A Day in the life...
Day in the Life
Summary: Ramiro's experiences the day of his promotion.
Date: 68 ACH
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Ramiro steps into the room as he normally does with that small bow of his head as he crosses through the door. Closing the door shut behind him, he steps quietly over to her loveseat and sets himself down on it. "Hey Greje…thought I'd drop by and see how you were doing."

Greje leans forward onto her elbows, "How can I help you, Dane?" she wonders, sounding thoroughly ready to be of aid. "Oh. You know," she waves a hand, still smiling. "How are you feeling?"

Ramiro peers at her with a quizzed look for a moment. His lips form into a broad smile. "Well you definitely look to be doing good." He chuckles. "Me? I'm feeling a lot better. The stitches are out and I'm all healed up so I'm taking advantage of it. This is a social call. Just saying hi."

"That's great, Dane. That's really -good.- Feeling whole…" the priestling muses, nodding her head and looking absent, "A whole person. Let me make you some tea," she offers. "I'm taking something of an evening off, myself. Just me and my books and music."

"You sure you don't mind the company?" Dane asks, watching her move to go make him some tea, the first time she's offered in a while. Reclining a bit on the loveseat gives her his attention. "So I wanted to apologize about yesterday, if that was awkward…"

Greje seems to forget about the whole 'moving' thing for a while, ut finally she's up and tending to the tea. "I -suspect- it was more awkward for you than it was for me," she notes. "In any event, I wasn't offended. I hope you came through it without rupturing any blood vessels," she adds with a smile.

"You know I think I almost did…" Ramiro replies, giving her a coy smile. "…I know I have to remember to loosen up from time to time. I think your note about nothing being in excess hit home for me a little bit. Perhaps being so wound up in excess is going to give me gray hairs too soon. But that's Lex for you. She's a bit of a fireplug."

"It's one of my… basic issues with fundamentalism. It's very polarized toward structure, order and chastity. It barely seems to recognize that for every Apollo there's a Dionysus… for every Artemis an Aphrodite," Greje stares into a corner as she speaks. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to knock your upbringing."

"No…you're not knocking it at all. In fact the things I've learned from it I feel have kinda prepared me to be a decent guy out here on my own." Ramiro replies, shrugging a little bit. "There's alot of attitude all over the place that I'm not accustomed to, in turn it's resulted in some pretty damned good friends."

Greje smiles broadly as she goes around to give him the tea. "I'm glad you're able to assimilate. Another problem with fundamentalism is that it tends to make its followers separate themselves from the rest of humanity. We need to build a community, not be segregated by belief. And you're showing people that fundamentalists aren't all batshit insane," she chuckles at him. "Or, at least, you're showing me that."

Ramiro laughs outloud, tilting his head upwards. He does try to keep it as quiet as he can, shaking his head as he looks back to her. "Well I can only speak for myself allright?" He smiles, giving her an amused look. "I think the fact that I've had you around here to keep me balanced has done me wonders."

[Intercom] Colonel Fotilas and Sergeant Ramiro. Report to the Marine Offices immediately.
[Intercom] Colonel Fotilas and Sergeant Ramiro. Report to the Marine Offices immediately.

Greje looks to Dane warmly, "I do what I can. Maybe you can help me convince Brother Karan that I'm not a hideous wicked infidel," she smiles, then looks up at the message on the intercom. "I'm going to stop making you tea. You always leave when I do," she jokes with him.

Ramiro blinks, suddenly standing. He cringes and moves over, giving Greje a soft hug from behind. "I am so sorry about running before that mug of tea, Greje. That said immediately which means I should probably haul some fundamental ass on down." Ramiro says, pulling away from her and hopping quickly toward the door. "I'll be back for it."

You head towards Navy Offices.

Ramiro steps out of the Chaplain's office at a trot. Carefully maneuvering around the desks, he flashes Jocasta a wide grin and keeps moving. "Tell her you can have my tea." He says in hopes that she's going after Greje. Then, he shoots out into the hallway.

((Continued in…))
A New Ensign

Then, Afterwards…

Navy Offices Genesis - Deck 11
69 ACH 23817 Souls

You knock on the door to Chaplains Office.

Greje also looks up to the door, "Come in, Dane. I let Jo have your tea, but I'll make you another cup."

Jocasta casts an uncertain eye toward the door, opens her mouth as if to speak, but then thinks better of it as Greje allows whomever's come to call entry.

Ramiro steps in, a little paler than he was before. Hands behind his back, he turns to close the door behind him. It's a habit. There's something shiny pinned to his off duty tanks. Quietly, he steps closer. It seems that someone has pinned him with the bar of an Ensign.

<Trait Roll> Greje rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of BeyondTerrible** (-3).

Greje doesn't -even- notice. She's oblivious at the best of times, and now she's oblivious -and- high as a kite, trying to unfold her limbs from her compact perch without tripping over herself as she stands up to put some more tea on. "Dane, you know Jo, don't you? I mean, I know you met on the planet, but—" she breaks off. "She's an initiate of Dionysus," she turns to smile at Jo, then look back toward Dane, gesturing toward him with her head, "And Dane here follows Apollo. The pair of you should talk. The Light Twin and the Dark Twin… both inhabiting the omphalos… paired incubi of gold and jet," she sighs happily, brain off among the Lords somewhere.

<Trait Roll> Jocasta rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Wow. High as a frakking kite, for sure. There's no doubt, at least not in Jocasta's mind, and even at the priestess makes with her profoundly stoned introductions, the countermeasures officer is secretly sliding a look over to the familiar face possessed by Dane Ramiro. "No more workin' for a livin', eh, Ram?" She prefers that nickname; it appeals to her Aerelonian roots.

"Yeah…" Ramiro replies, running a hand through his hair as he leans against the arm of the loveseat. Folding his arms, he remains a little pale as he chews at his lip. "…I got called to the Marine Office and was expecting Colonel Fotilas to be there for debrief related to the last combat drop." Ramiro says. "Commander Regas was there."

Greje has no idea what Jocasta's talking about, but it singularly fails to bother her— some joke between the two, most likely. She pours the tea, since the water was still quite hot, and makes to move around toward Dane— but Jo's there, and so she just hands off the mug, "Would you mind passing this along, Jo?" she asks pleasantly. "Was he, Dane? Is that… unusual?" she wonders, having no notion of the protocol. And still not noticing the thing on his shirt. Like at -all.- Is she blind?

Jocasta seems perfectly content to play 'pass the teacup' between Greje and Dane, keeping her thoughts to herself and letting the man explain how these things work to the sweet Sister who seems to have suddenly stumbled into blind oblivion. At least she's still smiling.

Ramiro takes the mug and drinks the hot tea. A bit of color returns to his face as he takes a moment to choose his words. "Commander Regas was there because I've just been mustanged to an Ensign." Ramiro stands there, looking at the two of them and mouthing a 'thanks' to Jocasta. "They're mustanging me, putting me through OCS, and assigning me an office as acting S3. Operations and Training."

Greje has never… heard 'Mustang' as a verb, before, "Oh? Which… Ensign are you being mustanged to?" she wonders, assuming that it's some sort of apprenticeship. "OCS?" These are letters she knows, "Oh, they're making you an officer? Wow, congratulations, Dane, that's… they don't do that very often, do they?" She looks at the door, and notices that it got shut somehow (she didn't notice Dane closing it). "It's not locked," she calls. It's already a public gathering in here, one more won't hurt, right?

Greje is standing behind her desk, Jocasta between the desk and the bookshelf, Dane between the desk and the Orange Thing. It's near to capacity in here, but there's still a spot to stand by the threshold. "Oh, hello, Jesse. Care for some tea?" Everyone seems to have some.

"No they don't, but there's an empty desk that needed filled." Ramiro replies, holding a mug in both hands. Still a little pale, he's in his off duties and has had an ensign's bar pinned to his dark muscle-style tank top. Letting out a nervous sigh, he turns his head to see who is entering the area. He smiles.

Oh wow, people. Zaharis pauses in the entranceway, not letting go of the doorknob. Apprehension is clear in the sudden straightening of his shoulders, as though he'd walked in on something obviously confidential. "Ah…sorry, didn't realise you were busy."

With the arrival of yet another person looking to cram themselves into the chaplain's office, Jocasta looks to have had her fair share of being shoehorned into the corner — emotionally or otherwise. She's left with no alternative but to try and claw her way out… politely. She leaves her empty teacup on the corner of Greje's desk and slowly — oops! 'Scuse me, Dane. Pardon me, Jesse. It's not so easily to literally slip by these guys at it might seem; there's a little bit of that awkward 'ships in the night' transition that happens to come with unintentional touching. It can't be helped. Once she's miraculously managed to make her way over to the hatch, she says, "I'll stop by a bit later this week." over her shoulder before stepping out and finding somewhere else to take up space and breathe.

Greje gives Jesse a warm smile. It's alright, we're… Oh. Of course, Jo," she replies, then scoots around her desk chair to push it over into the corner in case the two fellows don't want to both sit on the Orange Thing together. "We were just talking. Dane got a promotion. Isn't that lovely?" she remarks in possibly the least military-sounding comment anyone could ever make about a military promotion. She briefly sounds like a mother showing Jesse her only son's fingerpaintings she's posted on the fridge.

Ramiro blushes softly, taking a moment to sip his tea. The new surroundings are making him feel less like finding a head and throwing up. There is an ensign's bar tagged to the front of his off duty shirt and his pockets appear to be filled with two small insignia boxes. Looking to Greje, he lets his gaze linger on her for a moment before looking towards Zaharis. "If this is an official visit I can clear out…"

Zaharis' duty shirt is unbuttoned at the top. There's no pretending this was official. In fact from the look on the Major's face he might not even be totally sure why he's here. He steps aside for Jocasta's hasty exit, glancing after her, then back at the two, opening his mouth. It stays that way for a full second first. "Promotion. Yeah, I heard. Congrats, Ensign, well-deserved." He glances between them. "Um. No, nothing official. Sorry." He gives both an embarassed smile. "Excuse me." Gear thrown in reverse, he takes a step back out and draws the door shut. Nervous 1, Zaharis 0. Pwn.

Greje hms, "One moment, pardon me, Dane," she comments, skirting around and past him briefly, opening the door and stepping out without closing it.

Greje has left.

Greje has arrived.

Ramiro is sitting quietly with his mug. Starting off into the floor, a little spooked, he quietly relaxes by himself.

Greje steps back over the threshold, leaving the door open out of her own habitual practice. "Apologies, Dane," she smiles at him as she heads back around behind her desk. "So. Are you thrilled?" she wonders, settling down. "That must be a great honor."

"What? Oh yeah…I'm thrilled. I've got alot of work ahead of me." Ramiro replies, motioning towards the door. "Forgive me if this is out of line but…you took the night off, you weren't expecting company were you?"

Greje smiles, "You'll take it as it comes… like you always do," she says with a nod, confident in his abilities. "No one in particular. My door's always open, of course."

Greje hms, "I mean, unless you'd like it closed. But there's nobody out there, in any case. It's very late."

"Allright…I just…" He motions to where Zaharis comes from and gives a slight shrug. Taking another sip of his tea, he nods in reflection. "It's going to be interesting, that's to say the least. Never really thought I'd live to make officer, then again didn't think it'd come so soon." He looks to her. "Imagine that, right?"

Greje leans back in her chair and steeples her fingers. "Yes… imagine that. I'm sure you'll live up to everything that's expected of you. It'll be a lot… and none of it easy… but your feet are on the right path, your heart pure, your limbs strong, your spirit filled with correct and true action."

Ramiro looks to her for a long moment, watching her posture, and then he nods slowly, taking a drink from his mug. Setting the mug down, he turns back to watch her as he leans forward on his knees. Narrowing his eyes in her direction in a non-threatening manner, he seems to be sizing her up. "I'm sure I'll do fine or bust my ass getting there." He smiles. "So what have you been up to? Anything new in the world of Greje? I'm feeling a little self conscious right now because I've got forty-eight hours of leave before I start my commission as an officer. I might head back to the temple on the Destiny. So please, talk to me." He raises a hand and shakes it a little playfully. "Nerves, you know?"

Greje laughs, "Would you like something to take some of the edge off?" she wonders, "If you've got fourty-eight hours it'll all be out of your system before you go back on duty," she notes. "I'm fine, Dane. I've had a little something myself and am feeling one with the world." She certainly looks so, her features serene— but with a happy sort of serenity unlike the ritual stoicism that overtakes her in some of the rites. Just… loose and mellow and alright with the world. "I've… had some encouraging news from Major Carter about those star charts, but I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say, even to an officer. But I'm… encouraged," she repeats the word, smiling. "I've had several more of the faithful come out of the woodwork… it's been very good."

Ramiro smiles to her. Leaning forward on the loveseat with his elbows on his knees, he shakes his head and then grins at her through one of his bangs. "No…at least not right now. It'd probably do me best but I've got this feeling like I'm gonna accidentally knock a house of Triad cards down." He pauses. "Well encouraging news is good, and that's fine I won't pry. It's not my place. It's also not my place to ask if any of the new faithful coming from out of nowhere are people that I know." Another smile. "Seems we've both been fairly blessed lately." He looks to his mug, taking it back up. He leans back on the loveseat and reflects.

Greje continues to smile, though it's less at Dane than at the world in general. "It's amazing to have that feeling, isn't it? I mean… we're frakked. And we're blessed. The little things still matter. We're not drowned in misfortunes. We're set free from them, like the bubble which bursts at the top of the mire. Released. Rellleasssed," she repeats the word as if it were really just a fascinating word. "Eleftherios," she murmurs an epithet of Dionysus. "Breaker of chains, setting us free from worry and care… allowing us to feel joy in the good things… it's a miracle, Dane. A bloody miracle," she goes on.

"Yeah…yeah it is." Ramiro smiles to her, finding her face again as he's broken out of his spinning hamster-wheel of a brain. "All of it. The Prophecies, the Red Planet, friends, lovers, family…lords Greje family. I've asked someone to allow me to be her brother and she accepted. I have family." He chuckles, shaking his head. "It's all a bloody miracle. It's not without it's humors for me, though. I'm loving it, because with each miracle for me comes a crossroads of a sort."

"Oh coppice and narrow way where three roads met… Oh coppice and narrow way where three roads met! Oh coppice and narrow… hie me somewhere out of this land!" Greje— evidently inspired to song— sings clear and resonantly several lines from a chorus from the Dionysiac Gospel of Oedipus the Tyrant. "That's wonderful, Dane. Tell me about the crossroads."

"All of them? Well…I'll tell you some of them." Ramiro replies, downing the last of his tea. "I had to make a choice at the Temple that night, when I chose not to take the rite of Aphrodite. I wanted to, but…" He shrugs. "…there's conscience and there's desire. I have to balance them daily. There was that one night while we were speaking." He pauses. "There was the night that I decided to follow towards the bridge on the Nebula and killed a man and had to decide there too." He pauses. "Forgive me if this is awkward, but that girl that I was dating? She's enlisted. Again, I have to make a choice."

Greje tilts her head to one side, just listening for the moment. Then she nods her head, "Well, first of all, remember that there's a distinct difference between what happened at the temple and this current situation. There's a marked difference between rite and relationship, and they shouldn't be confused. The one is communion with the Goddess. The other is simply the manifestation of the Goddess in your life. So, yes, you're dating an enlisted person. The military code -does- allow for preservation of relationships of this sort under the condition of marriage… but I understand that's a difficult thing to have to decide on such short notice. Perhaps another visit to Aphrodite would do you good. Partake of her rites. She has ways of getting you in touch with what it is that you truly desire… of giving clarity in matters of the heart. I've seen many a marriage saved by Aphrodite's rites."

"I know, there's a distinct difference, that's sure. The reason that I didn't partake in the rites is because of well…call it my upbringing. Amphios was very kind to me, kinder even so at not letting me feel uncomfortable when I declined the rites. Though there's that part of me that feels wrong in not communing with the Goddess, especially when offered xenia. If that makes sense." Ramiro replies. "As for the dating, one way or another that's going to come to a crashing one-way-or-other. I'm conflicted." Ramiro looks to her. "I like her. She cares for me much. A rather unlikely pairing as she doesn't like pyramid nor does she honor the Lords. I'm afraid if I were to keep the relationship going forward that it may insult the Lords." He bites his lip a little. "That doesn't sound horrible of me, does it?"

Greje smiles kindly, "It does, a little. Remember that a lack of faith is not a religious crime. As long as she doesn't trespass the Lords' laws… and even then, the pollution and need to atone would be on her. It -might- be problematic living with someone who carries miasma and refuses to atone for it without contracting the miasma yourself, but… I doubt she'd break any divine law that dire, anyhow."

"She might, she might not." Ramiro shrugs. "I'm an odd person, Greje, the more I try to think things through, the more I'm inclined to have faith that the path will present itself in time. Like I said, everywhere I go I seem to have choices to make, but they're not too incredibly difficult ones. But in this case I have forty-eight hours." He looks to her, shrugging. "You always seem to know what you're doing. You're lucky." He smiles. "You're so much more focused than I am it feels."

Greje laughs lightly at his compliment. "I don't -feel- as though I know what I'm doing. I give myself to the Lords and let them take me where they need me. And sometimes even to do that properly I need to light up," she adds with a chuckle, not letting the conversation drag too heavy. "You do have a hard decision to make, and I can't make it for you. But if you'd like to talk about it… well… you already are, aren't you?" she realizes. "Here, close the door. Tell me how you feel about this choice."

Ramiro stands and closes the door quietly. He talks as he steps back over and sets himself down on the loveseat. "Well…it's a combination of a lot of things." He says quietly. "I refuse to hide the relationship from the officers. I wouldn't want to jeopardize my duties." He chuckles a little. Ironic. Running a hand through his hair, he bites the side of his lip in thought before he starts again. "I'm a former high school pyramid player that was told by a pro that he could have gone pro. I am deeply spiritual. I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears proof of the Lords' involvment in the things we do here. I see my promotion as a gift from them as well as a result from all of my hard work." He looks to Greje. "She's a good girl, but how I ended up dating someone so different on so many levels from who I am is a mystery to me. I feel good when I'm around her, but I also worry that she won't accept these directions I take with myself. She has a sort of passive acceptance of who I am on that level." He pauses. "Everything's a gamble, sure, but…" He shrugs. "She's also going to be under my chain of command."

Greje listens, leaning forward, one cheek cradled in her hand. "Of course you shouldn't. The rules are in place for a reason," she agrees to his decision not to slip out of regulations. "And as to your relationship… sometimes people who are of opposite mindsets on certain issues can be good for one another. I mean… take you and I, for example. We remind one another that there isn't only one way to look at scripture. We keep ourselves from becoming too narrow-minded— we have a good dialogue. Perhaps someone without any religious leanings might… provide even further opportunity for introspection. On -both- sides of the relationship," she takes up the opposite view, just of a matter of course, since hashing through an issue has never been done with nobody bringing up alternate points of view. "On the other hand, this is a gamble that would indeed change the entire course of your life. If you're not ready, if you're not -sure.- Well… marriage is for when you're -sure.-"

"And that's really what it comes down to isn't it?" Ramiro replies, watching Greje. "I'm conflicted on too many points regarding this, but I'm not sure if I want to spiritually connect myself to a life experience on something that's in the exploration process." He pauses. "I've always believed that marriage is a commitment in the eyes of the Lords that's meant to be maintained until death. It's a deeply serious act. Though if I were to continue to see her, there wouldn't be any guarantee for forgiveness if I went outside the rules. Going outside the rules is against my ethic." He stands slowly. "Greje do you have the capability of sending a message to the temple, announcing that I'll be returning?" He asks. "I can simply go myself but I wouldn't want to be a burden on them. I think I need to step away for a bit to think. You know me. I'm always cautious when the feelings of other people are at stake." He moves to stand beside the door.

"I'll let them know, Dane," Greje replies. "Good luck, alright? I hope the answers you're looking for will come to you," she tells him, looking into his eyes with a soft sort of sincerity, a hint of warm concern touching her features.

"I've weathered worse." Ramiro winks at her, running a hand through his hair. "You've always been here for me Greje. I'm infinitely grateful. Just remember that I'm here to return the favor okay?" He asks before turning the door and pulling it open. Taking a deep breath, he looks back to her. "I'll see you around." He adds, then steps out the door.

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