Dane Ramiro V

Dane Ramiro's Journal, Entry 5, 54 ACH

So you'll never guess what happened next.

I don't know if I've mentioned it here or not but I made it to the Genesis maybe two days before the holocaust. My personal effects were in transit, and all I had was what would fit in my duffel bag. So ever since then I've been stuck with my duty clothes, a few jersies and an autographed pyramid ball that I got just before leaving Caprica. I figured I'd never see my stuff again.

But there was a moving ship that got paid to transfer my gear as far as Tauron before apparently a change-up with a military packaging center. My folks mailed me my stuff.

My folks. Frak there's a letter inside. I haven't opened it yet. I need to do it somewhere that I'll be alone.

So, in better spirits, I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. An updated will. I'm not so upset about it now, this is too good to pass up. I actually might be the odd man out that actually considers when I receive something nowadays who I'd want to have it if I died. Is that weird? I'm not gloomy about it, really, because these are my things.

1. My photo album
- There's easily sixty photos in here. Places on vacation, people I've met, friends, my old high school pyramid team. Honestly? I want some of these to go to the whoever's teaching the kids on the Carina, but I also want to put D'artanion in charge of deciding which of those go to the kids. I've got some in here from games I went to on Caprica that the pros on the Carina would want, send them Sage's way. Aside from that, whoever serves this will? Get people to line up, people who cared for me. Let them each take one picture with me in it so that they have one. They're my memories. When I'm gone, let them be someone else's.

2. The updated Jersey List

A. My personal home (black with dark sea-green) High School Myrmidons Jersey? I want that to go to Greje Karthasi.
B. Myrmidons Away (White with Black/green) to Melia Sullivan. Both of these have my name and number "2" on them. She'll get why she got "Away".
C. C-Bucs Home (Black with red/gold) goes to Daphne Bell. She's my homegirl.
D. C-Bucs Away (Red w/ Black/white variant) goes to D'artanion.
E. My signed championship C-bucs Away jersey? That I want to go to a sports bar, if we have one left. If not, put it over where we play.
F. My vintage Gemenon Giants Jersey I want to go to Melia Sullivan. I think she's the only one I know that would wear it.

3. My collection of religious texts

These are to go directly to the current chaplain. They will know what's best for them.

4. See my previous journal entry for everything else. All this repeating is hurting my writing hand.

-All of my marine materials, please give them to my CO. They belong in the fleet. This includes my basic training memory book. It is technically a historical document. In here should be my sniper books, my records, SST manuals, my field guide, and my official guide on various sniper rifle systems and how to use them.

-My civilian clothes? I know people might feel weird owning my civilian clothes after my passing, or even wearing them, but please. Us marines don't get enough good clothes and there's limited supply. Take what you need or donate them.

-My pyramid pads? Please make sure these get to wherever the kids are being taught pyramid and being loaned out for games.

-My ritual garb for the Temple of Apollo. Hands down. Karthasi.

-If there's anything in there capable of making a bomb with, Lex gets it.

-My multitool(ooc: like a leatherman/swiss army knife), my childhood prayer beads, and my pendant-coin of apollo go to Lex.

-The blanket my mother made for me will go to Lex. The others I would like donated or on the Obs deck. Make sure one of them makes their way to Dr. Sloan. She'll appreciate it.

-My personal compass, the autographed pyramid ball, and my writing set go to Gaelan. I'm sure he won't actually write with it, but I'm sure he has staff that will. A little humor there.

I think that's about it. There are letters from my family and my Priests from back home, Gemenon. Please keep them safe.

Lords bless us, so say we all.


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