesitate to contact us."

Rhea offers Eli a faint smile. "Will do, Sheriff. And don't worry. I'll see that any equipment of yours is returned promptly." She does not look at anyone as she says it, but her voice carries to the general engineering room.

The whistling continues nearby, cheerily. Leandros clicks off the little pen and hits enter on the console, letting it compute. He rolls his shoulders and sits back in the chair, glancing over at bosslady and the Marine.

Eli nods firmly and salutes firmly before turning to head back in the direction s/he came. She has some more brooding to do.

Rhea acknowledges Eli's salute briskly, before she heads back to work. Leandros and his whistling receive a long look.

Leandros comments casually, without even looking up at Rhea. "Problem, sir?"

Rhea eyes Leandros a beat longer. Eyes narrowing. "No problem, Chief. See to whatever repairs you've got going promptly, will you? Wouldn't want to get the Marines…or anyone…in a tizzy, aye?"

Eli leaves for Corridor 8D [O].
Eli has left.

"Yeah we'll stick that right above repairing the hull, sir," Leandros says, drily. "Wouldn't have guessed you'd bend to one whiny Marine."

Rhea arches a brow at Leandros. "What I'll bend is whatever tech gave them my wireless number." Her tone is dry as dust. She heads back to her desk, to review whatever department head foo has dropped there since she has sprayed.

Leandros grins at Rhea, the expression briefly breaking the natural intensity of his face. "Aye, sir." And that's all he says, returning his attention to the console screen. A smirk, however, remains.

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