Dane Ramiro II

Dane Ramiro's Journal, Entry 2, 19 ACH

It's been probably longer than it should be that I've updated this thing. Regardless, it's practice with the arm and I need to get these fingers back into shape. Alot has happened. Let me summarize things up.

1. Another groundpounder mission, only this time I was put on the WIA list. We were on a firing line getting pummeled by Cylon fire, and Harris took a headwound. The Cylon was bearing down on him, so D'artanion and I ran out to save him. The end result is that we were both wounded and promoted. I am now a Corporal. Said wounding earned me the Colonial Marine Medal of Bravery and a Purple Heart.

2. I've been teaching an officer how to shoot like a marine. It's been good times, I hope it serves him well.

3. Recovery's been slow. I'm going to be able to keep the arm but I need to stay on light duty.

4. Marines and Pilots have been getting brigged left and right. Sometimes it feels like I'm one of the few sane enlisted. I really hope I can be there for my fellow groundpounders when they need me.

5. Sniper time. I'm being prepped to handle a sniper team. So say we all. This means my involvement in the war is stepping up. SST stands for Scout Sniper team. With luck, I'll have many more logs to come.

I don't have many worldly posessions, and this isn't an indication of my morale, but I decided tonight that I'd put my preliminary listing in this journal. I have no family or next of kin, so it's responsible to assume the reality of the situation. This book may be read by someone going through my things after my death. By all means, I may add or change this list as time goes on, so until you reach the final entry, do not finalize any decisions on my personal effects. In the event of my death, I would like the following:

1. My personal prayer beads I would like to go to Lieutenant Greje Karthasi, Sister Karthasi. I trust she'll honor them and deliver them into the right hands when the person needs them the most.
2. I'd like my autographed Pyramid ball to go to Major Gaelan. Please ask him not to use it in the game, but to remind him that I gave my coach one-hundred percent.
3. My HOME C-Bucs jersey to Private Daphne Bell, and my AWAY Jersey to Gunnery Sergeant Amalina D'artanion. Something for them to relax in while watching/playing the game with the rest of the grunts. That, and I'm going to need someone to carry on the legacy.
4. My magnetic prayer sheet I would like to go to Gunnery Sergeant D'artanion. Keep the faith, sista.
5. Any and all reading materials in my footlocker I would like divvied up amongst my fellow marines. Keep your asses out of trouble, jarheads.
6. My small idols of Apollo. I have three of them. I would like them to go to D'artanion, Karthasi, and Micah St. Germain. If you ever need to talk, remember, I'll keep an eye out for you.

I think I need to put this thing down for a few after writing this.


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