Dane Ramiro, 10ACH

Dane Ramiro's Journal, Entry I

I think mom and dad are dead.

I don't really know how else to say it, but I can't afford to grieve openly so I'll grieve here. Let's chalk this one up, Dane. They lived only a few blocks from one of the most important symbols of our people on Gemenon: The College of Kobol. Two blocks away, never take vacations, and spend so much of their time trying to help everyone they can. I know they haven't released any information as to where was hit and in what order, or if it was just a complete blanket of death, but I know that they were there. They are still. I guess you could say "why would you give up hope?"

If they're alive, I'll believe it when I see them. I'd rather them be in the afterlife than to be alive at the hands of…

Work…focus on work.

I'm settling in well with the marines here. Two combat drops in after the Cylon Holocaust. First one went fairly well, I was the radio jock. This last one was different though. Eight on eight, Cylons vs. Humans and we kicked their ass. I took down three myself, which is where I've started to wonder…

When I first came on the Gen, I contacted Lieutenant Karthasi, the chaplain, about receiving the blessings of Apollo for my new posting. We arranged it, and then started to sing Paean together in service to the Lords of Kobol. I think we may have been singing it while the initial attacks were starting, if the timeline was right.

I received my blessing only a few hours before the stuff hit the fan. That's when, on away mission, Sergeant Cox died…Bless him. I think he saved all of our lives.

So before this second drop, I'm talking with the Lieutenant (aka Sister) about making myself available if allowed to be someone that other marines like myself could talk to if they want a grunt's perspective on the faith.

She told me that she'd pray for me.

Less than two hours later I was five feet away from a Cylon Centurion, praying to Apollo. I took down three Centurions and was untouched. FIVE FEET AWAY and they just kept missing me…

I'd never be so presumtuous to assume that I have a gift of foresight, or anything of the sort. What I will say is this. Apollo is a hunter. He's an archer. Myself? I am a sniper. I feel like right now I'm in the right frame of mind mentally and spiritually to do my job. I focus on the task ahead.

…but I think he was watching over us. I think he watches over all of us right now, and we need all of the help we can get.


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