Dammit Jim! I'm a marine, not a shrink!
Dammit Jim! I'm a marine, not a shrink!
Summary: Rycard opens up a tad to Desusa. Wrong move.
Date: 16 ACH
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Gymnasium Genesis - Deck 9
16 ACH 6735 Souls

Workout areas are abundant here along with benches and water dispensers. Running machines, rowing machines and lifting. There is a place for sparring with lockers that hold the equipment. Off this area, there is an athletics court and a pool.
-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----
Contents: Desusa Rycard Wireless 442

The young ensign is working some weights, nothing fancy but enough to give the muscles a workout.

Desusa steps into the gym with a towel around his neck and a water bottle. A few nods are given to some of the folks working out here before he walks over to a running machine. He steps over the treadmill and starts with a small walk.

Rycard looks up as Desusa enters, and gives him a friendly smile and a "Captain" while he keeps working the weights.

Desusa catches that greeting a nods back to the pilot. He knows he's seen that face somewhere, "You where just down on Muskeg, weren’t you?"

"Yeah" Rycard nods and smiles as he puts the weights to the side for a moment. "Did a couple of rounds to the surface. You were on that recon-mission, weren't you, sir?" He then reaches out and picks up his bottle of water and takes a sip.

Desusa moves on to a gentle jog and nods, "Yeah… it was a very… interesting excursion." He smiles as he remembers the things they found, "You gotta name… pilot?"

"Ensign Relmar Rycard" he says and takes another sip of water. "Raptor-pilot. Call me Gambit if you like, that’s my callsign. I was told by some of the guys on the surface that they had heard gunfire or something. Did you run into some trouble or something, sir?"

Desusa snickers some, "A few uninvited guests, Ensign Rycard, nothing we couldn't handle." The tread gradually stops and Desusa steps off. Cardio work is doing its job. "How's the specimen transporting going?" he asks before taking a good gulp from his water.

Rycard nods at the explanation for the shooting, and then shrugs his shoulder at the question given, "Fine, I guess" he says. "You know, nothing fancy; You go down, fill the hold with boxes, and go up again and unload. Kinda boring to tell the truth… But, then again, flying beats sitting on the ass on hangar deck doing nothing" he smiles.

Desusa chuckles some and nods, "I am glad you don't like lounging on your buttocks, Ensign." The water bottle is set down again and Desusa begins stretching, "How's the wing holding out these days?"

"Fine, I suppose" Rycard says, sitting down on a bench and leans his elbows against the knees. "I mean… We lost a couple guys, you know, when we secured that station. I never really knew the guys, but still… They're dead, man. Gone. Makes you realize how fragile we are… I could be dead tomorrow, you know. It messes with your head."

Desusa listens to Ry while he does his stretching. "Don't let it," he sort of deadpans, as turns to begins some slow shadow-boxing against the bulkhead. "It will make you lose your focus and that will lower your odds."

"I guess" Rycard sighs from the bench, eyes aimed at something beyond the floor of the room, way off in the distance of his own mind. "But you know… I didn’t really know the guys that bought it… But mext time, I mean, it could be a friend of mine. Frakking Cylons!" he then adds with a frown, and a few seconds later mumbles a prayer of forgiveness, trying to amend for his foul mouth.

Desusa rolls his shoulders a few times and shakes his limbs. He kneels down to pick up a rope that was left behind by someone,(how convenient) and begins his session with it. "Remember them all you want right now, son. Grieve them and have a drinks to their names all your want." The jump rope is handled perfectly by him, and he adds, "Just don't take it out with you on missions."

Rycard says nothing at first, the young ensign just looking at the floor with a sigh. He then finally looks up at Desusa, a hint of sadness in his eyes. "I guess you're used to it?" he says. "Being a marine and all, I mean. But I'm a Raptor-pilot… I've never done combat missions; I graduated the Academy six months ago, Im not cut out for this… Not anything like this."

Desusa stops rope jumping, breathing a little faster now. "You never get used to it, Ensign Rycard." He sets the rope down and grabs his water, "I have lost a ton of marines in my command, young and old, but I think it serves their memory best, if I just continue to excel at what I do." He takes another drag of water.

Rycard leans back up against the wall with his head, sighing as he does, eyes starring way beyond the confines of the hull. "It's just… you know" he starts a bit slowly, "What happened to the fleet? Where is everyone? They couldn’t have gotten all of us, right? Are we the only ones left? How did this happen?"

Desusa looks at the pilot for a few moments. Damn he hates this sort of conversations, "Well, I can't say for certain that we are what's left of the human race, Ensign." He grabs the edge of his towel and wipes his face a few times. "But given our current situation and the way the cylons are behaving now, the idea of finding more survivors is dim."

"You think, sir?" Rycard says, his facing turning slightly worried. "You think we're really the lasts ones alive? But… How… How will we survive? We cant take on the Cylons with just one Battlestar? If we're the last ones left, we're all frakking dead, aren’t we? I mean… We're frakking dead!" Rycard brakes down and slumps his head, leaning it into his palm. He is not crying, but obviously struggling with his inner demons.

Oh shit! This is nit good! Desusa looks at Rycard with a 'what the hell do I do know' look. "Eh, well…" He steps a little closer to the Rycard and pats his back a bit, "It's okay, son. Relax." This is the reason he only kept a cat in his apartment.

Rycard sighs heavily as he tries to regain his wits, shaking his head ever so slightly. "It's just… I mean… My family is gone… They're all dead, aren't they, sir? Mom, dad, my sisters… All gone… Gemenon is all gone, isnt it?" he says as he slowly looks up at Desusa. "We cant win this war… Can we."

Desusa rests a hand over Rycard and sighs deeply. "Don't let uncertainty kill you, Ensign." The marine captain can’t'/won't express what his real thoughts on the situation are to this poor soul… will he? Raul squeezes the man's shoulder tightly and begins to move out of the room after picking his water. He stands by the hatchway door and looks over his shoulder to Rycard, "We are gonna give the cylons a run for their money, Rycard, but if trying to figure out if your family is dead or alive is gonna keep you from flying right, you best start working on the idea that they are no longer present." Excellent, give Eve more work, Raul!

Rycard says nothing; he just sits there, eyes void and blank as he is lost in his own thoughts and fears. What's going on inside the your ensigns head is anyone’s guess, but by judging from his face and expression, it is far from hopeful dreams of future happiness. In fact, his face might just have turned a bit pale.

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