Danny boy

I know you'll never recieve this letter…
But since I aint got nothing else to do why the frak not.
I never were a good dad to you Danny..
Left your Mom and you to go fight..Its in my blood, just like dancing is in yours..
I guess that is what I get for leaving your Mom to raise a boy..
A nurse..frak.
I never said I love you either, and I guess you'll never hear those words from your old'dad either.

Soo, how is your old man..
Well I fraked up twice..
Once with a Lieutenant..
The second time, I frakked up worse with a Captain and the XO of the ship…
Times have changed and I think a Dancer like you would have gotten along better with the people around here.
The last of humanity..
Guess we are pretty that is a pretty fraked concept.

The shrink, thinks I have some issued…
See I dont mind this war..gives me a chance to get back..
The Politicans screwed us when I was young..Peace..
Peace with Machines…Go frak me huh..
This time, there are no politicans left to frak us..
This time we finish it, or we die trying..
The problem is, I dont really mind..
I left you and your Mom so long ago, that I have not even wept for your death.
Crying is for faeries, thats what I always told you when you were young..
Man you never did stop crying..I had to beat the tears out of you, but that didnt make you into a man either I guess..
Frak me..40 years in the force and I end up with a Dancing son..

Looking back at what I've written, I guess it is a good thing you'll never recieve this.
Your truly..

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