Daphne's Diary 10 ACH

The Totally Deep Inner Thoughts of Private Daphne Bell, Part I

Dear Diary,

Was sent in w. groundpounder crew on more toasters today. No kills. Didn't cry or barf. So calling that a win. D.Ramiro totally frakked some of the toasters up. Totally need to hit the range with him.

New Pandora sergeant seems like frakwit. TOTAL mysogeniest [sic]. It'd be totally funny if Sarge D, like, circumcised him or something while he was in Sickbay.

I don't think my CO is super-impressed with me. Note to self. Do not mention ballet classes in front of Captain G again. Apparently it's not hard-core.

I keep thinking about Canceron. They say tons of people are dead. Doesn't seem real out here. Wish I could see my parents and sisters again. Wish Jolie was here. She'd be a totally better Marine than me.

War sucks.

Daphne B. - 10 ACH

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